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Your Top DC Heroes part 40

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, January 20 2010 and posted in Features
Some fan favs here...


73. Elongated Man (38 points - 1 first place slot)

elongatedman.jpgWhen Ralph was a child he adored cartoonists and people who displayed feats of agility and suppleness - contortionists. Trying to get into the secret of these abnormally flexible persons he found out that all the people he talked to who were body-benders had a similarity: they all drank a soda called "Gingold". Once this discovery was made, Ralph set to work studying chemistry and made a super-concentrated extract of the rare Gingo fruit, which gave him his elasticity.

Ralph was one of the first costumed heroes to reveal his secret identity to the public, and one of the first to marry his love interest. Ralph and his wife Sue Dibny became effective partners participating in Justice League of America adventures solving mysteries. The two had a stable, happy, and relatively trouble free marriage, which is very uncommon in the lives of superhero marriages.

During this Crisis, tragedy struck their marriage with the death of Sue. Right before she was going to surprise Ralph with the news that she was pregnant. Ralph was devastated and his first suspect for who was responsible for the loss of his wife was Dr. Light as he had at one time sexually assaulted Sue and threatened to find her again. It was revealed that Sue was murdered by Jean Loring, the ex-wife of Ray Palmer (the Atom) in an attempt to reconcile with her ex-husband.

During this arc, Ralph stopped taking his daily intake of Gingold, gradually losing his ability to stretch and become elongated. During the Crisis, the super villains that had their memories wiped were starting to get them back. Zatanna wanted to re-wipe their minds but in the end only erased their knowledge of the League's secret identities.

Ralph's life had turned towards depression since the death of Sue. He was about to commit suicide when he learned that her tombstone was vandalized. He confronts Wonder Girl and accuses her of the act because of the inverted Kryptonian symbol on the tombstone which means resurrection. She and the Cult of Conner steal Dibny's ring. Ralph then goes to Booster Gold for help in the investigation but stops when he realizes that Booster might have been able to save Sue's life and Ralph attacks him in anger. While Booster later disperses a mob, an actor he hired for a staged battle reveals the truth to the press. Dibny tells reporters that Booster is a fraud.

After Dibny finds Wonder Girl, she informs him that they may be able to resurrect Superboy but need to have a trial run, Ralph agrees to cooperate so that Sue might be brought back to life and be with him again, however his friends disrupt the ceremony and destroy the necessary elements for it to work. The straw doll that represents Sue calls out to him while it burns. The cult leader, Devem, tells Dibny that because of the disruption, he no longer can resurrect anyone.

After the disruption of his only hope to retain Sue in his life, he suffers a breakdown, vowing to "try again". Recovering in Marseilles, he receives a visit from Detective Chimp who brings with him the helm of Doctor Fate. The Shadowpact assembles in Giza for a scrying to reveal the helm's recent history. The helm speaks to him and tells him that it will grant him his wishes if he makes the necessary sacrifices for it. Dibny accepts, and he takes off with the helm, beginning his pilgrimage. Traveling the Land of the Dead, Ralph learns his ways in the act of magic and most importantly in the prices and bargains that must be paid in order to achieve magical power.

On returning to the land of the living, he approaches the Spectre telling him that he will do anything asked of him if the Spectre brings his wife back. The Spectre, desiring revenge on Eclipso for her manipulations of him but not being able to do anything himself tells Dibny to punish Eclipso in return for his wife's life. Realizing this means taking revenge on the women who murdered Sue, he takes her to the point in which she murdered his wife and intends to put her in a time loop forcing her to watch herself murder Sue Dibny over and over for all eternity.

