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Your Top Marvel Heroes part 3

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, April 12 2010 and posted in Features
Two characters I expected to get more votes but did not, and one Ult. Character. Actually, I want to say that any of the single digit votes are wrong and you feel that should be higher then I am sorry. In the 400+ lists I may have missed a vote somewhere, I am pretty sure I did not but still. If so, I apologize now and most likely for the next few weeks.


213. Chase Stein/Ultimate Professor X (3 points)

Chase Stein
chasestein.pngChase is the son of two extremely clever inventors but he often comes into conflict with his father over his average school grades and the fact he would rather play sports and work out than study. The conflict comes to blows just before the yearly trip to the Wilder home, while at the Wilder house Chase and the other kids discover that their parents are part of an evil group called the Pride, they witness their parents kill a prostitute. Later that night the group discovered more about the Pride, as they search around their homes and discovered things like Old Lace and that Karolina Dean is an alien, while at Chase's home Chase takes his parents' Fistigons and x-ray goggles. That same night they have their first confrontation with some members of the Pride, when they only escaped thanks to Old Lace. They manage to rescue Molly and escape to a cave that Chase found where no one could find them. They named the cave " The Hostel" and Chase takes the name Neo.

Prior to Civil War, Chase was romantically linked with Gertrude Yorkes, who was killed by a time-displaced Geoffrey Wilder from 1985. The emotional pain of having his girlfriend die in his arms drove him to offer up his own soul to the Gibborim in exchange for saving Gert's life. The effects of her death were still evident during the events of Civil War, as Chase would often lash out at people due to his frustration at not being able to save his girlfriend. Molly Hayes, the youngest member of the team, suffered the most from this as she looked up to Chase as the older brother she never had and had never experienced the distance and anger he displayed. Chase only realized how much Molly cared for him when she was nearly knocked unconscious by Noh-Varr while attempting to save Old Lace, one of the only things that Gert left behind in memory of her.

Chase has displayed a level of technical savvy that comes at an unnatural rate, manipulating and understanding machinery without even knowing why or how he does. This was most evident when he bonded with the younger Vision during their encounter with the Young Avengers. If this is a genetic trait that was passed on from his parents or rather signs of untapped intelligence has yet to be established.

Chase has at times used a switchblade in battle. Originally, he was in possession of The Fistigons, a pair of pyrokinetic gauntlets as well as a pair of x-ray goggles. The goggles allowed him to see through clothing, walls and even miles of rock. The gloves allowed him to shape flames into any form he desired. They were destroyed by Nico Minoru when Alex Wilder had possession of them at the end of the first volume of The Runaways.

He has since inherited Gertrude's psychic link with her Deinonychus, Old Lace. As well as being able to communicate telepathically with Old Lace, Chase empathically feels its pain. Old Lace also empathically feels his own pain.

Ultimate Professor X
ultimateprofessorx.jpg"This dude is a total and complete bastard. He is manipulative, he does not have anyone but his own best interests in mind and he is ruthless in getting what he wants."

Charles Xavier is one of the world's premiere experts on mutants. A mutant telepath, Charles and his wife Moira MacTaggert wrote the book on post-human medicine, treating young mutants endangered by their own powers. Their mutant son David was born a few years into their marriage, but Charles never felt close to him. He had a strong bond with Erik Lensherr, the first adult mutant he ever met. As Charles and Moira drifted apart, Charles abandoned his family and helped Erik establish the Brotherhood of Mutants. Charles gradually realized Erik, now calling himself Magneto, didn't share his goal of peaceful coexistence with humanity. When Charles and his allies fled the Brotherhood, Magneto impaled Charles with a metal spear, severing his spine.

