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Your Top DC Heroes part 55

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, January 27 2010 and posted in Features
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27. Power Girl (131 points - 3 first place slots)

powergirl.jpg"As her new series shows, PG is a selfless hero who has a strong personality. One of the most fun characters on the stands!"

"I was introduced to PG when I was reading Johns' JSA. I actually didn't like her all that much but her ongoing series has made me a fan."

When Kara’s father, Zor-L, discovered that Krypton was able to explode, he placed Kara in a spaceship and shot it towards Earth. This happens at the exact same time that Kal-L’s ship was being launched towards Earth. However, Kara’s ship traveled much more slowly then Kal-L’s ship and resulted in Kara arriving on Earth decades after her cousin. Kara’s ship was called the Symbioship and it was designed to keep her in a stasis mode during her flight to Earth. It also provided her with a virtual reality that gave her life experiences and education as if she was still living on Krypton. She was also able to interact with virtual copies of her parents and friends in her home city of Kandor. Kara finally arrived on Earth in her early 20’s, but was later rewritten for her to arrive on Earth around 18 years old in the modern age. Kara would later be trapped in her Symbioship here it would project a virtual world that made Kara believe she was still on Krypton, she also married and had a child. She was freed by a newspaper reporter named Andrew Vinson, and afterwards Kara destroyed the ship.

On Earth-One (as the Earth inhabited by DC's main characters was called), Superman had been joined by his cousin Supergirl, whose existence he had kept a secret from some time while she performed helpful tasks in secret and training for the day when Superman felt that she was ready for public hero-ing. The older Earth-Two Superman however never met Supergirl (Supergirl was introduced in the 1950s after the hypothetical cut-off dates from that of Earth-Two stories from Earth-One's). So the quickest ways to add a powerful female character to the Justice Society of America was to make a parallel Earth-Two Supergirl. So as a result Earth-Two Supergirl was added because of her existence on Earth-One had been kept secret from the world for some time. And it was also easier to add her because Superman had kept her secret for some time but only longer on Earth-Two than the Earth-One Supergirl. Also it was made believable because Earth-Two Superman was named Kal-L instead of Kal-El, just as the Earth-Two Supergirl name would be Kara Zor-L instead of Earth-One's Supergirl Kara Zor-El.

When Clark discovered her, Kara was not introduced to the public right away. Instead, Clark and his wife Lois Lane decided to adopt Kara and provided her a family to help her adjust to life on Earth. She began her superhero career soon after, but instead of becoming Supergirl, Kara sought to distance herself from her overbearing cousin. To do this, Kara adopted the name Power Girl and a costume that is clearly different from Superman's iconic suit. The only thing that was in common with Power Girl and Supergirl was their hair color. Other than that, Power Girl was her own character.

She began her very first adventure when she assisted the Justice Society members Flash and Wildcat by helping them stop a volcanic eruption. Due to her early life being raised by a virtual reality in a Kryptonian spaceship, she found it difficult to adjust to life on Earth. Kara would finally adopt a secret identity with the help of Andrew Vinson.

Kara became Karen Starr, a computer programmer, which she had gained the knowledge due to exposure to Wonder Woman’s Purple Ray. Power Girl became a full time member of the Justice Society upon the retirement of Superman, and her best friend was the Huntress (who on Earth-Two is the daughter of Batman and Catwoman).

After the Crisis on Infinite Earths essentially erased Earth-Two from existence, major revisions had to be made to Power Girl. Her new origin was retconned and told that she was the descendant of the Atlantean sorcerer named Arion, while she had been in frozen in suspended animation for thousands of years. When the Justice Society of America disbanded, Power Girl eventually became a member of the Justice League of America.

During her time as a member of the Justice League Europe, she suffered a serious injury in battle against a mystical being. Using his heat vision, Superman was able to perform surgery on Power Girl, cutting through her otherwise invulnerable flesh. Upon recovery, Power Girl found that she was significantly weaker, having lost her super hearing and sight and the ability to fly. Eventually these powers would return. During the Zero Hour event, Power Girl became impregnated by magical means. She gave birth to a son, Equinox, who aged rapidly and disappeared. He has not been mentioned since. Power Girl was one of the very first Birds of Prey, that is, a field agent of Oracle. However, due to a failed mission that resulted in the deaths of dozens of bystanders, Power Girl has refuses to ever work with Oracle again. Although the two have worked together occasions when needed, there is significant friction between them. When the Justice Society reformed in the late 1990's, Power Girl became a key member of the team. During one of her adventures with the JLA, Kara meets Arion, who reveals that her Atlantean heritage is a lie.

During Infinite Crisis, Kal-L had broken down the walls of the paradise dimension he had been living in with Lois, Alexander Luthor Jr., and Superboy-Prime since the end of Crisis on Infinite Earths. They had become disappointed with where Earth-One had been heading and all the corruption in that Earth. They devised a plan in which will help them replace Earth-One with Earth-Two. Kal-L’s first priority was to find Kara and explain her true history to her as his cousin. Later Kara accidentally touches Lois and it restores Power Girl’s entire memory of Earth-Two.

