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Your Top DC Heroes part 46

Written by Chris Mitchell on Friday, January 22 2010 and posted in Features
The final for before we reach the Top 50 on Monday...


54. Brainiac 5 (58 points - 2 first place slots)

brainiac5.jpg"Some gods flew, others lifted building while others blasted mountains with their energy projections. And then a guy who’s own ability was ‘thinking’ and he not only stands equal with those gods he often ends up their superior. The ultimate nerd not only later leads a Legion he also gets the girl (even if she is too distracting)."

Another LOSHer means its time for me to use my Amoebas signal. Take it away dude...

In the future.

Brainiac 5 is the title given to Querl Dox upon his birth on the planet Colu.
Brainiac 5 is removed from his parents care goes immediately to school.
Brainiac 5 has a 12th level intellect, while still a babe is already smarter than Einstein.
Brainiac 5 graduates with honors from Colu’s highest academy at very young age.
Brainiac 5 is ridiculed and constantly teased by his peers (but then again, they aren’t peers). He takes it personally nonetheless.
Brainiac 5 does everything that can be achieved by a Coluan up to and including advanced degrees in all sciences including medicine and law.
Brainiac 5 begins to grow bored.
Brainiac 5 rescues a girl (and octocats) and realizes that there’s more than just intellect.
Brainiac 5, seeking a new challenge, travels to Earth and tries out for the Legion of Super-Heroes. He is inducted as their 11th member.
Brainiac 5 meets a blond haired female visitor with whom he experiences something new – emotion.
Brainiac 5 invents a device that generates an impossibly strong force field. The device becomes his belt.
Brainiac 5 perfect an anti-lead serum and cures Mon-El from his poisoning and 1000 year imprisonment in the Phantom Zone.
Brainiac 5 invents a ring that allows it’s wearers to fly.
Brainiac 5 is elected leader of the Legion.
Brainiac 5 invents the most complex computer ever achieved. The computer becomes self aware and evil. Computo as it is known goes on a killing spree until it is defeated.
Brainiac 5 acts as Prosecutor in Starboy’s trial.
Brainiac 5 spends the next few years as a Legionnaire, servicing with distinction. During this time some of his inventions are: a character analysis monitor, an antidote for hypnotism, an inert matter attractor, inertron shields, an inhibitor gas, a neutron-glove, a normalizer ray, an ultra-cyclotronic accelerator and youth water antidote pills.
Brainiac 5 safely uses the dangerous Miracle Machine to stop an invasion, fix worlds and builds a new Legion HQ.
Brainiac 5 acts as defense council for Colossal Boy.
Brainiac 5, missing his blond haired would be lover, accidentally creates a robot recreation of her. Their love grows until his sleep-thinking is revealed. Weirdly enough his blond haired dream girl visits and they acknowledge their growing feeling for each other (doesn’t stop her from leaving again though).
Brainiac 5 creates the Infinite Man (another blunder).
Brainiac 5 and his teammates fight a being called Pulsar Stargrave who is defeated.
Brainiac 5 declares that Pulsar Stargrave, unfortunately is his father.
Brainiac 5 learns that Pulsar Stargrave is not his father.
Brainiac 5 learns that Pulsar Stargrave is his father.
Brainiac 5 learns that Pulsar Stargrave is not his father.
Brainiac 5 snaps and escapes reality by going insane.
Brainiac 5 uses the creature Omega who goes on an unstoppable destructive rampage.
Brainiac 5 makes a deal with the Legion and United Planets – he will stop Omega but they need to make him Lord Emperor of the Universe. They agree (but not really)
Brainiac 5 gets former Legionnaire Matter-Eater Lad to eat the Miracle Machine that powered Omega. ME-Lad goes insane as a result.
Brainiac 5 is arrested and eventually recovers his sanity. He is welcomed back to the Legion
Brainiac 5 is focused once again and in a short span of time he: deduces Darkseid is the villain behind the Great Darkness saga, cures Matter-Eater Lad, tames Computo, creates a new Invisible Kid and creates yet another Legion HQ.
Brainiac 5 confesses to his blonde haired dream girl that she’s “too damn distracting”.
Brainiac 5 continues the study of time with friends Arcadia Senius and Rond Vodar.
Brainiac 5 suffers his greatest loss during the Crisis on Infinite Earths
Brainiac 5 seeks to end the terror of the Time Trapper after the Trapper kills a friend.
Brainiac 5 uses the Infinite Man to end the terror of the Time Trapper.
Brainiac 5 is absolved of any wrong doing, but knowing he took a life doesn’t sit well with him.
Brainiac 5 leaves the Legion
Brainiac 5 apparently rejoins them later on only to have the team disband as rampant xenophobia grips the galaxy.
Brainiac 5 leaves Earth to take control of his birth planet Colu before it can attack the Earth.
Brainiac 5 successfully takes part in stopping the cause of the xenophobia and rejoins the undisbanded Legion
Brainiac 5 puts things in motion to bring Superboy and Kid Flash back to life.
Brainiac 5 continues to work with the Legion making the universe a better place again.

