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Your Top Marvel Heroes part 12

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, April 14 2010 and posted in Features
Three characters for ya: {nomultithumb}

195. Radioactive Man (9 points)

radioactiveman.jpg"Loved how they reformed him, I really hope someone works off of that instead of making him a mere villain again."

Chen Lu was a nuclear physicist in the People's Republic of China, and was ordered to find a way to defeat the Thunder God Thor, who had thwarted the Red Army's invasion of India. Secreting himself away in a laboratory, Lu exposed himself to small doses of radiation until able to withstand a massive barrage. Becoming a living "Radioactive Man", Lu displayed his new found powers to his superiors and then traveled to New York City to battle Thor. While the newly-named Radioactive Man was able to initially match Thor, the Thunder God brought his powers into play and used a vortex to transport Lu back to China, where he apparently self-detonated.

Chen later survived and was later coerced into joining Baron Zemo's original Masters of Evil in an attempt at destroying the Avengers, but failed in destroying them. Years later, Lu joined another version of the group formed by killer robot Ultron, which also met with defeat. Sometime later the Radioactive Man escaped confinement and traveled to Vietnam, where he joined Soviet villains the Titanium Man and Crimson Dynamo and formed a team called the Titanic Three. Acting as free agent crime fighters in Vietnam, the trio were duped by a con man and petty thief called the Slasher and battled four Avengers, being Thor; Iron Man; Vision and Hawkeye respectively. Once the deception was revealed the battle ended. After a humiliating defeat by Kang, the group finally disbanded when the Crimson Dynamo decided to leave to fight Iron Man.

Chen later joined another incarnation of Masters of Evil led by Egghead but was defeated by Hank Pym and deported back to China. Whilst in China, the Radioactive Man worked for The Mandarin in an unsuccessful attempt to kill Iron Man.

Being sick of his constant defeats he tried to reform and joined the Thunderbolts which was comprised of former villains. The Commission on Superhuman Activities noted Lu's efforts to reform, and allowed him to assist Mr. Fantastic and Yellowjacket in building a holding prison for dissenting super-powered beings during the Civil War.

After the events of the Civil War Chen continued to serve alongside the Thunderbolts in hunting down unregistered superheroes. He continued his tenure up until the Skrull Secret Invasion where he fought with other Thunderbolts against Skrulls with the powers of the original Thunderbolts.

In the aftermath of the invasion China recalled all super powered being back to China to help rebuild. This included Chen Lu. On his return to China Chen joined the People's Defense Force.

There was another Radioactive Man in the pages of Black Panther. He was Russian. He has no known connection to Chen Lu.

194. Sunspot/Professor X (9 points)

sunspot.jpgGrowing up in a wealthy Brazilian family, Roberto da Costa was forging a career as a skilled soccer player until his mutant nature manifested during a match. It started with an opponent knocking da Costa to the ground, spitting a racial remark, and Bobby responded with a heated temper, sparking his mutant power and beating his opponent into the ground. Although confused after regaining his senses, da Costa was abandoned by all except for his girlfriend, Juliana. This attracted the attention of Donald Pierce, renegade White Bishop of the Hellfire Club, who attempted to kidnap da Costa but failed, taking Juliana instead. Charles Xavier intervened, sending his formative New Mutants to help da Costa confront Pierce. In the battle, however, Juliana took a bullet meant for Bobby. Consumed with grief and anger, da Costa helped defeat Pierce and accepted Xavier's invitation to join the New Mutants. Taking the code-name Sunspot, da Costa served with the New Mutants, learning more about his powers and participating in many adventures.

At one point, he was reunited with his long-lost mother who, because she was an archeologist on an expedition, had remained estranged from her son for many years. She invited Roberto and his teammates to join her on an expedition in Brazil, but unknown to all, Roberto's father, Emmanuel da Costa, had formed an alliance with the Hellfire Club and was determined to stop her, as he had business interests in the same area. The Club's assassin, Axe, failed to kill her, thanks to the New Mutants, and her expedition soon led to the discovery of Nova Roma and the New Mutant's subsequent recruit, Magma. Emmanuel da Costa would go on to become a member of the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club, the same group that originally tried to kidnap his son. Despite his Roberto's protests when he found this out, his father went on to become the White Rook of the Inner Circle.

