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Your Top Marvel Heroes part 2

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, April 12 2010 and posted in Features
More of your fav. characters, and some of these should've gotten double digits!!


214. Ka-Zar/Gorgon/Morph/Whizzer (3 points each)

kazar.jpgOnce again, I give you Amoebas. Oh, before I do: You people are stupid for not giving him more points. Idiots. Now take it away...

(and yes - the hyphen is mandatory)

In case you meant the Golden age Ka-Zar...

David Rand was only 3 years old when his plane flying over the Congo crashed. With only his slightly crazy father alive to tend to him, the boy relied on the jungle (especially a friendly lion named Zar. He grew super strong and as he got older he became legend fighting injustice. He eventually met a traveling girl named Mara who he was quite smitten to (they would later marry) .

After fighting Nazi's in Ethiopia in World War II, Ka-Zar returned to the jungle.

Many decades later he would be recognized as one of Africa's greatest champions. Little is known of him since.

In case you meant the other Ka-Zar (who should NOT be this low)...

A million years ago, an alien race sought to preserve a sample of Earth and created a reserve in the frozen wastelands of Antarctica. For hundreds of thousands of years, prehistoric life existed in this savage land and continued to thrive. Eventually a few decades back a British explorer named Plunder discovered the area. He brought back specimens and a sample of a strange alloy found there that he called Anti-Metal (later dubbed Antarctic Vibranium).

The Anti-Metal was so potentially dangerous in the wrong hands that Plunder ran off with the sample as well as one of his children to keep them safe. His idea of safety - the Savage Land.

Professor Robert Plunder was killed by ape-men shortly after arriving (worst escape ever) leaving young Kevin Plunder to fend for himself (and Parnival, the other son, was left alone in England wondering where his Dad and his bother went.) (Robert certainly did not win any Dad of the Year awards).

Kevin is completely lost and alone and really doesn't have long to live - until a huge saber-toothed tiger befriends him. The tiger, now named Zabu is smarter than the average saber-toothed tiger because he was accidentally exposed to radiation (and no - I'm not making this up).

The two formed an incredible bond that survives to this day.

As Kevin (now calling himself Ka-Zar) would one day spy a group of people he never saw before (The X-Men). They displayed strange powers and helped him in battle against his enemy Maa-Gor. For his gratitude, Ka-Zar kicked the X-Men off of his lawn and sealed up the entrance they came in.

Almost immediately Ka-Zar regretted the decision. He was lonely for people of his own kind. So of course when Daredevil accidentally stumbled into the Savage Land, Ka-Zar attacked him (did a good number on him too as he knocked DD's radar sense off line). In time Ka-Zar realized DD was a friend and together they teamed up against the Plunderer (who as everyone discovered was Kevin's brother). At the end of the battle, Ka-Zar was brought to England to answer for a murder he didn't commit (and was exonerated).

Spending time in his original home, Ka-Zar quickly took to speaking full English and being both in awe and frightened by the wonders around him in civilization. Naïve to a fault, Ka-Zar was enlisted to fight Spider-Man until he realized he was duped.

Returning home, Ka-Zar reteamed with Zabu and together they shared many adventures within and without the Savage Land (even extra dimensional).

One day a bombastic blonde named Bobbi Morse (pre-Mockingbird) came to the Savage Land. Ka-Zar did her.

One day a fiery redhead named Shanna O'Hara (Shanna the She-Devil) came to the Savage Land. Ka-Zar did her. Twice. Thrice, Four-five-sixty times. So many times that that they had to get married.

Matthew was born 8 months later (you do the math). (And if anyone knows the status of baby Matthew please let us know - because the Plunder family tree isn't well known for their fathering skills).

Years later, space ship crashes, Skrulls, invasions, yadda yadda yadda.

To this day it's Ka-Zar and Shanna are sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. (literally - "in a tree").

gorgon.jpgYet another Amoebas writer up:

Born into cousinhood with royal family of his species (called the In-Humans), young Gorgon had a fine childhood until the day he grew old enough to honor the custom of his people and submit himself to exposure of the Terrigen Mists (a gas that radically alters individuals).

Gorgon emerged with hooves instead of feet and fantastic strength. His new feet when slammed with force to the ground created incredible shock waves. With practice he could direct these destructive waves of force as they traveled through the surface of the ground.

A close friend to his cousin (king in the making Black Bolt), Gorgon became a leader in the Inhuman military, often training the newly reborn individuals after their Terrigen Mist exposure.

