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Your Top DC Heroes Finale

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, February 03 2010 and posted in Features
Here you have it, your Top Three DC Heroes.


3. Wally West (721 points - 21 first place slots)

wallywest.jpg"Barry set up the legacy, but it was Wally who had to live up to it. And he did."

"Fastest man alive, hands down."

"Mark Waid said it better than I ever could: Wally was the first to fulfill the promise. A pox on Didio & Co. for bringing back Barry, because I don't care what they say or do, he's an inferior Flash, and an inferior character. And I say that as a fan of Barry. But Wally's story is the story of being a hero, facing tragedy, and becoming a better hero for all the right reasons. He struggled, he grew, he made mistakes, but over the years he's showed us all what we always knew he had inside him: greatness." 
"Wally West is the perfect example of a DC hero. He's the greatest of the legacy characters (Barry and Hal started as revamps, not legacy). He's fun without being whacky. He's serious without being fatalistic."

"He is far and away the greatest Flash ever. Nobody can top Wally. He's a perfectly imperfect character."

"Fuck you Didio, this is the one true Flash (apologies to Jay Garrick)! He took over as Flash when I was like 4 or 5 or something, so for as long as I've been reading he's been my Flash. Greatest legacy character ever."

I love this character and I am so glad he made it into the Top 3, I am shocked for sure and in reality he and Superman should be switched but yeah. No wait, Superman should be third and bump the douche in #2. But, I guess you gotta thank the Johns fans for this. Oh, and I really hope the people at DC are reading this list when they see the placement of Barry and the placement of Wally in the final standings. So yeah, fuck you Didio. Now, onto King Impulse.

Ok, so Bubba doesn’t show me the list when I do these, but he tells me what order he needs entries in, so I know out of my assigned characters, who is highest on the list, and who is lowest, and Wally West is the highest on my list, so I’m going to go and assume that Wally West is


And if he’s not? Batman can go fuck himself. Wally’s better.

Wally West grew up in Blue Valley, Nebraska and lived a boring, slow life with his unappreciative and cold parents Rudolph and Mary. Wally sought escape in his love for Central City’s Scarlet Speedster, The Flash and was the president and sole member of Blue Valley’s Flash Fan Club. When Wally was ten years old, he spent the summer with his aunt Iris in Central City itself, and while he was there, he even managed to help The Flash defeat a gang of criminals. Wally was in awe of Iris’ seeming close connection to The Flash and wished he could be her boyfriend, instead of the boring , bowtie wearing Barry Allen. One day, Barry ‘introduced’ Wally to The Flash himself, and during a demonstration of how he gained his super speed powers, the same accident happened again and gave Wally his own speed, he then went on to become Kid Flash, The Flash’s teen sidekick.

Due to being a child when doused in the chemicals, as opposed to the fully grown Barry Allen, his body fought against the changes which left Wally in agonizing pain, although he eventually fought through the pain and overcame the problem. He also donned a predominately yellow costume as opposed the same red costume of Barry, and formed the original Teen Titans alongside Robin, Wonder Girl, Aqualad and Speedy, and later The New Teen Titans alongside newer members such as Cyborg, Raven and Beast Boy.

After some time with The New Teen Titans, Wally’s condition of crippling pain whenever he tried super-speed returned and he was forced to quit superheroics altogether until the Crisis where he was hit with one of the Anti-Monitor’s beams which lowered his speed range to the speed of sound, but cured him of the pain. It was also during the Crisis where his mentor Barry Allen died, destroying the Anti-Monitor’s anti-matter cannon. Wally took on the role of The Flash briefly, as he said, until Barry returned, but people were not happy about someone trying to take Barry’s place, and he was ousted as Central City’s protector by Green Lantern and resident dick, Hal Jordan. Wally eventually proved himself to be worthy of the name, but he proved to everyone except himself. He suffered from anxiety over replacing his hero and friend, which affected his speed and ability as a superhero. He also became a millionaire but then lost all the money. We don’t talk about that (unless we’re Chap)

He moved to Keystone City, just over the bridge from Central and patrolled both cities (He does have super-speed, after all). While in Keystone City, he began dating his future wife, Linda Park. It was around this time, when everything was going pretty sweet for Wally, that Barry Allen returned from the dead. At first, Wally was thrilled to have Barry back, but when Barry began acting irrationally and at one point, left Wally to die and proclaimed himself the one true Flash, Wally became depressed and remote until he found evidence that ‘Barry Allen’ was actually Eobard Thawne, the Reverse Flash at the start of his existence as a super-villain. Wally is able to defeat Thawne and overcome his mental blocks slowing him down.

