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Your Top DC Heroes part 17

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, January 11 2010 and posted in Features

Another character with a first place vote, and you will not believe who she is...


141. Batwoman (16 points - 1 first place slot)

batwoman.jpg"Even though she's very new, I absolutely love her. Her costume is kick ass too."

"The new Batwoman is growing on me."

Several lists by several websites has named her the best new character of the year, hell, one even said she was one of the Top 10 new characters of the last decade. Very interesting, indeed.

Katherine "Kate" Kane is a Gotham City socialite and the heiress of a very wealthy family. Since they are both in the same social scenes, she is acquainted with Bruce Wayne. It has been revealed that Kate Kane was once in a romantic relationship with Renee Montoya, the former officer of Gotham City's Police Department and current crime fighter known as the Question. Kate has assisted Montoya and the original Question on a mission to dismantle the criminal gang known as Intergang and saved them from some of Whisper A'Daire's shape changing creatures, after discovering their plot to kill "twice-named daughter of Kane”. She also met Nightwing, and he grew infatuated with her, helping her learn how to use a batarang. He gave Kate her very first batarang on Christmas Eve.

Kate Kane is Jewish and celebrated Hanukkah with Renee, and the two kissed shortly before Christmas. Intergang realized that the image in the Crime Bible of Batwoman and the image of the "twice-named daughter of Cain" were one and the same. They kidnapped Kate and intended to sacrifice her. However, Renee was able to find her, but not before she was stabbed. Despite this, Kate was able to pull the knife out of her chest and used it to stab Bruno Mannheim. She fell into Renee's arms, who was able to stop the bleeding and save Kate's life. As Kate healed in her penthouse, Renee appeared outside her window, shining a bat-signal, asking "Are you ready?"

One year later, the Penguin asked Batman to bring a date to the opening of his club. He ask "Why don't you bring that new Batwoman? I hear she's kind of hot." Batwoman returns in Countdown #39. She appears after the Question, Renee Montoya, confronts Trickster and Pied Piper, who they trailed from the Penguin's Iceburg Lounge nightclub. However, the Question lets them go, not believing them to be killers.

During the events of the Final Crisis, Batwoman fell prey to the global brainwashing of Darkseid and his gods. Batwoman became one of Darkseid's newest members of the Female Furies, alongside Catwoman, Wonder Woman, and Giganta. Batwoman's appearance resembled that of the original Female Fury known as Mad Harriet. When Darkseid was eventually defeated, Batwoman reverted to her normal self.

In the events following Battle for the Cowl, Batwoman received her own ongoing series within Detective Comics. She fights alongside Dick Grayson (the new Batman), and battles crazy villains who threaten Gotham City, including a strange fairy tale lady known simply as Alice.

The new ongoing series is scribed by Greg Rucka and penciled by J.H. Williams III, and explores the adventures and trials of not just the superhero persona of Batwoman but the life and times of Kate as well. In this new series the Religion of Crime led by their new High Madame, Alice has entered Gotham to fulfill a prophecy and dominate all of Gotham City. By targeting the Batwoman, Katherine "Candy" Kane starts to believe that this criminal organization is after her.

Due to the codename they gave her "The Twice Name Daughter of Kane". By investigating the newest High Madame, Kate a.k.a the Batwoman is dragged deeper into this mysterious mythology. In the end of the dramatic chaos, the High Madame is revealed to be her long thought dead (Twin) sister, Betty Kane. Falling to her death and leaving Kate astonished, shock is set in while Gotham City is saved and the Religion of Crime left without a leader. The story continues to dwell into the shrouded past of fantastic Batwoman. It begins with her life as a military brat with her twin sister Betty, their life seemingly average with a loving but strict mother and a brave father, serving for his country. Everything goes to hell on the twins’ birthday. For mother and daughters are kidnapped and Kate sadly is rescued. Only to witness soldiers covering the dead bodies of both her mommy and sister. A sad story that would change the persona of young Katherine Kane.

140. Blok (17 points)

blok.jpgTake it away Mr. Outsourcer Legion expert!

In the Future…

The planet Dryad is originally inhabited by sentient rock beings and later by human colonists. The planet became unstable and needed to be evacuated. The Legion of Super-Heroes assisted and in the frenzy, young Blok and some human children mistook their actions and believed they caused the planet’s fall.

The five youths were discovered by the Dark Man who gave them powers and brainwashed them into wanting to kill the Legion. The League of Super-Assassins fight against the Legion failed and while imprisoned, Blok, broke the brainwashing (no doubt to his silicon brain being different from the carbon ones of his teammates) and helped the Legion against the Dark Man (and Fatal Five). For his actions, Blok was forgiven his previous acts and offered membership in the Legion.

Blok’s natural abilities give him great strength and near total invulnerability. A curious mind, he loves to explore the rich history of the Legion. Fiercely loyal to his teammates, he became smitten with Mysa Nal, the White Witch (in time she reciprocated).

Blok continued with the Legion until they disbanded because of rampant xenophobia, but the moment they were back, so was Blok.

Blok recently underwent a transformation when he allowed himself to absorb dark magic from Mysa (now known as the Black Witch). The two are currently the sole inhabitants on Sorcerers World.

139. Kingdom Come Superman (17 points)

The first of three Supermen to appear on this list, that’s kc-superman.jpgright. Three of them, this one, Kal-L, and the Kal-El. Why is this one even on the list though? Kingdom Come was an okay mini, but his storyline in JSA was a complete and utter waste of my time and money and patience and grrrrrrr. Damn you, people.

He was the Man of Tomorrow, until tomorrow passed him by. Of all the players, Superman is the one who has changed the least over the years. Unfortunately, the world around him has changed outrageously. Shunned by a public that has instead grown enamored with the more savage, bloodthirsty, chrome-suited avengers of tomorrow, Superman is completely mystified as to what his role in society should be. He's never lost his sense of decency, but he has no idea how to apply it in a world so seemingly disinterested in decency, the world he saw through wide-open eyes the day Magog was acquitted of cold-blooded murder. Complicating matters, the Man of Steel has, over the years, lost most of his touchstones to normality, Ma and Pa, Lois, and his other human friends, and as a result has retreated further and further from humanity, taking the Fortress of Solitude as his true and fitting home. The events that drive the story give him the chance to take up the never-ending battle once more while casting him in a new, unfamiliar, and drastically uncomfortable light, that of a world leader.

When the Justice Society of America were assisting the F.D.N.Y., they discovered the murdered body of super villain, Goth. Goth had claimed to be a demon in a past encounter with Damage. Because Goth had a hole blasted through him, the JSA figured out that the fire was coming from inside of him. With his passing, the power inside him was about to explode. Alan Scott's ring seemed to be affected by the flames and Power Girl actually began to burn in close contact.

Starman then said he could make a black hole and throw his body into it. Even though he had never actually done so, Power Girl had to make the decision and allowed Starman to make his attempt.

The strain was too much for Starman. The fire was out but he was left unconscious. A figure came out from the black hole before it closed. The man recognized Starman and carried him out to safety. Not knowing where he was, an older version of Superman emerged carrying Starman's body.

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