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Your Top DC Heroes part 45

Written by Chris Mitchell on Friday, January 22 2010 and posted in Features
Three this batch.


57. Bigby Wolf (56 points)

bigbywolf.jpg"He's just awesome! Exactly what the big bad wolf should be in a modern setting!"

"Strong, Wise, Mysterious, and loyal to his people."

"On some level, I don't want to like Bigby all that much- he's a mish-mash of a bunch of noir-ish detective characters with a dash of wolverine thrown in. On every other level, he's my favorite character in my favorite series. I first really fell in love with the character at the end of the first arc of Fables when he made up an excuse to dance with Snow- that's something I connect to beyond the chain smoking detective thing on his surface. Those moments of humanity (woman trouble, a bad relationship with his father, etc.) and the moments of bad ass-ness (when he comes to the rescue or fights Frankenstein and I actually cheer while reading a comic) show a depth that's much greater than you imagine at first, and is why he's one of my favorite characters in comics."

Bigby's father is the North Wind, who once was attracted to a she-wolf named Winter. Transforming into a wolf, the North Wind impregnated her and Winter gave birth to seven children including Bigby. Suddenly bored with this life, the North Wind left for his kingdom and left Winter and his children. Winter was heartbroken and never really recovered. Bigby was born the runt of the litter and was often picked upon by his elder brothers who called him the "Big Bad Wolf" quickly shortening it to "Bigby", but his mother protected him from any bullying.
Her life fading away slowly, Winter told the cubs about their father but Bigby didn't wish to hear about the North Wind, resenting him for leaving his mother. After her death the elder cubs set off in search for their powerful father whilst Bigby stayed behind to stop his mother's corpse from being devoured. He wasn't large enough and Bigby swore that each day he would kill something larger than the day before. Bigby soon began to grow larger and feast on prey until he set his eyes upon the Three little Pigs. Bigby found his father had given him wind-related traits such as his amazingly powerful huffing and puffing. However, when he encountered Red Riding Hood, the Woodsman bested him, sewing stones into his stomach and tossing him in a river. It was then that Bigby learned he could not drown. After this incident, he swore only to hunt humans, a greater number than the day before, and soon was killing entire towns and armies.

When the Adversary invaded the European Fablelands, Bigby turned his attention on their armies, though he did not work in tandem with any Fable army and was simply guarding his territory. At one point, he freed a chain gang of prisoners containing Snow White and her sister Rose Red, and led them to gate between the Fablelands and the Mundane world only he knew of. It was then Bigby began to feel an attraction to Snow, though he would remain in the Fablelands for many years before crossing over into the Mundane world.

After crossing over for a long while, Bigby roamed the wildness of Eastern Europe until he was tracked down by Snow White and Feathertop and given an offer to move with them to a colony the Fables where creating in the New World, far away from prying Mundane eyes. In order to shape shift into a human (something he would have been able to do had he learned as a child), Bigby was to be cut with a lycanthropy stained knife. Because it was Snow, he allowed himself to be persuaded.

Because of his past, it was many years before the Fables would trust him and he is still not allowed on the property of the community of non-human Fables called "The Farm", but eventually he would earn the trust of the Fable community. As the city of New York grew up around them Bigby would become Fabletown’s sheriff and eventually, it's spymaster, coordinating activities of “the Tourists”, three Fables that travel the world checking on Fables that live outside the community among other duties as required of them, as well as orchestrating secret operations against the Adversary and those that would help him.

After working together closely for many years, Bigby finally confessed his feelings for Snow White. Initially she rejected him but after being put under a spell by Bluebeard and stranded and hunted through the Cascade Mountains by Goldilocks, she told Bigby she would be willing to give it a try. Unfortunately, this budding romance was sidelined shortly thereafter when Snow discovered she was pregnant for which she blamed Bigby, though they had both been under the spell when it happened. Slowly Bigby and Snow became somewhat reconciled, but when Snow gave birth to seven children, only one of who looked human (and one of whom was an unseen zephyr), she and her “cubs” were banished to the Farm where Bigby was not allowed to go. As Prince Charming had just won the Mayorship of Fabletown as well, Bigby left, handing over his office as Sheriff and Spymaster to the Beast.

56. Wildcat (57 points)

wildcat.png"Street fighting man."

In the first issue of Sensation Comics of 1942, where he heard about Green Lantern, he was inspired by him and wished to become a hero himself. Even though Wonder Woman was the main star, Wildcat was in the back pages and that’s where he gained his popularity. Wildcat was Ted Grant and a boxer, who met some crooks. He struck a deal with them and they decided to put a poisoned needle in Ted Grant’s boxing glove so making contact with his opponent would allow him to win. The poisoned needle was to weaken his opponent but instead it killed the opponent. All of this was blamed on Ted himself and that’s where he heard about Green Lantern and soon took on the name Wildcat.