When Wally’s aunt Iris returned from the future, she wasn’t alone, she brought with her the coolest character in the DCU (cue guitar riff) Bart Allen, with the hopes that Wally could cure Bart from his aging problem. Wally pushed Bart into a sudden burst of speed that fixed everything and Bart remained in Wally’s time, becoming a superhero and taking the name Impulse.

During a fight with the terrorist organization Kobra, Wally accessed the Speed Force in new ways, tapping directly into the Force, leading to him developing new powers such as accelerated healing of other people, and the lending/stealing of speed to/from something else. Wally then underwent several great trials, such as battling Savitar and his cultists of speed, finding his way home from the 64th century (via a trip to the 27th and a team up with John Fox, The Flash of that era, also awesome) and coming face to face with The Black Flash.

After all of this, another, just as deadly threat appeared, Malcolm Thawne, Barry Allen’s lost twin brother, and began the centuries long Thawne/Allen feud. It took every Flash from between the 20th and 30th century to stop Thawne, now Cobalt Blue, and his army of (forcibly) converted followers. After the fight, Wally disappeared into the Speed Force, and a new Flash, in a radically different, darker red Flash costume, appeared in Keystone City. This Flash was Walter West from an alternate universe (Our Flash being ‘Wallace West’). The whole thing turned out to be a plan by Abra Kadabra (Waid really liked Kadabra) to make Wally lose Linda, his emotional tether, no matter where he is, but both Flashes teamed up and defeated Kadabra and everyone returned to their respective universes. Shortly after this, Wally and Linda were married in a small ceremony where Dick ‘Nightwing’ Grayson was Wally’s best man.

Wally’s life from there became even more dangerous as Geoff Johns took over the title and took a serious focus on ‘The Rogues’ the collective term for a group of The Flash’s villains (Not all of them are Rogues for example, although they have worked together on occasion, certain villains such as Abra Kadabra, Gorilla Grodd and Zoom are not Rogues with a capital R) and introduced a new Reverse Flash, a friend of Wally’s named Hunter Zolomon who was crippled by Gorilla Grodd and gained trippy time powers that replicate super speed after an accident with the Cosmic Treadmill. Wally survived every threat that was thrown at him, from being trapped in Mirror Master’s Mirror World, being caught in a full on Rogue War, and the loss of his unborn twins at the hands of Zoom. Eventually, Zoom was defeated with the help of a time-traveling Barry Allen and the timeline was altered to give Wally his children back. Linda Park-West gave birth to a boy and a girl, Jai and Iris West.

When Wally and the rest of the speedsters were pushing Supeboy Prime into the Speed Force, Wally took a quick break to say goodbye to Linda, who refused to let him leave without her, and took herself along with the twins with him into the Speed Force. Now, I’m not sure what happened next. Flash: Fastest Man Alive showed them living in some alt. Keystone with Barry Allen, Max Mercury and Johnny Quick, but Infinite Crisis said it was the Speed Force, and Waid’s Flash showed them to be on the planet Slavoth, which worships The Flash. Regardless, Wally, Linda and the twins went away for a bit then they returned at the end of The Lightning Saga, with the twins ages to about ten years old.

He then fought alien vaginas alongside his children in a poorly received arc by the returning Mark Waid, which was followed by a quite excellent arc by Tom Peyer who introduced a new villain in the form of Spin, who had quite excellent powers, and brought back Gorilla Grodd. Just as Peyer was getting into the swing of things, Barry Allen was announced to be coming back, the book ended with some shit about a bee lady, which proved to be the epitome of ending with a whimper, not a bang. Currently Wally is featured in The Flash: Rebirth alongside all the other members of The Flash family, he recently adopted a costume similar to his Mike Wieringo one with a darker shade of red and the eyes of his mask all white. Despite Barry coming back, Wally will remain The Flash, although he won’t be starring in any comics in 2010 because Dan Didio sucks.