Years later, Black Bolt was (for the first of many times) dethroned by Bolt's brother Maximus. The surviving Royal Family fled their Hidden Land. Medusa (another cousin) fell victim to amnesia and was separated from the family on the run. Her subsequent run ins with the Fantastic Four led the family to New York and the inevitable confrontation. Gorgon took on the FF all by himself and made off with Medusa. United they went back to the Hidden Land to retake the crown (the FF followed and helped).

Black Bolt was again king and Gorgon retook his station as honored guard to the King.

Numerous adventures back in the human's world occurred as more and more of Gorgon personality became apparent. He may look gruff to all but he's actually a nice guy and also a prankster. He can also be fiercely loyal to his friends (as he was openly defied his own people's laws when Medusa was pregnant) as well compassionate (as he was argued with his King about the state of the slave like Alpha Primatives).

Not long ago, the Inhumans had a silent war with humanity. Gorgon was captured and re-exposed to the Terrigen Mists. He became more of a beast and his fun-loving persona now seems gone.

He and the Royal Family are now in space fulfilling a new destiny as they claim their Kree heritage as their own.

morph.jpgIn his original reality, Earth-1081, Morph was a mutant hero and member of his world's New Mutants, X-Men, and, later, the Avengers. He liked to make people happy and, being a shape shifter, he could always be what his friends wanted. After losing his mother, Morph became the character we know now, the comic relief, always trying to make others laugh.

On an X-Men mission, Morph became unhinged from his reality by the Timebroker, and became one of the founding members of the Exiles. He was basically forced to join the team, as were the other Exiles, or else something horrible would happen to each of them--in Morph's case, he wouldn't be able to maintain a solid form and would have to be contained in a jar. When he first met soon-to-be-teammate Blink she thought he was the Morph from her own reality, because they looked exactly the same.

He went through many missions as an Exile and outlived many other members, he fell in love with teammate Mariko Yashida--Sunfire, but nothing came of it because she was a lesbian. He even turned down an opportunity to leave the team and go back to his reality.

After the Exiles gained control over the Panoptichron, one of the first things they did was to return Blackwing to his home reality--Earth-616. However when they arrived at Earth-616 it had been altered into Earth-58163 (see House of M for details) and, as a result Proteus, the body-stealing, reality-warping, evil mutant son of Moira MacTaggert had been brought back to life.

The Exiles confronted Proteus, who took over the body of teammate Mimic, killing him in the process. After possessing several others Proteus possessed Morph, taking total control over him.

Since Proteus gains all the memories and abilities of the person he possesses, Spider-Man 2099, another member of the Exiles, came up with the idea to use a mind-altering device to make Proteus/Morph only have access to Morph's memories and personality, so he would think he was the real Morph.

Currently the real Morph is gone, but Proteus is essentially the same as the original Morph. If he ever finds out what he really is, he could destroy the Exiles and the multiverse.

whizzer.jpgWhat, another Amoebas write up? Wow.

In the early 1940's, Robert Frank traveled to Africa with his father (a doctor). While there Robert is bitten by a cobra. With little to no resources, Dr. Frank gives his son a transfusion of mongoose blood (reports that it was a radioactive mongoose have never been proven). Defying all scientific logic, the transfusion work, Bob was saved AND he was able to move at super speeds.

Back in the states, Bob decides to use his new found abilities for good and takes the name of the Whizzer. He fought crime for a time until the day Bucky, Captain America's sidekick, finds him and enlists his aid in fighting a mind-controlled Invaders team. Together with other heroes, the Whizzer forms the Liberty Legion and fight the Axis stateside. A year or so later he joins the fight overseas as a member of the Invaders.

After the war, Bob took a job as a nuclear tech and married his Liberty Legion teammate Miss America. The two areas of his life merged when his wife gave birth to the mutant monstrosity called Nuklo. The military took Nuklo (and coldly raised him). Bob tried to free him but failed every time.

The couple conceived again (twins) and fearing the military would take their children again they fled to Europe. Eventually they made their way to Mount Wundagore where his wife gave birth. Sadly neither mother and children survived. In an attempt to appease him, the servants of Mount Wundagore attempted to give Bob two other newborn twins that had been left there. Distraught over his wife's death, he ran and never returned, leaving his supposed children abandoned.

All that was left to him was a bottle (many bottles). A drunken bum, it was years before he gained enough sobriety to realize his son Nuklo was in trouble. He convinces the Avengers to aid him and together they reunite father and son. At the same time it is figured out that one of the 'supposed' twins is the Avenger Scarlet Witch. It will be a few years before Wanda finds out the truth. Bob Frank never does as he dies in battle, his aged body finally doing him in - but not before he helps cure Nuklo, his only natural child.

Robert Frank, The Whizzer was bequeathed "Honorary Avenger" status.


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