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Your Top DC Heroes part 43

Written by Chris Mitchell on Thursday, January 21 2010 and posted in Features

Three characters that should be in the Top 50.



64. Rick Tyler (47 points)

ricktyler.jpgRick Tyler was born the child of Rex Tyler, who was a successful hero and a business man. However, Rex wasn't a very good father. When Rex wasn't spending time with business, he was out doing his superhero work, as addicted to it as the substance that powered him, Miraclo. This meant that Rick rarely saw his dad, even on his birthdays, and eventually Rex wasn't even sure of the age of his son.

It was no surprise that although Rick would develop into a well-balanced teen, he was consistently looking for his father's guidance and approval. Yet, Rex could not see the role model Rick really needed, and he tried to push Rick's education to its limits, an endeavor that Rick didn't wish to pursue, and he constantly felt inferior to his father.

Rick became the second Hourman when the Crisis on Infinite Earths threatened all of reality, and he used one of his dad's Miraclo pills to save the life of Beth Chapel, who he grew quite fond of. His father strongly disapproved of Rick's actions, knowing the addictive effects of Miraclo and tried to prevent Rick from taking up the Hourman mantle. Nonetheless, Rick ended up trying to join a team of other second generation heroes known as Infinity, Inc. Rex was able to temporarily convince his son not to, although Rick continued to try and persuade him. Matters became worse however when Rex, along with his teammates in the Justice Society of America sacrificed themselves to fight eternal Ragnarok in Limbo. When Northwind and Beth Chapel came to tell him of the news, Rick ran away in grief. He was later kidnapped by the new group Justice Unlimited, themselves former members of the Injustice Society and used as a hostage against Infinity Inc. Rick was able to escape, but in the process, seemingly killed the Wizard.

Rick had a hard time forgiving himself, although it would later be revealed that the Wizard was in fact still alive. Rick gave up the Hourman identity almost as soon as he assumed it, as he angrily unmasked himself before a press photographer. Luckily, Lyta was able to prevent the photo from being taken and took Rick away, trying to console him.

Nonetheless, Rick wore his Hourman outfit another time to attend the court hearing for the villain Mr. Bones, although Rick feared he was just as bad as Bones as well, fearing that the Miraclo pills had simply worked on an already violent urge when he killed the Wizard. Eventually though, Rick returned to becoming Hourman, wearing an outfit similar to his father's in honor of him. Shortly afterwards, Infinity Inc. disbanded.

Eventually, Rex and the rest of the JSA returned from Limbo and he and Rick were reunited. In the meantime however, Rick had contracted leukemia due to the prolonged exposure to Miraclo. With the help of Rex's old teammate, Johnny Chambers (aka Johnny Quick), both Rex and Rick learned to tap into their superhuman powers without the use of Miraclo and instead using his mind-focusing technique.

Father and son would only spend a short time together, when the villain Extant killed Rex and some of his allies from the Justice Society during the event known as Zero Hour. Tragedy kept on striking, when shortly afterwards his sweetheart, Beth Chapel (as Dr. Midnight) was slain by Eclipso.

Rick remained retired from the superhero business for a long time, and in that time he met the new android Hourman. This android had been engineered by his time traveling father from Rex's own DNA. Although Rick intensely disliked the new Hourman, he was saved by the android when he transported Rick into the Timepoint (a place where time stands still), so that he would be spared from an unidentifiable alien illness.

The two would grow closer when the android then cured Rick of his cancer and bestowed him two gifts. Rick was now able to see one hour into the future, as well as being given an hour with his dad in the Timepoint. The Hourman android had plucked Rex out of the timestream before he was killed fighting Extant. When the hour in the Timepoint would be up however, Rex would be sent back in time, where he would fight and die. The transportation to the Timepoint would be activated by a button in Rick's Hourman gloves.

Now being cured of all his illnesses, Rick resumed the mantle of Hourman (adopting a new costume in the process), using the non-addictive form of Miraclo, and joined a makeshift JSA in defeating the Ultra-Humanite. Rick remained with the JSA after this battle and began growing close to Jesse Chambers, who was the JSA's business manager and also the super heroine Jesse Quick. Rick is still close to his mother and has a strained relationship with his cousin Rebecca who runs his father's company TylerCo.

