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Black History Month Day 18: Monica Rambeau

Written by Greg Anderson-Elysee on Saturday, February 27 2010 and posted in Features
Paging Monica Rambeau… I mean Captain Marvel… no, I mean Photon… Pulsar? Ah, screw it! Monica Rambeau it is!

Monica Rambeau was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and was a dedicated lieutenant in the New Orleans harbor patrol. One day attempting to help a family friend, Professor Andre LeClare, in stopping an evil dictator Ramirez and scientist Picaro from wrongfully using LeClare’s technology for weapons, Monica was hit by the device’s rays. LeClare’s technology was able to tap into other dimensional energies and modified Monica’s DNA, giving her abilities to tap into the energy spectrum and become pure energy. With this ability she can generate, absorb, and manipulate energy ranging from solar, gamma rays, cosmic rays, X-rays, ultraviolet radiation, visible light, electricity, infrared radiation, microwaves, radio waves and neutrinos. Talk about powerful, yeesh! She can even fly at light speed! LeClare urged Monica to use her powers for crime fighting and was dubbed Captain Marvel by the media. While crime-fighting, she befriended Spider-Man and Iron Man who helped her with her powers, the former introducing her to the Avengers where she would become a full and respected member of the team. For a time, she even lead the team, being nominated by Captain America himself when Wasp stepped down. Monica would become the first black character to do so.

Unfortunately, Monica would be forced to retire the position after a mission that ended her severely injured and powerless. Monica fought her way to recovery and would regain her special abilities. She eventually resumed crime-fighting and found herself in space in various adventures. She even went through a few story-lines where she gave off her Captain Marvel moniker to Genis, the son of the original Captain Marvel aka Mar-Vell, while she adapted the name Photon. Hilarity ensured when later Monica finds out that Genis adapted the name Photon for himself when he wanted to separate himself from his father’s shadow. Annoyed at this, Monica settled on the name Pulsar but has been going by her real name since then. She would then find herself a member and leader of Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. (Highest Anti-Terrorism Effort), a satire and highly fan-favorite’d series where Monica annoyed her team-mates by frequently referring to her days as an Avenger and humorously shouting the names of her powers whenever she attacked.

After her appearance in Nextwave, she befriended T’Challa, the Black Panther, and helped a group of heroes including T’Challa, Luke Cage, Blade, and Brother Voodoo in destroying vampires from taking advantage of New Orleans post Hurricane Katrina. She would then form a short-lived romance with Brother Voodoo who has been playfully stalking her by leaving a Vodou doll by her door and delivering flowers through zombies ever since. Monica also befriended Black Cat, Firestar, and Hellcat in the Marvel Divas mini-series after all four of them meeting up in a dating service focusing on super heroes.

Shout out to the biggest Monica Rambeau fan-girl in the world, Tahdigga!

Adventures of Monica Rambeau can be found:

Avengers Vol. 1 #227-333
Nextwave: Agents of Hate #1-12 (all collected)
Black Panther: Bad Mutha
Black Panther: Back to Africa
Marvel Divas

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