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Your Top Marvel Heroes part 11

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, April 14 2010 and posted in Features
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197. Juston Seyfert/Quincey Harker (8 points)

Justin Seyfert
justinseyfert.jpgI swear to fuck, every list possible that GLX can find a place for this character he does do. Top Teens, Top Modern, and now this. I guarantee this comic will be on the Top Comic Runs list too. We get it GLX, you like this book.

Juston Seyfert was normal human teenager tormented by the seniors at Antigo High School in Wisconsin. He grew up in his father's junkyard with his little brother named Chris; their mother walked out years ago. Being poor, Juston had to find his own fun, and spent the days playing in the salvage yard. Juston and his brother Chris would sometimes create small remote-controlled "battle bots" to amuse themselves

Juston found the remains of a Sentinel Mk VI outside of the scrap yard. Rebuilding and reprogramming the Sentinel, Juston attempted to give himself a better life. Hoping to teach the bullies a lesson and impress his friends (including a girl by the name of Jessie Ingram), Juston programmed the Sentinel to launch a mock attack on the school. Juston then crashed a vehicle into the Sentinel's leg prompting it to flee. The ploy worked and Juston was soon regarded as a hero in his town. Juston was soon wracked with guilt and began using the Sentinel to perform legitimate good deeds such as preventing a highway accident.

The giant robot sightings attracted the attention of the Commission on Superhuman Activities (CSA). CSA agent Brian Rineheart began investigating the case. Rineheart and the other agents attacked the Sentinel while Juston was attempting to rescue survivors of a plane crash. Juston and the Sentinel managed to escape. Soon afterwards Juston's brother was hospitalized for a migraine-induced seizure, while Rineheart correctly deducted Juston's connection to the Sentinel and confronted the boy. The Sentinel's mutant hunting programming reactivated and it went on a rampage. Rineheart (who turned out to secretly be a mutant himself) tried to protect Juston and ended up dying stopping the out of control robot.

Realizing the CSA was close to learning everything, Juston managed to sneak past CSA guards and reboot the Sentinel. Once again wracked with guilt, Juston ran away from home, deciding to use the Sentinel's DNA tracking abilities to find his mother in a desperate effort to reunite his lost mother with his family. Searching through the Sentinel's audio-visual files he found footage of the Sentinel killing a man.

Unbeknownst to Juston, years ago Senator Jeff Knudsen and Colonel Archibald Hunt used the Sentinel in a scheme to assassinate one of Knudsen's political rivals. The Sentinel that Juston found was programmed to self destruct upon completing it's mission, but landed near the scrap yard partially intact and initialized it's self-repair program. Realizing that the Sentinel still existed, Knudsen and Hunt sent an experimental Mark VII-A Stealth Sentinel to destroy it. Juston's Sentinel managed to ward off the technologically superior Mark VII-A in it's initial battle, but Juston was hurt in the melee after falling off the Sentinel's back. The Sentinel updated it's programming to protect Juston and built a cockpit where Juston could safely pilot it.

Juston returned home, having failed to find his mother but was attacked by the Mark VII-A, now remotely piloted by Col. Hunt, who was now intent on not only destroying the Sentinel, but also killing Juston. Piloting the robot for the first time, Juston managed to defeat Hunt's Sentinel once and for all while protecting the citizens of Antigo from the collateral damage. Thanks to Hunt and Knudsen's bickering over the communication channels, Juston realized who was behind the conspiracy and demanded the two leave him alone, threatening to expose their criminal activities to the public.

Since returning to Antigo, Juston has made amends with his family and friends. Having repaired and upgraded the Sentinel with parts of the Mark VII-A, Juston has vowed to use the Sentinel to make up for his past mistakes

Quincey Harker
quinceyharker.jpg"Blew himself up to kill Dracula. And he fought Dracula multiple times in a wheelchair!."

Quincy Harker was the son of Jonathan and Mina Harker, who played major roles, in the conflict between the vampire hunter Abraham van Helsing and Dracula that was chronicled in Bram Stoker's celebrated book Dracula. Jonathan and Mina were eventually married, after van Helsing put a temporary end to Dracula's existence, and the Harkers bore a son and named him Quincy after their American friend who had helped in defeating Dracula. Quincy was born at Harker Estate in London, a mansion that his father Jonathan had built, and Quincy was to live there the rest of his life.

As an adolescent Quincy Harker studied vampire lore under the direction of Abraham van Helsing. However, Harker did not intend to become a vampire hunter himself. But Dracula, who was repeatedly resurrected and destroyed, sought vengeance on Jonathan Harker for his role in his defeat. The first encounter between Quincy Harker and Dracula has not yet been recorded, but it is known that Harker began his war with Dracula once the former was past the age of sixteen.

