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Your Top DC Heroes part 52

Written by Chris Mitchell on Tuesday, January 26 2010 and posted in Features
An all Titans grouping here.


35. Cyborg (97 points - 2 first place slots)

cyborg.jpg"He was just a kid with potential that he could not see himself. Unlike most Teen Heroes he was not a sidekick or even the child or grandson of an established Superhero but with the help of his friends (the Teen Titans) Cyborg become a member of the community of super heroes in the DCU and was able to use his potential to the fullest and not look at himself as a freak anymore but as A Hero. I have no doubt that Cyborg gets a Christmas card from everyone from the Dugan Family to Ma Kent because he not only saves the day but he gives back to the community that gave him a second chance by helping the next generation on Teenage Heroes come together. He has earned his spot on the JLA."

"Half man, half machine, Vic Stone has become one of the key members of the Teen Titans."

As much as I love Nightwing, Cyborg will always be my favorite Titan. He should've been the Titan to graduate to the League and not Roy.


The son of S.T.A.R. Labs research scientists, Olympic hopeful Victor Stone was injured by a creature from an unknown dimension. Stone's mother was killed by the same creature and his father severally injured. While the creature ate away at him, his half-conscious father managed to send the creature back through the dimensional portal. Critically injured, Stone's father began the long and painful process of replacing his son's damaged body parts with cybernetic components, turning him into a Cyborg.

Angry at his father and bitter about his fate, Vic ostracized himself from society by moving to Hell's Kitchen, a bad part of town where he felt a freak such as himself would fit in. It was here that Raven found Vic and asked him to join the New Teen Titans. In appreciation of Vic's new friends and the feeling of purpose they gave to his son, Silas Stone built Titans' Tower. Several months later, Silas died of radiation poisoning, but Vic, having reconciled with his father, stayed with Silas until the end.

During his time on the team, Cyborg forged a close friendship with Garfield Logan (Beast Boy). He also met Sarah Simms, who works with handicapped children with prosthetics. The children looked up to Vic, who had his own ‘metal prosthetics,' of a sort. Vic and Sarah Simms remained close friends. Although each of them danced around the idea of a romantic relationship, this would never come to pass.

There have been a few attempts to upgrade Cyborg's body using Promethium, and one project even attempted to cover his metallic parts with an artificial skin; unfortunately, Victor's body rejected the new additions. It was at this time, however that Vic met Dr. Sarah Charles of S.T.A.R. Labs. There was an instant attraction between the two, and it soon blossomed into a full-blown romance.

It was also at this time that Vic's grandparents, Tucker and Maude Stone, reentered his life. Vic harbored some resentment towards them; They worked the vaudeville circuit and were rarely around when he was growing up. Also, they neglected to attend his father's (their son's) funeral. After a long talk, they mended fences. Vic's grandparents became a strong, supportive element in his life. Soon, Dr. Sarah Charles received a job offer to work in S.T.A.R. Labs' West Coast branch. This put a major strain on her relationship with Vic. Regardless, she took the job as she and Vic continued a long-distance relationship.

After getting a blinged out gold look and getting his soul downloaded he went back to his basics look. Feeling like he owed his old friend a debt, Dick Grayson worked feverishly to find a cure for Vic's condition. With Jesse Quick's help, his idea was successful. Victor was given a new lease on organic life with a body cloned from cell samples harvested by the Russian scientists who once spared him.

Though his mind and cybernetic abilities were still encapsulated in the Omegadrome, Victor inhabited a truly biological body. And for the first time in years, Cyborg knew what it is to live and feel and breathe unaided by mechanized parts. Embarking on a new life, Victor Stone left the Titans for the West Coast.

Vic Stone later aided the Flash during the " Our Worlds At War" crisis. At that time, Vic started using the golden Omegadrome to morph into a cybernetic form. Cyborg decided to return to adventuring and settled in Keystone City, home of the Flash. But when Vic Stone linked with the evil computerized Thinker in an attempt to stop him from taking over the city, his body became mechanically paralyzed - reverting him to his silver cyborg form.

Shortly afterward, a mysterious android from the future known as Indigo attacked the Titans and Young Justice, resulting in the apparent deaths of Troia and Omen. At Troia's funeral, Nightwing disbanded this version of the Titans. Meanwhile, members of Young Justice, especially Wonder Girl, felt responsible for the tragic deaths. This led Wonder Girl, Robin, Impulse and Superboy to form a new group of Teen Titans under the guidance of the more experienced Cyborg, Starfire and Beast Boy. Cyborg, who was damaged in the battle caused by Indigo, has since received an upgrade in his cybernetic parts.

