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Your Top DC Heroes part 29

Written by Chris Mitchell on Friday, January 15 2010 and posted in Features
Just a hop, skip and a jump away from The Top 100....


107. Yorick Brown (24 points)

"Is more moron than hero. The last man on earth after a plague wipes out the male part of mankind, Yorick is not the Charlton Heston Alpha-Male hero. But his quest -- not just for survival, but for the woman he loves -- is one of the greatest heroic journeys in all of comics."

What was this guy in the Top Modern Characters? Number 3 right? Wow. How the Yorick has fallen.

Yorick Brown was an amateur magician/escape artist in love with his girlfriend, Beth, and training the monkey Ampersand, to do domestic chores for quadriplegics, when the plague hit. Every male creature on Earth died a sudden, bloody death simultaneously one day--except for Yorick and Ampersand. Yorick sets off to find Beth, who is in Australia, meeting up with Agent 355 of the secret Culper Ring and cloning expert Dr. Allison Mann, both of whom see humanity's last hope in Yorick.

Yorick's attitude is characteristically witty, and he often prioritizes opportunities for clever quips over his own safety. It is later revealed that Yorick in fact has something of a death wish when a former Culper Ring agent and friend of 355 interrogates him in a seeming S&M domination scenario. This reveals some of Yorick's underlying depth, as do his apparent hang ups about sex in a seeming paradise of willing women.

It has been revealed that the only reason that he has survived the plague is that he handled his pet monkey Ampersand's feces (who was a former test monkey) and gave him a resistance to the plague.

He has also fathered a daughter since the plague hit, Beth Jr.

106. Fire (25 points)

fire.jpgA native born Brazilian, Beatriz da Costa started her superhero career with the Super Friends. Later she joined the Global Guardians. After the Global Guardians lost United Nation's funding, she and her best friend, Ice, joined the Justice League International. It is in this version of the League that Beatriz changes her name to Fire. Her superpowers become even stronger while she is with the League, and she gains the ability to completely cover her body in green flame. During this time, she trained in hand to hand combat with Big Barda. Fire stayed with the League when it turned into the Justice League of America. When the League fought Doomsday, Beatriz was so seriously injured that she lost her powers for some time.

Fire and Ice stayed best friends, and Fire had a big-sister role with Ice, watching out and taking care of her. A big source of problems between the friends was Ice's interest in Guy Gardner. Fire felt he was no good for someone as kind as Ice. This becomes irrelevant when Ice is killed by Overmaster.

When the league disbanded, Fire went back to Brazil for a while. She even considers retiring from hero work. This doesn't last and she joins a new group called the Super Buddies. During this time, she makes an attempt to save Ice's spirit from hell (which failed). After the Super Buddies disbanded, Fire is recruited by the Checkmate Organization. Almost every League Fire was recruited into was funded by Maxwell Lord. Later Maxwell kills Blue Beetle a, long time friend and teammate of Fire's. Fire, Booster Gold, and Guy Gardner begin an investigation to find the connection between Maxwell and Blue Beetle's death.

105. Linda Danvers (25 points)

lindadanvers.jpg"My favourite Supergirl! Ok it got a bit weird with the whole earth angel thing! However, this was a Supergirl with 90s attitude! She was a girl with problems who was saved by the Matrix Supergirl, and given powers! She was smart!, had attitude, and even married Superman! What’s not to love! Probably the most human of all the Superfamily!"

Linda Danvers (daughter of policeman Fred Danvers and his wife Sylvia) began her life in a less-than-heroic fashion. Lured into a world of darkness by her boyfriend Buzz, Linda was involved in many illicit and illegal activities. Little did she know that she was intended to be a sacrifice for a demonic cult Buzz worked for. Buzz slashed her with a dagger to use her blood to release a demon into the world, but Matrix, the protoplasmic Supergirl, intervened. She used her shape-shifting powers to try plugging the gaping wounds on Linda, but instead became fused with Linda. Linda and Matrix became a new Supergirl. Armed with newfound superhuman abilities and the power to change from ordinary Linda Danvers into tall Supergirl, Linda began to fight crime and demonic activity, and redeem her darkened soul. She was hesitant to reveal her situation to her adoptive "brother" Superman, fearing his reaction to her co-opting a human life, but he accepted the change. Further complicating the situation was the revelation that Matrix's sacrifice in attempting to save Linda transformed her and Linda into the Earth-born Angel of Fire.

