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Your Top DC Heroes OPC part 3

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, February 01 2010 and posted in Features
And all Legion OPC post, give it up for Amoebas!!


Dream Girl

In the Future…

Nura Nal was the most gifted seer the Planet Naltor had ever seen. Everyone that lived was gifted with being able to see a bit into the future, but Nura was just so good at it. A top scholastic student as well, her teachers literally saw great things for her to come.

Nura one day dreamt that seven of her Legion of Super-Heroes idols, would perish in an explosion. Wanting to save them, she traveled to Earth and won membership into the Legion and took the name Dream Girl. Immediately she studied the Legion Constitution and slowly, yet confidently, she found ways to have certain Legionnaires expelled.

Because she joined under false pretenses, she resigned and left Earth, but not before stealing the heart of Star Boy. Eventually a rejected ex-boyfriend named Kenz Nuhor tried to murder Star Boy because Nura wanted him instead. The murder attempt backfired as Star Boy killed him in self-defense. Star Boy was expelled from the Legion for taking a life but was glad to see Nura waiting for him. The two joined the Legion of Substitute-Heroes that very day.

Dream Girl and Star Boy began a long relationship from that point on. Nura however, aware of some mental issues Star Boy had, decided to play down the fact that she was exceptionally smart and for Thom’s benefit became all about the glamour and excitement. She and Star Boy would later be readmitted to the Legion.

But make no mistake, she was no ditz. Knowing her limitations in combat, she trained with Karate Kid and excelled beyond their imaginations. After Karate Kid, Nura is the second best martial artist in the Legion. On the rare occasion she sometimes shows her brilliance (like the time she altered Lightning Lass’s powers to keep her from being expelled).

Nura was elected Leader in what would be one of their bleakest years, yet even throughout the Great Darkness Saga she never faltered. It was during this time that her sister, Mysa (aka the White Witch) would also join the Legion.

She would later make some bad decisions that led Star Boy to leave both her and the Legion, but at some point in time they would reunite only to be separated again by a mission to the modern age.

Dream Girl is currently considered missing by the Legion but she is assumed to be on a secret mission in the current time.


shikari.jpgIn the Future of another universe…

An alternate universe begat the Legion of Super-Heroes, a group of young heroes set out to make the universe a better safer place. In time this Legion would face a localized rift in space that threw a number of Legionnaires not only into the ‘Second Universe’ but also a billion years into the past. Of these ‘Lost Legionnaires’ only Element Lad was awake. He used his powers to put his friends into suspended animation and began waiting for rescue – which never came.

Centuries would pass and Element Lad began to lose his sanity. In time he forgot about his teammates and created at first simple life and then entire species. His powers became god like. One day he created a beautiful race called the Kwai and the next a vile race called the Progeny. Many more would he create over the scores of centuries.

All these races would eventually grow and evolve throughout and the Kwai would one day bring forth a young female member of their race called Shikari.

The Kwai, and Shikari herself, were superb pathfinders. Gifted with the ability of flight including unassisted travel, even in space, Shikari one day came across the construct that housed the Lost Legionnaires. Freeing them, she exhibited a rare trait amongst her people – curiosity. While her people fled, she stayed with this “Lee-jon” and in time, helped them defeat her ‘God’, the mad Element Lad, as well as find a way to the Legions home.

Shikari becomes a member of the Legion shortly afterwards.

She is pivotal in getting her people to act as path-finder guides for the United Planets as well as her role in the defeats of Computo and Universo.

Matter-Eater Lad

mattereaterlad.jpgIn the Future…

There is a planet whose name is Bismoll
The food there was poisonous, it was truly dismal.
As the people died, their hunger immense
They searched for a cure, they spared no expense.
Soon genetics led to a brand new solution
The answer was simple, they needed evolution.
Instead of stomachs made of simple flesh
To iron they turned and soon all the rest.
Teeth as hard as steel and acid for saliva
Now even rocks tasted like a cocoa Godiva.
Food no longer was grown, raised or produced
From quarries it came, their hunger reduced.

Time went on, as it often does
Until the day there came a great buzz.
A new team of heroes came out of the blue
The members were Legion, their hearts quite true.
A native to Bismoll, perhaps just a boy
Dreamt of adventure and it brought him such joy.
A hero to be, just like all of them
It’s now that we learn, his name is Tenz Kem.

So the kid hopped a ship to take him away
To Earth and the dream he hoped for that day.
Try-outs were held and Tenz stood in line
And shock and amazement, he did just fine.
A place he had earned with that team of heroes
He vowed to be the best instead of a zero.
Whether eating cage bars or some evil doodad
He took up the name of Matter-Eater Lad.

But his power was strange, he didn’t fit in
Once too often he took it on the chin.
Insecurity set in, and it began to fester
Until he decided he could play jester.
With humor added to his thin personality
Friends he would win with his new mentality.
But soon in time, he played a smaller role
As the threats got bigger, they paid a high toll.

Tenz sat out on many a mission
But then his planet invoked their tradition.
Back on Bismoll, politics were such a mess
Leaders weren’t found so they tried out a test.
By lottery they were picked sworn in with an oath
And Tenzil was next, afraid it’s no joke.
Resigning from the Legion was the hardest part
But on Bismoll, his approvals were way off the chart.
Senator he was and trust him you can
Respected at last by every woman and man.

From time to time, he’d head back to Earth
His friends would line up to take part in the mirth.
But one such trip lost him some humanity
While saving the universe he slipped into insanity.
He sat alone until one day for sure
The man who caused his ills returned with the cure.
The people of Bismoll cheered his return
And home it was for boy without heartburn.

But his story it seems doesn’t end there
Because he's back with the Legion but we don’t know quite where.
Rumors abound that somewhere in the past
Tenzil’s now Mitch, a role that was cast.
What this mission is, I don’t really knows
But stick around you should, to see where it goes.

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