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Your Top DC Heroes part 24

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, January 13 2010 and posted in Features
We are so close to the Top 100, who will make it? Dun dun dunnnnn...


123. Hawk and Dove (21 points)

hawk-dove.jpg"Nothing is cooler than superhero brothers."

Before you ask, I got a few posts of Dove, and a few posts of Hawk, and a few posts of them together as one group. So I decided to lump all the points together, and as you see they made a REAL impact on the list. So I really didn't think there would be an uproar over this. I see them as one unit, you know? Kinda like a Cloak and Dagger thing. Anywho, Hank and Don Hall were fairly normal siblings; Hank was very verbal about his conservative views, usually quite hot-headed. His brother on the other hand was liberal by comparison, and while fairly level headed was prone to indecisiveness. Hank thought his brother was a sissy, while Don thought that Hank was an arrogant blowhard. Their father, a Judge, while more balanced, followed the letter of the law. He tried unsuccessfully to teach his boys that most problems could be solved through logic.

They would find however that their father had made many enemies as a Judge. Hank and Don were locked in a room as a criminal bent on revenge against their father went after him. Just as Hank and Don who found for the first time they could agree that they wanted to save their father, mysterious voices echoed throughout the room offering the boys a chance to save their father. All they had to do was call upon the powers of the Hawk and the Dove.

Hawk and Dove quickly dispatch their father’s would-be assailants, but find that their father is not as thankful for his vigilante protectors. Hank and Don continue on in secret as Hawk and Dove for several years even joining the Teen Titans for a time.

During Crisis on Infinite Earths Dove was killed by a Shadow Demon while protection a child. Hawk could do nothing to help and went berserk. He went on for several years without what he realized was Dove’s calming influence.

It was shortly thereafter that Waverider came back in time to the final days of the 20th Century to stop the Monarch from rising. He tests all the heroes and eventually eliminates them all with the exception of Captain Atom, but when he tests him, the Monarch is freed from the time-stream. He quickly captures Hawk and Dove, seemingly murdering Dove in cold blood. This puts Hawk over the edge and he beats Monarch to death, but not before discovering that Monarch is an older version on himself. Driven fully insane, Hank dons the armor and helmet becoming Monarch. Briefly, Monarch served as a reoccurring adversary for Captain Atom. He later, after calling upon the power of Hawk and absorbing Waverider’s time-warping abilities, becomes Extant.

Extant brutally defeats the entire Justice Society, even killing the original Atom and Hourman. He later escaped on the heels of Parallax’s defeat. After confronting the JSA again, they were able to place him on a passenger plane about to crash. Somehow this permanently ended the threat of Extant.

The story of Hawk & Dove could have ended there… it didn’t.

122. Apollo (21 points)

apollo.jpgFormerly a U.S. soldier, Apollo was a member of a secret experimental academy team created by the insane former Stormwatch Weatherman, Henry Bendix. Bendix's extensive alterations made Apollo almost a Sun God, with flight, superhuman strength, invulnerability, and heat vision. However, he needs frequent exposure to full sunlight to recharge his powers and his health. He appears to be the Wildstorm Universe's equivalent to Superman.