After reclaiming Titans Island on the East River, Cyborg set out to create an East Coast Titans team. But the team was brutally massacred by an unseen evil force. Soon, Titans members past and present were attacked by demonic entities across the globe. Raven, sensing Trigon's presence once again, called upon her former Titans allies to defeat her fiendish father. But after investigating, the Titans learned that Trigon himself was not behind the attacks.

The bestial assaults were actually orchestrated by Raven's three half brothers – Jacob, Jared and Jesse. Working together as a team, the Titans thwarted the Sons of Trigon and prevented Trigon's invasion plan. Following this adventure, Cyborg decided to join his former teammates - and the Titans were together as a team once again!

34. Roy Harper (98 points)

royharper.jpg"Roy Harper is the man."

Like the pic, chap? Don't say I don't do anything for you.

Roy's father, a forest Ranger, died in a forest fire when Roy was very young. Roy was then taken in by a Navajo medicine man named Brave Bow. Brave Bow taught Roy archery and marksmanship. As Roy grew he came to idolize the Green Arrow, a modern day Robin Hood and superhero. In order to prove to himself that he was a worthy archer, young Roy entered an archery contest. Although he ultimately lost, the Green Arrow took notice at the young boy and decided to make him his partner, helping in Roy's development as an archer. He adopted the name Speedy for the fact that he was faster than Green Arrow himself. Eventually Roy became Oliver Queen's ward, after Brave Bow's death.

Roy joined Robin (Dick Grayson), Kid Flash (Wally West), Tempest and Donna Troy aka Wonder Girl to form the Teen Titans. While members of the Titans, Donna and Roy started dating. Unfortunately, just as things were looking good for Roy, his life took a horrible turn. The Titans disbanded, he and Donna broke up, and Ollie started to neglect Roy. Roy took up heroin and became very quickly addicted. After Ollie lost his fortune due to scandal he sets off for an adventure across the country with Green Lantern Hal Jordan and Black Canary. When Green Arrow finds out about Roy's addiction, he is in shock. Feeling betrayed and ashamed, Ollie punched Roy and kicked him out of his home, leaving the poor youth without a home and with a drug problem.

Eventually Hal found the young Roy and brought him to the home of Ollie's girlfriend, Black Canary (Dinah Lance). While there she took care of Roy and helped him kick his habit. Eventually, Roy was able to completely free himself of his drug addiction thanks to Dinah. As a means to stop other youths from doing drugs, he signed up with the government and became an Anti-drug spokesman.

After kicking the "horse", Roy helped the Titans on various missions. Through these missions, Roy came into contact with various government agencies. One such agency was the CBI, Central Bureau of Intelligence, or Checkmate. Checkmate recruited Roy and put him undercover to help fight the war on drugs. While on a mission to gain the trust of the villain Cheshire, Roy fell in love with her and the two had an affair. Unable to bring himself to turn Cheshire in and believing he put her in danger, Roy soon leaves. Unbeknown to Roy, Cheshire was pregnant with his child.

While on a mission with the former Robin, Nightwing, to stop Cheshire's attempt to assassinate a group of dignitaries, Roy learns he is the father of Cheshire's daughter. Roy is captured but soon released by Nightwing. Roy now acquired sole custody of his daughter. Lian Harper.

Roy later rejoins the Titans with the new name Arsenal, no longer using just arrows but a large "arsenal" of high-tech weapons. While with the Titans, the group came into contact with an android from the future named Indigo. While searching for Indigo the Titans battled a Superman android that killed both Lilith and Donna Troy. Distraught by this, Nightwing ends the Titans.

Roy took this opportunity to join the Outsiders. Roy formed the team with Nightwing and Indigo, as well as recruiting Thunder, Grace Choi, Shift, and Jade. While in battle with Brother Blood, Roy was shot in the chest. After a long recovery, in which Roy questioned his limitations, Roy returned. Not long after his return the Outsiders were tracking a child-slaver, who even captured and branded Roy's daughter. Fortunately, the Outsiders were able to rescue Lian and the rest of the children abducted.

