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Nathan Edmondson and The Light

Written by GLX on Monday, March 29 2010 and posted in Features
GLX interviews Nathan Edmondson about The Light.

People love to use light. They love to use it to see text on a printed page. They love to see it flash across a club, while they're dancing. Some of them even like it as a form of protection from the dark. What if light stopped being something that people desired and became something that people feared? The Light is a mini series follows an abusive father (Coyle) and his daughter (Avery) as they try to avoid being infected by a virus that is spread by looking into electrical lights. I had to chance to talk with Nathan Edmondson about the project.

Nathan Edmondson: The Light InterviewLooking through various interviews, you've mentioned that the concept for The Light was just a little idea that you wanted to work on at some point until Brett came along. What was it about his work that led you to work on this story?

It was really his interest in working on a horror/thriller story that brought THE LIGHT from concept to realization. I could immediately see in my head how different scenes and images would play out in his style.  When I did get art back from him, it was beyond the quality had imagined.  Suddenly, the world and this terror were both real.  

Will the series give some details about Avery's mother and how that affects the relationship between Coyle and Avery?


Since Avery is blindfolded and Coyle is sporting goggles, will there be any trust issues over Coyle's depiction of what he can see?

That's an interesting point.  The answer is yes but you've actually inspired me to go back and look at the dialogue to see if I can't evoke that aspect a little more clearly.  

Nathan Edmondson: The Light InterviewAny chance that Coyle and Avery might run into characters that have goals that are less than benign?

There is a chance, yes.  But: in this story I've tried to make the character's motivations all fall under the weight of survival, or fit into the framework of survival.  In other words, you can't have, for example, a character who is greedy just to be greedy.  If I have a character who is greedy, his avarice must be a result of or a way of coping with the infection. 

Will any of the survivors panic over a lack of technology?

I'm not sure panic is really an option.  Those that panic make mistakes and are likely going to get infected.  The survivors by definition are those who have been able to maintain some kind of composure--even if it's just because they are frozen like deer in headlights (no pun intended).  

How many of the survivors that are featured in The Light are blind?

Not many. 

Nathan Edmondson: The Light InterviewDo any of the survivors in The Light have any sort of religious beliefs? If so, what role will they play in the interactions between the survivors?

I think I would have explored this more if the series were longer (or if it goes on after the fifth issue...) but as the story is, I chose not to include this discussion.  Also, the story focuses on the immediate aftermath.  Realistically, the characters are a bit too shocked early on.  Only later, as they might witness the extent of the cataclysm, would anyone have the clarity of mind to start to question God, to think of the event in religious terms.  At this point, it's a fight or flight scenario. 

What makes Brett Weldele the perfect choice to work on this project?

Because he is the direct parallel in style to the nature of the story.  Moody, simple, and at the right times striking and violent.  I also admire Brett's habit of designing characters who appear very real. 

With Olympus, each issue had a variant cover. The Light, however, will be variant cover free. What led to that decision?

Nathan Edmondson: The Light InterviewBoth time and effectiveness.  Variants are fun to do but on a book like this they're not likely to increase revenue too much.  Instead we'll get some exciting pinups for the trade.  Also, part of the strength of THE LIGHT is its cohesive artistic mood, I think; and I want to see that presented with a kind of purity. 

Anything you want to say to those that are still on the fence about checking out The Light?

Get off the fence!   And when you've read it, get online and write me--talk to me--about the book!

The Light #1 comes out on April 14.

The Light

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