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Your Top DC Heroes part 20

Written by Chris Mitchell on Tuesday, January 12 2010 and posted in Features
2 slots and 3 characters.


132. Crispus Allen (18 points)

crispusallen.jpgCrispus Allen had his start as a police officer in Metropolis but transferred to Gotham City with his wife Dore and his two teenaged sons Jake and Malcolm. He joined James Gordon's Major Crimes Unit and was partnered with Renee Montoya, replacing her old partner Harvey Bullock. Because of his well-dressed and proud style, he had to put up with Bullock referring to him as "Peacock." But he was a good detective. He was one of the GCPD's best, and he was so by doing things by the book. When it came to Batman, he was no fan but understood the vigilante to be an unfortunate necessity of Gotham City.

When Bruce Wayne was framed for the murder of Vesper Fairchild, Cris was put as the primary detective on the case, and he believed in Bruce Wayne's guilt. The evidence was clear. There seemed to be no reason to doubt it. After all, he had no idea this man was really Batman. Bruce Wayne going fugitive after being charged did not help Cris' impression on his guilt. Instead, Cris believed Wayne's butler Alfred somehow aided in the escape, yet he was not convinced that Wayne had actually left Gotham as most speculated. The case was closed when David Cain waltzed into the precinct and confessed to framing Wayne.

Cris found himself in some trouble after an incident where he had to shoot the Black Spider to save Renee's life. However, another person was shot by a stray bullet during the exchange, and he was pointed at to take the blame. A key piece of evidence that would show he was not the shooter, a bullet, went missing. The lead forensics technician, Jim Corrigan, was notoriously crooked and known to steal evidence to sell to wealthy collectors of crime memorabilia. No one had ever been able to prove it though. Renee beat the hell out of Corrigan to find out what happened to the bullet and got it back with the help of the Internal Affairs officer who was investigating Corrigan. Cris was cleared of any fault, but he was outraged that Renee blew the corruption case on Corrigan to do it.

Cris opened his own case on Corrigan, investigating the man in secret and alone. Because of Renee's actions and IAD's help in it, they had lost all credibility when it came to Corrigan. This was something Cris had to do on his own. He compiled his case against Corrigan using one of Corrigan's friends as an informant, but Corrigan found out. When Cris came to meet with his informant, he walked right into an ambush. Corrigan shot him several times in the back, and he died on the scene before his body was found.

The whole MCU knew who had done it, but Corrigan covered his tracks too well in the end. The case against him fell apart, causing Renee to quit the force and sink into depression.

This was not the end of Crispus Allen. The Spectre was in need of a host, and he was chosen. But when faced with the offer, he refused. He was the first to refuse the Spectre in a long time, but he did so nonetheless. Rather than pass on, he was given one year to reconsider. He haunted Gotham City as an unseen spirit for that year, watching his family and his friends. He even satisfied his curiosity about who Batman truly was. When the year was up and the Spectre returned, Cris accepted the offer. He wanted to see Corrigan punished for his murder, and he did. Only it was not in the way he wanted. Rather than punish Corrigan as the Spectre, he had to watch his youngest son Mal pick up a gun and murder Corrigan in an alley. For that act, God demanded vengeance, and Cris had to kill his own son. He hugged Mal and gave his son a peaceful death. He had begun to understand the Spectre's duty, but he also began to hate God for it. In life, he was an agnostic who never gave much thought to faith and God. That had changed.

131. Orion and Jesse Chambers (19 points each)


orion.jpg"The only New God that ever really appealed to me. Love that he has so much of his father in him, yet stands so strongly opposed to everything he stands for."

Before Darkseid’s ascension to the throne of Apokolips he was forced by his mother Queen Heggra to marry a woman he loathed named Tigra who bore him a son, Orion. After assassinating Queen Heggra, Darkseid assumed the throne and exiled Tigra to a distant section of the planet where she raised Orion, who had no idea that Darkseid was his father.

