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Your Top DC Heroes part 60

Written by Chris Mitchell on Friday, January 29 2010 and posted in Features
Two characters I thought would be in the Top 10. No lie.


15. Booster Gold (221 points - 4 first place slots)

boostergold.jpg"I like this guy despite myself."

"I always liked Booster, but what's been done with him in 52 and since then has raised him to another level in my eyes. I love that he's living up to his considerable potential, and all it took was the death of his best friend and a teaming with the great Rip Hunter."

"The hero in secret. There's never been a bad incarnation of this guy. My only regret is that I can't put Ted Kord/Blue Beetle here too. They were better than any cop duo that has ever walked the Earth."

"A great unappreciated character."

"The classic under appreciated."

"52 turned Booster into an unsung hero, where I think he works best. His solo series really ran with the momentum 52 established and turned him into a bona fide hero."


"The greatest hero the world doesn’t know! He’s save the multiverse! Which is like saving the universe 52 times!"

Using the technology he stole from the 25th century, Michael became the superhero Booster Gold, saving the life of the President of the United States on his first adventure. This act rewarded him with instant fame, which he cashed in on, becoming quite wealthy. Unfortunately, Booster's manager stole a large amount of his money, leaving him with very little.

Michael Jon Carter and his sister Michelle Carter where born as twins to a loving mother and irresponsible father in Gotham City in the 25th century. On their 4th birthday their father left the household to pursue his true love, gambling, leaving a huge gambling debt behind for the struggling family. Michael became a football player in college, hoping that he would make it into the big leagues, when his mother was suffering from a debilitating disease that required a treatment that his family cannot afford. Turning to the same vice as his father, Michael made bets and purposely threw games in order to earn enough money for the treatment. After his mother was made well, Michael was arrested and put in jail for gambling, instantly breaking his mother's heart.

After he was set free from jail, Michael managed to get a job as a security officer for the Metropolis Space Museum, where he saw images of superheroes from the 20th century that were legends in his time. Deciding to change his life and become a superhero himself, Michael stole some artifacts from the museum as well as the security robot Skeets and used Rip Hunter's time traveling machine to travel back to the late 20th Century. It is there that he made his public debut saving the life of the President of the United States from the Chiller as the new superhero Goldstar. Nervous Michael misspoke himself on live television and got stuck with the name Booster Gold instead.

Michael hired an agent, Dirk Davis and started Goldstar Inc in Metropolis as Trixie Collins as there secretary. Booster Gold was on his way to become rich and famous, not knowing that he made an enemy out of The 1000. He eventually fought their leader the Director

Booster Gold was a main player in the revamped Justice League International, run by Maxwell Lord, during the late 80's. Booster teamed up with Ted Kord, the Blue Beetle, who quickly became a good friend, together causing some major trouble for the League, and drawing them into some of their funnier adventures, including setting up a casino on a living island. Frustrated at the lack of respect he received from his teammates, Booster quit the JLI and formed The Conglomerate, though he would later return to the League's ranks. During the battle with Doomsday, (a name that Booster coined to describe the monster that would eventually kill Superman), his suit was destroyed, leaving him no longer able to function as a superhero. Ted came to the rescue and built him a new suit, although it was much bulkier and tended to malfunction. During a battle with the Overmaster, Booster was mortally wounded, loosing his suit and his right arm. Ted built Booster another suit, which also served as a life-support system and included a cybernetic arm.

This incarnation of the Justice League of America eventually fell apart and Booster Gold joined with Extreme Justice. It was during his time with this team that Booster made a deal with Monarch, who restored his arm and health. Another new costume was constructed, this time in part from Skeets, bringing Booster back to his former power level.

After the death of Sue Dibny, Booster, becoming disillusioned with his fellow heroes, gave up the Booster Gold identity and returned to normal civilian life. This did not last long, as he teamed up with his friend Ted to find who was manipulating Kord Industries, an investigation that led to Ted's death and Booster's temporary hospitalization. During the following crisis, Booster brought together former team members of his version of the Justice League of America to help find the killers. After this group encountered a trio of O.M.A.C.s, which resulted in the death of Rocket Red #4 and the hospitalization of Fire, as well as the destruction of the power source of Booster's suit, Booster left the group, claiming that he was going "home."

Soon thereafter, however, Booster reappeared, with a once-more functioning suit as well as Skeets, who had been previously destroyed, seeking the Blue Beetle Scarab. He found it fused to the spine of teenager Jaime Reyes, whom he promptly brought to the Bat-cave to aid in Batman's mission to find and destroy Brother Eye.

After Superman lost his powers fighting Superboy-Prime, Booster attempted to fill the void he had left in Metropolis. Signing many lucrative sponsorship contracts, he used Skeets's knowledge of the future to be in exactly the right place at the right time to perform a heroic deed. He also, on at least one occasion, hired an actor to pose as a super villain and subsequently "defeated" him. The actor later came forward, however, and Booster's credibility was immediately lost.

When a ballostro brought a nuclear submarine into the middle of Metropolis, Booster tried to reclaim his lost glory by defeating the beast. However, he had no luck until Supernova arrived to teleport the creature away. The submarine had been damaged, and was in immediate danger of setting off a nuclear explosion in the middle of the city. Booster managed to lift the vessel in his force field and fly it out of harm's way. However, he was seemingly killed in the blast.