As the Brotherhood turned to terrorism, Charles worked to oppose them. Offered funding for a mutant school and hospital by the Hellfire Club, Charles asked Moira to take charge of the latter, ensuring that his sickly son David had constant treatment. At some point, Charles romanced his adult student Emma Frost, who eventually left him after arguing against what she viewed as plans to turn his students into soldiers. When the government launched the robotic anti-mutant Sentinels in response to the Brotherhood's terrorism, Charles sent his new students, the X-Men, to save mutants from the killer robots. The X-Men rescued the President's kidnapped daughter from the Brotherhood, winning Presidential favor, which was augmented when they saved Washington from destruction and Charles apparently slew Magneto. Charles secretly spared Erik, rendering him an amnesiac in the hope of eventual rehabilitation.

When David went on a murderous rampage, Charles found himself unable to kill his son, so Colossus, one of his X-Men, did it for him. Feeling himself a failure for letting down both David and his student Iceman (whom David hospitalized), Charles nearly disbanded the X-Men. Apparent progress with Magneto's rehabilitation convinced him to persevere. Tragically, Magneto later regained his memories and returned to terrorism. Suspected of collusion because he had lied about Magneto's demise, Xavier was captured by the Ultimates and imprisoned in Camp X-Factor in Guantanamo Bay. Later freed in a Brotherhood raid, he coordinated efforts to contain a nuclear power plant meltdown Magneto instigated, publicly redeeming himself. The X-Men were allowed to continue under S.H.I.E.L.D. jurisdiction.

Xavier is sometimes accused of using his powers to influence people for his own ends; though he denies this, he is not above deceit and manipulation. In his own way he is just as fanatical as Magneto. Only his conscience prevents him from being just as ruthless in the pursuit of his goals: protecting his students and achieving mutant-human coexistence.

212. Rage (4 points)

rage.jpgTwelve-year-old Elvin Haliday was visiting an unfamiliar neighborhood to trade some comic books with another boy when he was attacked by a gang of racist bullies. Elvin escaped them by hiding in the heavily polluted waters of Newtown Creek, but before he could climb out, Fisk Biochem workers dumped more illegal chemical waste into the creek, dousing him with it. Terrified and in pain, Elvin ran home to his only family, Granny Staples, and she nursed him back to health over a period of days. The boy recovered quickly, and in the weeks and months that followed, he went through a tremendous growth spurt that gave him a super-humanly powerful adult body. He was discouraged from seeking vengeance on his tormentors by the devoutly religious Granny Staples, who felt he should use his new powers for good. Fashioning a makeshift costume from a ski mask and a leather outfit, Elvin began operating as the super-vigilante Rage at the age of 14, targeting street criminals and drug dealers such as L.D. 50. He applied for membership in the Avengers, berating the team for their elitism and lack of visible minorities. Despite this obnoxious introduction, he was appointed a probationary Avengers reservist alongside Sandman after aiding the group in an other dimensional mission. Though technically part of a substitute roster serving as backup for the active team, Rage was a frequent participant in Avengers cases, facing foes such as Ngh the Unspeakable, the Tetrarchs of Entropy, Doctor Doom, the Brethren, the Collector, and Grotesk.

Elvin would help out the teen superhero group known as the New Warriors against the Folding Circle. After this he would become a member. While a member the street gang Poison Memories would kill his Granny Staples as a revenge tactic against Night Thrasher. They also targeted other members family, but Rage's was the only one that met with death. Rage would seek revenge and kill the ring leader Kimeiko. Night Thrasher would lie for his freedom to the courts. The courts would release Elvin into Chord's custody. Chord being the same guardian as Night Thrasher. Elvin would become a key member of the New Warriors.

Rage would go to Camp Hammond to train after the Civil War but left soon after. Rage left Camp Hammond with his old friend Justice to go and be a New Warrior again...only to learn there was a new team of Warriors already in place of the old ones. They re-united with Debrii and Silhouette along with some recruits from the Initiative (Slapstick and the Scarlet Spiders) to find Night Thrasher and confront him about creating a new team without attempting to recruit the original living members.

After the current New Warriors were disbanded at the conclusion of Secret Invasion, Justice's Counter Force became the New Warriors again. This time they are under the guidance of Norman Osborn's 50 State-Initiative.


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