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Your Top DC Heroes part 33

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, January 18 2010 and posted in Features
Some cool characters in this grouping.


94. Elijah Snow (27 points)

elijahsnow.jpgHis exact place of birth is unknown, but it was most likely somewhere in the southern United States. All that is known of his youth is that he was obsessed with the Unknown and the Mysterious. By the time he was nineteen, he was already traveling around the world in search of various myths and legends. In the castle of a resurrectionist (possibly Victor Frankenstein), Snow found a map of the world - a map of the world's secrets, made by a conspiracy of powerful men.

Snow traced the map to England, and to the leader of the conspiracy, Sherlock Holmes. Holmes and his cohorts - the Baron, an invisible man, Dracula and others - considered themselves to be an intellectual elite, holding back from the world those ideas and discoveries for which the world was not ready. Snow decided to change all that.

He killed Dracula with his power of "heat subtraction," and then became Holmes' student. He demanded to know everything that Holmes and his conspiracy knew, so that he could use it to change the world for the better. Snow studied with Holmes until the detective's death in 1925. It was then that Elijah Snow began his search for the strange in earnest, and began writing a guide to chronicle his findings.

To fulfill his belief that the strange nature of the world was what made it all the more wonderful, The Planetary Guide was published every year as a kind of map to the incredible places of the world. Hidden African kingdoms, mysterious portals in Australia, science-fiction submarines, robot assassins and much, much more.

Like the other Century Babies, Snow ceased to age somewhere in his thirties. His apparent immortality spurred him to protect the world that he had explored, and he formed The Planetary Organization. Planetary opened branches all over the world, with a staff that is presumed to number in the thousands. The heart of the group, however, is the field team - a three-member team which, by the 1990s, consisted of Jakita Wagner, Ambrose Chase and The Drummer.

As the century drew to a close, Planetary came into direct conflict with a group called The Four, whose activities were in direct conflict with those of Planetary. The Four wanted to suppress the possible emergence of meta-humans and super-science on Earth in preparation for an alien invasion in the 21st century, and Planetary endangered that mission.

The leader of The Four, Randall Dowling, captured Snow and forced him to submit to a series of blocks on his memory. In return, the rest of the Planetary field team would not be killed. Snow agreed, with the command that his field team was not, under any circumstances, to try and find him again. Dowling altered Snow's memory and set him free to make his way however he might

Snow's second-in-command, Jakita Wagner, attempted to lead the remaining field team against The Four, with limited success. When one mission ended in the death of Ambrose Chase, she decided that it was time to disobey orders and look for Elijah Snow.

She found him in a diner in a rural part of the United States, with no memory of her or of Planetary. She "recruited" him into the group, ostensibly as the new third member of the field team. He accompanied her and The Drummer on several missions, learning about the organization. Wagner's true goal, however, was to remind him of who he was so that he could fight The Four.

In his search for the missing pieces of his life, Snow met with super-spy John Stone, who was able to prod Elijah's mind carefully enough to bring Dowling's memory blocks down.

With his memory restored, Elijah Snow began a systematic attack against The Four, sabotaging their work and uncovering their secrets. He discovered that they were working with an extra dimensional army which was planning to occupy Earth in the early days of the 21st century. He organized the Planetary team to capture or kill the agents of The Four, ending in the deaths of two of them. The other two have been incapacitated, and Snow is presumably now able to continue the work he started nearly a century ago.

"It's a strange world."

"Let's keep it that way."

93. Alfred Pennyworth (27 points)

alfredpennyworth.jpg"Need I say more!?"

Alfred's history was changed little after the First Crisis. Alfred's real name is Alfred Beagle, during his days as a British Intelligent agent, he changes it to Alfred Pennyworth. Alfred later leaves the government and becomes an actor and a make-up artist. Alfred's mother approved of Alfred's decision of becoming an actor. However, his father wanted to continue the Pennyworth tradition of becoming a Butler. Finally, Alfred's father was about to die and Alfred swore that he would continue the family tradition. Alfred left England to serve the Wayne's Family. Upon arriving at the Manor, Thomas Wayne greeted him and as Alfred introduce himself, it is obvious that young Bruce was admiring him. Bruce offered to carry his suit cases but they were too heavy for him.

