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Your Top DC Heroes OPC part 1

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, February 01 2010 and posted in Features
Welcome everyone to The One Point Club aka The OPC. Most of you probably know what the OPC is, but for those of you who do not its pretty much self explanatory. The characters who appear in the OPC only received one point out of all the 300+ lists I received. That’s right, they were only voted once in the 10th place slot. Some people go out of their way to try to get a character in the OPC, while some just get one their by pure fluke.


Also, as I always say before posting these and then the Top 10, if a character you voted for appears in the OPC and you know you that character should have more points then one, I apologize. It goes for if a character that didn't show up at all. I would never do that on purpose it is most likely an error somewhere from cutting and pasting from word to excel. And if it did happen, I am truly sorry and hope it doesn't turn you off future Top Lists.

So are we cool? Good. Let’s do this, Rockapella!!

G.I. Robot

girobot.jpgIn the Spring of 1942, a top-secret government think tank known as Project M made great advances in the field of robotics. Helmed by luminaries such as Professor Mazursky and Doctor Charles Grayson, Project M developed one of the world's first fully-functional robotic automatons, which were colloquially referred to as the G.I. Robot. The Jungle Assault Killer Experiment (or J.A.K.E. for short) and partnered with a young marine named Sgt. Coker and together the two embarked upon several missions on behalf of the United States during World War II.

As for the one running around now, Jake's full designation is Jungle Automatic Killer - Experimental II. He was designed by the scientists of Project M to aid U.S. military personnel during World War II. When the first G.I. Robot was destroyed saving a crew of marines in the Pacific, the War Department deployed a fighter plane to Tattu island to deposit his replacement, J.A.K.E. II. Sgt. Blaney of Green Patrol found the crate containing J.A.K.E. II's robotic components, and his men worked feverishly to assemble him. At first, J.A.K.E. II failed to activate, and Blaney believed that they had made a mistake in piecing him together. Shortly thereafter, the Japanese soldiers stationed on Tattu Island unleashed their own version of the G.I. Robot - Krakko, the Samurai Robot. Krakko attacked Green Patrol's camp and it appeared that all was lost. Fortunately for Sgt. Blaney's men, J.A.K.E. II activated and rose to their defense. Disconnecting his own head, he wielded it like a flail and used it to utterly destroy the Samurai Robot. Blaney and the rest of Green Patrol were confident now that J.A.K.E. II would be just as valuable to them as his predecessor.

Soon after, the administrators at Project M united the G.I. Robot with its predecessor's colleague Sgt. Coker. They were stationed briefly on the mysterious Dinosaur Island, which was used as a proving ground for experimental combat exercises. J.A.K.E. II was later assigned as an unofficial member of the covert military detachment dubbed the Creature Commandos. He later acquired a robotic canine companion known as C.A.P.

J.A.K.E. II was decommissioned in 1945 after the war had ended, and has remained in a state of dormancy. He is still operational however and may be called upon again for service at some future point in time.

G.I. Robot was seen helping fend off Justifiers and other Anti-Life Drones in Bludhaven during Final Crisis.

Bat Lash

Raised to be as tough as the land by his farmer father, yet shown the more cultured side of life by his educated mother, Bat Lash is a classic study of dichotomy. When his parents were swindled out of their farm, Bat Lash sought justice as he had been taught, but found only frustration. Forced to kill a deputy in self defense, he soon found himself on the wrong side of the law. Fleeing to a shack where the family now lived, Bat Lash found it in flames, with his parents and the woman he loved trapped inside - murdered.

Swearing revenge, Bat Lash took his sister and girlfriend Betsy to a nearby convent for protection, while he pursued those responsible for killing his parents - and at the same time found himself pursued for killing the deputy.

Ultimately, finding those responsible for killing his parents cost Bat Lash all those he loved. He continued to roam the American Southwest searching for peace, but invariably finding trouble.


ozymandias.jpgBorn in 1939, the son of rich immigrant parents, Adrian Veidt was found to be incredibly intelligent. After his parents and his teachers became suspicious of his grades, he successfully hid his intelligence by deliberately achieving average grades. After his parents' deaths, he inherited their substantial fortune at age 17, but chose to give it all to charity. Veidt then embarked on a vision quest, following the route of Alexander the Great - a childhood idol - throughout the Mediterranean, Asia Minor, and former ancient Persia.

It was during this journey that he consumed a ball of hashish and decided to become a superhero. Returning to America, he named himself "Ozymandias" and became a costumed vigilante, focusing particularly on organized crime and earning a reputation as "the smartest man on the planet." However, his own cases robbed him of the idealistic belief that battling crime would truly lessen evil and suffering in the world. This was brought to a head when an abortive attempt to organize a new superhero team was disrupted by the Comedian, who noted in his brutally apt way exactly how petty the doings of the costumed heroes were in a world where the threat of nuclear war hung overhead, and how powerless they were to stop it. Veidt was inspired to do just that.

In 1975, two years before vigilante crime fighters (superheroes) are banned by the "Keene Act," Veidt retires from super heroism, marketing his image for money. This helps bankroll his scheme of creating a catastrophic event and deceive the world into uniting against a common enemy — in Veidt's case, a horrific alien invasion. To that end, he employed geneticists to clone the stolen brain of a murdered psychic and use it to create such a creature with a group of artists and creative personnel to help create the illusion. He also invents a limited form of teleportation based in part on the studies of (and studies by) Doctor Manhattan. Upon completion, he arranged the murder of all of his accomplices to maintain the illusion.

To prevent Doctor Manhattan from interfering, he hired old associates of the superhero and secretly exposed them to radiation to induce terminal cancer in them, then engineered a rumor that Manhattan was responsible, causing Manhattan to exile himself to Mars. When the Comedian inadvertently learned of Veidt's plans, Veidt personally murdered him as well. The story of Watchmen begins several hours after the killing, with police detectives investigating the crime.

The death of the Comedian caught the attention of Rorschach, who investigated the crime and mistakenly theorized that there existed a conspiracy to murder masked adventurers. Although Veidt arranged an assassination attempt on himself to throw off suspicion, he framed Rorschach on a murder charge to get him out of the way. In addition, Veidt started the accusations against Doctor Manhattan to drive him off the planet and set off a chain of events that threaten to start a global war.

Unknown to him, the current Nite Owl and Silk Spectre grew to believe that Rorschach's investigation had merit and sprung him from prison to investigate the matter. In addition, Manhattan took Silk Spectre to Mars where she convinced him to return to Earth.

However, the superheroes were unable to stop the fulfillment of Veidt's scheme, which led to the deaths of over three million people in New York City. The world governments fell for this ruse, and agreed to a union to oppose this new alien menace. Seeing as how Veidt's plot had the desired effect of uniting the nations of the world and averting a possible nuclear war, Doctor Manhattan, Nite-Owl and Silk Spectre agree to keep silent about what they know, as it would only plunge the world back to the brink of disaster. Rorschach alone refuses to keep silent, telling Doctor Manhattan that he will never compromise, not even in the face of Armageddon – Manhattan must kill Rorschach before he can tell anybody what he knows, and does so. When Veidt asks the precognitive Manhattan for verification that he did "the right thing" and that his plans "worked out in the end," Manhattan can only reply that nothing ever ends, leaving Veidt once again in doubt as to whether or not his plan was successful


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