When the JSA traveled with Hawkman to the Middle Eastern country of Kahndaq to stop Black Adam, Rick was severely injured by one of Nemesis' swords (a member of Adam's gathered group). Realizing that he would die from the massive blood loss unless he was quickly operated on, Rick saw no choice but to transport himself to the Timepoint where his father was. Rick quickly swapped places with his father, and the Timepoint held Rick and his wounds in stasis. Rex was returned to the regular world and was left with no means of returning to the Timepoint or how he could save his son.

The answer once again came in the form of the android Hourman, who transported Rex and several other JSA members to the Timepoint, amongst them the latest Dr. Mid-Nite (Pieter Cross), who was able to save Rick's life. The time used to save Rick also meant that Rex's time was up, and that he would have to return to fighting Extant. Rick, however, tried to take his place, so that his father could live again. Instead, the android Hourman sacrificed himself so that both Hourmen may live. Rex retrieved the damaged Hourman parts and is trying to rebuild him, while Rick continues to operate with the JSA.

While returning once more to Kahndaq to face the Spectre, Rick's friend Jakeem Thunder tried to trap the Spectre inside his magical pen, but was instead himself thrown into the 5th Dimension. Rick, Mr. Terrific and Stargirl ventured into the 5th Dimension and rescued Jakeem from the thralls of Qwsp. Come One Year Later, Rick is part of the newly reformed Justice Society of America and is married to Jesse Chambers, now going by the name Liberty Belle. They were responsible for bringing Damage into the Justice Society of America, and the trio defeated Captain Nazi.

63. Kent Nelson (49 points)

kentnelson.jpg"The best sorcerer in comics"

When Kent returns to the world he meets Inza Kramer (the love of his life and later wife) finds the orb of Nabu (a crystal ball that allows him to see all things) and takes root in an invisible tower in Salem, Massachusetts. From this sanctum he embarks out, fighting crime and supernatural evil as the hero, Doctor Fate.

In 1941, Doctor Fate becomes one of the founding members of the Justice Society of America (JSA). Dr. Fate remains active within the group up until the middle of the decade when he withdrew in the year 1945.

In 1942 he begins to feel the helmet is taking control of him when he wears it and gives it up for a half face version. While operating with this helmet he loses most of his magic abilities (with the exception of his mystic senses, and can cast spell when in areas of power (like his Salem tower or Stonehenge). He is restricted to the powers his body has from Nabu's magic alterations. Super strength, invulnerability (except for his lungs) and the ability to levitate himself and other objects

By the end of the decade he had withdrawn completely from public activities. When the JSA comes out of retirement to work with the Justice League he returns as well, joining his old teammates. By this time he has regained the full helmet of Nabu, and with it his full magic power.

When the JSA re-establishes itself in the modern age of heroes, Doctor Fate is among the members who return. Though he has become increasingly erratic and withdraw from society, he still commits himself protecting the Earth against supernatural threats. As Dr Fate an enemy seeking to put an end to the Lord of Order puts in motion things that will destroy the bond between Kent and his wife Inza. The intent is to ensure that once Kent knows that Fate has caused the loss of his love he will no longer be a willing host to the Lord of Order. Dr Fate realizes in time and saves Inza. During this time that Nelson faces a threat that the power of order alone is not enough to hold the day. Doctor Fate must fuse with his wife so that he has the power of life and love as well. It is discovered later that this was the intended way for Fate to exist. In the merged form the essence of Nabu in the helmet no longer retains total control of the mortal host and is more of a guide.

62. Jay Garrick (49 points)

jaygarrick.jpg"Jay comes from a simpler time and his costume's not the best but damn if he not the best ass kicking 90-something year old out there."

This one is painful. Very painful. Should be Top 50 easily. This is one of the first things on this list to piss me off.

Good job, morons.

Jay is an active member of the Justice Society of America. He even served as the first chairman. Like the rest of his comrades, certain spells kept him from aging much as the years went by. He would become close friends with fellow member Alan Scott. Jay also remained a prominent scientist. He worked at Chemical Research Incorporated before founding the Keystone-based Garrick Laboratories.

Three of Jay's enemies, the Fiddler, the Thinker, and the Shade, built a resonator that vibrated Keystone City out of real space, putting its citizens in suspended animation, and causing the rest of the world to forget the city's existence. However, much later, Barry Allen discovered the lost city when he vibrated at a certain frequency. After waking up Jay, the two Flashes were able to beat the villains and save the city. After this event, Jay retired, leaving Barry to continue the mantle. However, Jay would fluctuate in and out of retirement, helping Barry or Wally West out if needed. He also continued to work as a scientist. When the very life on Earth was threatened by solar flare radiation, Jay was put in charge of the situation by the government.

