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Your Top Marvel Heroes part 6

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, April 12 2010 and posted in Features
A few more characters that will make you go WTF?!


207. Satana/Mr. Immortal (6 points)

satanna.jpgSatana with her brother Daimon was born in Greentown, Massachusetts. Her father told them they were evil and tried to make them go down that path. Daimon rejected being evil and used his abilities for good. Satana on the other hand embraced her abilities and origin. Satana's mother was a human named Victoria Wingate. When she discovered her children were demons and the identity of their father, it drove her insane. She was put into an insane asylum.

Daimon not wanting to be like his father was raised by a foster family while Satana was taken to one of her fathers hell dimension and taught black magic. Satana trained in demonic martial arts by the former Hell-Lord "Dansker". Though Dansker trained her he resented her and her father Satan for usurping his position millennia ago. (Later he returned to Earth in an attempt to destroy her.) It was during this training period that her soul was bonded to an arch-demon and agent of destruction know as "The Basilisk" It was a very powerful demon, considered one of the deadliest of the Satanic host. Satana was able to contain and release it at her discretion, knowing that each time she manifested it, it would became more powerful and difficult to control and that it was destined to one day consume her as well. During this time the demon Zannarth was also forced into her service as a resentful slave.

Satana was banished to earth by a mysterious group of demons know as "The Four". Once on earth she stalked U.S. cities as a bewitching succubus, giving the souls of men she had feasted on to her father. Seducing these men, she would embrace and kiss them, sucking the life from their swiftly withering bodies. The victims "soul" would take the form of a fragile butterfly which she would pluck from their mouths and symbolically eat/destroy with great relish. Satana has traveled about moving to different locations of "The Church of the Dark Father”. She was a powerful and charismatic figure in these churches. At this time Satan gifted her with a feline formed familiar named "Exiter", to serve her. At one of these "churches" she encountered Kthara (who had possessed Gloria Hefford, Damian's sister from his foster family.) Kthara was a powerful Demon-Mother of the Outer Dark who Gloria had mistakenly tried to summon. Satana was forced to unleash the Basilisk to consume Kthara. For a brief time Satana was transformed into a mortal women named Judith Camber.

Satana was killed by the Basilisk-Demon that was spiritually bonded with her so it died too. Satana was sent to one of her fathers hell dimensions. She was brought back to life to join the witches and help them. The last she is seen taking souls. She is also helping The Hood in his problem with his demonic possession at the hands of Dormammu.

Mr. Immortalmrimmortal.jpg
Mr. Immortal was born Craig Hollis. From early childhood, the cosmic entity Deathurge would tempt him to kill himself, however his deaths were always averted somehow. In one such incident, Deathurge told Craig to set his house on fire and hide inside it. He was saved by a fireman, but his father, however, was killed. This would be the last time he would see Deathurge in his childhood.

He was adopted. His new father was alcoholic and abusive, and had a daughter named Terri. She became his first friend, and later in life, his first love. They moved in together. One day, however, she committed suicide leaving him only a letter. Deathurge then appeared, proving to Craig that he was real, and he was not his childhood imaginary friend.

He attempted suicide several times, but nothing, not even dynamite would work. He found out that he could not die. Realizing his potential, he immediately began to fight crime. On his first outing to fight crime, he attempted to stop a bank robbery. However, he was shot. He decided that a team would be a good idea, because by himself his powers are not as useful.

Craig formed the Great Lakes Avengers. Its members included Flatman, Big Bertha, Doorman, and Squirrel Girl. The team is currently called the Great Lakes Initiative.

His famous quote/punch line is: "All you're threatening me with is death and dying is what I do best!"

206. Dust (7 points)

dust.jpgDust is a mutant from Afghanistan. She was taken into captivity by slave traders who planned to sell her off as a mutant slave. When her captors attempted to remove her headdress she lashed out at them, turning into her dust form and stripping the flesh from their bodies. It was Fantomex who initially discovered her and went to rescue her. Wolverine had also been out to locate her, and assisted in killing the remainder of her would-be capturers and getting her to the safety of X-Corporation headquarters in Mumbai. While Wolverine was sleeping and allowing himself to heal she turned into her dust form, hiding all around the room. Jean Grey recognized telepathically that she was there and attempted to comfort her, but she would only say one thing: Turaab (meaning "Dust").

She was placed in Xorn's Special Class. When Xorn asked her to join his new group and she refused, he controlled her dust form and forced her to destroy Cerebra. With other students such as the Stepford Cuckoos, Dust went into hiding and helped Cyclops and Fantomex plan to take down the crazy Magneto/Xorn.

While at the Xavier Institute, she befriended and joined the Hellions. Instead of wearing a traditional X-Uniform, she decided to keep her traditional clothing, an abaya and a niqab veil. While also at the Institute, Dust was placed in a room with Surge. Surge and Dust didn't become friends, as the two had very different ideas about how to dress.

During the first field training, Dust used her powers to mask the maze from the New Mutants view.

When the Hellions and Wind Dancer (now Renascence) went to break Kevin Ford out of jail, Dust went because she was obliged to do so as a member of the team and because Julian had said so. But, when they got there, the New Mutants managed to talk Wind Dancer around, so the Hellions (minus Icarus) and the New Mutants (plus Icarus) battle. Firstly, Dust battled Surge, but Prodigy instructed Surge to switch places with Wind Dancer, and Wind Dancer used her powers to send Dust out of the battle. It was later revealed that she was flung back to the Institute, where her niqab veil and abaya had lost, so she was naked, but Icarus had asked Surge to take her one of her others, seen how a girl was the only one who can see her without them.

Dust also began to develop a good relationship with Icarus during this time.


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