Later, Kara is assaulted by Superboy Prime and he beats her unconscious and attached her to Alex Luthor's "cosmic turning fork" in order to bring back the multiple Earths. Luthor Jr. was able to trick Black Adam into saying “SHAZAM” and as a result, his magical lightning hit the tower. This resulted in the reappearance of Earth-Two and everyone that was from that Earth, was transported there.

However Power Girl was not transported there because of her location next to the tower. Later Power Girl was freed by Wonder Girl and Kon-El and they went into battle against Superboy-Prime and Luthor Jr. Superboy’s fight was taken to Mogo where Superboy-Prime beats Kal-L to death. Later Superboy-Prime would kill Kon-El and Power Girl was brought to Mogo by the Green Lanterns just in time to see her cousin die.

Power Girl later learns from Arion that her Atlantean origin was a lie. It had been her foster mother, Lois Lane Kent, that created that origin for Kara to help protect her. When Kara was kidnapped by the Psycho-Pirate, he attempted to drive Kara insane by showing her different origins. However, he later reveals that her true origin is that she is a Krypton survivor and one of the only other people from Earth-Two to have survived Crisis on Infinite Earths. It still has yet to be revealed how she survived the Crisis on Infinite Earths and how she was able to retain her Pre-Crisis origin. (Every other character had their origins rewritten or adjusted after the Crisis except for Power Girl.) It has been hinted that Power Girl’s survival after Crisis on Infinite Earths is connected to Earth-Two’s Kal-L and his survival by remaining in a different dimension.

26. Superboy (138 points - 3 first place slots)


"Love him. He is one of my favorite characters because I have watched him go from a self absorbed kid into a older teen trying to find himself."

"Yep, another character I began to enjoy through Johns' Teen Titans run."

"The one character that has grown tons ever since he was created. Anyone remember cocky-look-at-my-terrible-fade-and-hoop-ring-attitude jerk?"

Main Man Kid Impulse, do it Rockapella:

Personally, I like the name Kon-El. That’s who Superboy is to me. I understand the whole human name thing, but I’ve always called him Kon-El, so we’ll go with that for this entry. Kon is a clone combined of half Superman and half Lex Luthor (Originally that of scientist Paul Westfield until a Johnscon). When Kon first showed up, he had no identity other than ‘Superman’ and hated being referred to as ‘Superboy.’ He told everyone that he was a clone of the original Superman and was the true heir to the name. Eventually Superman returned and Kon would help Superman’s assault on Engine City. After a brief rights tussle between Superman and Kon’s manager at the time, who owns the rights to the Superman name and the S shield, the rights are relinquished to Superman, who allows Kon to use them so long as any proceeds go to charity. Superman tells Kon he has earned the name Superboy, and although reluctant at first, he takes the name and moves to Hawaii.

Whilst in Hawaii, Superboy spent the time growing as a hero. He gained his own ‘Rogue’s Gallery’ and matured significantly. He also joined superhero team Young Justice, who were awesome, and signs of a romance between himself and Wonder Girl were hinted at, but at this time, Superboy was always too much of a ladies’ man to get involved. (Although he did show some serious feelings for Batgirl, Cassandra Cain, but Batman Bat-Cockblocked him). He is gifted the name Kon-El by Superman to show him he is family.

When Young Justice disbanded, Kon moved to Smallville to live with Jonathon and Martha Kent under the name ‘Conner Kent’ He then got a rubbish ‘costume’ and went all moody for ages. It was around this time Conner (I refer to him as Conner because he’s basically a different character at this point) found out of his true ‘parentage’ that being Superman and Lex Luthor. He also joined the Legion of Super-Heroes around this time, and he helps them defeat Darkseid who had returned to terrorize the universe. He was eventually sent home after the Legion pinpoint the exact moment he was taken, but not before he goes on a few more adventures with them due to him not knowing exactly when he left. When he returns home, he enlists the Titans to help save the future from the Fearsome Five-Hundred which eventually ends in the DnA Legion becoming lost in the time stream and being replaced by the ‘Threeboot’ Legion.

He later resigns from the Titans when Luthor triggers something in him that turns him totally evil, although he snapped out of it, it wasn’t before he dismantled Cyborg, broke Robin’s arm and savagely beat Wonder Girl. He’s brought out of retirement by the threat of Superboy Prime, who shows up at his house claiming to be the real Superboy. Although the first fight ends with the Flashes running Prime into the Speed Force, he eventually breaks free and in their second fight, he kills Conner.

Kon was revived in Legion of 3 Worlds, in a similar manner to how Superman was resurrected after his death at the hands of Doomsday. With Superboy Prime once again defeated, Kon returns to the 21st Century and to Smallville, where he just finished a run in Adventure Comics that was pretty good. The art was fantastic at least. He can next be seen in Teen Titans starting in March, as well as the Super books I think, what with that whole ‘War of the Supermen’ thing starting soon. Let’s hope he keeps the more carefree attitude of Adventure Comics, and less moping this time, eh?


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