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Your Top DC Heroes part 22

Written by Chris Mitchell on Tuesday, January 12 2010 and posted in Features
Three more for ya.


128. Lobo and Atom Smasher (20 points each)


lobo.jpgInitially, Lobo was a recurring character in Omega Men, created by Keith Giffen and Roger Slifer. He was created, according to Giffen, as satire for violent anti-heroes like Wolverine and Punisher. Everything about him is outlandish and excessive, from his origin to his powers, even his very language. He was retconned by Alan Grant and Simon Bisley in 1990 and his popularity soared.

As a bounty hunter Lobo will take up any contract if the money's right. Whether it be his fourth grade teacher, Santa Claus, or God himself, Lobo will get the job done. He has been barred from Heaven and Hell, effectively making him immortal by default. His speech is peppered with (what Detective Comics hoped was) family friendly profanity such as "frag" and "bastich."

He is not all that bad though, as he's always true to his word and he’s a conservationist of Space Dolphins.

The Main Man is super strong, surprisingly fast, and of course tough as hell. When some "bastich" can actually hurt him, Lobo is able to heal absurdly quick. Lobo is able to survive the rigors of space without food or air, although he needs booze regularly. Not for survival, just because. He can also smoke cigars in airless space, because he needs his cigars. He was also able to create copies of himself from a single drop of blood, though Vril Dox of L.E.G.I.O.N. was able to turn off this power. His weapon of choice is a chain and hook, and his preferred mode of transport is his "space hog". Lobo has an unbelievably good sense of smell that allows him to find anyone within a few solar systems. Also, it is impossible to kill him as neither hell nor heaven will collect him or allow him to stay. He is the best bounty hunter in the universe and always keep his word. Also, Lobo could regenerate from a pool of blood or from a drop of blood.

Atom Smasher

atomsmasher.jpgAtom Smasher appeared in Infinity Inc #1 when he was trying to join the JSA. Turned down and with the help of other JSA members he became a semi leader of Infinity Inc. During this time his alias was Nuklon. The Infinity Inc series ended after issue 25 but he wouldn't be lost in time, as Nuklon, Jade, Obsidian, Dr. Fate, and Fury all moved into the "Earth Prime" universe.

When as Nuklon in his first attempt to join the JSA he only knew he had the power of super strength like his god father the Atom. During the Infinitors first adventure (while facing down the JSA affected by the stream of ruthlesness) Al is seemingly killed when the "ruthless" Atom throws a cyclotron at him. It is revealed afterward that his molecular structure reduced it density and allowed the cyclotron to pass through him. It is after this point that he learns he can also increase his size (from his already formidable 7'6") and increase and decrease his molecular density. With the size increase his strength also increases. His molecular density abilities effectively allow him to become impervious or pass through solid objects.

During the early 90's Nuklon appeared in the run of Justice League America. Nuklon was displayed in two senses. A very religious Jewish man as he turned down dating Fire. The most notable role was when his best friend Obsidian (Todd Rice) told him that he was gay and that he loved him. Albert didn't know what to do until the girl he was courting Ice Maiden turned out to be a bisexual; Albert would soon accept Obsidian for himself.

When the JLA went back to it's origins in 95 Nuklon disappeared until the 96 restart of the Justice Society of America. Nuklon replaced his name with Atom Smasher and put on the costume we are most familiar with in modern times. The JSA slowly began to push fellow hero Stargirl to him as potential love interest.

Black Reign then happened. Atom Smasher was soon wondering the aspects of what truly makes a hero. Black Adam went to him to ask him to join and help. Atom Smasher accepted. Black Adam's group which included fellow Infinity Inc members Northwind, and Brainwave with Nemesis and Alex who now controlled the demon Eclipso gained control of Khandaq. After a brief fight with the JSA, Hawkman allows Black Adam to keep it; as long as they don't attempt to take over anything else.

The next Atom Smasher series was in the battle for the past. Albert goes back in time and is in charged with getting the original Atom back. After a fight in the streets he manages to do so as there are two Sandman's, Star people, Mr. Terrific, and Atoms they go to fight Per Degaton and win.

The last major event was the Black Vengeance. In it the group that originally helped free Khandaq is beaten by the now free Eclipso, and the host less Spectre. Atom Smasher grows to the height of the Spectre and fights before giving himself to Spectre as a trade that Spectre would leave the land. Spectre then pushes his hand through Atom Smasher and grabs his heart killing him.

Black Adam would not let this happen and ran to his side saying. "Shazam" the thunder bolt came down upon him and he came back to life. Atom Smasher was then brought back to serve his time in Belle Reve prison.

