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Your Top Marvel Heroes part 13

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, April 14 2010 and posted in Features

Three characters. Wow. {nomultithumb}

193. Franken Castle/Toro/Phantom Reporter (9 points)

Franken Castle

frankencastle.jpgFor those who are worried or cares, there is a separate entry for normal Punisher.

In this arc, after the Skrull Invasion, Norman Osborn was seen as a hero to the public. The Punisher decided to take matters into his own hands and plans an assassination plot against Osborn. During a public speech by Osborn, Frank climbed a rooftop 4 miles away and using a super-powered Skrull sniper rifle, he targeted Osborn's head and fired, but the bullet was plucked by the Sentry millimeters before Osborn's eyes.

The Sentry tracked down the Punisher and gave him the beating of his life. Just as he was going to finish him off, Frank held a detonator and told the Sentry that he has five seconds before a bomb in the Bellevue hospital would detonate, so Sentry left to stop the bomb and found out it was just a bluff.

The Sentry's distraction gave Frank a chance to escape and he gets help from a mysterious benefactor and follows his instructions over a cell phone escorting him to a nearby ally. Frank is bleeding and passes out into the hands of the stranger who turns out to be a young hacker named Henry who has his own reasons for taking down Osborn.

After Frank recuperates, Henry helps him out and supplies him with advanced technology in his war on crime. Osborn puts the Punisher on his hit-list and recruits The Hood and his gang to take out his enemies. Months go by and Castle is seen fighting many super villains of the Hood's gang.

The Punisher discovers that the Hood has recovered Castle's old partner Micro and is working against him. He and Henry were able to survive all the battles but they are eventually separated and Osborn's time to strike has come.

He sends four hellicariers to take down the Punisher but he was able to survive by using the last of his Pym Particles. Then Osborn sends Daken to kill the Punisher once and for all. They first face off in the sewers and Frank uses his weaponry to gain the upper hand and escapes. The two then face off again on a rooftop, where, after a bloody and climatic battle, Daken eventually gets the advantage and slits his throat, before chopping off his arm. Daken then chops off his other arm and decapitates Frank, and continues to slash his torso. Osborn reports he wants the body parts contained, but Daken kicks them off of the rooftop.

Morbius and the League of Monsters reconstruct Frank as a Frankenstein monster. Morbius "re-composed" Castle, hoping his military experience, tactical mindset and leadership would help the League of Monsters overcome a society that has been hunting them down. However, Frank rejected the group upon waking up and left their base. He stayed in the underground tunnels, unaware the League was being slaughtered by the Japanese society. A creature that previously offered Frank food fled to him for help, but died at his doorstep. At this point, it appears Frank will join forces with the League of Monsters in their battle against the group hoping to eliminate all monsters.


toro.jpgThomas “Toro” Raymond was just a boy when his parents were killed in a fiery train accident in the early 1940's. Toro survived the blaze unburnt. Found by a circus troop, Toro discovered that he couldn't be burnt and he immediately became a headliner for the traveling circus.

One day the original Human Torch visited the circus and marveled at the young lad. Afterwards he went to met the boy and no sooner had they come with a few feet of each other, Toro burst into flames. Between the two, Toro quickly learned to control the flames and even how to fly. They became partners as protégée and mentor.
World War II began and they helped in every way that they could to aid the Allies. Meeting up with other heroes, they banded together as the Invaders fighting the Axis at home and abroad. As the war ended, Toro was alone. His Invader teammates either declared dead, insane or inoperative, he faded into obscurity. Taking a wife (Ann) he led a happy life until decades later the Mad Thinker came calling. Toro needed to flame on for the first time in ages but alas, the Thinker killed him. He was laid to rest in a quiet ceremony.

Years later, a time travel/cosmic cube adventure took place between the present day Avengers and the WWII era Invaders. During the skirmish, Bucky (Toro's best bud from the Invaders), used the Cosmic Cube to wish Toro alive in the present day. It worked.

Toro raced to find his wife, but time had gone by and he found her with another man. Wanting to find the Thinker (and thank him for killing him), he meets up with the original Human Torch who under the Thinker's control. They battle and the Torch is freed but the Thinker escaped his punishment.

Toro's present whereabouts are unknown.

Phantom Reporter

phantomreporter.jpgDamn you, Marvel and not finishing The Twelve!!! *enter angry smiley face here*

Dick Jones, The Phantom Reporter's alias, was an "ex-All American fullback, ex-collegiate boxing, wrestling, and fencing champ." He actually had three identities: Dick Jones, reporter; Van Engen, millionaire; and Phantom Reporter, costumed crime fighter.

Later, The Phantom Reporter and a cadre of other superheroes participated in the Battle of Berlin but were captured in order for Nazi scientists to discover the secrets of American "mystery men." The Nazis, however, were defeated and the twelve heroes remained cryogenically frozen until they were discovered in the year 2008.

After being gassed, cryogenically-frozen, and discovered during a construction project and finding himself in the year 2008 and dealt with the modern world. Phantom Reporter initially struggled to deal with his growing sexual attraction to Black Widow (Claire Voyant), who was also recently awakened in the year 2008.

Soon, he was offered a job with the Daily Bugle. For the editors at the Bugle, the Phantom Reporter's first-hand experience of America's past, specifically all the good and ill that was present, would be invaluable to their readers. He accepted the job, writing his first article on the sacrifice and patriotism of his generation of heroes.


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