2. Hal Jordan (861 points - 33 first place slots)

haljordon.jpg"Geoff Johns is the reason to me why Hal is cool. Been picking up the book since Rebirth and it has rocked ever since. To me Kyle, John, Guy and Alan are a Green Lantern while Hal Jordan is the Green Lantern. Fact he is Ollie best friend is a big plus and his fearless attitude. Not taking names while he is taking down the scum of the universe."

"Once again with Johns…Don’t get me wrong – I have always loved the GL concept and the GL Corps, but as an earlier pick suggests I have never really been in the “Hal” Camp. When DC made the decision for Emerald Night, I guess that’s why I wasn’t up in arms enough to join HEAT – he wasn’t my GL, Guy was. I did hate the loss of the Corps, but despite reading dozens of comics starring Hal I felt no connection with him.

Then there was Rebirth…then the series…then Sinestro Corps War… Yeah, Johns has become, in my eyes, THE writer associated with Green Lantern. He has done more with their mythos – expanding them or creating them – than any one writer, and Hal is his guy; therefore Hal has found his way onto my list. There is the old problem which I’ve discussed with Zatanna and Black Canary for Hal, and that is that with the wrong writers he is unlikable – not boring, but unlikable. Johns has a great handle on the guy, but others seem to want to push him as this infallible character which really flies in the face of what he’s become over the years. Hal is full of life and the moment. Hal makes mistakes, but instead of dwelling on them, he atones for them. Johns has won me over to Hal over the past few years…but he’s still no Guy Gardner! "

"The best Green Lantern. I know there's a lot of hate for him, mainly by Kyle fans, but the he's always been one of my favorite characters. The GLC is the best idea in comics, it's just such a great concept and power, these characters are only limited by their imaginations and willpower, that's awesome. Great, iconic, visuals. As for Hal, he's got one of the coolest day jobs of any superhero, he's flawed, and yet he's still a true hero in my eyes. Yes, there was that unfortunate business with destroying the entire universe, ghastly business that, but even then he was doing it to bring his best friend back to life and make up for letting his home town be blown up. That's got to be good for something, right?"

"He is the most powerful."

"The greatest lantern there is."

"I had a fascination with Hal since before Kyle Rayner ever came along, and Geoff writes him awesomely."

"The nicest bad-ass in the DCU, imho. He's another one I was introduced to via the JL in the very early 90's, and I immediately jumped on his solo book. The widely unappreciated Gerard Jones issues are some of the most reread comics in my collection. And there's really nothing I can say about the modern Geoff Johns saga that hasn't already been gushed over ad-nauseum, so I'll refrain. Hal rocks. That is all."

"Geoff Johns has made me fall in love with the character all over again."

I would rather the GL that made it too the Top 10 be Guy or Kyle, but I knew this was going to happen. I think this was more predictable then Batman winning top spot. Though, for the longest time I honestly though Hal was going to win this, the race was close too the very end. The last few lists that saved Dick Grayson also did a nice job of saving Batman as well. Well, kudos to you John and Didio for force feeding this douche down our throats.

Anywho, Hal Jordan was a test pilot trying to get out from under the shadow of his dead father, an ace Air Force pilot. Hal's father was killed inside his jet when it crashed. Both Hal and Carol Ferris were watching as the jet crashed. Hal then made a promise to his mom that he would never join the Air Force after the incident. At the age of 18, Hal ran away and broke his promise. Years later when Hal's mother was dying, Hal planned on visiting her. However, his brother Jack said his mom had no interest in seeing her son. After Hal was discharged from the Air Force his mother passed away . Hal and his brother Jim are the sole survivors of the Jordan family.

Much later, while testing a flight simulator, an energy field surrounded him and took him to Abin Sur. The simulator landed Hal out in the desert, near a crashed alien ship. The ship was piloted by Abin Sur, a member of the Green Lantern Corps, an intergalactic peace keeping force. On the verge of death, Abin Sur, with his power ring, sought out the most worthy successor on Earth. Despite some character flaws, Hal Jordan was given the power ring and its power battery. He journeyed to the planet Oa, home world of the Green Lantern Corps, and trained with Sinestro, a Corps member that would later become one of Hal's deadliest enemies. He became the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 (home of Earth) and formed many relationships among the superhero community.