In 52 Atom Smasher first appearances as Amanda Waller is telling him to form a team. This goes badly as Osiris rips Persuader in half and then panics. Atom Smasher then joins the fight against Black Adam. Though he does take a few good hits, it appears that the hand that saves Black Adam is indeed Atom Smasher.

In Black Adam: The Dark Age mini series Atom Smasher is seen attempting to find Black Adam. Albert somehow has in his possession the ring finger of Isis. Albert meets in a restaurant and gives back the finger keeping the ring. Later on during a fight Black Adam get back the wedding ring.

In Countdown 35 Atom Smasher is shown working with the JSA though it may have been an oversight his name is clearly seen pointing to him being back on the JSA.

127. The Unknown Soldier (20 points)

unknownsoldier.jpgIn 2002, Dr. Moses "Patrick" Lwanga is a born pacifist, trained doctor and a philanthropist, he lived with his African-born Catholic wife and had no children. When he travels back to Africa after a philanthropy summit to stop fighting in Uganda, he goes to help a refugee camp with medical aid in the war zone area. He is, however, always haunted in his dreams with visions of himself randomly, and easily, killing people around him. Constantly disturbed by these nightmares, the inherent violence surrounding the field hospital and his treatment of various injuries caused by the fighting exacerbate his already deteriorating moral compass. After seeing the horrors of children and adults with missing limbs from the fighting and hears stories of children who watched their family slain, Moses ventures out into the bush just to be ambushed by two child soldiers of the Lord's Resistance Army. The two child soldiers had already assaulted a young boy, raped his sister, and shot a soldier assisting Moses before making him drop to his knees for an execution. It seems like the children are ready to kill him, when a voice that sounds like him tells him how to take the AK-47 a child had and shoot the boy. Moses does so and briefly enters a fugue where he loses his grip on reality, at first believing himself to be somewhere else, only to then get snapped to reality and watch himself take action as if he were outside himself. After seeing the child soldier dead at his feet, he aims the weapon at the other, and tells him to take the girl to the IDP camp hospital, which the desperate soldier does. Moses, disgusted with himself and wants the voice out of his head, grabs a rock and bashes his face to shreds passing out once he was satisfied.

An unknown amount of time later a group of orphans of war come across his body believing him to be dead and loot him for his weapons, his wallet taking out any ID that it was his believing it was his father, even his clothes. Another amount of time later as flies gather an ox picks him up onto its back, it is not known the journey the ox took but its herdsman found Moses.

Moses wakes up partially color blind from what the Nun, who found him, says it's from deep infections to the face. The Nun, Sister Sharon, gives him shelter and food at an all girl’s school in the middle of the bush that was an IDP camp. He stays and listens to Sharon's stories about her rape and deals with the rebels that weren't part of the LRA or UPDF. He also finds a friend, in one of the girl orphans, Anyayo or "Anna" who he lies too and says his name is "Patrick". He is mistaken for a NGO operative by Sharon and Anna believes him to be a soldier. Anna warns him that the rebels probably will break their deal, not to bother the camp, and to be prepared. That night Moses has a vision of being visited by the spirit of the boy he killed, then he goes to pray when Jesus Christ steps down from his cross and comforts him and ask him to remember. This brings another vision out showing him strapped to a table and a fetus, but this is cut short by gun fire. He runs out to find the rebels killing a woman, but the spirit of his former self gives him instructions to avoid the same fate, which he argues against killing the rebels who are barely teens.

He sneaks up on a rebel and secures the boy's rifle and uses the boy as a shield as he moves through the compound. He comes across a room where the boys are splitting the girls up, he tries to take control of the situation but fails and is captured and led back to their camp. He finds out that the unit is a part of the LRA and he again is mistaken for a priest, and is shown around the camp by a grown man who is acting as the commander. He learns that the LRA twist the view of Christianity to fit their need, after he confronts a boy who killed a woman on the mission and watches as his fellow soldiers beat him for his sin. A while later, The nun, Sharon, arrives at the camp and after a talk with the leader is allowed to take ten of the thirty girls back to the school, while the other 20 would become wives and sex slaves for the soldiers. As she is about to leave she unties Patrick secretly, which leads him to tap into his sixth sense as he stages a break out with all the girls who haven't been indoctrinated into the LRA. The escape goes well at first, as he kills a few soldiers by hand and sets a few mines as traps. However, during the escape a girl is badly wounded by gun fire and he picks her up as she dies after he kills the shooter. During this time he is thinking of all the lives he is ending and the time he first came back to Uganda as an adult as he does a row of mines blows up behind him.


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