Sunspot left the New Mutants at one point, feeling that the others blamed him unfairly for using his powers and injuring their teammate Cannonball during a soccer game. He made his way to Los Angeles, followed by the Warlock, and encountered the gang called the Fallen Angels. The two stayed with the Fallen Angels for a brief time, until it was revealed they had been gathered by Ariel, who was a member of an alien race studying mutations. Ariel betrayed the Angels to her alien race, who kidnapped the team for study. Sunspot helped the Angels escape, after which he and Warlock returned to the New Mutants.

Just prior to the disbanding of the New Mutants, Sunspot learned that his father had died, and he was contacted by Gideon, a businessman and mutant who wanted to help da Costa assume his new role as leader of the da Costa family fortune. In reality, Gideon was a member of the Externals, a subset of the mutant race who believed themselves immortal, and they believed da Costa to be an External as well. Gideon initially groomed Bobby for his role as an External, even to the point of being responsible for his father's death by poisoning him. However, Gideon soon discovered that he wrong. He instead subjected Bobby to hideous experiments. Sunspot was later rescued by his friends who now made up the team X-Force, and Sunspot joined their number.

One of Gideon's experiments was the attempt to reproduce Sunspot's powers in another being. A test subject named "Project 19" was given a transfusion of Sunspot's blood, resulting in the being Reignfire. Reignfire became the leader of the Mutant Liberation Front, and when the team clashed with X-Force, he hinted that he was actually Sunspot. About the same time, the true Sunspot entered a transport portal when battling the M.L.F.'s Locus and was separated from his team. Unfortunately, it was months before X-Force encountered Reignfire again, and when they did, their leader, Cable, used his telepathic powers to "restore" Sunspot/Reignfire's memory, since they believed that Reignfire must be a version of Sunspot from the future.

In fact, Reignfire had captured Sunspot through a telepathic link between them that gave Reignfire all of Sunspot's memories and allowed him to control the mutant. Reignfire then switched places with his counterpart, convincing X-Force that Sunspot was Reignfire instead, controlling Sunspot to the point that it he still appeared to be Reignfire leading the M.L.F. Shortly, however, Cable discovered the truth, breaking the telepathic link and ousting Reignfire. Still, Reignfire retained Sunspot's powers and memories, and in their next encounter he was able to siphon Sunspot's powers into his own body. In his final battle with X-Force, Reignfire's physical form was destroyed by a molecular disruptor, and he took possession of Sunspot's form. With the aid of the disruptor and his teammate Siryn, Sunspot eventually regained control. Sunspot then drained Reignfire of all of his energy, leaving him powerless.

Da Costa was later blackmailed into joining the Hellfire Club by its Black Queen, Selene. Selene originally taunted Sunspot by claiming that Damocles Foundation, formerly run by Gideon, was seeking to begin a new experiment similar to the process that created Reignfire. The two raced to stop it, and they were joined by X-Force. However, Selene wanted the process for herself, and she subdued Sunspot and X-Force. She then offered to resurrect the spirit of Juliana, Sunspot's first love, in exchange for his agreement to become a member of her new Hellfire Club. Sunspot, distraught, agreed, although Juliana was resurrected in the body of an unknown girl. Sunspot agreed, although whether or not he was truly reunited with Juliana was never revealed.

Presumably, many of Sunspot's allies remain unaware of his involvement with the Hellfire Club, as Bobby also served as head of the Los Angeles branch of the X-Corporation before its dissolution. About the same time, he was approached by Sebastian Shaw who claimed to be the Club's Lord Imperial, Once again, Donald Pierce appeared to challenge Shaw. Pierce was defeated with the combined efforts of both the X-Men and Shaw, being decapitated in the process. Even so, Shaw was severely injured, and he stepped down to allow da Costa to become the Lord Imperial.

Recently Sunspot left the Hellfire Club (after also form a new Brotherhood of Mutants along with other former New Mutants) and now he is instructor of the Young X-Men team and reformed the New Mutants as well (which is dumb as fuck).

Professor X
professorx.jpg1. I thought he would be higher.