Quincy Harker became Abraham van Helsing's successor as Dracula's greatest and most implacable foe. Harker created an organization of agents who helped him drive Dracula from London, Dracula traveled across the world in search of victims, but Harker sent his agents in pursuit of him. Harker financed his operations through successful investments. He and his men destroyed a considerable number of vampires.

Harker eventually married a woman named Elizabeth. Furious at constantly being hunted by Harker's agents, Dracula finally confronted Harker while he and Elizabeth were attending an opera performance at the Royal Opera House at Covent Garden in London. When Harker wielded a cross to ward off Dracula, the latter attacked Elizabeth. Harker tried to kill Dracula to save his wife, but Dracula seized him and threw him from his balcony seat onto the stage, permanently crippling his legs. (Another account, alleging that Harker was crippled in an encounter with a group of vampires and that Harker did not recruit agents until after he was crippled, is incorrect.) Eventually, due to repeated attacks by vampires during his life, Harker's eyes would become so highly sensitive to light that he would require smoke-colored glasses to shield them. Dracula abducted Elizabeth, who was found two days later, her body half drained of blood. It took four months of continual blood transfusions to restore Elizabeth to good physical health. Afterwards, Elizabeth bore Quincy a daughter, Edith. However, Elizabeth never fully recovered psychologically from the traumatic effects of being attacked by Dracula. When Edith was four years old, Elizabeth woke from a nightmare about Dracula, ran into the kitchen before Quincy could stop her, and killed herself with a silver-edged butcher's knife.

Since, as a cripple, Harker was limited in his ability to hunt vampires personally, he came to rely more fully on his agents, and turned in earnest to what became his trademark: the devising of cunning and unusual weapons with which he and his agents could entrap and destroy vampires. Harker even turned his wheelchair into a mobile anti-vampire arsenal and filled his house with concealed death traps for any vampire who chose to attack him there.

When Abraham von Helsing's granddaughter Rachel was still a child, the vengeful Dracula slew her parents before her eyes. Harker thereafter took young Rachel under his protection. On Rachel's sixteenth birthday Harker held a party for her. After it was over, Dracula hypnotized Rachel and was about to attack her when Harker came in and fired poisoned wooden darts at him from his wheelchair, causing Dracula to flee. Rachel van Helsing eventually became Harker's principal agent in his band of vampire hunters.

In recent years, for unknown reasons, Harker's organization apparently dwindled considerably in numbers. In his final years he relied on only a small number of operatives: Rachel van Helsing. Taj Nital, and Dracula's own descendant, Frank Drake. In addition, Harker and his associates formed alliances with the vampire hunter Blade, the detective Hannibal King, who was then himself a vampire, and Inspector Chlem of Scotland Yard.

Dracula captured Edith Harker and demanded that Quincy Harker and his associates come to an old mansion where he was holding her captive. After Harker's group arrived, Blade drove Dracula off, and Harker discovered that Dracula had caused Edith to become a vampire herself. Edith desperately tried to keep herself from giving in to her new animalistic bloodlust, but was losing the struggle. Harker was forced to destroy her using the wooden stake attached to the handle of his cane. The grieving Harker had her body cremated to ensure that she could not be resurrected to continue her vampiric existence.

After numerous further encounters with Dracula, Harker confronted him at Castle Dracula itself in Transylvania. Harker had recently suffered a heart attack and knew that ha would die within a year. In this final meeting with Dracula, Harker activated a time bomb concealed within his wheelchair that was set to go off in thirty seconds. Then Harker rose from his wheelchair despite the intense pain in his legs, wielding a silver stake. It is not clear whether Harker fell against Dracula or leapt upon him. Nevertheless. he succeeded in plunging the silver stake into Dracula's heart, killing him. Harker was about to sever Dracula's head to ensure that he could not be resurrected again when the explosives went off, killing Harker and demolishing the castle.

Ironically. despite Harker's great heroism in this confrontation Dracula was again resurrected and took his vengeance on Rachel van Helsing. But Harker's associates Frank, Drake, Blade, and Hannibal King aided the sorcerer Dr. Stephen Strange when he finally fulfilled Harker's dream of destroying Dracula and all other vampires on Earth except for King himself, who was cured of vampirism. This cure would only last a couple of years. What Harker and others main problem was, how can you kill something as dangerous as Dracula when they keep coming back?

196. Gamora/Living Lightning (9 points)

gamora.jpgThe Zen Whoberi was a population who were wiped out by Badoon. (However in the original storyline they were killed by the Universal Church of Truth.) Gamora was the only one of the Zen Whoberi that survived.

Thanos discovered Gamora alive and decided to train her as a weapon. Thanos wanted to kill the Magus who were evil and Thanos planed to raise and train Gamora to do the job. Thanos made sure Gamora was raised with discipline and he did not show her any affection as a father would show his child. This did not matter to Gamora because her desire was to take revenge on the one responsible for the death of her family and Thanos would provide her that opportunity. Therefore she trained very hard and became a master of the martial arts.

