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Your Top DC Heroes part 21

Written by Chris Mitchell on Tuesday, January 12 2010 and posted in Features
Again with the two slots and three characters...


130. Jack of Fables and Vril Dox (19 points each)

Jack of Fables

jackoffale.jpgAlthough, Jack Horner is (like most of the Fables cast) derived from stories, legends, myths and fables...unlike most of the other Fables, he comes from many. Since many protagonists tend to have the name Jack (Jack Frost, Jack Be Nimble, Jack and Jill, Jack and the Beanstalk, etc) might it only be logical that they are all one in the same? I mean, who are we as Mundys to question it? So this Jack of Tales, this comic book interpretation first appeared in Bill Willingham's now numerous award-winning title, Fables. In fact he appeared in the first issue, and what's more, he was the first character to appear within that first issue. Ironic then that he got booted out of the title a few years later.

For you see, Jack didn't mesh well with the other cast members of Fables, he was ambitious, but unfortunately that usually got him into trouble. So, after stealing some money from Fabletown he went to Hollywood to make it big but the authorities of Fabletown found out and Beast came to collect. He claims he was being merciful (letting Jack live) but the bottom line was, Jack was banned from Fabletown. He has appeared in the Fables title a time here and there since but not yet in Fabletown. Instead, he took up his own title, Jack of Fables, continuing from where his "final appearance" in Fables left off. His series has a whole different feel then Fables and has taken the douche that was Jack Horner and made him even douche-ier AND it's even given him a sidekick, Gary. As of now, Jack of Fables still appears to be going strong, though up until now the main villains of the series were the Literals and thanks to the Great Fables Crossover they are now gone so what that holds in store for Jack of Fables can only be guessed at. But with a character this great you can only hope his tale continues for much, much longer.

Jack is a thief and con-artist, selfish, charming when it's to his benefit, and boastful. He and Rose Red were lovers. When her promise to marry Bluebeard came due, Jack helped fake her death, though Bigby Wolf was able to realize that he was lying. He later stole money from Fabletown to form a film studio, hoping that increasing his stories' familiarity to the Mundies would make him more or less immortal. While the films were a success and his powers increased greatly (such as healing from shattered bones in an instant, and increased strength) he was ratted out by his Lilliputian companion Jill and forced to go on the run. Winding up at the Golden Boughs Retirement Home run by the mysterious Mr. Revise, Jack managed to engineer a mass escape. When he realized that another escapee, the Pathetic Fallacy or "Gary" was able to make gambling equipment work in his favor, the two went to Las Vegas, where Jack found himself in a quickie marriage to a wealthy heiress. But she was killed when Lady Luck blew up her father's car, and Jack is once again on the road.

Vril Dox

vrildox.jpgIn the forgotten Past…

A young unnamed boy from the planet Colu is taken to become the ‘adopted’ son of Brainiac the Computer Tyrant who ruled the planet. In adulthood he would lead a revolt against his ‘father’ and would in time reclaim/redeem the name Brainiac. A thousand years later he would eventually begat Querl Dox, the Brainiac 5 of the 30th Century.

(This timeline ceased to exist after the Crisis on Infinite Earths)

In the Current…

The being from the planet Colu known as Vril Dox I would hunger for knowledge. Having free run of the planet Colu, he assists the Computer Tyrants that run that world. In time Dox seeks an assistant to aid him and not trusting anyone, he clones himself and quick ages him. The clone (named Vril Dox II) is deemed a disappointment and is left to rot with a ‘pet’ Durlan.

The Durlan recognizes that due to the quick aging, the clone is cold and emotionless and attempts to steer him to a better way. Only partially successful, the Durlan does instill in Vril Dox II a moral sense that his ‘parent’ never had.

In time, Vril Dox I would rebel against the Computer Tyrants and would leave Colu taking the name Brainiac as he leaves. Vril Dox II (now to be referred as just Dox), is considered worthless to the Computer Tyrants and they give Dox (and a hiding Durlan) to the Dominators as a show of faith in the Dominators plan to invade Earth.

Dox, escapes his imprisonment, turns the tables on the Dominators Alliance and contributes to the downfall of the invasion.

Taking the opportunity, Dox recruits his fellow rebels to assist in the freeing of his home planet. After defeating the Computer Tyrants, Dox, seeing his people free at last yet utterly guideless, realizes that there are many planets in need of help. Accepting that the Green Lantern Corps were truly incapable of maintaining true order, he and his band travel to Cairn – - the most ruthlessly corrupt planet of organized crime there is.

