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Your Top Marvel Heroes part 7

Written by Chris Mitchell on Tuesday, April 13 2010 and posted in Features
Four more for ya.


205. Butterball (7 points)

butterball.jpgBefore joining the ranks of The Initiative, Emery Schuab called himself Boulder and was a fry cook from Morgantown, North Carolina. He knows a lot about heroes. When he got to Camp Hammond, Taskmaster renamed him Butterball. He is indestructible as far as trainers know. He is obese, out of shape, and has a communication or learning disability. He could exercise all day without breaking a sweat. Taskmaster said he wasn't losing fat, and wasn't getting strong. It is believed that a side effect of his powers is that his body doesn't change. His body is "frozen" in that state when his powers activated.

The new cadets went to a nearby lake, at which point Sunstreak hit on him, because his invulnerability meant he was the only person around who was not hurt by her intense body heat (a side-affect of her pyro-powers). Before they got far, Emery, who due to his disabilities was threatened by her, took the jeep to head back for camp. On the way back to Camp Hammond he was stopped by a Serpent Society gang (Mr. Hyde, King Cobra, Mauler, and Firebrand) paid to kill Taskmaster. Emery was quickly confused and lost in the ensuing fight when he was taken hostage and the Serpent Society threatened to kill him with a ray-gun. Since this was impossible, the Initiative ignored him and began to over power the snake-people, forcing them to retreat. The next day Emery is kindly told by War Machine and Criti Noll II (posing as Hank Pym) he will washout of the program--but could get work in rescue or some other sort of thing). Before he leaves Taskmaster and the Constrictor take a picture of them on the ground and Emery standing tall. When Emery gets home (where he lives with his mother), he says he had the best time of his life, even though he is obviously crying.

When Norman Osborn took over the Initiative, he made Taskmaster the boss with the Hood for recruiting. The Negative Zone prison (42) had been taken over by a group of aliens led by Blastaar. Hood suggested that the Initiative wear down the enemy with washouts, incompetent super-villains, and anti-Osborn members (effectively, using them as cannon fodder). Taskmaster agreed and set this team up as the new Shadow Initiative. Boulder/Butterball was one of the members.

204. Death's Head II (7 points)

deathshead.jpgMinion was a creation of Dr. Evelyn Necker, sent through time and space to absorb the universe’s greatest minds, and warriors to further the goals of A.I.M. Minion's next target was to be Reed Richards, but due to an unexpected attack from Death's Head, Minion instead absorbed the personality of the robotic bounty hunter and rebelled against Dr. Necker, and thus Death's Head II was born!

After gaining free will Death's Head II fled through time and space and eventually encountered another of Necker's fugitive creations, the genetically engineered Tuck. The two would inadvertently find themselves entangled in a crucial event in the history of Earth-616, the prevention of Charnel's rise to power, and theoretically the prevention of Earth-9939's existence. Death's Head II, Tuck, and some of the Avengers of Earth-9939 fought Charnel, and defeated him, but at a high cost, only Death's Head II, Tuck, and 9939's Scarlet Witch survived the fight.

Death's Head II has traveled to various realities including Earth-9939, but was last seen in Earth-616, which he considers to be his home, in 616 DHII made numerous friends including Dark Angel, Motormouth, Killpower, and the X-Men, DHII even joined two teams, Dark Guard and Death 3.

203. Hogun/Korg (7 points each)

Hogun the Grim
hogun.pngAll three members of the Warriors Three made it on the list, obviously Hogun here is the first to appear. Two didn't do so well, but one of them did better then I expected. Care to guess which one? It’s pretty easy when you think about it.

Hogun is the most reasonable member of the "Warriors Three," which consisted of the Asgardians, Fandral (the Dashing) and Volstagg. These three warriors have fought valiantly alongside vaulted the heroes, such as Lady Sif, Balder the Brave, Heimdall, and the Thunder God Thor.