During Infinite Crisis and One Year Later, Roy and the Outsiders were battling low-level criminals and felt as if they were not making much of a difference. Roy decided this life of crime fighting was not for him and handed leadership of the Outsiders back to Nightwing

Shortly after leaving the Outsiders, he received an invitation to join the ranks of the Justice League Of America. At first Roy thought it to be a joke, but when he realized it was a legitimate request, he quickly accepted. As a gift to welcome him into the team, and to show Roy that he wanted to be a part of his life again, Ollie had a new costume made for him.

Upon receiving the costume Roy decided to take it as a new outlook on life and changed his codename to fit the "family business". Now known as Red Arrow (he took the name from Hal who was about to call him by his real name during a mission, but to cover himself Hal called him Red Arrow instead), he is a full fledged member of the Justice League.

As of recently, he and fellow JLA teammate Hawkgirl have begun a close intimate relationship. Roy remained a member for a time but after hardships with Hawkgirl the two have broken up and Roy decided to leave the Justice League for an undetermined amount of time.

Following Bruce Wayne's death, Roy once again rejoined the team. Oliver Queen and Hal Jordan then warned the Justice League about the murderous super villain Prometheus. Little did they know, Prometheus was planning an attack on the Earth, and the Justice League decided to put aside their differences and become a team once again. Roy left the room to call Mia and Lian to wish them goodnight, only to return missing an arm and rapidly succumbing to shock. Supergirl went into the room where it all happened, to be confronted by an enraged Captain Marvel standing among the beaten bodies of Congorilla and Flash.

33. Bart Allen (99 points - 4 first place slots)

bartallen.jpg"Super Speed with ADD. It is crazy it took so long for a writer to think of this."

"The best Speedster ever. To quote Bubba: Fact."

As with the Green Lanterns, I gave all members of Young Justice to my good friend, King Impulse. So, whatcha waiting for?

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, are you ready for...


*wicked guitar riff*

Bart Allen was created in the mid-90s by Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo and is totally awesome. Brought back in time by his grandmother, Iris West, to try and cure his messed up metabolism, it was up to Wally West, The Flash, the push Bart to such a strong burst of speed, it shocked his metabolism into sync with his body. The downside (or upside for readers) to this, is that Bart was raised in a virtual environment, and therefore has no concept of danger going into his life in the real world.

Bart was taken in by Max Mercury, the Zen guru of speed, and they moved to Manchester, Alabama to try and teach Bart in the ways of speed, and some patience while they’re at it. He lived with Max and eventually grew to love him like a father until Max disappeared into the Speed Force due to the machinations of Rival. Bart then went to live with Jay Garrick, the first Flash, and his wife Joan.

During his time in Manchester, Bart joined up with other teenage superheroes (Robin, Superboy, Wondergirl, Arrowette, Secret) and formed the greatest superhero team ever YOUNG JUSTICE!

*slightly less wicked, but still pretty wicked guitar riff*

Young Justice were awesome, and proved to be a great source of strength for Bart when Max disappeared, but eventually, due to the deaths of two Titans, Young Justice disbanded and eventually reformed as the new Teen Titans (not to be confused with the New Teen Titans)

On their first mission, Bart was shot in the knee by Deathstroke (Really Jericho, possessing his father) which forced Bart to grow up quickly, he learnt the entire San Francisco Library and re-debuted as the new Kid Flash (much to the chagrin of former Kid Flash, Wally West). He stayed as Kid Flash until Superboy Prime showed up and it took the combined efforts of all Speedsters, past and present, to imprison Prime in the Speed Force. When Prime escaped, Bart was hot on his heels, aged to adulthood and wearing his grandfather’s Flash costume.

Then Flash: Fastest Man Alive happened and it was terrible and Bart died.

Then Legion of 3 Worlds happened and it was GLORIOUS. Bart was back alive, young and reunited with his cousin XS and one of his best friends, Superboy. After defeating Prime once again, Bart and Kon-El returned to their own time in one of the most disappointing reunions ever, but hey, they’re back.

This is where I’d write ‘You can follow Bart into his new adventures in the new Kid Flash book by Sterling Gates!’ but Dan Didio recently announced it was on hold and the only Flash in 2010 will be Barry Allen. I like to think I’m level headed when EIC’s announce things like this, but Stuff You Dan Didio, you’ve no idea what your fans want!


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