To end the centuries-long war between New Genesis and Apokolips, Darkseid and Highfather agreed to exchange their sons as part of a pact, thus Orion became the foster son of the ruler of New Genesis. Highfather taught his enemy's son the values of peace, liberty and benevolence. Values which enable him to battle his Apokoliptic nature and stand as New Genesis' greatest champion, Orion

Because of Orion's location of creation which is in a realm called the Source, it seems as if using the energy from the Source Wall and using their own kind of technology has evolved Orion into something of a perfect superhuman. That way, they have the same physical image of humans, but are smarter, stronger and faster. His strength is unmeasured, but he has been able to defeat Darkseid once and has been able to hold up against the heavyweights such as Superman and Wonder Woman. He is impossible to stop on Earth as any substance has been known to have been destroyed, but barriers from the Source Wall have been known to stop him at some point. Because of his rage, Orion does not tire easily though he is not entirely unstoppable, showing fatigue when fighting against Darkseid. In battle, his healing factor is shown to help, healing him if severe injuries ever occur. With more serious injuries, he can use the Mother Box to heal him and supply him with more energy to continue fighting.

Orion is also able to harness an inter-dimensional energy called the "Astro Force". Also known as the "wrath of the Source" it is an energy powerful enough to destroy planets, equaled only by the Omega Force under Darkseid's control. While Orion himself is a conduit for the Astro Force, he can use either the Astro Harness or his wristbands as a valve through which he can project this energy . He uses the Astro Force primarily as a weapon, but once he was shown to be able to use the Astro Force to create an energy shield powerful enough to deflect Darkseid's "Omega Effect". It should be noted that Darkseid wanted this to happen, so the end result might not be that accurate.

Even though a god, Orion still has weaknesses. One weakness is a substance called Radion. The average god cannot withstand its damage, though Orion who is more advanced, with armor and the Mother Box can take a couple hits and survive, though it probably puts Orion in a very weak state. Another weakness is the way he thinks and how he goes about doing things. He is a warrior of rage and will stop at nothing to defeat his enemy, even if it means destroying many innocent lives. For him to be restrained, he has to be constantly reminded and on one occasion, been punched to calm him down. Also, because of his warrior trait, he does not know the difference between weakness and defenselessness even though he is highly intelligent because of his race.

Jesse Chambers

jessechambers.jpgIn hopes of creating a successor, Johnny Quick taught the formula that gave him his enhanced speed to his daughter Jesse. The formula worked on Jesse as well and she gained super-speed. Contrary to what her father had intended however, Jesse instead opted to continue her education, rather than becoming a costumed crime fighter.

While Jesse was studying at Gotham University, the first superhero team, of which her parents had been colleagues, the Justice Society of America, reemerged, following a long absence. Naturally, her thesis topic became "The Impact of Superheroes on Society" and she began to follow the returned heroes, cataloging their adventures. When her father asked her to deliver some documents to the Society, that encounter would result in her aiding the team as Jesse Quick, finally living up to her father's dream of her being a costumed crime fighter.

It was during that time that she met Wally West, the Flash, who would later ask her to be his replacement if something were to happen to him. It was all an elaborate plan on his part, trying to force Bart Allen, Impulse, to take his role in the legacy of the Flash more seriously, and be Wally's successor. Although she felt betrayed, she would end up saving Wally's life, although her leg was hurt in the process. When Wally returned from the mythical Speed Force, he healed her leg, and the earlier deception was largely forgiven, but not forgotten.

When, shortly after, Jesse lost her enhanced speed, the person she blamed was Wally who had been directly using the Speed Force energies instead of simply tapping them like the other speedsters did. In fact it turned out to be the villain Savitar who was the cause, having severed her connection to the Speed Force, as well as multiple other speedsters. Nonetheless, Wally chose the de-powered Jesse to accompany him to Savitar's lair, where she succeeded in regaining her powers. During the following battle with Savitar, her father gave his life in order to protect his daughter from one of Savitar's forces and merged with the Speed Force. Although Wally would ultimately triumph over the villain, Jesse was left to mourn her father.