After coming to her sanity, she begs Ralph for forgiveness and vows that it wasn't her that killed Sue. Dibny, affected by her pleas, his sense of compassion and his own feelings on watching his wife's death, finds himself incapable of such ruthlessness and refuses to complete his pact with the Spectre and yells at him and sends Eclipso back to orbit the sun, but now aware that there is a way to return his wife back to life. He moves on with the helm to find another who could help him in his attempts to return sue back to life. Arriving at Nanda Parbat, Dibny is attacked by a yeti-like creature, but is rescued by Yao-Fei, a Chinese 'super-functionary', whom he later helps to capture the creature. He receives and audience with Rama Kushna and he tells him that "Death is only an illusion of being in time; a trick of the light". Seemingly disillusioned, Dibny travels to Central City, where he recovers the gun he intended to kill himself with after the Crisis. He then later retrieves the ring of "Shackles of Arion" hidden in the destroyed ruins of Atlantis, guarded by a crazed and amnesiac Aquaman, by trading his wedding band for the link of chain.

72. Jim Corrigan/The Spectre (39 points)

spectre.jpgWhen the angel Raphael/Aztar, who rebelled with Lucifer, repented of his sins, The Presence had the angel stripped of his memories prior and become the incarnation of His Wrath, set to deliver Divine Justice and Vengeance for the murdered dead and those who sin against God. The Spectre was created to replace the being of Eclipso who was no longer suitable to be the Wrath. The Spectre is the one who is "responsible" for the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, as well as the ten plagues of Egypt, splitting the Red Sea, and tumbling the walls of Jericho.

When The Godhead took human form, it was determined that Compassion and Redemption (that which Jesus represented) could not walk the Earth at the same time as Wrath and Vengeance, and The Spectre entity was cast into limbo where it remained until the crucifixion of Jesus. Following that, The Spectre burst forth in an event dubbed "Dies Irae" by the Phantom Stranger and ripped through the world, casting divine vengeance on many people until the Archangel Michael informed the entity of the new "rules", and The Spectre must be bound with a human soul to walk the Earth again.

Following "Dies Irae", and the creation of the new "rules" as dictated by The Presence, The Archangel Michael took the form of a Hindu deity and acquired the soul of a man named Caraka to be the first soul bound to The Spectre (a Christian was not chosen because Michael felt it would be too soon).

Caraka found trouble in being The Spectre, as he had disrupted the natural cycle of things and caused his family (who had gone through various stages of reincarnation) grief. In the end, Caraka separated from The Spectre, and merged with Sekuba, to become Azmodus.

In 1940, New York City cop, Jim Corrigan, was attacked by mobster Gats Benson following a sabotage on the part of his "stoolie" Louis Snipe. Jim was shoved into a barrel filled with cement where he was then thrown into the river, where he later choked on liquid cement and died.

Corrigan, unable to come to terms with his death while the people who killed him remained free ("I have seen damn little of God's justice, mine I know exists.") God decided to have Corrigan merge with the Spectre entity and become the newest incarnation of the Spirit of Vengeance. Corrigan quickly used his abilities once he returned to Earth to exact punishment on Gats and the present mobsters, who has also kidnapped Jim's then-fiancé, Clarice Winston. In the fight, Clarice was fatally wounded, but Jim tied part of his spirit to her, so that she would always be alive.

Of course, following this, Jim called of the engagement to Clarice.

The Spectre was encouraged to use his power for good by Percival Polanski (also known as "Percival Pop, The Super Cop"), a patrol man who witnessed both Corrigan's and Benson's demise. Percival was a friend to Corrigan in that he was much more human than the other police officers, something that Jim felt he needed. Jim, however, quickly became associates with other "minutemen" and joined with Dr. Fate and others on multiple occasions until finally joining The Justice Society of America during World War II.

After World War II, the Spectre fought the demon Azmodus, who trapped the him in Corrigan's undead frame for nearly two decades. During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Spectre traveled back in time and used his powers to preserve creation while the multiverses' heroes battled the Anti-Monitor. Unable to defeat the Anti-Monitor, The Spectre was left in a comatose state for the duration of the Crisis, only to be recreated afterward with his powers greatly diminished for several years.