2. Marvel has made him into a real douche, like post-CW Stark levels of doucheness.

3. I think he should be killed off.

Charles Francis Xavier was born the son of nuclear researcher Brian Xavier and his wife, Sharon. Following her husband's accidental death, Sharon married Brian's colleague, Kurt Marko. Cain, Kurt's son by a previous marriage, came to live at the Xavier's Westchester mansion shortly thereafter. A cruel and spiteful boy, he bullied his new stepbrother. As punishment, his father secretly beat him - and young Charles felt his sibling's pain firsthand thanks to the emergence of his mutant telepathic powers. Following their mother's death, a fire in the family home took Kurt's life, leaving the stepbrothers alone.

By the time he graduated high school, Charles was completely bald as a side effect of his mutant nature. He entered Bard College in New York at age 16 and earned his bachelor's degree in biology within two years. He was then accepted into the graduate-studies program at England's prestigious Oxford University, where he earned degrees in genetics and biophysics. There, Charles met and fell in love with a young Scotswoman named Moira Kinross. Their passionate discussions on the subject of genetic mutation gave way to romance, and they planned to marry. Their only obstacle was Moira's former boyfriend, Joe MacTaggert, a lance corporal in the Royal Marines and a bully, just like Cain. In Joe's eyes, Charles was a good-for-nothing intellectual, so Charles enlisted in the military after completing his studies at Oxford to validate himself in terms his rival would understand.

Charles quickly became something of a legend in the area of search and rescue thanks to his mutant abilities. Attached to the same unit as his stepbrother, Charles was present when Cain deserted under fire during a mission in Asia. Following him in the hope of convincing him to return to their unit, Charles witnessed Cain's discovery of the mystical Ruby of Cyttorak and his transformation into the superhuman Juggernaut. Charles escaped the subsequent cave-in, mistakenly believing his stepbrother was dead. 
Later, Charles was devastated when Moira broke off their engagement without explanation. He left the Army and began traveling the world. In Cairo, Egypt, he encountered Amahl Farouk, a mutant capable of summoning forth the darkness in the souls of others. This confrontation led to Charles' decision to devote his life to protecting humanity from evil mutants and saving innocent mutants from human oppression.

Charles next traveled to Israel, where he fell in love with Israeli diplomat Gabrielle Haller. He also befriended a fellow drifter named Erik Magnus Lehnsherr, a fellow mutant who would become his greatest enemy: Magneto, self-styled master of magnetism. Whilst Charles optimistically believed that humans and mutants could coexist, the Jewish Magnus foresaw mutants as the new minority to be persecuted and hunted because of their differences. Together, the pair prevented the nefarious Baron Von Strucker from launching his terrorist group Hydra on an unsuspecting world. Magnus departed with Strucker's gold, and upon departing Israel himself, Charles was unaware that Haller was pregnant with his son, David.

En route to the United States, Charles encountered the alien scout Lucifer in the Himalayas. To prevent any interference in his race's planned invasion of Earth, Lucifer dropped a massive stone block on Charles, crippling his legs. In desperation, Charles called out with his mental powers and touched the mind of a young mutant named Tessa who was operating as a mercenary in the neighboring Hindu Kush mountains. Tessa came to his aid and Charles was airlifted to safety. During his convalescence in an Indian hospital, Charles met Amelia Voght, a young nurse who fell in love with him and renewed his will to live.

Charles resumed graduate work at Columbia University in New York, and after receiving a Ph.D. in anthropology he spent several years in London earning a M.D. in psychiatry. There, Charles renewed his friendship with Moira, who had married Joe MacTaggert and was now a renowned geneticist. The two began discussing the idea of founding a school for mutants.

Charles returned to America and resumed his studies of mutation, working alongside Doctor Karl Lykos, a mutant whom would one day become the creature named Sauron. During this time, Professor John Grey, a friend of Charles' from Bard College, brought his young daughter Jean to Charles for help. Jean had been traumatized when she telepathically experienced the death of a friend. Charles aided in her recovery, and in the ensuing years trained her to use her mental powers. Charles later met with Fred Duncan, an F.B.I. agent investigating the growing number of mutants. Charles told Duncan of his plan to locate young mutants and enroll them in a school using his ancestral mansion home as a base to train them to use their powers for humanity's benefit. Amelia remained with Charles until the young mutant Scott Summers joined the school. She left, fearing an escalating genetic arms race between Charles and Magnus. Over the following months, Charles used the mutant-locating computer Cerebro to assemble his original group of students: Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Beast, and Jean, who took the name Marvel Girl. He dubbed his students the "X-Men," because each possessed an "extra" ability that normal humans lacked. Charles also recruited Tessa at this time, but kept her presence at the mansion a secret from his other students as he planned to use her talents as a spy.

