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Your Top Marve Heroes part 9

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, April 14 2010 and posted in Features
Three characters that I can not believe are even on this list.


200. Maggot/Xorn/The Destroyer

As a child in South Africa, he was afflicted with a mysterious sickness that made it almost impossible for him to digest solid food.

Realizing that he was too much of a financial burden to his parents when he was twelve, he drove into the desert to die. There, he was found by Magneto who activated Japheth's mutant ability, which released two large slug-like creatures from his abdomen, when they were out of his body, his skin turned blue.

These two slug-like creatures are his digestive system, he no longer eats like a 'normal' person, the slug-like creatures eat for him and somehow the hole they create when leaving/entering Japheth's body seals immediately.

Years later he joined the X-Men during Operation: Zero Tolerance. The perennial flirt, Maggott found himself eying Storm and flirting with the other X-Women. Despite his carefree exterior, he explained his history to Wolverine, who grew a strong bond to the troubled mutant. Still not feeling like he fit in with the team, he left.

Later after leaving the X-Men he was captured by Weapon X and sent to the Neverland mutant concentration camp. There he gave his slugs to two young mutants, it's unknown whether the slugs could survive without Maggott for any amount of time, though one was later seen in the possession of Mr. Sinister. Soon after, he was executed with dozens of other mutants.

Maggott is one of the many mutants to be resurrected as part of Selene's plan to seek revenge on the X-Men for standing in her way to being a goddess. Mentally controlled by Eli Bard via the Transmode Virus, Maggott was forced to attack X-Force.

Maggott lacks a normal human digestive system. In its place are two large slug-like creatures named Eany and Meany. While outside of his body they can eat and digest any material rapidly. When they re-enter his body through his abdomen he gains superhuman strength and stamina using energy they create through digestion. This can be a painful process, and a (seemingly) unrelated side effect is that his skin turns blue.

Eany and Meany appear to be able to act independently of Maggott. Maggott has a low level telepathic connection to Eany and Meany, which allows them to communicate. Maggott also has the ability to see events (including future events) due to a low-powered psychometric power that Eany and Meany may also possess.

xorn.jpgYeah, the non-Magneto version.

Another Xorn appeared named Shen Xorn and says that the one Wolverine killed was his twin brother Kuan-Yin Xorn, who was being controlled by Sublime into thinking that he is Magneto. This was confirmed by Emma Frost when she telepathically read his mind. Xorn later saved the X-Men from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants being led by Exodus by opening his helmet and lets out a black hole from his head. He was later affected by M-Day, thus became depowered.

Both of the Xorn Brothers have a star that functions as their heads, though in different states. Kuan-Yin Xorn's star is in an active state, a miniature sun, while Shen Xorn's star is in a state of collapse, a miniature black hole. As such unique beings, they have unique powers. They both have influence/control over the four fundamental forces (Strong and weak nuclear force, electromagnetism, and gravity) and they also do not need to breathe, nor do they require food or water. They have been shown to use their powers for a variety of effects. Kuan-Yin used his star to generally control electromagnetism; he to emitted blinding light that can incinerate anything, released EMPs, and mimicked Magneto's powers. Shen Xorn has used his black hole to generally control gravity, pulling anything inside, even light. They both can manipulate the form of their stars, where Kuan-Yin can collapse his star into a black hole and Shen can cause his black hole to flare into a sun. Kuan-Yin displayed minor healing abilities and Shen displayed minor telepathic abilities.

The Destroyer
destroyer.jpgOk, he should be on the list. I love me some Golden Agers.

During the second World War, Kevin Marlow (more commonly referred to as Keen instead of Kevin) was an American journalist who was captured by the Germans. Arrested for being a spy, Keen Marlow was held in a concentration camp. There, he became the human Guinea Pig for Professor Eric Schmitt, the Anti-Nazi scientist. Schmitt injected Marlow with a Super Soldier Serum. As such, Marlow endured a similar origin to Captain America, bar the Vita-Rays used to stabilize Steve Rogers.

Endowed with the physique of a 'Super Soldier', Marlow escaped the Concentration Camp. He created his own super hero costume with a macabre skull-emblem to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies. As the Destroyer, he fought Nazis on German soil. He occasionally worked with the Allied agent Florence Von Banger, while he repeatedly fought against Scar, Herr Sin & Von Maus.

In the 1970's, Keen Marlow was retconned into Brian Falsworth. Captain America worked alongside Falsworth, and questioned him about the identity of an American called Keen Marlow. However, Falsworth remained silent on the subject.

Although Falsworth had the same experiences in the Nazi Concentration Camp that Marlow had, Falsworth became the heir to Lord James Montgomery Falsworth. As such, he later gave up the identity of Destroyer when he inherited the title of Union Jack.

Therefore, the title of Destroyer was passed to Roger Aubrey. Falsworth had worked alongside Aubrey, who had previously been known as Dyna-Mite with the Crusaders. As such, Aubrey became known as the Mighty  Later entries of the Official Handbook To The Marvel Universe indicated that Marlow allowed both Falsworth and Aubrey to use the name Destroyer at the same time. Therefore, this seems to indicate that there were three separate heroes identified as the Destroyer during World War II.

In recent years, it was revealed that Keen Marlow continued to fight crime into his old age. Unlike Captain America who had retained his youthful physique and appearance, Marlow had continued to age. Many decades had passed since the 1940's, and as such Marlow was an old man. He had married an African-American woman, with whom he'd had a daughter (who had grown into an adult). However, Marlow discovered that his health was giving up on him, and that he had limited time before he would inevitably die from a heart attack. Desperate to protect his family before his heart failed on him, Marlow donned the Destroyer outfit in order to hunt down and kill his remaining enemies.

Despite the appearance of his costume, the Destroyer is actually a human being. As such, he doesn't demonstrate any excessive super powers. Yet because of his exposure to the Super Soldier Serum during the War, the Destroyer has abilities similar to those of Captain America. This includes enhanced strength, stamina and speed. He was also an accomplished hand-to-hand combatant, was trained in the use of fire-arms, and was previously a talented journalist and war correspondent.


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