Everyone expects Dox to be diplomatic there. Instead he kills the Crime Boss and takes control of criminal infrastructure that covers many worlds turning them to a force for good. L.E.G.I.O.N. (Licensed Extra-Governmental Interstellar Operatives Network) is born with Dox in charge,

Dox however is soon killed while mating with his teammate Stealth. His body is cloned and his mind restored in time. The product of that mating is a son named Lyrl (Brainiac III) who inherits his father’s superior intellect. While still a babe, Lyrl usurps control of L.E.G.I.O.N. and begins to hunt down his father’s allies (who form the group known as R.E.B.E.L.S.). Dox and his teammates eventually defeat Lyrl who is stripped of his intellect. Dox toys with retirement to care for his son but takes control of L.E.G.I.O.N. again moving their headquarters to the planet Mathus.

For reasons as yet unknown, L.E.G.I.O.N. is again taken away from Dox who finds himself on the run again with R.E.B.E.L.S.. They are currently in a long battle to topple the threat of Starro the Conqueror.

Dox has a 12th level intellect and next to zero interpersonal skills. Enemies become friends only to become enemies again. His ability to manipulate people and even whole planetary populations is unmatched. He is still considered a member of the Brainiac family that will (assumedly) create future generations of Brainiacs.

129. Silver Age Supergirl (19 points)

sa-supergirl.jpgWhen Krypton exploded a large chunk of the planet was hurled away from the planet, shielded from the explosion and space under a dome. There were several hundred survivors of Krypton, one of these was Zor-El, Jor-El’s brother. Unfortunately due to the explosion that destroyed krypton, the large chunk of the planet they were living on was slowly turning into Kryptonite. With help from fellow scientists, Zor-El constructed sheets of lead to cover the ground until such time as they could evacuate the planet. Several years passed while the survivors and descendants of Krypton lived in peace, life settled down for them. The survivors moved on with their lives, becoming scientists, explorers, but none actually left the city or its protective dome. Some years later Zor-El fell in love, he married and eventually had a child, Kara. When Kara was in her early teens disaster struck again. A meteor shower bombarded the survivors of krypton, destroying the dome and puncturing the lead shielding that was protecting them from Kryptonite poisoning.

Desperately, Zor-El raced against time to construct a rocket in his lab, a rocket to send his only daughter to safety. While Zor-El worked on the rocket his wife started looking for a suitable planet to send young Kara to. Eventually they found a planet where there was a man with amazing powers, Superman. Using their Super-Space Telescope and Space Radio they learned about Superman’s history and that he was a survivor of Krypton as well. Deciding they had found a safe place to send their daughter, Zor-El finished the rocket while his wife made a copy of Superman’s suit out of their native ‘indestructible Super-Cloth’. Barely in time Kara was placed in the rocket and launched towards earth, her mother and father, her entire race now dead, aside from Kal-El, Superman. Arriving on Earth, Kara told her tale to Superman who explained to her that he was launched into space by his father too; Jor-El. Hearing the name Kara announced that her father was Zor-El, Jor-El’s brother. As Kara's newly found cousin, Superman promised to take care of her like a big brother. Kara immediately asked if she could come and live with him, a problem for Superman as he had adopted a secret identity, one Supergirl might jeopardize, even unintentionally. Testing her powers for the first time Superman and the newly christened Supergirl. Agreeing to keep her presence on Earth a secret for the time, Kara lived as Linda Lee Danvers living at the Midvale orphanage while attending Stanhope Collage where she majored in astrology. At night, Linda operated in secret as Supergirl, often using her powers to help others. On her first night out, she fought invading "Rancors" who kidnapped the world’s greatest scientists.

Despite Supergirl’s continued popularity and status as a central member of the "Superman Family", it was determined by the editors at DC Comics and the creators of the maxi-series that Supergirl would die during the Crisis. As Superman was about to be killed, Kara stepped in and sacrificed herself for her cousin. It would later be revealed that Supergirl was "warned" ahead of time about her death. The universe was rebooted, time had been altered and Kara was erased from existence.

Paul Levitz who was writing the 'Legion of Superheroes' title at the time made a last attempt to save Kara Zor-El with his 'Who is Sensor Girl?' story arc. The reader as well as some characters believed her to be Supergirl. In fact she was Supergirl until DC denied Levitz the character. Sensor Girl became Projectra and the Supergirl clues became a red herring.

However this did not stop characters claiming to be Kara returning. In Christmas with the Superheroes Kara returned to stop Deadman from stealing people's holidays. She reminded him that they do not become heroes for glory but because it must be done even if no one remembers that you even exist. The story was dedicated to Otto Binder and Jim Mooney with the words 'We still remember'.

A character claiming to be Kara also appeared in the Linda Danvers run of the Supergirl title. She appeared to be a spirit of fire but while calling herself Kara it was not conclusive that it was Kara Zor-El. Kara did undeniably appear in the volume in 'Many Happy Returns'.


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