In the 70's Hal was spreading himself thin, dealing with the Guardians' galactic problems and the close-to-home problems on earth. Hal went on a road trip with fellow hero, Green Arrow, whose personality couldn't be more different then Hal's. Hal even settled for a time in Evergreen City, Washington. It was during that time the Guardians assigned a back-up Green Lantern to sector 2814 named John Stewart and also depowered Hal's ring. After Guy Gardner's presumed death, Hal met and fell in love with psychic Kari Limbo, however once Guy returned from the dead Kari left Hal at the alter to take care of the comatose Gardner, and Hal went back to Ferris Aircraft.

During the early 80's; Hal was exiled into deep space for a year to pass a test made by the Guardians to prove if Hal was still loyal to the Corps or if his priorities were protecting Earth. It was during this time that Hal created a base of operations on an asteroid somewhere between sector 2814 and 2813.

After his return to Earth, Hal decided to leave the Green Lantern Corps. After this decision John Stewart was chosen by the Guardians of the Universe as the replacement of Hal to be the Green Lantern of sector 2814.

When his hometown, West Coast City was destroyed by the Cyborg Superman and the alien warlord Mongul in order to turn it into something called Engine City, a replacement for Warworld. Hal attempted to restore the city, but The Guardians of the Corps refused to give Hal more power.

Hal lost his senses and began to defeat other Corps members including: Tomar-Tu, Boodikka, Ke'Hann, Laira, Graf Toren, Kreon and Jack T. Chance claiming their power rings as his own. Hal even went on to reluctantly defeat Kilowog.

He reached Oa where he battled Sinestro (who was let free by the Guardians) the battle ended with Hal's victory by snapping his neck and led to the death of Sinestro. Then he proceeded to kill off all the Guardians except for Ganthet who had retrieved Hal's ring and went on to Earth to find Kyle Rayner. Hal then absorbed the emerald energies of the central power battery and destroyed it. Seemingly evil with power, Hal became the villain known as Parallax.

Parallax is responsible for starting the crisis known as Zero Hour. This was an attempt of him to rewrite history the way he thought it should be. Parallax fought against many of his former allies, including the newest and last Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner. His power proved so great that he was even able to knock out Superman with one devastating blow.

haljordan2.jpgWhen a being known as the Sun-Eater threatened to destroy Earth, Hal's goodness returned. He performed some "good deeds" such as healing a paralyzed John Stewart (another former Green Lantern of Earth), resurrecting his best friend Green Arrow, and sacrificing himself to defeat the Sun-Eater and reignite the sun.

With Neron and Asmodel releasing hordes of demons on Earth. The Sentinels recruit him to stop hell on Earth. He and the other Sentinels defeat Asmodel and Neron. He later is reborn, finally regaining his status as Green Lantern, and defeating the demon of fear, Parallax. He is now trying to atone for the wrongs he committed under Parallax's influence.

In 2005 Hal Jordan returned from the dead in the miniseries "Green Lantern: Rebirth" During this story it is revealed that the name "Parallax" came from an ancient yellow symbiote. Parallax was a creature that instilled great fear in entire civilizations, which made him stronger. Because of the menace Parallax represented, the Guardians imprisoned Parallax within the Central Power Battery on Oa. The imprisonment of Parallax was the reason behind the so called "Yellow impurity" that made the Green Lanterns vulnerable to the color yellow. However when Sinestro was also imprisoned in the Power Battery he woke Parallax and they started to elaborate a plan against the Guardians and the Green Lantern Corps. Parallax searched for a proper host in the Green Lantern Corps to infect, and he chose Hal Jordan of Earth.

After finding his objective, Parallax entered Hal's ring and stayed there without being noticed. When Coast City was destroyed by Cyborg Superman and Mongul, the control of Parallax over Hal Jordan heavily increased, making him mad. It was also revealed that Sinestro never died and that it was only a illusion created by Sinestro to finally break the will of Hal Jordan and drive him completely insane. When Hal destroyed the Central Power Battery and killed the Guardians (except Ganthet) he accidentally let Parallax escape at his full power. This was the explanation to the lack of Kyle's ring vulnerability against the color yellow. This story concludes when thanks to the Spectre, Ganthet, Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, John Stewart and Kilowog; Hal returns from the death again as a Green Lantern without any influence of the Spectre or Parallax.