Unlike his lover, the Midnighter, Apollo may have volunteered willingly for the implant procedures that gave him his powers. Apollo has also lost all memory of who he was before his recruitment into the team. Apollo, alongside Midnighter, Lamplight, Crow Jane, Amaze, Impetus, and Stalker, formed the ill-fated team that would be sent to their deaths by Bendix on their first mission. Apollo served as team leader, but proved ineffective when he witnessed the death of his peers and became paralyzed with traumatic shock, leaving Midnighter to get them both out alive. However, when Midnighter and Apollo sought extraction during this mission, it was only to discover that Bendix had no intention of wasting time or resources to save them when he could so easily replace them with more "super soldiers." Betrayed, Apollo and Midnighter used their abilities to escape with their lives, but would spend the next five years hiding on the streets, attempting to remain invisible to the Weatherman's ever-watchful eye from the Stormwatch headquarters orbiting the Earth. During this time, the team members fought to better the world on a smaller scale, and came together as lovers. Because of their self imposed exile, both Midnighter and Apollo were ignorant of Stormwatch's battle against Henry Bendix, and of his supposed death at the hands of Jenny Sparks. Only when Jackson King, the new Weatherman, discovered them on radar and brought them in for questioning (ultimately testing their loyalties by sending them on a mission) did the pair realize they were free to live in the open again as normal human beings. All files related to whom both Midnighter and Apollo were before their introduction into the team were believed to be lost, and since neither man could remember, Jackson King instead gave them new identities with which to retire from the super soldier business.

Apollo's brief vacation into normalcy was to be short-lived. Less than a year after Apollo and Midnighter's retirement, the majority of the Stormwatch team was slaughtered in an Aliens/Stormwatch Crossover. Jenny Sparks used her vision for a new team, known as The Authority and she approached Apollo and Midnighter about joining. Jenny originally only asked Apollo to join because she knew that Midnighter would reluctantly accompany Apollo anywhere (part of the reason they were nicknamed "Bert" and "Ernie"). Apollo would then take the place of "The Sun God," on a team consisting of Midnighter, Swift, Jack Hawksmoor, Engineer, Doctor, and Jenny Sparks. His relationship with the Midnighter would only be hinted at until the Sliding Albion Story Arc, in which it was confirmed they were a couple.

121. The Spirit (21 points)

thespirit.jpgHoly fuck did the movie suck goat scroat...

Denny Colt was a criminologist and private detective. One day he walked into Commissioner Dolan's office telling him he knew where a criminal by the name of Dr. Cobra was hiding out. He said he'd bring him in for the reward being offered.

In Dr. Cobra's hideout, when Denny Colt arrived, Cobra was in the middle of another one of his experiments. As Denny talked to Dr. Cobra, his henchman attacked. Denny's gun accidentally went off and fired into a tank filled with chemicals. The chemicals hit him smack in the face. Dr. Cobra dragged out his henchman and escapes. When Dolan and some backup arrived, they find Denny's lifeless body crumpled on the floor. He was brought to the coroner who pronounces him dead. With his body already stiff and he assumes it's from rigor mortis.

The next night a mysterious man pays Dolan a visit in his office. Hiding in the shadows, he tells Dolan to have the reward money ready. He will return with Dr. Cobra in three hours. When Dolan demands he comes out of the shadows, the man says he doesn't want him to see his face and he can simply call him, "The Spirit." Dolan thinks the voice sounded similar to Colt's. After talking to the coroner, he decides to go to Wildwood Cemetery to check on Denny's grave.

At Wildwood Cemetery, a couple of thugs stand waiting after receiving a message in the shape of a tombstone. The Spirit arrives and points a gun at them. He takes them into a tomb and demands they tell him where Dr. Cobra is hiding. Scared, they still deny having any knowledge. The Spirit lets them go but tells them that he will get Dr. Cobra by the stroke of midnight. As he watches them run off in fear, Commissioner Dolan is surprised to find Denny Colt alive.

Denny explains to Dolan that the chemicals must have placed him in some sort of suspended animation. He awoke several hours after his burial and escaped from his grave. He and Dolan go after the running men to trail them to Cobra's new hideout.

The Spirit takes on Dr. Cobra's henchmen and chases after Cobra as he tries to escape again. Cobra manages to get the drop on the Spirit. Dolan arrives in time to shoot (wound) Dr. Cobra. Denny thanks him for saving his life. Dolan asks him what he's going to do next. Denny says he'll stay "dead." He figures it may give him an edge over crime. He'll be able to go after criminals that are outside of the police's reach. As for money, he'll use the reward money from bringing in criminals and he'll just live in the cemetery.


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