It was later revealed that Booster had conspired with Rip Hunter and used his time-traveling capabilities to fake his own death. The Booster skeleton found at the blast-site was actually his desiccated remains from his death at some point in the future. Aware that his longtime robotic ally, Skeets, had apparently turned traitor, Booster secretly adopted the heroic identity of Supernova and traveled backwards in time to a point prior to his apparent "death" in order to ferret out the cause of Skeets' malfunction.

First appearing as Supernova eight weeks after the defeat of Alexander Luthor and Superboy-Prime, Booster used the identity to form various good deeds without the stigma attached to the Booster Gold identity, as well as collect weaponry for Rip Hunter. While the Daily Star was the first to name the new hero "Supernova," Clark Kent won the exclusive first interview for the Daily Planet by jumping out the window of the office of Perry White.

While battling Skeets, Supernova revealed himself as Booster Gold. While Booster returned to the Booster Gold identity, Rip passed along the mantle of Supernova to Booster's 21st century ancestor, Daniel Carter.

Following the final, Multiverse-saving fight against Mr. Mind, the villain who had taken over Skeets, Booster left Rip's employ and had Skeets repaired by Will Magnus. He also arranged to live with Daniel in exchange for letting Daniel keep the Supernova suit. Eight weeks after defeating Mr. Mind, Booster seeks out acceptance into the Justice League. However, Rip Hunter has other plans and attempts to recruit Booster to aid him in repairing the time stream. However, this would require Booster to sacrifice his reputation, so Booster refuses. But when his certificate electing him into the Justice League turns into Hal Jordan's death certificate, Booster realizes what's really important. He drops his certificate and tells the League that he was only petitioning for membership so he could brag about turning them down.

Booster returned to Rip's lab and agreed to work for him on one condition: that Rip will allow him to change history to save some people important to him, starting with "the best friend [he] ever had." Though Booster and Rip manage to rescue Ted Kord, it is later revealed that with out the death of Ted Kord, Max Lord accomplishes his early plan in killing many of the DCU's heroes. Ted Kord then decides to sacrifice himself and returns to the time were he is killed by Maxwell Lord, in order to save the heroes of Earth. But Booster was not left alone, as Rip Hunter surprises Booster by rescuing Booster's sister Michelle right before she died in one of Booster Gold's early adventures.

It is later revealed that Booster is in fact Rip Hunter's father. Booster is unaware of this, and Rip Hunter hasn't told him.

14. Tim Drake (227 points - 10 first place slots)

timdrake.jpg"I've followed him on and off since he first appeared, and have enjoyed watching him grow along with myself. Really enjoying his new series, and hoping to see it further explore the next chapter of his life in the years to come."

"Prefect foil to Batman's darkness. Excellent character to support Bruce Wayne and a great character on his own."

"Again, grew up with Tim and he's seemed to do anything needed to survive. His personal life was dismantled and still he persevered. Go Tim!"

"This is THE Robin for me. He was the first Robin I was introduced to and Geoff Johns' Teen Titans made him become one of my top heroes."

Best. Robin. Ever.


Just wanted to say that, take it away KI.

Tim Drake was created in the late 80s to fill the void left when readers voted to kill Jason Todd. On creation of the third Robin, DC was more careful and created a likable, intelligent replacement that immediately stood out as his own character and someone worthy of fighting alongside Batman.

Timothy Drake was a fan of the circus, especially Haly’s Circus where the main attraction was the Flying Graysons. His parents were acquainted with the Graysons, and Tim and Dick had met prior to their superhero lives. In fact, Tim was there the night Dick’s parents were killed and he never forgot what he witnessed that night. Years later, whilst watching footage of Batman and Robin fight crime, Tim noticed Robin use a move from Grayson’s acrobatic repertoire and through that eventually pieced together that Dick Grayson was Robin and Bruce Wayne was Batman.

This is what set Tim apart from previous Robins, Tim was more brains than anything else, he possesses one of the most brilliant investigative minds in the DCU and found initially found the physical aspect of crime-fighting a lot harder than the detective work. With the knowledge of Batman and Robin’s secret identities, Tim went to Dick Grayson first to convince Grayson, now Nightwing, to become Robin again, noting that Batman had become more ruthless and violent since Jason Todd’s death. Grayson remains as Nightwing, but assisted Batman on occasion, which isn’t enough for Tim, who believed Batman needs a Robin. Tim eventually convinces Alfred to give him a Robin costume to save Batman and Nightwing from Two-Face.

At first, Batman is very hesitant to the idea of a new Robin, after what happened to Jason Todd, and pushes Tim harder and further than ever in his tests and training, but Tim passes and is accepted as the new Robin after successfully stopping the Scarecrow single-handedly.

Tim forged his own legacy as Robin, with a redesigned, more mature costume and villains all his own. Tim proved so successful with readers that he was given three miniseries and eventually an ongoing that was never really cancelled, only replaced with a new #1. He also made his own friends of the costumed variety, his best friends being Superboy, Kid Flash and Wonder Girl, who he formed Young Justice and later Teen Titans with. He also had an on again off again relationship with Stephanie Brown, AKA Spoiler and often teamed up to fight Gotham crime with Batgirl, Cassandra Cain.

When Tim lost his father during Identity Crisis, he was adopted by Bruce Wayne and moved into Wayne Manor. He remained Robin until Bruce Wayne’s death, although he is the only person that believes Bruce isn’t really dead. He donned the Red Robin cowl, took the name Tim Wayne and set off across Europe to find answers to his mentor’s disappearance, eventually finding the cave where Bruce drew the bat symbol at the end of Final Crisis. With this knowledge in his possession, he makes his return to Gotham City...


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