Soon after, Charles learned of a planned invasion of Earth by the alien Z'nox, and theorized that he would have to link the minds of the majority of morally upright people on Earth to stop the invaders. However, he needed time in virtual isolation to prepare his mind for such an awesome task. To that end, Charles had the mutant shape-changer named Changeling impersonate him so that his students, except for Jean to whom he entrusted his plan, would remain none the wiser. After Changeling died on a mission with the team, Charles allowed the X-Men to believe he was dead. Months later, Charles revealed his deception to his students and repelled the invaders. The X-Men and the superhuman adventurers known as the Fantastic Four then traveled into space and defeated the aliens.

Years later, when his original students were captured by the sentient island-being Krakoa, Charles recruited Banshee, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Storm, Sunfire, and Wolverine as a new team to rescue them. Afterwards, Cyclops was the only original member to remain and help Charles train the new recruits. Before long, Charles began to experience psychic nightmares from an alien world. These images were sent by Lilandra, princess of the intergalactic Shi'ar Empire, who was seeking assistance to defeat her mad brother D'Ken. In the course of the ensuing struggle, Charles and Lilandra fell in love, and for a time he lived on Chandilar, the Shi'ar throne world, as her consort.

Charles and Lilandra spent much time together on Earth before her coronation, and during this time the X-Men fought Magneto in Antarctica. After the battle, most of the team made it to the hidden jungle in the icy wasteland known as the Savage Land. Phoenix and Beast returned to Westchester, believing the rest of the team had died. Heartbroken, Charles accompanied Lilandra to the Shi'ar home world for her coronation. When he learned that the rest of the X-Men were actually alive, he returned to Earth.

Some time later, Lilandra faced a coup by her sister Deathbird and the insectoid alien Brood race. The X-Men and the space pirates known as the Starjammers helped defeat them, but Charles had been implanted with a Brood egg which would ultimately hatch and transform him into the Brood's new queen. When Charles tried to probe the implant he was sent into a coma, and after he awoke he learned the X-Men had been captured by the Brood and taken into space. Fearing his students dead, and under subconscious commands from the larval Brood within him, Charles gathered a new group of young superhuman students he named the New Mutants. Following the X-Men's return, the queen hatched and transformed Charles into a Brood. Although his body was destroyed, with the X-Men's help, Charles was able to retain mental control of the Brood Queen long enough for the Starjammers' physician Sikorsky to clone him a new body with no disabilities. It was some time before Charles could walk again due to the psychosomatic pain of being crippled for so long.

Eventually, Charles began to take his most active role ever with the X-Men by accompanying them on missions. During this time, Gabrielle requested Charles' help in treating her son David, the powerful psionic mutant known as Legion who suffered from multiple personality disorder. Charles learned that David was his child, and helped him emerge from his autistic condition.

Charles' cloned body eventually began to deteriorate, and he was forced to leave Earth with Lilandra and the Starjammers to heal. He left the school in the seemingly reformed Magneto's care, joining Lilandra in the fight to regain her rightful place on the Shi'ar throne. After an extended sojourn in space, Charles returned to Earth and both the original and second teams of X-Men reassembled under his leadership to battle his old enemy Farouk, now calling himself the Shadow King. Charles' spine was broken in the ensuing battle, leaving him crippled and confined to a wheelchair once more.

Since the X-Men were all now highly trained adults, Charles renamed his school as the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. He also assumed control of a private institution, the Massachusetts Academy, and transformed it into a new School for Gifted Youngsters. There, yet another new crop of young mutants, Generation X, learned to use their budding superhuman abilities, with Banshee and Emma Frost as headmasters.