When Linda became an Earth-born Angel (one of three), she developed wings of flame and flame vision. She discovered that she could teleport in an S-shaped burst of flame. She used her powers to fight demons and dark gods, and even her fellow Earth-born Angel Blithe. She met an angelic ally, the equine Comet, who was revealed to be her friend, Andrea Jones, and the Angel of Love, born in an accident in an ice cavern. But stranger still, Linda began to encounter a young boy named Wally, who claimed to be what is known in the DC Universe as the Presence. (His name, he explained, was a variation on "Yahweh," the Hebrew name for God.) Wally helped Linda through her strange transformations, especially when her wings changed from angelic to bat-like. Linda also found herself fighting a superhuman named Twilight, whose dark powers were almost strong enough to overpower Linda's angelic abilities. But her greatest challenge came when Linda was captured by a strangely Wally-like man, who was the Carnivore, the first vampire. She defeated him, with the help of an angelic figure, simply called "Kara". But in her defeat of Carnivore, her Matrix side was ripped away, leaving Linda alone once again.

After the split, Linda retained half of the super-strength and invulnerability she had when fused with Matrix/Supergirl and could only leap 1/8th of a mile. Using some items from a costume shop, Linda created a white, blue, and red Supergirl costume (the same costume used by the animated version of Supergirl in Superman: The Animated Series) and acted as Supergirl, while searching for Matrix, with the help of her demonic ex-boyfriend Buzz and fellow superhero Mary Marvel. Even with diminished abilities, she was still powerful enough to stop Bizarro, and even found herself fighting a Bizarro Supergirl. Linda's search led her to the Amazon, where Matrix was held prisoner by Lilith, the mother of all demons, who had sent Twilight after Supergirl, holding Twilight's sister hostage to keep her under her evil control. Lilith fatally injured Mary Marvel, Twilight, and Linda, but not before Matrix was freed from Lilith's prison. Linda asked Matrix to merge with Twilight, and Twilight became the new Angel of Fire in the process, using her powers to heal Mary and Linda, thus giving Linda all the powers she'd had when she was merged with Matrix. At this point, Matrix passed the Supergirl mantle on to Linda.

Linda was the new Supergirl for only six issues of the 1996 series. With her powers back to Matrix's original (non-angelic) levels, Linda encountered a rocket ship that contained a young, vibrant Kara Zor-El from the Pre-Crisis reality. After a rocky start, the two became close, with Linda mentoring the Kara on how to be a hero.

But Kara's presence in the Post-Crisis era was going to destabilize time. The Spectre (Hal Jordan incarnation) appeared and said that Kara was destined to die. Apparently, a cosmic entity called the Fatalist had altered the timeline for his own amusement and to vex his master, Xenon, a being with a pathological hatred of Supergirl. Not surprisingly, the young Kara Zor-El did not tamely accept that she was destined to die at a young age, and tearfully begged Linda to find some way to save her. Linda lied to her, in order to calm her down and send her away; only after she had departed did Kara Zor-El realize Linda's intent--Linda secretly took Kara's place, and was sent to the Pre-Crisis era, posing as Kara and expecting to die in her place, in order to provide Kara Zor-El with a chance at life. The Pre-Crisis Superman uncovered her ruse (upon her arrival in his universe, she tried to repeat Kara Zor-El's origin story, but his superhuman abilities allowed him to notice details that made it clear she was lying, such as the fact that her costume was made of Earth materials) and admitted he was in love with her. The two married and had a daughter, Ariella. Linda even changed her costume. But Linda's very presence had altered the timeline, so the Spectre made her return home, not only to restore the time stream but to save Kara from Xenon, who had captured the young Supergirl and planned to kill her.

Linda defeated Xenon, and had to send frightened young Kara back to her universe, knowing Kara, as an adult, would eventually die in the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Linda's daughter was spared from being erased from the timeline by the Spectre (Linda informed the Spectre if he didn't save Ariella, she would let the universe die), but Linda was heartbroken over her actions. She learned that her parents had just had a second child, ironically named "Wally". Linda reunited with her parents for one last time before leaving everyone and hanging up her cape. She left a note for Clark and Lois explaining her decision, saying she felt she had let her loved ones down and so she was no longer worthy of wearing the S.

According to Peter David, if his run on Supergirl hadn't ended, he would have had the series being a sort of Birds of Prey type comic, featuring the trio of Linda Danvers as Superwoman, Pre-Crisis Kara Zor-El as the current Supergirl, and Power Girl.

According to an interview with Newsarama, following the events of Infinite Crisis, Dan Didio stated that the Matrix Supergirl was wiped from existence. However, Geoff Johns later stated, "As for this...huh? Linda Danvers hasn't been retconned out at all."


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