53. Freddy Freeman (59 points)

freddyfreeman.jpgMy other partner in crime who helped me out on the previous lists, King Impulse. Take it away, my friend:

Writing this entry, I’ve no idea what Freddy’s actual number is, but I’m guessing it’s too fucking low. Freddy Freeman is awesome. Freddy was an athletic student with a strong future ahead of him, until during a fight between Captain Marvel and Captain Nazi, Captain Nazi killed Freddy’s grandfather and crippled Freddy. Captain Marvel takes the injured Freeman to Shazam and pleads with him to save Freddy, Shazam relents and gives him a portion of the Power of SHAZAM and he becomes Captain Marvel Jr.

Captain Marvel appeared infrequently during Power of SHAZAM, due to Jerry Ordway focusing more on the Batsons, and Freddy appearing in the Teen Titans under the name CM3 (Whilst Captain Marvel Jr, he was unable to say his own name, because it would change him back to normal). After the Teen Titans, Freddy joined The Outsiders briefly before the wizard Shazam was killed and he lost his powers.

In Judd Winick’s Trials of SHAZAM (which was actually pretty good), Freddy was set on a quest by Captain Marvel, who had now assumed the role of the wizard, to track down each of the god’s that grant their powers towards the Power of SHAZAM and earn the powers back individually. After a severe, bloody battle with his dark magic opposite, Freddy was granted the last power he needed, that of Zeus’ lightning, and became SHAZAM. Due to the individual god’s granting power, he is no longer fuelled by the wizard’s power, so when the wizard returns, he vows to confront Freddy over the use of his name and powers.

I’m not going to mention Cry For Justice because it’s not over, it’s probably not how it looks.

Freddy is one of the most interesting characters DC has. He started off as a sidekick, but so much more developed than any other kid sidekicks, with multiple layers, it’s his mentor’s fault his grandfather died, but it’s also thanks to him that he has powers, he still feels a small amount of resentment towards Captain Marvel for bringing the fight to his family, but Billy Batson is his best friend. Also, Freddy Freeman is one of the few disabled superheroes , in his non Marvel form, he requires a crutch and is shown living a relatively normal life despite his handicap. I assume eventually he’ll go to a background role when Billy Batson eventually becomes Cap again, but I’d like to see him in the role of Shazam a bit more.

52. Static (59 points)

static.jpg"He’s been kinda lame lately. but I love the character."

Virgil is just a nerdy teenager, attending Ernest Hemingway High School, with a fetish for comic books and role-playing board games. His only problem was being ridiculed and bullied, mainly by his rival Francis Stone, also known as Biz-Money-B, later becoming Hotstreak. After taking a beating from him, Larry Wade, a close friend, asks him to meet him at Paris Island, the most dangerous section of Dakota. Once there, Larry hands Virgil a gun in order to pay back Francis from earlier. But, he couldn't bring himself to do it, and with that, he tosses the gun into the water. There was one problem. Virgil was present at the Big Bang, a large brawl between rival gangs, but at the same time, the police arrived and unleashed a tear gas, spiked with chemicals to track any gang members that tried to slip away. Things backfired, and the gas proved harmful. Out of over 500 gang members, only 10% of the people exposed to the gas survived, either mutating into monstrous creatures or gaining superhuman powers and abilities, and leaving the rest on their deathbed. When Virgil was exposed to the gas, he gains electromagnetic powers, and unwillingly dismantles police robots with his powers before making his escape from Paris Island. Later, he decides to become a superhero, naming himself Static.

One of his best friends, Frieda Goren, later finds out that Virgil is Static, after he takes yet another beating from Francis, who is now Hotstreak (Who, in turn, is defeated by Static in later confrontations). She later becomes more of a confidant then a friend to him, as she keep his secret safe. His other close friend, Rick Stone, later comes out as homosexual. At first, Virgil is unable to deal with Rick's homosexuality, but later comes to deal with his homophobia to save Rick and a bunch of other homosexuals from a gay bashing being orchestrated by Hotstreak and his cohorts... In desperation, Rick shoots Hotstreak, and his status is left unknown throughout the series.

At one point in the series, Static and some of his Dakota-verse comrades are sent to the DC Universe to team up with its respective superheroes (Most notably Superman, Superboy, and Steel) during the Worlds Collide event, a cross-over between Milestone and DC Comics. They team up against a villain named Rift, and he is later defeated when Static uses his powers to trap him and send the heroes back to their universes.

