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Black History Month Day 14: Unknown Soldier

Written by Greg Anderson-Elysee on Saturday, February 20 2010 and posted in Features
Vertigo Comic's Moses Lwanga, The Unknown Soldier

Dr. Moses Lwanga was a happily married doctor, philanthropist, and pacifist. Originally from Uganda, Lwanga moved to the United States as a young child and as an adult attended Harvard Medical School where he met Sera who was to be his wife. He was an acclaimed and respected peace activist who worked hard to try to stop the wars and injustice of Northern Uganda. He believed passionately in his cause and urged other Africans to use their time to go back to their country to help there country as best as they could and attempt to improve the poor situations. Lwanga and his wife go back to Uganda in a war zone area for medical aid. While there, during his sleep Lwanga is haunted by violent nightmares and a strange voice in his head, dreams of Lwanga violently killing people around him. On top of the seemingly random nightmares, Lwanga becomes highly disturbed when he has to tend to women and children missing limbs due to all the fighting which begins to get under Lwanga’s skin, the man who deeply believed in fighting without violence. His mindset shatters horrifically when a young boy comes into his camp, assaulted terribly and informs him the two perpetrators are in the bushes and still have his sister. Lwanga rushes towards the bush and finds the boy’s young sister but the rebels causing the trouble are just little children with AK-47s. At gun point, Lwanga is told to kneel while the young girl is raped by the other child. When the voice in his head begins to speak to Lwanga, he snaps, attacking the boy holding him at gun point and steals away the AK. He follows by nearly emptying the gun, blasting the boy into a bloody pulp. He then threatens the other boy to bring the little girl to his refuge camp. Lwanga, distraught at killing a young child and thinking all he believed was all a lie, he puts the gun to his mouth. The voice comes back again, telling Lwanga that he can change Uganda. Lwanga cracks, and in an attempt to kill the voice in his head, he grabs a rock and bloodily scrubs it all around his face until he collapse.

His clothes and wallet are looted by orphan children passing by and he’s eventually picked up some time later by an ox herdsman. When Lwanga finally awakens, he finds himself in an all girl’s school supervised by a Nun, Sister Sharon. His face is bandaged up and he’s given food and shelter. While staying at the school, he befriends a young orphan girl named Anna and tells her his name is Patrick. One night after receiving another nightmare where he’s visited by the young boy he killed and then is told by Jesus to remember, Lwanga wakes up to find a nun getting shot by rebel soldiers who plan to take the girls from the school as wives and sex slaves. Objecting to the voice in his head, he refuses to kill anymore of these kid soldiers and unfortunately gets captured by the rebels. After Sister Sharon makes a deal to the rebel’s lieutenant to take ten of the thirty girls, she sneaks to Lwanga and unties him who then proceeds to save the girls. While the plan begins to work with Lwanga giving into the voice and killing soldiers to escape and laying mine traps for them, one of the girls is shot and dies in his arm. Angered, Lwanga kills the shooter then brings the girls back to the school.

Lwanga is reunited with his wife as they share a night together when Lwanga returns to the village of his camp. In the middle of the night, the camp gets invaded by the rebel soldiers in search of Lwanga. Lwanga is of course ready for them and begins to kill through a horde of child soldiers while the army fight against the rebels. After an intense battle with the rebel lieutenant, he defeats and ties him up. After learning about the people behind all the horror going on in Uganda, being informed the girls back at the camp were recaptured, and imagining little Anna being taken away to get her arms chopped off, Lwanga makes a promise to kill all those involved, no matter if they’re man or child, to rid Uganda of the filth by all means necessary. His mission goes on monthly in Vertigo Comic’s Unknown Soldier.


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