After the events of Rebirth, Hal moved to Coast City which was being reconstructed. He also became a captain in the Air Force of the United States. He also starts to rebuild his friendship with Batman who finally accepts that Hal is a hero once again.

In retrospect, I really should've used a pic of Parrallax. Dammit to hell.

1. Batman (932 points - 74 first place slots)

"I like how he can bring down more powerful people with his brains and fight skills."

"Sure, he's the odds-on favorite to run away with this, but there's a reason for that. Superman may have been first, and Spider-Man may be the most "real", but Batman, through early guns and Monster Men, alien adventures, campy TV shows, Dark Knight Detectives, fantastic cartoons, goddamn Batmobiles, Morrison acid-trips, and beyond, has always been and always will be the coolest superhero ever. Mainly because all his badassness comes from the fact he's NOT super, just a man like you or me who is so focused and so dedicated that he made himself able to stand not only toe-to-toe with gods, but to at times look down on them as well, and actually be justified in doing so."

"How could he not be number 1 on everyone's list?"

"A little boy who spends every night trying to earn a do-over and have his parents back. Batman walks the line between noir and superheroics like no other character in comics, which have led to some of the greatest stories in comics. "

"He's the Man. The peak of human perfection, and all it cost him was any semblance of a normal relationship... Anyway, he's a bad ass kung fu guy, brilliant engineer, and world's greatest detective all in one. There's a reason we all pretended to be him as kids (and maybe now...)"

"He is the best. the O.G. if you will."

"Kevin Conroy said it best ‘I Am Vengeance! I Am the Night! I Am... Batman’."

"What's any list (and I do mean any) without Bats?"

"I'm fully a Marvel guy but Bruce was always the one character at DC who I could never knock. The gadgets, the life, the surrogate family, the determination to win....Bruce can't be equaled!"

"What's not to love about Batman?"

"He should be on everyone's List he is the ultimate superhero."

"He's been my favorite character since as far back as I can remember. Iconic look, great and memorable stories in all mediums (comics, movies, videogames, cartoons, live action TV, etc), one of the 3 most recognizable/famous characters in all of comics (with Superman and Spider-Man), tons of iconic moments and panels, one of the best collection of villains in all of fiction, he works in serious stuff as well as funny stuff or anything in between, with just his wits and a belt full of tools he can take care of any problem that comes his way. The only thing I'd change about him, is that I wish he'd smile once in a while in the comics, he hasn't done that in decades."

batman2.jpgMuch like Dr. Doom on the Marvel Villains list, and Joker on the Top DC Villains list, this one was pretty obvious I think (though, as I said earlier it was touch and go for a while there). But why do I do these if I (and all of you) can predict the outcome before hand? Well, its how we get to this spot really. Its not the destination, its the journey, as Picard once said. Yeah, that’s right I quoted Star Trek so go fuck yourself.

But seriously, how could he not come in first place? He is one of the few comic characters that transcends comics. He has had multiple movies out, he has had multiple cartoons and TV's out. He appears on a variety of tee-shirts and lunch boxes. Non-comic fans know who Batman is even if they have never read a comic, seen a tv show or movie with him it in. Batman is an icon and there is no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Sure, he is over exposed and such, but you cannot deny the impact this character has had on the comic world. How many Batman-ish characters are out there? How many characters are mere carbon copies of Bats? Way to many to count. Only a very few characters can say they have accomplished that. So bitch and moan if you like, but Batman deserves to be number one.

So congrats Bruce, I cannot wait for you to return.

Batman, one of the most influential comic book characters ever, was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, though Kane, who designed the character, often receives credit as the sole creator. The character first appeared in Detective Comics #27, published in 1939, and later became popular enough to spawn his own books. Along with Superman and Wonder Woman, Batman has provided many of the core story arcs for the DC brand since his creation. He is unique for the simple reason that he has no super-human powers and is an ordinary human relying on intelligence, money, inventiveness, detective skills, and a terror-inducing M.O., or modus operandi, to beat his opponents.

