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Your Top DC Heroes OPC part 2

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, February 01 2010 and posted in Features
A few more for ya.


Space Cabbiespacecabbie.jpg

Pure. Awesomeness.

The man who came to be known as Space Cabbie was an orphan, raised by the military rulers of the planet Ghengkis VII. As a young man he excelled in deep space navigation an demonstrated natural gifts as a pilot of his craft.

His skills were further tested in the "Bore Wars" of 2146, when the young pilot shot down a record number of fighters single handedly over a period of three days. Like many others who were freed from military service after the "Bored War" Space Cabbie found himself restless.

For the next few years, he went adventure seeking around the cosmos, becoming at first a mercenary space pilot, and then a menial laborer at one of the many spaceports he visited. In the year 2154, he suddenly showed up at an Earthside hack stand piloting space taxi #7433.

It soon seemed that Space Cabbie could not pick up a fare in #7433 without it leading to some kind of deadly adventure, with the good natured pilot relying on his skill and wits to get him safely back home.

Lady Blackhawk

ladyblackhawk.jpgZinda Blake was determined to become the first woman member of the famed Blackhawks. She trained herself in flying the most modern jet aircraft and in various forms of combat and weaponry. After rescuing Olaf from a villain called the Scavenger, Zinda was disappointed to be told that the Blackhawk code forbid a woman from joining the team. However, later when Zinda rescued the entire Blackhawk team, Blackhawk himself made her an honorary member. During her time with the Blackhawks, Zinda was captured by the villainous Killer Shark, a Nazi Operative and a pirate. Killer Shark injected Zinda with a chemical that made her forget who she really was and believed herself to be completely in love with him and obeying his every whim. During her time under his control Zinda became Queen Killer Shark and continued to battle the Blackhawks before they could free her from the effects of his chemical. Zinda was never able to really settle her score with Killer Shark.

During the DC event Zero Hour, Zinda was sent forward in time to present day, where she struggled with the culture shock and worked for the Blackhawk Shipping Company, present day version of her former team. Arriving in the future, she befriends Guy Gardner and joins his team serving mainly as his pilot putting her best skills to good use.

Looking for a change, she accepted Oracle's offer to join the Birds of Prey and left behind her part in the Blackhawk Company, taking only the Aeirie One Citation X and becoming pilot for the Birds.

Zinda enjoys cooking, dancing, and drinking in her spare time. There is a running gag through most issues of Birds of Prey about her strong love for alcohol, which, she boasts, she can order in 30 different languages. For a time, she had a crush on another one of Oracle's agents, Creote, only to find out he was gay, or "fancy" as she called it. She is a valuable addition to the Birds of Prey and has become somewhat of a conscience for Oracle offering friendly advice here and there. Zinda is also the person who officially comes up with the teams name calling themselves the Birds of Prey. Zinda proves her self to be a useful member of the team as her piloting skills have help the team get out of sticky situations. Zinda has also proven herself on the field once saving Black Canary from Harvest by shooting the supernatural force.

After the death of Big Barda, Zinda mourns the death of her friend by visiting as many bars as she can (referring to it as a warriors wake) on the way to Edwards Air Force Base. During her journey Zinda befriends a cab driver named Massaud while at the same time she is being hunted by FalseFace and White Star who under orders of the Calculator who wishes to replace Zinda with False Face and finally learn the true identity of Oracle. The journey ends with Zinda and Massaud arriving at the bar of Edwards Air Force Base and tells the bartender to place a picture of Big Barda up next to her old comrades the Blackhawks.

In a more recent storyline, Zinda is kidnapped by Killer Shark II, a young fanboy jerk who is the grandson of one of her WWII foes, the original Killer Shark. She first encounters him after having drinks with team mate Huntress to deal with the events that led Metropolis to be seriously damaged and the now distant Oracle who feels responsible. Zinda sees the shadow of Killer Shark outside the bar but comes to the conclusion that she is hallucinating due to being drunk. Later that night while asleep she wakes up to him spying on her through her window and chases him on the fire escape. Killer Shark pulls out his gun but Zinda marksmanship helps her shoot it out of his hand and land a punch on him. However Killer Shark is able to take the punch and return one back. He then reveals to her that he is not hear to kill her before he leaves. As Zinda returns to her apartment she finds written coordinates on her window to help her find him. Zinda tracks Killer Shark down and is drugged by him and forced to lead Killer Shark II to his grandfather’s treasure. Huntress attempts to save Zinda only to end up fighting Queen Killer Shark. Because Huntress hesitates Zinda is able to knock her out, however Killer Shark decides not kill her as he wishes to use the his grand fathers chemical on her as well. After tying Huntress up Zinda finally leads Killer Shark to his grandfather’s treasure. This causes Killer Shark to cry and to reveal that he had originally intended on killing her after he got his treasure but has changed his mind. As he leans in for a kiss, Zinda subconsciously punches him breaking his teeth and which causes Killer Shark to proceed with his original plan and kill her as she is forced to stand still but she snaps out of it with the help of teammate Huntress who arrives just in time to knock Killer Shark out.


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