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Black History Month Day 11: Slingshot and Myriad

Written by Greg Anderson-Elysee on Wednesday, February 17 2010 and posted in Features
Dynamo 5's Slingshot/Menagerie and Myriad/Wraith

Captain Dynamo was the respected hero of Tower City. He was well loved as he protected the city with his super strength, flight, x-ray and eye beams, shape shifting, and telepathy. Sadly, a day came when Captain Dynamo was killed. His widow, Maddie Warner, discovered his little black book and learned that he had fathered five children with five different women behind her back, usually by using his shape-shifting ability. Although feeling betrayed, she realized the children had the same DNA as their father, got them together, and exposed them to the same radiation giving them super powers, thus giving birth to Dynamo 5. Among the Dynamo 5 is over-achiever Slingshot who had her father’s speed and flight and womanizer Myriad who received his father’s shape shifting. Together with Dynamo 5, they have to learn to work together as a team and as family, whether they like it or not.

Slingshot, a.k.a. Olivia “Livvie” Lewis grew up believing her adoptive father, Neil, to be her biological father who raised her all her life after her mother died. She was the second child of Captain Dynamo’s to be approached by Maddie. She was already having a tough time handling her school work and finding time for her boyfriend when she decided to join her newly discovered siblings in protecting the city. She quickly accepted her siblings and even took to Maddie as a reporter she greatly admired. But it wasn’t too long that her time as a superhero started to cross over into her already hectic life. Her boyfriend ended up breaking up on her via text on Valentine’s Day and after her father was kidnapped, she was blackmailed by former employees of assassin, Lionel Barstow, to free the assassin. While Barstow killed his employees and threatened to reveal Livvie’s alter ego, she took Barstow to the authorities anyway. After Livvie explained to her father the whole situation with Dynamo 5 and Captain Dynamo, Neil felt betrayed, believing that his wife had cheated on him during their marriage. Livvie, though, brought up the fact that Captain Dynamo used his shape-shifting abilities to morph into Neil, thus revealing that his wife didn’t quite cheat on him.

Spencer Bridges, a.k.a. Myraid, is a half-breed alien who was given up by his alien mother. Although his mother wanted to keep him, it was not in her people’s customs to accept a half-breed in their world. His mother went to Earth and gave her son to his father, Captain Dynamo. Not wanting this child to jeopardize his marriage with Maddie, Dynamo put his son in the custody of F.L.A.G. (Foundation for Law and Government) research facility and told them he found the baby at an alien crash site, not informing them the baby was his child. The scientists experimented on the baby and exposed him to radiation that gave Dynamo his powers. The radiation gave Spencer his shape-shifting ability. He began to give himself human features of an African-American after forming a friendship with one of his female doctors, Dr. Bridges, who’s surname he eventually adopted. After unsuccessfully trying to talk the other doctors into letting Spencer go, she helped sneak Spencer out of F.L.A.G and left him for child services where he spent the next few years of his life in various foster homes. At the age of 13, Spencer went on his own, adopting Spencer Bridges as his name and eventually met Maddie, who promised to pay him to meet up with her. Always curious about who his father was, Spencer was disappointed to learn it was Captain Dynamo who he saw as a hypocrite and terrible husband. When Dynamo 5 disbanded for a short while, his sister, Scrap aka Bridget, decided to continue the team with new members including a woman with martial arts skills and strength named Vigil. It was eventually revealed Vigil was in fact Spencer. When the original members of the group reformed, Scatterbrain aka Gage, Spencer’s brother, questioned Spencer about shape-shifting into a woman and also his sexuality. Spencer confides in Gage, telling him that as part of his alien DNA, he would label himself as gay nor heterosexual and takes his abilities of shape-shifting as way of experimentation that presents many opportunities.

When the team is kidnapped by their evil sister, Synergy, another child of their father‘s flings, and Father Gideon, Maddie’s son of another marriage, their powers are stripped away. They eventually are exposed to the same radiation again, only this time Livvie gets Spencer’s ability to shape shift but is only able to transform into animals while Spencer receives Gage’s abilities of telepathy. While Livvie seems to get the hang of her new powers and names herself Menagerie, Spencer begins to feel like an outsider due to his inability to shield his alien look although using his alien look to strike fear within criminals as a vigilante named Wraith.

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