Jay eventually disappeared, along with the rest of the JSA, and Joan believed him to be dead. He returned, however, and soon was back in action with Wally. When Professor Zoom arrived at Jay's doorstep on Christmas Eve, genuinely believing to be Barry Allen and convincing everyone else, Jay and Joan let him stay with them. Soon, however, it became obvious of this Barry's malevolent intent. After it was falsely revealed that Wally had died in a Combine trap, Jay rounded up his old cronies Johnny Quick and Max Mercury, and together they went after Barry. They were defeated quite handily. In a subsequent fight with Barry, whose identity had been revealed by Wally as Professor Zoom, at the state penitentiary, Jay's leg was broken.

During Zero Hour, all the members of the JSA were aged to their chronological ages by the villain Extant, including Jay. He stripped himself of his Flash symbol, giving up. Soon, however, he was back in action with Wally West. Wally brought in Jay to help teach Bart the ways of super-speed, an adventure that soon transformed into a fight against Kobra. Jay was unable to participate for long, however, because of sheer fatigue.

A few years ago, the Justice Society of America reformed to help the JLA against an imminent threat rising from the 5th Dimension. While fighting the mad imp, Lkz, Jay and his JSA teammates helped to free the Spectre. This, in addition to the untimely death of longtime ally, Wesley Dodds (the Sandman), prompted the remaining JSA members to fully come out of retirement. Flash worked alongside contemporaries Alan Scott and Ted Grant to train a new era of heroes upholding the legacies of veterans such as Mister Terrific, the Star-Spangled Kid and Hawkgirl.

One of the adventures of the revitalized JSA included a battle with an old foe named Johnny Sorrow. During this incident, Jay had his first true brush with the Speed Field. He used his super-speed to trap Johnny Sorrow inside the field, but the battle propelled Jay three-thousand years into Earth's past. He arrived in ancient Egypt, where he met Teth Adam, the sorcerer Nabu and Prince Khu Kha-Tarr (all three of whom were analogs to Jay's future-teammates, Black Adam, Doctor Fate and Hawkman). With the aid of a device known as the Claw of Horus, Jay was able to return to his normal time period.

A short time later, Jay and his wife, Joan, took young Jakeem Thunder under their wing. Longing for the child they never had, the Garrick’s invited Jakeem to stay in their home in Keystone City. One of Jay's most harrowing battles in recent history involved an old war-time foe, the Dragon King. The Dragon King gained possession of the legendary Spear of Destiny, and used it to take control of Jay's mind. He forced Jay to engage in a brutal fight with his close ally, Wildcat – a fight that cost Wildcat nearly all of his nine lives.

Recently, a major battle with the Gentleman Ghost, as well as the aftershocks of the Infinite Crisis event destabilized the ranks of the Justice Society. Jay Garrick has joined with charter members Alan Scott and Ted Grant in an effort to reform the Justice Society of America. He has also devoted a portion of his time towards aiding Bart Allen – the latest inheritor to the legacy of the Flash, with protecting his home town Keystone City.

Recently, Jay has been helping Bart Allen against the crazed efforts of his former friend, Griffin Grey. Griffin stole a device from S.T.A.R. Labs designed to steal the Speed Force from Jay’s body. The intense radiation produced by the machine weakened Garrick to the point of death. However, Bart Allen found him moments later and channeled lightning from the Speed Field to restart Garrick’s heart.

With the coming of Gog Jay along with the rest of the JSA are very apprehensive of the deities motivations. When it appears that Gog's actions are becoming highly questionable a argument ensues between the JSA members who thinks he is a good and benevolent being sent to help the earth, and those who don't. The team becomes fractured as they decide to learn more about Gog.

When the rebellious half of the JSA shows up to tell the other half what Gog is doing to the planet, a battle ensues. For the JSA's defying of Gog and his will, he undoes all the "miracles" he has done for them. Gog decides to punish the JSA starting with turning Jay into lighting, so that he could power and entire continent. While he was saved from the effects by Superman's Intervention the process had already started to take place causing him to move at high speeds and turning his body into pure Speed Force. Dr. Mid-Nite suggests they slow him down before his body disperses and fails.

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