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Black History Month Day 4: Synch and Jack-in-the-Box

Written by Greg Anderson-Elysee on Thursday, February 04 2010 and posted in Features
Now here was a fun one! Will the real Synch please rise from the grave and stand up?! Everett Thomas discovered his mutant abilities when he accidentally shattered all the windows in his area after synching his powers with Banshee. This of course lead to a large group of police officers pointing guns at our boy here… of course. Everett remained calm and collected throughout this until Phalanx attacked the police officers and Everett, Phalanx’s mission being to kill the next generation of X-Men. Everett was saved by Emma Frost, Banshee, Jubilee, and Sabretooth and then was taken in to be part of Generation X.


Everett took the code name Synch in connection to his powers that allowed him to link up with other mutants around him and use them, sometimes even showing much more developed and full mastery of the mutants’ abilities more so than the original mutant themselves. An example: gaining the ability to fly from Chamber when Chamber had no idea he could fly in the first place.


Synch was known as the usual laid back and cool member of the group. His calm demeanor had attracted a large love from Gen-X fans, many of them usually branding him as their favorite member on the team. In the book, he was even the one guy to get team member Monet to drop her wall of insults and bi-- I mean, witchiness and even shared a romance with her. Sadly, Synch was not made to last in the mutant world. When Emma Frost’s evil sister, Adrienne, appeared on the scene, she planted bombs in the Generation X school, planning to kill the non-mutants members and their parents. Banshee and Synch rushed to deactivate the bombs. Unfortunately, one bomb was found which Synch attempted to stop but was unable to attain Banshee’s powers due to Banshee leaving the vicinity. Monet’s superhuman strength was absorbed by Synch due to her being the closest mutant near him, a power he used to throw everyone to safety. Sadly, due to the long distance, Monet’s invulnerability wasn’t absorb when he jumped on top of the bomb, saving hundreds.

But there still seems to be some hope for the character as Synch was just recently resurrected as part of Selene’s army of the undead against the X-Men. Though to how long he’ll be around and if he’ll continue to be alive to join back with the X-Men, who knows?


Synch Adventures can be found:

Generation X #1-70
Necrosha X event


First off, how the hell is this guy not terrifying to little children?! And I’m not even afraid of clowns! Zachary Johnson was the owner and CEO of Z.J. Toys. After settling the estate when his mother passed away from cancer, Zachary across something he never expected to find. The journals and paraphernalia of his father, Jack. Jack was an inventive genius who broke the color barrier in toy-making. Jack’s work was also being used for criminal acts by his superiors in the company, Whamco. Jack’s revolt only brought him the pink slip. Years passed and Jack mysteriously disappeared and left his son traumatized for the past years of his life. From the journal entries and artifacts belonging to his father, Zachary discovered that his father was Jack-In-The-Box, an old superhero from back in the day who had used his toy inventions to bring down Whamco and also fight various other threats in the city from super villains to organized crimes. As the years went by, Jack-In-The-Box fell into a trap of his arch nemesis, The Underlord, dying in an explosion while saving innocents.


Through Jack’s journals, Zachary learned that the Underlord was in fact still alive. Zachary was determined to bring his father’s killer to justice and took upon his father’s mantle as the second Jack-In-The-Box, using his father’s toys and inventions to help him out while leading the public to believe that he was the original hero. He used footapaults that helped him jump in high distances and hand springs that can be used for him to reach on to things and punch people from afar. He also had joy-buzzers, allowing him to shock his enemies among many other goodies.


Unlike his father, Zachary confided in his wife, Tamra, everything about his secret life. Recently, after the discovering of his pregnant wife, Zachary decided to give up his life of being a superhero. Zachary was visited by three different future versions of his unborn son. In one future, Zachary is killed in action, leaving his son without a father which led into more tragic events. In another outcome, the son would become an insane vigilante, and the last outcome showcased his son as a lonely and depressed professor. Zachary gave up his mantle to protégé Roscoe James and continued to advise him, believing although he’s no longer Jack-In-The-Box, he could still do some good in hopes of protecting innocents.


Adventures of Jack-In-The-Box can be found:

Kurt Busiek’s Astro City
Astro City: The Dark Ages

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