A regular member of the Justice League Of America, though not a founder, Batman makes up for his lack of super-human powers with a library of information and weaknesses of numerous villains (and his team-mates, should they ever go rogue). In the modern era, the Batman "universe" puts out more monthly comic books than any other universe in comics, though Marvel's X-Men often rivals it in sheer size. Beginning in the seventies many writers began to place the character back in his dark crime inspired roots including Dennis O'Neil, Steve Englehart, Len Wein and many others who made Bruce Wayne a facade and Batman the true persona. Frank Miller 's stories The Dark Knight Returns and Batman: Year One made Batman a moralistic force of nature that felt an almost instinctual need to protect Gotham City. Millers noir settings gave Batman stories a grim tone for some time to come, as the y delved into darker and more realistic themes. But in recent stories like Infinite Crisis and 52 have attempted to return the more heroic version of the character.

Through out the years, Batman has been shown to become one of the most powerful human beings in the DC Universe even though he has never been possessed of any super-human powers at any time in his life. When Bruce Wayne lost his parents to a petty criminal, he inherited a large sum of money [Millions which later became billions thanks to Bruce's company dealing] . With so much money, Bruce was able to dedicate his time into training to become a crime fighter. Batman is known as the “World’s Greatest Detective.” His deductive skills have been shown to be almost limitless. Batman is fluent in many languages and is also a very brilliant scientist, such as chemistry and his specialty, forensic science. Batman also has a supercomputer that he dubbed the “Bat-Computer” in which he uses when he is solving cases. Tim Drake has been shown to be the only other person to have a full understanding of how to use the Bat-Computer. He is an expert user of many vehicles such as a car, motorcycle, helicopter, Jet-Skis, planes, boats, and hang gliders. Batman has been an excellent strategist from the start. When he first figured out that criminals were superstitious cowards, he began using the bat as intimidation to throw his enemies off balance. His utility belt also has a wide array of weapons which he may need during a fight. While he fights, he usually calculates several moves ahead to be able to calculate the best possible strategy to win. His teachers are Henri Ducard, Kirigi, African Bushmen, Monks, and Harvey Harris. Ducard taught him the art of manhunting. Kirigi taught him the art of ninjutsu. The African Bushmen taught him how to track. Monks taught him healing arts. Harvey Harris taught him detective skills

batman1.jpgAfter finally returning to Gotham as the Batman, Bruce has become a master martial artist, acrobat, and escapologist. He is also an expert in many different and exotic weapons. However, with his parents having been killed by a gun, he has always rejected the use of guns. Due to him being a regular human being, his physical strength cannot be matched with a super-humanoid. However, he is still one of the greatest fighters in the DC Universe, and only a handful can defeat him.

Throughout the years, Batman began putting himself through rigorous training in his Batcave, and it has made him so strong that it is near meta-human level. Having mastered several martial arts such as boxing, karate, jujitsu, kung fu, muay Thai, aikido, ninjitsu and kobudo (weapons handling), his being in the pinnacle of human physical condition combined with his genius-level intellect makes him arguably the most dangerous non-meta on the planet. He knows 127 major styles of combat. Even meta Humans fear the Batman; many consider him to be the best. Batman has even beaten Superman many times, using his intelligence.

And with that I want to thank everyone involved in this. I want to thank misac for posting the lists and making them look all pretty on the front page, as well as being able to keep a secret on who places where on the list. You are a very tight lipped individual, sir. Also I want to thank both King Impulse and Amoebas, they have both done some wicked awesome entries for this list. K. I. did the Young Justice Trinity, the Marvel family, GL's and the Speedsters. Amoebas on the other hand did the most obscure characters and all the Legion characters (which to me count as obscure). Without them I would've been way far behind and yeah, all three of these folks deserve a round of applause.

Now, if you haven't submitted your Marvel Hero List to me you still have plenty of time. The Deadline is 11:59 pm Feb. 28th, but I am sure you will get a PM from me if I haven't received one from you.

Till then, see you on the next Top List.

Do it, Rockapella!!


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