During his career as a superhero, Virgil begins to deal with relationship problems. One of his well-known relationships was with Daisy Watkins, but because of lack of commitment on Virgil's part, it didn't last. He had a flirtatious attraction with Dusk, a teen vigilante with powers unknown. They patrolled the streets together, even while Virgil was with Daisy, unknown to her. During a drug bust, Static ended up finding out that one of his close friends, Larry, was a drug dealer and on the run from enemy gangs. He let him go because of his friendship with him. But, while trying to protect Dusk from being killed by gang members, Larry was killed in cold blood. Static erupted in rage, and brutally beat every gang member in the street, responsible for Larry's death.

After Larry's funeral, Virgil told Frieda that he was going to give up his identity as a superhero, but Dusk managed to talk him out of that, and told him that she had to leave the city, after being wanted for murder.

Static later joined the team, Heroes, a ragtag group of superheroes from Dakota. Around this time, Virgil is in a relationship with a girl named Madison. But, her and Frieda end up fighting over him. Later, him and the Heroes face off against Tower, a man with the power to steal powers of other superheroes and has been kidnapping Bang-Babies. With Static's cunning, he managed to gain the upper hand, and defeat Tower, with the help of other Bang-Babies.

During the events leading up to Final Crisis, the Dark Side Club began capturing teen meta-humans for cage-matches, under the direction of Clock King and Granny Goodness. Static was captured, along with the majority of the other Bang Babies. Virgil was subjected to the Anti-Life Equation and entered into the tournaments. He quickly became the champion, and reigned undefeated for a time. Though in the end he proved hard to control. To Clock Kings displeasure he had to be restricted to the lower-levels were he was kept locked up and heavily sedated. In an attempt to entice Ravager, and make a profit, Clock King released Static and set him against Ravager in the ring.

Still suffering form the effects of the Equation, Static lost no time assaulting Ravager. Letting loose with his lightning, Static forced Ravager back while also destroying a good portion of the ring. The Terror Titans were all impressed with his prowess, causing even the Persuader to comment on his skill. Static was able to easily destroy Ravager's swords and part of her costume with a second burst of power. While Ravager's precognitive abilities allowed her to remain a few steps ahead of Virgil, she did so barely. When he was able to finally connect with one of his patented "Taser Punches", he was able to land multiples, much to the delight of the cheering crowd. As Static prepared to hit Rose with another burst of electricity, she was able to dodge him and use her agility to reach the wall. Ravager then launched herself at Virgil, landing a blow on him, but shocking herself in the process. Enraged, Static begins drawing in as much power as he can from all the surrounding power sources, draining the Electronics in the arena. Before delivering the final blow on Ravager, Static came to his senses, telling the Dark Side Club officials that he can't be controlled, exerting a massive amount of electromagnetic energy. The officials wasted no time putting him down with tranquilizer darts. He is later freed and confronts some Dark Side club members, they are telling their leader Desaad that they will get away, and Static stops them saying, they just said something completely stupid. Then static asks if their surprised to him, after all the stuff they had him on, then asks them if they have ever been tasered before, then shocks them and says " 'cause that’s just a tickle. Then he says "hey don't thank me. The chick that busted me out told me the pass-off you would be making". At this time he is referring to Ravager. He then attacks the Terror Titans with the other former captured teens to bring them down, then confronts Miss Martian saying that he is a big fan, but what happens now? Static and the rest of the teens follow Miss Martian to Titan’s tower. He starts talking to Aquagirl about what happened and that no one will ever know what they went through, later he says he isn't ready to go home and Wonder Girl says he has a spot on the team.

51. Cassandra Cain (59 points - 2 first place slots)

cassandracain.jpg"Ah the former Batgirl, but let's not talk of the current events but the character itself. I find her motives and mission utterly fascinating. Some who hate her claim her to be to deus ex machina, but if anyone who read her former ongoing knows she's hardly perfect. It's this quality seeing her grow and rebound is what I enjoy so much about this character. Again, a darn shame where she's currently at. Hopefully whomever writes her next will finally understand the core of the character and not Beechen her further."

"Very different from all the Batgirls before. Shame she is no longer around."

Cassandra Cain was first introduced during the No Man's Land crossover storyline (1999). She is one of Oracle's agents in Gotham. In that arc, Gotham was leveled by an earthquake, declared a "no man's land," and isolated from the rest of the United States. After proving herself by saving Commissioner Gordon's life, she is given the Batgirl costume with the approval of both Batman and Oracle. She becomes Barbara Gordon's ward. In this story arc, Cassandra cannot speak at all and can only communicate through gestures and drawings.