Charles' next major confrontation came when Magneto initiated a lethal electromagnetic pulse inside Earth's atmosphere. Charles and his X-Men took the fight to Magneto's orbital base and, in the ensuing battle, Magneto viciously attacked Wolverine, forcibly extracting the metal that had been bonded to his skeleton from his body. Seeing no other alternative, Charles used his mental powers to shut down Magneto's conscious mind. During this desperate act, the evil portion of Magneto's psyche implanted itself within Charles' mind. This evil aspect, combined with the darkest part of Charles' soul, gained sentience as the powerful psionic being known as Onslaught.
After a pitched battle, America's greatest super heroes narrowly defeated Onslaught. To ensure that Charles never again spawned such a being, the United States government took him into custody. Although Charles was willing to pay the price for his folly, he was appalled when the government turned him over to the custody of Bastion, head of the anti-mutant Operation: Zero Tolerance. After Zero Tolerance was shut down, the X-Men set out to search for their missing founder. When they finally located him, Charles was leading a new incarnation of the Brotherhood of Mutants in an attempt to defeat a now-sentient Cerebro. Charles ultimately defeated Cerebro by showing him the unique importance of each living individual.

Charles subsequently returned to the X-Men, but soon after disbanded the team over fears a member of the shape-shifting alien race known as the Skrulls had infiltrated them. After Wolverine was seemingly killed in battle, it was revealed that it was actually a Skrull impersonating him who had died, thus proving Charles' theory correct. The X-Men reformed in time to foil the plans of the eternal mutant Apocalypse, who sought to rule the world by using the power of the Twelve -- a fabled team of mutants, including Charles and Magneto, who were destined to usher in a new golden age for their kind. After Apocalypse was defeated, Charles departed Earth with Cadre K, a team of adolescent mutant Skrulls, to help them find a new home.

Charles returned to the X-Men to lead them once more, but was captured by Magneto who had been amassing an army on the island nation of Genosha in preparation for an all-out war against humanity. The X-Men rescued their founder, and Magneto was himself crippled by Wolverine. Soon after, Genosha's population was obliterated by giant mutant-hunting robotic Sentinels sent by Charles' malevolent genetic twin sister, Cassandra Nova. Charles found himself powerless against his sister after she switched bodies with him, trapping his mind in her own dying form. In Charles' body, Nova publicly outed him as a mutant and then left Earth with Lilandra whom she convinced to order the Shi'ar's superhuman Imperial Guard to destroy all mutants on Earth. After a pitched battle with the X-Men during which Nova's deception was revealed, Jean Grey absorbed Charles' consciousness into her own mind, then used the new mutant-locating Cerebra device to hide pieces of it in the minds of every mutant on Earth. When Nova went to use Cerebra to kill all of Earth's mutants, she unwittingly reformed Charles' consciousness and he forced her out of his body. Once Nova was defeated, Xorn, the X-Men's newest member, healed Charles' body.

Free of having to hide behind a veil of secrecy, Charles took to his now public role as a mutant rights activist with vigor. He opened his school to mutants everywhere, and the X-Men became the new faculty. It was not long, however, before Charles' world came crashing down around him after it was revealed that Xorn was seemingly Magneto in disguise. His old nemesis had survived the Genoshan holocaust and infiltrated the X-Men, gathering together a class of students to use as his new soldiers for the war against mankind. Xorn crippled Charles once more and took control of New York City, rechristening it New Genosha. Using a neurotoxic drug known as Kick to boost his powers, Xorn planned to reverse the magnetic poles of the Earth, destroying humanity and ushering in a new age for mutant kind. However, his students rebelled, and the timely arrival of the X-Men saw a permanent end to his plans after Wolverine decapitated him.