Jesse accepted the reins of managing her father's corporation, Quickstart Enterprises, while also operating as Jesse Quick, even joining the members of the New Titans to stop a nuclear threat. When the Titans were later going through a reorganization, Wally, a founding member, selected Jesse to join the roster, hoping to soothe their old wounds. After initially declining the offer, she ultimately joined the Titans, but was only on the team for a short time, feeling herself to be second-best to Wally.

Nightwing, another founding member, persuaded Jesse to return to the Titans. Later Jesse became involved in a murder mystery involving her own widowed mother, Libby Lawrence. The victim was Philip Geyer, Libby's fiancé. An investigation by the Titans revealed not only the killer, but also an ongoing affair between Philip and Jesse which had contributed to his death. Although Jesse attempted to reconcile with her mother, the saddened Libby found it hard to forgive her daughter, although she apparently did, as in later appearances the two had returned to their friendly relationship. The Titans were disbanded not long afterwards, as two of the team's members were killed in an attack by a rogue Superman robot in the limited series Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day.

Following that disbanding of the team, Jesse threw herself back into her responsibilities at Quickstart Enterprises, finding little time for a social life. When Wally would later need assistance to defeat the villain Zoom who was capable of moving at speeds surpassing any of Earth's other speedsters, Jesse lent Wally a portion of her special abilities, temporarily boosting Wally's speed so that he was moving almost faster than light and allowing him to defeat Zoom, but leaving her powerless and unable to remember the formula to access her powers. Although Wally knew the formula, she told him not to remind her, reminding him that he'd earlier told her that she needed to slow down anyway.

Since then, she has taken a new position as business manager for a newly-reformed Justice Society of America. Jesse was affected by the disappearance of Rick Tyler, the JSA member known as Hourman, to whom she had grown quite close, but he has since returned. A reunion between the two has not been shown, although she did meet the JSA when they were able to rescue her mother, who had returned to her role as Liberty Belle, but whose powers had gone out of control. In that same adventure, mother and daughter reconciled.

As of Justice Society of America (Vol. 3) #1, Jesse has become a member of the Justice Society, carrying on her mother's legacy as the new Liberty Belle. She is now married to fellow second-generation hero Rick Tyler, also known as Hourman.

After hearing the news of Bart's death she, along with Jay Garrick mourned his demise; her reaction to Wally West's return from the Speed Force is as yet unknown.

In an encounter with Zoom, it is revealed that Jesse has retained her speed powers by repeating her father's formula. This of course, adds onto her super-strength which means she inherited both of her parents' powers.

In The Flash: Rebirth mini-series, an explosion suddenly occurs in front of the pair, Jesse is shocked to see her father Johnny Quick is seen alive in the Speed Force materializes and begs Barry Allen not to hurt Jesse before vanishing (but he dies later). Hourman is tending to Jesse, who (since seeing her father) has begun repeating her father's speed formula over and over. Jesse, now crackling with Speed Force energy, stops repeating the Speed Formula. She reveals that she has finally solved the equation: "Jesse Quick. Max Mercury. Jay Garrick. Wally West. Bart Allen. Barry Allen. The Speed Force".

When Wally West's twins Jai and Iris are struck with crippling pain thanks to Professor Zoom, Iris takes Jai's connection to the Speed Force and nearly kills herself doing so. Jesse arrives and recites the now-revealed Speed Mantra to revive Iris, telling Jai and Linda West that Iris is the next generation of speedsters. The two join the battle between the revealed Professor Zoom and the combined forces of the three Flashes (Jay, Wally and Barry). Max Mercury and Kid Flash. With the speedsters reunited, Wally uses a trick with the Speed Force, revitalizing the speedsters and transforming his, Jesse and Iris's outfits. Jesse now dons a uniform designed like her father's. It is safe to assume that she has giving up the "Liberty Belle" title and returned to using her old "Jesse Quick" identity. However, during the Blackest Night event, she is seen wearing her Liberty Belle costume. She is also attacked by the reanimated corpse of her father.

When the JSA splits into two teams in Justice Society of America #33, Jesse remained with the JSA, while her husband Rick went to the JSA All-Stars. However, Rick and Jesse remain happily married, although her teammates and the large public believe otherwise, forcing Rick to explain their condition as A working couple working in different offices


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