During the years with his powers lessened by The Presence, The Spectre and, thus, Jim Corrigan, worked as a "Psychic Detective" with Madame Xanadu, who had taken a portion of The Spectre's power and manipulated it to give the illusion that Corrigan and The Spectre were separate entities. This power was also used to create several additional employees, who gave the impression of the organization being more than it was.

Following this, and various revelations relating to it, Corrigan left the agency and wandered the Earth only to return to New York where he met Amy Beiterman (who becomes his love interest). Along the way, his powers returned as Madame Xanadu released what powers she held, following a brief stint as The Spectre. During this period, Azmodus returns, and Amy is killed by a serial murderer going by the name "Reaver", which sends The Spectre into a fury.

Following Amy's death, Jim becomes emotionally distraught and lashes out at various people, even going so far as to destroy the country Vlatava, finding that its sins are too deep to simply wash away.

The Phantom Stranger, worried that The Spectre might end up destroying the earth, pools together the team of Madame Xanadu, Zatanna Zatara, Etrigan, and Dr. Fate in an attempt to possibly curb the obviously hostile spirit. During this battle, Eclipso returns, and manages to take control over The Spectre.

After Jim retakes control of The Spectre, he forces Eclipso back into his crystal and sends him out into orbit. Jim then decides to take Reverend Richard Craemer as his spiritual adviser.

Jim also played a large part in Michael Holt becoming the second Mr. Terrific, telling the distraught man of the original Mr. Terrific and his untimely death.

During the events of Final Night, The Spectre bound himself to Gaea, the spirit of the Earth, to keep her replenished until such a time that the sun was restored.

The Spectre also played a major part in the event "The Haunting of America", wherein The Spectre sought pieces of an item called The American Talisman all the while attempting to remove them from the wrong hands. The combination of this event, as well as Final Night, prompted Jim/The Spectre to take periodic residence in the body of Nate Kane, a New York detective and former friend of Amy.

It was during this time that Jim noticed himself distancing from The Spectre, ultimately deciding it was in his best interest to remove himself from the power and find his peace with Amy.

71. Beast Boy (40 points)

beastboy.jpgYoung Garfield Logan's parents were research scientist in the African nation of Upper Lamumba. While in Africa Logan was bitten by an elusive Green Monkey and contracted a rare tropical disease, Sakutia, only survived by animals. To cure his son Dr. Mark Logan treated his young son with an untested machine he developed to isolate the common genetic bonds between humans and animals.
The young Logan was cured, but his skin became permanently green and he was able to alter his body into the form of any animal he could imagine, making him a Beast Boy. After the death of his parents and a stint with the Doom Patrol, he later re-named himself the Changeling, but ultimately decided upon Beast Boy.

Beast Boy has the ability to morph into any animal he knows of. He can change into extinct animals and even animals on different planets. When he changes the changes only take a couple of seconds. It doesn't matter how big or small. He can change from a tick to a T-Rex in seconds. It does not put strain on him to do this. He can stay in an animals form indefinitely. He can take on the shape of animals without limbs too. Such as snakes or worms. Two times he has changed into multiple animals such as a swarm of fireflies and a group of barnacles. When he changes into an animal he gains all that animals abilities. Such as if he changes into a bat he acquires sonar. Or the strength of a elephant, the speed of a cheetah. He can even gain poison from animals. Such as the poison from a snake or spider. While in his animal forms he can speak even if the animal can't speak.

He keeps his intelligence and humanity. The only problem is no matter what form he takes, the animal’s skin and hair color will always be green. This stops him from hiding in plain sight. Beast Boy has also been shown to shape shift into demonic animals. Such as the time when Raven implanted Beast Boy with an evil seed of her father. He changed into demonic animals. Beast Boy can also change into a hybrid. This creature has all the animals powers rolled into one. He can't control this so he doesn't turn into it unless absolutely needed.


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