Disillusioned, Charles left the Institute in the care of the X-Men and traveled to Genosha to supposedly give Magneto a proper burial. Wolverine accompanied Charles, and the two argued over their differing opinions of Magneto. Wolverine left on less than friendly terms, leaving Charles to help rebuild the shattered mutant nation alongside the true Magneto, who was revealed to be alive and well and living on the island. Shortly thereafter, Wanda Maximoff went insane and killed several of the Avengers. Magneto retrieved her and begged Xavier to treat her. He tried, but even with the help of Doctor Strange, Xavier was unable to expel her insanity. While the X-men and the Avengers met with Xavier to discuss her fate, Quicksilver convinced Wanda to alter reality with her powers. Wanda did, altered reality into the House of M, a world where mutants were the majority, humans the minority and Magneto was their ruler. In this alternate reality, Magneto and the others believed that Xavier died years ago helping free Genosha from the homo sapiens fascists. Eventually, the plot was unveiled, and Wanda used her magic once more, reverting the world as it had been, with one major exception: ninety-eight percent of the mutant population had lost their powers, leaving the mutant race on the brink of extinction.

With reality restored, Xavier was still missing and the X-Men were unable to locate him with Cerebro. Many assumed the worst. Xavier returned when Vulcan attacked the X-Men, revealing that Wanda had given him control of his legs, with the exchange being that he was no longer a mutant. Under Vulcan's orders, Xavier revealed that he had sent a team of young mutants to their deaths to Krakoa when his original X-Men were captured. After Vulcan was dispatched of, Cyclops told Xavier that he was no longer welcome at the Xavier Mansion.

Xavier still remained at the mansion disregarding Cyclops' orders only to aid in assisting Beast in his analysis of Darwin, though the tension between him and Cyclops was palpable. He started to try contacting the Shi'ar Empire, to see if Vulcan had arrived, but got only dead air. The best they could do was make a machine that would send them a message every 30 minutes. To help him deal with the results of his years-old misjudgment, he asked Havok, Polaris, Warpath, Nightcrawler, and Marvel Girl to join him on a quest to the Shi'ar Galaxy to stop Vulcan. In spite of Cyclops' feelings, Xavier traveled to space to confront Vulcan before he could enact his vengeance against the Shi'ar empire. While en route to the Shi'ar home world, he was abducted by agents of the Shi'ar Vice Chancellor K'Tor. He was later saved by Darwin. both of them, together with Warpath, Nightcrawler, and Hepzibah all escaped back to earth, with the help of Lilandra, leaving Havok, Marvel Girl and Polaris to form the new incarnation of the Starjammers with his father's old crew, after Corsair was killed by Vulcan.

Upon returning, he begins a search for his missing associate Magneto, hoping to find him before the US government does. He is still team leader and his team now consists of Nightcrawler, Warpath, Storm, Hepzibah and Caliban. Xavier talks to Val Cooper about what has happened to Caliban and how the O*N*E wants him. Later while the rest of the team begin looking for the Morlocks, who have been taken control of by Masque, who is also looking for Magneto, Charles and Nightcrawler leave in a X-Jet to find Magneto. They are unnoticed by the Sentinels as Xavier places some sort of cloaking device on the plane. Charles and Kurt travel to where someone claimed to see Erik. They arrive at a graveyard in Germany and they find out that Erik was looking at the headstone of one of his former loyal henchmen who had died since M-Day. Their search is cut short once they find out the Morlocks plan to blow up a church. The team stops the Morlocks and returns to the mansion

Back on earth, he encountered a very angry Hulk, who is searching for the members of the Illuminati, a group that has exiled him. Although Charles was not in attendance when the decision to exile the Hulk, he said that he would agree on his exile, but would eventually bring him back to earth in search for a cure. Nevertheless, the Hulk fought and defeated every X-Man that came and defended their mentor. He only stopped when Mercury showed the gravestones in the Institute grounds and how the mutant population has been reduced to a few hundreds. Hulk sensed that Charles has suffered enough and soon left.

In the Messiah CompleX, Charles detected a new mutant since M-Day that is powerful enough to overload Cerebro. He asked Cyclops to send a team to retrieve the baby but they came back empty handed. Charles have criticizing Scott's decisions concerning the situation they are now in, from sending a team of X-Men finding the Acolytes, to forming the X-Force to tract down his own son, Cable, but Scott only wanted Charles to leave the mansion because he has become a distraction to him. Later, Professor X was contacted by Cable about losing the mutant baby to the traitorous actions of Bishop, who in turn, lost the baby to the Marauders. Charles was later accidentally shot by Bishop, who was aiming for the baby. With the Professor dead, Cyclops declared that the X-Men is to be disbanded.

Bishop shoulda killed him.


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