Even though Gamora was learning and becoming a master martial artist she still had more to learn. She went on a trip with Thanos and she got into a fight with a group of thugs that were able to defeat her in spite of her great skill. She was injured in the fight and when Thanos found her he helped her regain her heath cybernetically. This increased her power to superhuman intensity.

When Gamora grew to adulthood it was time for her to begin the mission she had trained for all her life, to go after Magus and the Universal Church of the Truth. Her abilities and skill made her a dreaded assassin. She was able to get close to Magus but failed in her assassination attempt. She had others with her in her attempt and all of them had to fight to escape the Universal Church of Truth. These others were Warlock, Pip the Troll and Thanos. Even though this attempt failed in due course the Magus was defeated. It was after this that it was discovered that Thanos was even more evil and dangerous than the Magus. Some time later, Gamora was piloting a space ship when the ship came under attack from Drax the Destroyer, whose sole purpose in life was to destroy Thanos. Drax had targeted Gamora's ship due to her relationship to Thanos and destroyed the ship. As Gamora lay dying, her ally Adam Warlock was able to take her soul into his Soul Gem.

Soul World existed inside the Soul Gem. This was where Gamora, Pip the Troll and eventually Adam Warlock existed in peace. Years later, when Thanos returned from the dead, Soul World is visited by the Silver Surfer and Drax the Destroyer, who are there seeking aide from Adam Warlock who had destroyed Thanos before. Finally Adam Warlock determined that Thanos must not be permitted to continue to grow in power. Warlock guided his allies Gamora and Pip the Troll out of their peaceful Soul World to the real world. When they entered the real world they needed bodies to exist in so their souls took over the bodies of three people that had died in a car accident. In the following struggle Thanos did away with half the population of the universe, including Gamora. When Thanos was defeated Gamora returned to existence.

A shit load of time passes and...

Having no purpose and wanting to do things for the greater good, Gamora joins the Guardians of the Galaxy. At first she is not trusted because of her past, but after risking her life to save the others, she is seen in a different light. While trying to close a fissure located inside a Dyson Sphere (an artificial device that encloses a star and uses it for power), the team decides to stop threats to them by turning off the shield that protects them from the star's immense heat. They plan to teleport out, but are unable to do so. Gamora braves the intense heat in order to turn the shields back on, charring her entire body from head to toe.

It took some time for Gamora to heal from this. After the Skrulls are found on Knowhere, the team's base, accusations run high, especially towards Gamora. After they find the Skrulls, it is revealed to all that Starlord had Mantis mildly brainwash them into joining the team. Disgusted, Gamora quits the team and heads off with Adam Warlock.

After a short run in with the Universal Church of Truth, Gamora and Adam return to the Guardians in order to help them continue to save the universe. During the War of Kings, the Inhuman King Black Bolt unleashes the Terrigen Bomb, which creates a massive rip in space-time known as the Fault.

Warlock is able to stop the tear from expanding, but in doing so he had to overlap the timestream, causing himself to turn into the Magus. Gamora, along with many other Guardians, is killed by the Magus before finally being stopped by Starlord and a Cosmic Cube.

Living Lightning
livinglightning.jpgMiguel's father, Carlos Santos, was a misguided patriot working for and a member of an extremist group called Legion of the Living Lightning. The Legion's goal was to take down the U.S. Government for the good of the people. During one of their missions they attempted to manipulate and capture the Hulk but would have their plan backfire. Enraged the Hulk killed almost the entire Legion including his father and nearly destroy their base as well. Many years later Miguel, hoping to save his father's name, went to the Legion's secret base in the Santa Ana Mountains and began trying to salvage as much of the equipment as possible. Miguel accidentally turned a machine on and he would get caught in the wildly firing electricity and was electrocuted. He didn't die though, just the opposite. The machine turned him into a being of pure energy, a Living Lightning.

Initially very confused, he even had conflicts having him clash with the Avengers. During one of these clashes he was seemingly killed during the battle. Later though he turned up alive under the control of a villain, Doctor Demonicus. His life of crime would end soon after, it was brief but he had enough

Not too long after he eventually joined the Avengers West Coast. While he only joined in an occasional adventure. He left the active roster to concentrate on his studies.

Sometime later, Miguel showed interested in joining the GLA (Great Lake Avengers) but misunderstood the meaning of the name and was disappointed to find out that the team had nothing to do with gay superheroes.

Miguel recently joined Captain America's team of Avengers, the Secret Avengers, who were against the Pro-Registration act. After Captain America death, Living Lightning was forced to join the Initiative and sign the Super-Human Registration Act. He is currently a member of the Rangers, located in Texas which is one of the teams in 50 State Initiative. Miguel was last seen engaging the forces of HYDRA along with his team the Rangers.

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