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Your Top DC Heroes part 35

Written by Chris Mitchell on Tuesday, January 19 2010 and posted in Features
This batch is intriguing...


88. Sgt. Rock (28 points - 1 first place slot)

sgtrock.jpg"A tough master sergeant in World War II, Frank Rock is one of the most popular characters from war comics."

During World War II, Sgt. Rock fought in the infantry branch of the U.S. Army in the European Theatre and eventually rose to authority within his unit, Easy Company. The unit was made up of a disparate collection of individuals who managed to participate in every major action in the European war. Rock's dog tag number was 409966, which had been, it was claimed, Robert Kanigher's own military serial number.

Robert Kanigher mused in letters columns in the 1970s and 1980s that Rock probably belonged to "The Big Red One" (First US Infantry Division) given his appearance on battlefields in North Africa, Italy and Northwest Europe. The back-story for Rock was fleshed out in different comics over the years; generally he is considered to have come from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he worked in a steel mill. Enlisting after the attack on Pearl Harbor, he went to North Africa as a private but promotion came quickly as his superiors were killed, to assistant squad leader, squad leader, and then platoon sergeant. During the main series, his unit is only ever given as "Easy Company", but no regiment or division is named nor is unit insignia ever shown. In the 2009 six-issue mini-series, "Sgt. Rock: The Lost Battalion", Rock's unit is still referred to as "Easy Company", but is of the 141st Infantry Regiment. However, in the closing pages of the last issue, the narration states that, following the end of the story, "As usual, Sgt. Rock's 'Combat-Happy Joes' moved out to fill the ranks of another Easy Company left fractured by war," moving them to the 15th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Division, under 2nd Lieutenant Audie Murphy.

Rock also usually wears the chevrons and rockers of a Master Sergeant on his uniform and also applied, oversize, to the front of his helmet.

It is likely Rock's official position in Easy Company was of senior platoon sergeant though dialogue and scripts are usually vague on his actual responsibilities and duties. He usually leads patrols and appears to have powers of command over the men of the company. Several officer characters also appeared in the comic, as both platoon and company commanders, all of whom were regarded by Rock as superiors. Easy's commander was usually referred to as "the skipper" by Rock. Rock in turn was referred to by others as the "topkick", or senior non-commissioned officer in the company. Most infantry companies did not have Master Sergeants; significantly, Rock does not have the diamond of a First Sergeant on his rank insignia.

Rock was very loyal to his team, despite having a deep loathing for warfare. He would later appear in many more comics, teaming up with the likes of Batman and the Suicide Squad.

87. Dr. Mid-Nite (29 points)

drmidnite.jpgThis story starts out with a mysterious woman, who is speaking of her addiction to a drug known as A39. A steroid. She is waiting in the dead of the night, to score the drug of a dealer called, "Cracky" It does not come easy to this women, she feels like a naughty school kid, edgy and nervous. She continues to wait in the dark for "her man" alone or so she thinks. Cue Dr. Mid-Nite or Dr. Cross as he is known at the moment, He advises her that she should not be smoking, as it leads to cancer, lung disease etc... At the moment the mysterious women thinks the Dr. is there to score, "Cracky" shows up, looking like a young hip Crack head- Chains, sunglasses and his cap slanted to the side like some urban nightcrawler Gangsta. The deal goes down but the Dr. does not invest, after the deal is done, he calls upon his friend Nite Lite to catch up with the girl as he has other things to attend to.

We learn her name is Camilla Marlowe. She moved to Portsmouth 7 years ago, reasons for moving include, Affordable housing, Escape from crime, better quality of life. She lives in a small part called parkway, she love it here "coz people mind there own business" she is a web-designer, which suits her because she can work at night. Some day she wishes to be a Mystery Writer, but she holds a pessimistic attitude to this, and fills her mind full of doubts and depression.

When she returns home the Dr. sat at her desk, this spooks her and she panic's, she bumps into Nite Lite and this only contributes to her fears, He settles her quickly, he assures her that he is only there to commandeer the A39 sample, so that he may help her with her condition. "Xenoodera Pigmentosa" or acute sensitivity to light, When just a young girl, she found out she had the disease when all her hair and skin were severely burned due to the sunlight.

The Dr. then walks us through his evening rounds, in which we see his greatest work, he helps the poor people of the underworld especially to those who are addicted to drugs, He also gives his money to Missionary's who help the poor and the hungry, We see him in one scene where he is handing out condoms to the local prostitutes, he asks "How's business" They say, "You should come see for yourself sometime, Doc."

The doctor tells Camilla that she should come to his house for treatment in two days, in this time, Camilla works frantically to get some background information, and we learn the history behind Dr. Cross.

During the next few scenes we are guided through, a sub-plot including "Cracky" and a mysterious man called Largo. "Cracky" tells Largo about his encounter with Dr. Cross. We see Largo's fury and learn that his goal is to mass produce the drug A39. He sees the doctor as a threat and sends two associates to deal with him and find out more. They kidnap a friend of the doctor, and a hot car chase follows, the car chase ends in a pile up, the associates of Largo are admitted to a hospital. The two henchmen were examined by Doctor Cross and found to be under the influence of A39. Soon after he leaves the hospital the two henchmen are visited by a hitman working for Largo and are killed.

Doctor Cross goes out on the town to think, because his lab usually distracts him. The bartender, working for Largo, spikes Dr. Cross's drink with a huge dose of A39. As he is driving home his adrenaline is heightened from the steroid and he has an episode and causes a car accident. When he finally come around, in a hospital, he is blind. He gives up on society. Camilla comes round to persuade him to get up and go, but He shrugs her off. He has a deep thinking session. On this walk he gets attacked by an owl. He feels something is not right. When he removes the bandages he can see. He realizes that the low level spectrums, those not normally seen by the human eye, are clearly available to him. He develops some equipment to enhance this new natural ability and creates a costume. The owl has become his pet. He unveils his new costume to Camilla and dons his new identity Doctor Mid-Nite.

86. Krypto (28 points)

krypto.jpg"It stands to reason that if a person from Krypton can receive powers on Darth then anybody could by the same logic. The ground breaker that is often imitated and never duplicated."

The first appearance of Krypto is as Superboy's pet in the early Silver Age. He was sent into space as a means of testing Jor-El's interstellar spacecraft before risking the life of his son, reflecting the similar use of animals to test rockets during the then-current Space Race. Arriving on Earth, Krypto became the playmate of Clark Kent (even receiving a "secret identity" as Skip, the Kent’s farm dog.)

After Superboy grew up and moved to Metropolis, Krypto was described as having gone off planet to "romp in space".

The first Post-Crisis Krypto was seen in the Time Trapper's pocket universe, as the former pet of that world's Superboy. Another Krypto was an ordinary Earth puppy adopted by Superman supporting character Bibbo Bibbowski, who had wanted to name the pup after Superman's home planet, but the engraver who made his dog tag was a "chis'ler" who tried to charge Bibbo extra for more than six letters. This dog was later given to the cloned Superboy, Kon-El, much to the chagrin of the Kid, who pawned off care of the boisterous puppy on friends and neighbors.

When Superman and Lois Lane traveled to a false planet Krypton on its final days, they found that the house they stayed at had another visitor. When they traveled back to Earth, Krypto followed. When exposed to the sun's rays, he showed the same powers as the Man of Steel himself. At Superman's wishes he stays at the Fortress of Solitude as a guard.


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