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Your Top DC Heroes part 32

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, January 18 2010 and posted in Features
Three characters for you to bitch and whine over or something...


97. Kate Spencer (26 points - 1 first place slot)

katespencer.jpg"Loved her series and again shame it was cancelled but I think it's cool that right now she is the D.A. of Gotham. Great development."

"Admittedly, I was a bit ambivalent about picking Manhunter #1 up when it originally debuted. Being a DD fan, seeing a character who practiced law by day and decided to take it into her own hands by night--in a red outfit, no less--seemed like it could be DC's attempt to somewhat crib Marvel's very own Man Without Fear. Thankfully, however, I was very wrong. With Manhunter, Marc Andreyko has created his own unique character in Kate Spencer: A single mother, a tough-as-nails prosecutor, and a no-holds-barred crime fighter all rolled into one. And while her moral code isn't quite up to par with ol' Hornhead's, either, that's okay; it makes her unique, it makes her special, and it makes her my favorite DC character, something I never really had before she came about."

Kate was a federal prosecutor, Kate quickly tires of guilty criminals evading punishment. Angered that the super villain Copperhead escapes from custody after killing two prison guards, she steals equipment from an evidence room, hunts him down and kills him.

She then blackmails a former criminal, now in the Witness Protection Program, to build and maintain her weapons and armor. As a divorced mother of a young boy, she finds it difficult to balance both life as a Manhunter with her career and family life. However, during DC’s Infinite Crisis series, Barbara Gordon aka Oracle, offers a chance to join the fight in Metropolis with her team, the Birds of Prey.

Her first appearance as a team member came in issue #100, along with Big Barda, leader of the Female Furies. While Kate is not imbued with super powers, her suit keys in to her bioelectrical signature, supplying her with increased strength, agility and endurance. Her staff was once carried by the Manhunter, Mark Shaw.

96. William Payton (27 points)

williampayton.jpgI got the first issue of this title, and never picked up any other issue of it. Ever. I didn't realize he had so many fans, wow. Some lists were like multiple Starmen on it. Crazy. You people confuse the hell out of me with your weird thinking.

While hiking in the desert/wilderness Will Payton lived was hit by a beam of energy from a satellite and gained superhuman powers. From the beam Will was basically transformed into a living nuclear reactor.  As Starman, he had a short career as a super-hero, fighting menaces like the Power Elite, Bolt, Doctor Polaris, and Eclipso, the latter of which apparently became his death.

As Starman, Will Payton had such powers as superhuman strength, superhuman durability, and enough invulnerability to stop even an exploding shell. He could alter the shape and color of his features, fire bolts of heat energy and emit blinding light. He was capable of recharging Superman's solar-based energy, as shown after Superman returned from self-exile and was still weakened from overuse of his powers. To quote the Man of Steel, "This looks like the beginning of a beautiful relationship," while being recharged by Starman.

95. Etrigan, The Demon (27 points)

etrigan.jpg"It's the juxtaposition that I'm fond of. A demon who's not all that bad; pretty cool, though he is a pretty neglected character in the grand scheme of things."

The origins of The Demon, like those of many characters, are no longer the accepted beginnings in the comic book world and have long since been retconned, thus making his current story that of two beings that would become one...Etrigan and Jason Blood. The Demon's creator, Merlin, was hard at work defending Camelot from the evils of Morgaine le Fey but when Jason Blood came to Morgaine's aid he found not reward from her, but punishment from Merlin. For his crimes he was involuntarily bonded with Etrigan, one of the most bloodthirsty and powerful demons of Hell, forced to contain its evil within himself, forever fighting it. It was hundreds of years later, in Merlin's tomb that Jason learned "the rhyme" that transformed him and it was there that the Demon gained its first enemy, Morgaine le Fey.

After Green Arrow's resurrection he and Batman sought out Jason Blood (the alter ego of the demon) for his occult knowledge, to try to find out how Oliver was resurrected. They soon learned that Oliver was a hollow (a soulless husk of a human.) He was made into a hollow by the Spectre (Hal Jordan) out of pure guilt. Blood then tried to kill Oliver, due to the risk of being possessed due to his being a hollow. So he called upon the Demon's powers and they fought. The Demon was defeated by being shot in the mouth with a fire extinguishing arrow shot by Green Lantern.

Etrigan participated in the war for control of Hell, working for Neron. He fought Blue Devil, and stole his humanity. He was depowered by Satanus' spell. Because he was fully demonic at the time, Blue Devil also became human. Etrigan, now in possession of his demonic side, restored it to Blue Devil. Etrigan later appeared fully powered in the Solomon Grundy miniseries.


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