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Your Top Marvel Heroes part 5

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, April 12 2010 and posted in Features
Five characters for your disapproval.


209. Sabra/Shroud/Thin Man (5 points)

Ruth Bat-Seraph was recruited into Israel's Super-Soldier Program when her mutant powers first manifested, and, upon graduation onto the state-sponsored Israeli Super Agents squad, received the experimental cape and bracelets that she wears on most missions until now. Taking the codename Sabra, she eventually requested a domestic assignment upon the birth of her son and became an officer in the Israeli Police, Tel-Aviv District. Her son died at age 6 as the result of a terrorist bombing on his school bus, but Bat-Seraph remained on the civilian police until the arrival of the Hulk in Israel forced her to resume her activity as Sabra. Since then, she has participated in various overseas missions: protecting the Israeli Prime Minister at a secret New York peace summit, working closely with the X-Men to expose the robotic Bastion's infiltration into the Israeli intelligence system, and working with Union Jack (Joseph Chapman) and MI-5 to oppose a R.A.I.D. terrorist attack on Great Britain.

Shortly after enactment of the SHRA, Mossad loaned Sabra's services to the U.S. Office of National Emergency (O.N.E.) to assist with enforcing the law in exchange for the intelligence and surveillance technology that Israel would need to institute its own registration program. Along with Great Britain's Micromax (Scott Wright), she was assigned to the O.N.E. coalition led by Bishop to find mutant refugees who had escaped the Xavier Institute. As someone who lost her child due to unnecessary violence, Sabra is a firm supporter of the Act.

Sabra's genetic mutation endows her with superhuman Class 50 strength, stamina and durability, as well as enhanced agility and reflexes. As e member of Mossad, she is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant (trained in both armed and unarmed combat) and trained in police investigation and intelligence gathering.

Thin Man
thinman.jpgTake it away Amoebas:

Bruce Dickerson: scientist, explorer, adventurer in the 1930's.

Attempting to conquer a Himalayan peak, he stumbled upon the lost city of Kalahia. The people there were long-lived humans with advanced technology. They greeted the outsider and in time they soon trusted him.

It was about this time that Bruce caught the eye of the Chief's daughter. They began a romance that would eventually lead to marriage.

During his stay, Bruce was purposefully exposed to a strange mist that made him age slower as well as an ability shared by the people there. Bruce was soon able to stretch himself to limited lengths and could flatten himself to paper width. Over the years he would be able to utilize his stretching skills far more diversely.

After staying in Kalahia for a long while and learning as much of their science as he could, he (with Olalla his bride) left to return to Bruce's world.

Just in time for World War II.

A patriot at heart, Bruce donned a costume and calling himself the Thin Man set about fighting for the cause of justice. He would meet other heroes and together they would stay stateside protecting their shores as the Liberty Legion. Olalla returned to Kalahia as Bruce fought the Axis.

The war ended and Bruce left for the Himalayas to find his wife. Instead he found the city of Kalahia destroyed and his wife dead. It turns out an old foe (Agent Axis) was behind it and Bruce vowed to rid the world of all Nazi's.

In time, Bruce would find Agent Axis and kill him. He is found guilty and sent to jail. However he's offered a pardon if he turns over Kalahia science to the US. He agrees and join a new Invaders team only to find it's a ploy by the Red Skull. After turning the tables, Dickson decides to build his own Invaders team, but that team too ends shortly after.

shroud.jpgAnother Amoebas:

In a darkened alley, 10 year old Max Coleridge saw his parent gunned down. The young child vowed to dedicate his life to stopping crime and fight for justice. Once he finished college he enlisted in the Cult of Kali. Here, he studied the martial arts at which he excelled. Upon graduation he was chosen to receive the Kiss of Kali. The 'kiss' was actually a branding with a red hot iron poker in the shape of Kali. Max was immediately hospitalized for his burns.

As he recovered his sight grew dim and eventually faded completely. It was however replaced with a new sense that was mystical in nature. His new sight works similar to Dardevil's radar sense with the difference that Max can 'see' through walls.

Gaining full control of his gift, he dons himself in black, takes the name the Shroud and finally begins the mission that started with his parents blood.

If the Shroud was to work, he couldn't waste his time on the small stuff. So instead of muggers, hoodlums and burglars, the Shroud decided to take on Doctor Doom. Infiltrating Latveria and working with the underground, he actually came close to killing Von Doom, but stopped as Doom turned ally in a fight against the Red Skull. The battle led to space where the Shroud was hit with a hypno-ray. The battle concluded without him.

Back on Earth, it's found that the ray changed him. A bout with insanity led to him discovering that he had access to the Darkforce and he quickly mastered it to create dark images which he uses ingeniously.

Realizing (at last) that he needs to lower his expectations, he moves to LA and works undercover as a villain. He forms a group called the Night Shift, using his 'crimes' as a means to go deeper and take out crime at it's source. His good intentions are known to a few, so his occasional run-ins with the West Coast Avengers leaves him free to continue his work.

Those WCA run-ins led to something else. A romance with Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter). Together they fought against the Super-Hero Registration Act.

Little has been seen from him since.

208. Karolina Dean/Atlanta Blur (5 points)

Karolina Dean
karolinadean.jpgKarolina Dean is the only child of two famous Hollywood actors, Frank & Leslie Dean. She grew up living a normal life up until the day she discovered the truth about her parents. Like the rest of the Runaways, Karolina discovered that her parents were part of the Pride, an evil organization aiming to end the world. Along with her friends, she ran away from home, stealing weapons and resources from their parents in the process. It was around that time that Karolina discovered that she was an alien and that she had superhuman powers. Together, the Runaways decided to both atone for the evil deeds their parents committed and overthrow the Pride. When the kids finally did take on the Pride, their parents died in an explosion. The Runaways were then sent to separate foster homes by the Avengers.

A few weeks later, Karolina organized a group meeting during which the Runaways decided to stay together and run from the authorities. Karolina stayed with the group for a short while during which she confessed her love for Nico, after which an alien Skrull, named Xavin, came to Earth seeking her fiancée, Karolina. The team fought the Skrull but when he announced that their union would stop a war between their home worlds, Karolina agreed to leave with him to stop the conflict. She then spent some time in space with Xavin, during which she discovered more about her powers, learned about her people, the Majesdanians, and wed Xavin, whose shape-shifting abilities allowed him to become a woman for Karolina.

Karolina has since come back to Earth after she and Xavin's peoples clashed again, around which time Majesdania was destroyed. She and Xavin have reintegrated the group and are helping the Runaways fight the villains who have come to California after the power vacuum that followed the death of the Pride. When the Runaways accidentally end up in the time period of 1907, Karolina meets Klara Prast, and convinces everyone to accept her on the team.

Atlanta Blurblur.jpg
The other "Whizzer" if you will, no the other, other one. Not the Golden Ager which we already saw, but the MAX version of the Squadron Supreme. We actually have one other character from this universe, so yeah. Oh, and a few more Ultimate characters as well. Yay.

Was a very sick child until he gained his powers. Grew up living with his single mother in the USA, near Atlanta, Georgia. Once Hyperion became public knowledge, he tracked Stanley down as he was little more than a myth before then, known as the "Atlanta Blur," he was sort of a Bigfoot legend in the area. Once the public learned of him, he became the sponsor for many sporting goods companies and became "The Blur." He was also a part of the earlier team ups in "Supreme Power" titles, working with Hyperion and Nighthawk to bring down Redstone. He went on to become a founding member of the Squadron Supreme.


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