Hogun and his band were presumed dead, after the trigger of "Ragnarok" by Thor. In reality his soul, like all the others who perished in the Ragnarok, somehow got trapped within a human being. When Thor returned from the dead and started to bring the other Asgardians back. Hogun was among the first found and freed, along with his two friends Volstagg and Fandral. He now resides in new Asgard, which Thor reconstructed near the old Route 66 in Oklahoma.

korg.jpgKorg was a member of the Kronan invasion fleet that came to Earth from a staging ground on one of Saturn's moons. Korg and his brother Margus were among the ground troops and unknowingly caused the awakening of Thor from his mortal host of Dr. Donald Blake. Korg's people were repelled by the might of Thor and retreated from Earth.

The ship responsible for bringing Korg and his fellow Kronans home had suffered damage to its warp drive, and they spent years searching for suitable technology to make repairs. Eventually, they came upon a Kree settlement and conquered it, allegedly leading to a massacre of the Kree population. With their ship repaired, they set off to their home planet of Ria. However, the ship was pulled into the Great Portal and never made it to its destination.

Crashing on the planet Sakaar, Korg was one of six Kronan survivors but thrown so far by the crash that he did not realize there were five others, including his own brother. He spent a year in the region known as the Maga Mountains, evading capture by the Imperials and being seen as a mountain god by the population of a small village nearby. Because they believed him to be a being who had promised to protect them from their enemies, Korg kept that promise and protected the village as best he could from dangers varying from unjust Imperial soldiers to mudslides. Unfortunately, he was eventually captured by the Death's Head Guard.

Implanted with an obedience disk, Korg was forced into becoming a gladiator in the Red King's arena. When Hulk crash landed on Sakaar he was put in the same cell as Korg. Korg and Hulk began forging a bond while battling side by side in the arena and later as a part of the Warbound trying to earn their freedom. During their challenges Korg had to kill his brother and fellow Kronan survivors, who had become mindless beasts from the stresses of resisting their obedience disks. The trauma of having to kill his own brother would continue to haunt Korg.

After helping to defeat the Red King as well as liberating the people of Sakaar and returning the Spikes to space, Korg worked to restore Sakaar and rebuild what the Red King destroyed. After the destruction of Sakaar by the ship that Hulk arrived on, Korg and the rest of the Warbound forged weapons and plotted a course for Earth to make the members of the Illuminati for destroying the paradise on Sakaar that they worked so hard to build.

Of all the Warbound, Korg was the most vocal against the savagery with which they assaulted the heroes of Earth. He did not subscribe to the philosophy of "never stop making them pay" that had gripped the minds of some of his fellow Warbound. However, his protests never went beyond voicing his concerns about how far they were taking things. His loyalty to Hulk was unwavering, and he was committed to going as far as the Hulk wanted to go.

When it was revealed that it was Miek and not the Illuminati responsible for Sakaar's destruction, Korg tried to protect him from the Hulk's rage. Whatever had been done, they were still Warbound. But he couldn't hold back Hulk's rage or even No-Name's. It took Tony Stark's intervention to stop Hulk from killing everyone.

Korg fled with Hiroim, No-Name and Elloe into the sewers of New York after helping to repair the damage done to the city in their attack.

While evading capture by S.H.I.E.L.D., Korg was teleporting to New Mexico along with his fellow Warbound and S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Kate Waynesboro. The reasons for this became clear when the Leader revealed himself. He wanted access to Hiroim's Oldpower and used it to seal off the area with a dome of gamme radiation, declaring it Gammaworld. Korg decided that they would protect the lives of the trapped humans, despite being the target of the human's anger.

When it seemed to be the only way to destroy the Leader's dome, Hiroim forced Korg to fight him. If he died, the connection to the Oldpower would be gone and the Leader's plans defeated. Korg was reluctant but eventually plunged his fist through Hiroim's torso. He told his dying friend of how his people would clasp their stone together in a river of lava and produce an offspring. Someday, he had hoped to have that honor with Hiroim. However, the plan to kill Hiroim did not succeed in halting the Leader's plans, so Hiroim fought on as long as he could with Korg. Soon, the leader was defeated and Hiroim passed away. Korg remained with his fellow Warbound, protecting the humans still trapped inside Gammaworld.


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