Some time later, Alfred helps young Bruce after a bully starts bullying him and teaches Bruce to think with his head rather than fists. Alfred was thinking about leaving when Bruce asked him not to go, when the Wayne's were murdered Alfred decided to stay. Alfred raises young Bruce Wayne together with Dr. Leslie Tompkins. Later, Bruce decided to travel abroad and Alfred stayed at Wayne Manor and gets into a little romance with Dr. Leslie Tompkins.

One night, when Bruce Wayne goes out on his first night, Alfred is fast asleep. He hears a sound and wakes up to follow a trail of blood. He hears the sound of shattering glass and the bell ringing. Bruce was in his chair bleeding and a bat has crashed through the window. Alfred nurses Bruce's wounds. In a story titled 'Waiting in the Wings' Alfred informs Bruce that he will be leaving the Wayne Manor.

One night, before Alfred leaves, some of Bruce's friends come to visit him. However, Bruce is already out as Batman. Bruce's friends watch a t.v. news report, a street gang kidnaps the son of their rival they gather on the roof top with explosives. The roof top is that of the old theater where Bruce saw the Mark Of Zorro before his parents were murdered. Batman battles the crooks while his friends gasp at some of the injuries Batman suffers and Alfred tries to stay in character. Batman saves the boy and hands him over to the police. He says to them: Take care of the boy. Bruce's friends thought it sounded like Bruce but Alfred says that Bruce's voice is half an octave lower. A phone rings and Bruce's friends answer it, it was Bruce who says he can't come because of bad traffic. The guests leave and Alfred faces a critically injured Batman.

The next morning, Alfred calls some of Bruce's friends and speaks in Bruce's voice and tells them he has to go out of town for a while. Alfred tells Bruce that he sent off Bruce's guests last night by mimicking his voice on the telephone. Bruce tells him: Alfred, as your father was to my father, you will never be just a butler." Alfred walks out of the room with the Batsuit and his shadow forming the Bat logo.

92. Deadman (27 points - 1 first place slot)

deadman.jpgThe Deadman, born Boston Brand, was a well known trapeze artist who was targeted by newly joined member of the League of Assassins, The Hook. (It wasn't personal, the mission was only for his initiation). For the many kindnesses that Brand had performed during his life, Deadman was saved and given his powers by Hindu goddess of balance, Rama Kushna, so that he should find his killer and settle the score.

He began to hunt for his assassin, knowing only that the man had a hook for a hand. When Deadman learned that a villain called the Hook was a member of the League Of Assassins, he was certain it was the same man who killed him. Along the way of his journey, Brand continued to interact in peoples lives, doing good deeds in his own way.

Deadman eventually tracked down the Hook, only to watch him die at the hands of the Sensei, leader of League of Assassins. Then with his brother Cleveland and new friend Batman, Deadman then prevented the League of Assassins taking control of the fabled Himalayan land of Nanda Parbat. Deadman was subsequently called upon to do the duties expected of spirits, such as him, greeting those entering the Land of the Just Dead. In this role Deadman guided the Phantom Stranger, the Spectre, Etrigan the Demon, and Swamp Thing in order to rescue the spirit of Abby Arcane after she was murdered by her uncle.

Deadman has teamed up with other spectral heroes, joining the Phantom Stranger and Swamp Thing to combat the threat of a "primordial shadow" that imperiled Heaven and Earth. When Asmodel usurped the power of the spirit of wrath, Deadman formed part of a strike force of sentinels of magic with Doctor Occult, Felix Faust, the Phantom Stranger, Ragman, Raven, and Sentinel assembled by Zatanna to oppose the fallen angel. Deadman continues to work with people on Earth, hoping one day to achieve a peaceful reward.

With the coming of the Blackest Night, the body of Boston Brand was raised by a black power ring. The ghostly Deadman tried his best to thwart the ring's attempt, but it was to no avail. Deadman then decided to seek the help of someone he had previously possessed, Batman. How he can operate as both a Black Lantern and his spectral self has yet to be revealed.


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