After the poisonous needle event, he cleared his name and his adventures began as Wildcat, using a dual identity and keeping his name Ted Grant as well. Wildcat had gained popularity but stayed mostly in the back pages. His most popular adventure was with the Justice Society of America where he was a replacement member. He had also appeared in Comics Cavalcade. He had never made it on to the front cover of Sensation Comics but had remained for nine years in the back pages, where only he and Wonder Woman were left as the characters.

In the 60s, he became a regular member of the Justice Society of America and had many crossovers with the Justice League of America. He also starred with Batman in The Brave and the Bold. His origin story had also taken an update as he had become an undefeated champion and retired, training Black Canary, Jack Knight and Batman in boxing. In the 70s, he was back again with the Justice Society of America and in the 80s, a new Wildcat had emerged. She was named Yolanda Montez, and she had the same fighting skills as Ted Grant, as she was the daughter of Ted Grant’s boxing opponent. She was killed during Zero Hour. Now once again he wears his scrappy costume in the pages of JSA.

55. Jaime Reyes (58 points)

jaimereyes.jpg"Best thing to come out of Infinite Crisis. A hero with a huge heart."

"Best thing to come out of One Year Later."

"New, fresh, intelligent, great legacy character, there is nothing not to love about Jaime."

Some time before his death, however, Ted Kord left Dan Garrett's scarab in the Rock of Eternity with the wizard Shazam. Following the destruction of the Rock by the Spectre, the Scarab landed in a vacant lot in El Paso, Texas. There it was found by a high school student, Jaime Reyes. The scarab bonded itself to Jaime's body, and entered into a far more interactive relationship with the boy than it had with Dan Garrett. The scarab now allows Jaime to cover himself in a kind of biomechanical armor, which can be modified to enhance his speed and strength, as well as to create weapons, wings and shields. Batman and his group tracked down Jaime because the Scarab was the only thing that could find Brother Eye and with his help stopped it. After Brother Eye's destruction Jaime was trapped between dimensions for a whole year and was forced to reveal his secret to his family and friends.

Jaime has met a number of members of the DC universe since his return, including Superman, Phantom Stranger, and Oracle. Oracle, worried for his safety, dispatched Peacemaker to keep an eye on him. Jaime has had some magically influenced adventures, such as meeting the magical street gang the Posse and encounter with the Phantom Stranger. The Sinestro Corps and the Reach recently teamed up to attack the Beetle, by making Peacemaker a secret agent. He removed the scarab they implanted in him by cutting it out, and though he had to be hospitalized, he is still alive.

The nature of the scarab is still unknown. It has a strong reaction to the Green Lantern rings as Guy Gardner attacked him, and is driven to escape from them whenever possible. It has recently been revealed that the scarab is a peace of ancient alien technology created by a conquering race called the Reach.

Jaime has fought Livewire, Eclipso and a met human gang called "the Posse" and has meet Superman and has started a relationship with Traci 13 and has recently trained at Titan's Tower. Jaime first teamed up with the Titans in Teen Titans#50 fighting Lobo, which is also seen in Blue Beetle #18. Jaime also came face to face with the Spectre. Jaime also confronted Luis, the man that crippled his father, although Jaime was forced to forgive Luis and keep the Spectre from killing a group of prison inmates.

As of Blue Beetle #23 Jaime has been battling the Reach. He infiltrated their mother ship where his scarab was forcefully removed, "killing" the scarab. Jaime, powerless and unclothed, accessed the information that the scarab had input into his brain in order to fight without the armor. He made his way back into the Reach's hands and right at the point where his last words were asked for, gun in face, he says, "Just two. Khaji Da!"

The scarab, supposedly dead, flew from the receptacle that the Reach had put it in and latched itself onto Jaime's spine once again, after explaining in English text, no longer the cryptic text as seen from the first issue, that it revealed its name, Khaji Da, to Jaime. Khaji meaning its Infiltrator Function, Da being it's serial number, although it is the first scarab to take that as its name. Receiving help from many different organizations, The Posse, La Dama, and a portion of the Justice League, Jaime is set on destroying the mother ship, even with the cost of self-sacrifice. Booster Gold, however, saves him at the literal "last moment" prior to activating the destruct sequence.

In issue #26 Jaime and Traci arrive at a family reunion and he introduces her to his extended family members, There Jaime finds that his grandmother knows about him being the Blue Beetle and his mother told her. Although Jaime is not quite happy his grandmother excepts him as a hero and even defends Blue Beetle from another family member who disrespected his alter ego (not knowing his secret). He has to leave the reunion after Khaji Da picks up the energies of the Posse. He finds that they have been attacked by Parasite who drained their combined powers. He at first seems like too much for the Blue Beetle but Jaime reveals he can allow Khaji Da to take over and this increases their power enough to easily defeat Parasite. He returns to the reunion and even gives his grandmother a ride flying


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