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Your Top DC Heroes OPC part 5

Written by Chris Mitchell on Tuesday, February 02 2010 and posted in Features
A New Frontier batch, and a Seventh Soldier.


New Frontier Flash

nf-flash.jpgIn 1957, Barry Allen was a crime forensic researcher at Central City Police Department. During a thunder storm, lightning struck the department's laboratory which Barry was in, causing an explosion among the chemicals that Barry was working. Barry emerge unhurt, but received the power of super-speed. Barry then simply decided to use his power to do good and becoming the Flash, which he named after the said hero of the defunct Justice Society.

As Flash, he made his thrilling debut in Las Vegas after hearing a call from his fiancée Iris West, who was doing a report in Sin City, about one of his rogue Captain Cold holding a heist. Barry ran to Las Vegas, but learns from Cold that he planted several cryo-bombs throughout the city, abandoning his chance to arrest Captain Cold and to gather the bombs. Fortunately, Flash gathered all the bomb and subdued Captain Cold in the process.

Despite being seen as a hero to the public, Flash is still consider to be a unregistered suoerhuman fugitive by the federal government. In 1958, Barry overheard of Gorilla Grodd threatening Central City, and came to capture the Gorilla. But this turns out to be trap, and he was subdued by government agents lead by King Faraday. Faraday confronted the Flash and tells him that he is "government property". Flash was shocked from hearing Faraday's words and quickly escape before being almost tranquilized by the agent. This event shook Flash as he became very disappointed of how people viewed him after all he did to help the people he saved and protect, and ultimately decided to abandon his heroic career, in which he interrupted Walter Cronkite's news show and announced his permanent retirement and reason for doing so.

However, after the appearance of the gigantic being known as The Centre appeared off of Florida's coast, Barry watched the events from his home beside Iris West. In the state of global disaster, Barry was about to reveal his heroic identity to Iris, but his fiancée reveals that she had all ready knew about it a longtime ago, and confess that she is happy for what he did and convinced him to become the Flash again to fight alongside with the heroes at Cape Canaveral against the Centre.

After Superman was believed to be dead, Flash proved crucial in destroying the Centre as his speed is fast enough to cover the creature with Raymond Palmer's smaller matter reduction ray to destabilize and implode the being. Flash succeeded in this and was rescued by Wonder Woman once he jumped off the Centre.

Following the defeat of the Centre, Flash became a member of the JLA.

New Frontier Steel

nf-steel.jpg"Fuck all of you for not voting for him. No not Steel, John Henry from The New Frontier. You know, the guy with the hooded costume and the noose around his neck, the guy going around fighting the KKK whose death ends up being the catalyst for the heroes getting off their asses and doing something. His arc is my favorite part of that story, and that's one of my all time favorite stories. So fuck you for forgetting about him and not voting for him."

John Wilson was a veteran of the Korean War. After the conflict, Wilson was discharged and took work in a local machine shop and settled down in Knoxville, Tennessee with his wife Lucille and baby daughter Loretta. On the night of March 17, 1955, John and his family were attacked by the local Klu Klux Klan. He was lynched and his family was burned to death. After the Klan left, John survived his lynching. Devastated by the death of his family, John followed where the Klan that murdered his family. John then forged two iron sledge hammers and become the vigilante known as John Henry. For three months, John plagued the Klan and had killed two Klansmen in his crusade. John Henry's reputation attracted news and remained a hot staple on the public, including the Martian J'onn J'onzz, who he consider him an actual American hero.

Tragically, John was wounded by the Klan and stumble upon a backyard and discovered by a white girl, who outed him out despite John's pleading for help. Once caught he was burned alive.

However, his death didn't go unmentioned and his endeavors was highlighted in the television news show The Big Picture, which the host extol Wilson's stance against racism and criticize the American government for ignoring the serious issue. J'onn J'onzz saw this and was very dismayed of Wilson's death, which contribute his demoralizing faith for humanity.

Manhattan Guardian

manhattanguardian.jpgJake Jordan was an unemployed ex-police officer, looking for work. He had quit the police force after shooting a 13 year old boy, Tyree Plantain, he had mistaken for the drug dealer that killed his partner. His two years of unemployment ended when he applied for a job at the Manhattan Guardian, a newspaper that relied on a Newsboy Legion for it's stories. Arriving for the interview, Jake discovered the building under attack. The newspaper's founder, Ed Stargard, appeared on a television screen asking Jake to rescue him, on the 23rd floor. Jake fought his way up, past gun men and even a golem before reaching Stargard. There he revealed that the entire incident was a test and that Jake had made it further than any other applicant. Stargard also new all about Jake’s troubled past. He offered Jake the job and he accepted. Jake was to be the Manhattan Guardian's crime-fighting figure head.

Jake's first assignment is to cover a disturbance on the N Line at the 8th Street station. He realizes that that is were he is to meet his fiancée, Carla and her father, Larry. The experimental Guardian Mobile he is provided with fails to start, so Jake is forced to use a pizza delivery scooter provided by one of the newsboys. In the subway station, he confronts the Manhattan Pirates, homeless people who travel on old subway trains. He finds a wounded Larry on the platform who tells him they have Carla on one of their trains. Jake takes of in pursuit, but is forced to stop when the train travels through a wall. Jake is helped by a rival pirate, Captain No-Beard, who is after the same treasure as Carla's kidnapper, Captain All-beard. With the pirates' help, Jake rescues Carla, but when they return to the surface, Larry has died and Carla breaks up with Jake.

Jake's next assignment has him tackling renegade robots at a theme park designed to represent the world's ethnic groups, if the world had 100 people. Jake tackles the robots, defending the tourists and staff, one of whom is the wife of the man responsible who reveals this is an attempt to get her disguised as a terrorist attack. The Newsboys then parachute in, armed, to give Jake support in stopping the robots. Jake goes with the police as they arrest the phoney terrorist.

Jake heads back to the Manhattan Guardian office, ready to quit as his job has cost to much. There he discovers Stargard is still physically a baby, albeit an old one. Stargard then explains that he was part of the original Newsboy Legion, seven gifted children who had amazing adventures. During one of their adventures, they discovered a Sheeda faerie manipulating a prizefighter. Stargard deduced that the faerie had come from slaughter swamp and so the Newsboys went to investigate. There they discover a house full of Sheeda faeries and that they are targeting groups of seven, as it had been predicted that only seven soldiers could defeat the Sheeda.

That was the last of the Newsboy's adventures, each of the seven led tragic lives, thanks to the Sheeda Time Tailor. Stargard alone was able to prepare for the coming invasion. Stargard and Larry had planned on Jake becoming a hero and that he along with the other six would never know each other to prevent the Sheeda attacking them before they were ready. By this point, the Sheeda are attacking the building to get to Stargard, who tells Jake to leave. Jake calls Carla to say he is on his way, he then picks up Stargard and readies to fight his way through the Sheeda army with him and his secretary/nurse, Lena.


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