Batman eventually learns about Cassandra's past and how she murdered a businessman when she was eight years old, after Cain transmitted a video he had made of the murder to the Batcave. Nevertheless, Batman continues to accept Cassandra after she takes several bullets to save the life of a hired assassin, proving her devotion to protecting human life. This action illustrates the major difference between Cassandra and the other members of the Batman family; while the other characters were motivated to fight crime by the murders of loved ones, Cassandra is fighting crime to atone for a murder that she herself committed.

In 2000, Cassandra became the first Batgirl to be featured in an eponymous ongoing comic book series. A telepath "rewires" Cassandra's brain to think with words and understand English, but at the cost of her ability to read people's moves. As she had relied completely on this ability to fight, she is unable to effectively fight crime. Worried, Batman takes away her costume and starts training her in defensive skills.

Cassandra's birth and childhood are revealed in the Batgirl series. David Cain had sought a perfect bodyguard for Ra's al Ghul. He found a potential mother when he saw Sandra Wu-San fighting her sister Carolyn in a martial arts tournament. Believing that Sandra was holding back for Carolyn, Cain murdered Carolyn and lured Sandra into a trap, sparing her life in exchange for giving birth to his child and leaving that child for him to raise. She agreed. After the birth of Cassandra, Sandra set out to become Lady Shiva.

Cain trained Cassandra from birth how to be an assassin. She was not taught to read or write; instead, reading body language was her only language. She was able to read people's movements and predict what they were going to do. When she was eight, Cain took her to kill a businessman. As the man died, she read what he was feeling, realized what she had done, and ran away from Cain, resurfacing again during the "No Man's Land" story arc.

Cassandra soon discovers that assassin Lady Shiva can read people like she used to be able to and asks Shiva to reteach her. Lady Shiva accepts on the condition that they would have a duel to the death a year later. As Cassandra would rather be "perfect for a year" instead of "mediocre for a lifetime", she accepts the offer. When the women fight in a year's time, Cassandra dies within minutes. Shiva then restarts her heart, realizing Cassandra had a death wish, so that they can have a real fight. In the subsequent fight, Cassandra beats Shiva but does not kill her.

Though not known for her private life, Cassandra does have a one-time romance with Conner Kent after meeting him on a cruise ship. He was the first boy she ever kissed, and she even visited him at his home in Smallville, though the relationship never turned serious.

Batman regards Cassandra very highly. During War Games, he relied heavily on her to help control the violence of the gang war in Gotham City.

Following War Games, Batgirl moved to Blüdhaven with Tim Drake (the third Robin) at Batman's suggestion and with his financial support (Nightwing had been injured during the crisis, and the Gotham City Police Department had declared all costumed heroes illegal). There, Deathstroke took on a contract from the Penguin to kill Batgirl and decided to let his daughter Rose do the job instead. Cassandra beat Rose by playing on her emotions to leave her open for a critical strike, giving Deathstroke no choice but to get her medical attention.

During this time, Cassandra starts developing a friendship with a girl who works at the local coffee shop and even a very short-lived relationship with a boy named Zero. Unfortunately, her friends would all be killed in the Blüdhaven disaster.

Cassandra also went undercover for Batman in the Justice League Elite, working under Sister Superior to track and eliminate met human threats to the population. She worked with Batman's old fellow JLA members Green Arrow and Flash, and formed a certain bond with Coldcast, who was the first person she revealed her real identity to. Although he was subsequently accused of murder, she and the rest of the team soon realized that he had been manipulated by renegade Elite member Menagerie, who was also being manipulated by the spirit of Manchester Black as he tried to drive his sister to destroy London. As the JLA fell, the Elite, united by the spirit of the deceased Manitou Raven, freed Vera and vanquished Black, although the team disbanded after this last mission.

Cassandra gathered evidence that indicated that Shiva could have been her mother, and sought out Shiva to confirm this. After being proclaimed by Nyssa al Ghul as the "One Who Is All", the students of the League of Assassins split their allegiances, half following Shiva and the others Cassandra. In the ensuing confrontation, Cassandra was mortally wounded by her "adoptive brother", The Mad Dog while heroically saving one of the students under her leadership. Shiva revived Cassandra in a Lazarus Pit, then answered Cassandra's questions on her parentage. When Cassandra asked Shiva if she had killed more people since their last battle and Shiva said that she had, Cassandra asked if she would ever stop. Shiva responded "It's why I had you," and Cassandra agreed to fight her to the death once more.

In an evenly matched battle, Cassandra managed to break Shiva's neck, paralyzing her. She appeared ready to place Shiva in the Lazarus Pit, but Shiva pleaded with her not to do so. In response, Cassandra impaled Shiva on a hook hanging over the pit, apparently killing her. Although Cassandra's intent regarding this action is unclear, whether to kill her or let her fall into the pit and be revived, it has been confirmed that Shiva is alive in One Year Later. Cassandra then abandoned the identity of Batgirl and returned to her life as a wanderer.

And with that, I will see you in the Top 50.


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