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Your Top Marvel Heroes part 14

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, April 14 2010 and posted in Features
We are not in double digit mode!!! {nomultithumb}

192. Razorback/Two-Gun Kid (10 points)

Before I give to over to Amoebas, I want you to put this in perspective. These two characters beat Professor X, Ka-Zar, Sunspot and a couple of Runaways. Think about that for a minute. Now, imagine what the rest of the list is going to be like.

Buford Hollis, a big rig trucker from Arkansas hit the big slab in his search for his sister’s 10-20. She had hooked up with some dumb as a brick cult in the Big Apple and he aimed to fetch her back home.

In the course of finding her, he ran a foul of that cotton-pickin' Spider-Man. The two tussled and even though all he had was his natural strength (and a dang fine electrified razorback headpiece he done got somewheres) he gave that city-slicker a what for. Soon, the two had to team up to take on the Cult's leader, the hootin' & hollerin' Man-Beast. With his little sis free, he done got gone before the city kitty's showed up.

After a spell, while running a double nickel, a sweet thing who went by the handle Taryn O'Connell teamed up with Buford to lift an experimental space rig from NASA, This led into a fight with Mr. Fantastic and a beaver called She-Hulk. After beating them up a bunch (yup) we find out that Buford is more than just a big boy with a fancy headpiece, he's actually a mutant with the astonishing ability to drive any vehicle anywheres anytimes. He and Taryn take off into space (with She-Hulk in a hidaway).

They had their eyeballs peeled lookin’ for Taryn's honey, U.S. Archer, a trucker like them that started hauling rigs in space a ways back. They finds him and with the Big Green they take on some fuzzy nutjob called Xemunu the Titan. Turns out Archer had hitched up with some other chick so Taryn started shacking up with Buford insteads.

After another skirmish gainst the Torch, Buford lost his mutant power to drive and was last seen in counseling.

And that's a big 10-4 good buddy.

Two-Gun Kid

twogunkid.jpgClay Harder was the Two Gun Kid - a rough and tumble hero who always fought for justice in the early days of the Wild West. He had a long career until he was retconned into never existing.

Matt Liebowitz, a lawyer from Boston moved to the wild west looking for adventure. Hooking up with a man named Dancer, he learns the gunslinging ropes and soon becomes the fastest draw of them all. Fearing upstarts might constantly seek to challenge Liebowitz as the fastest gun, Dancer talks him into wearing a mask. Fancying himself after a dime novel hero Clay Harder, he called himself the Two Gun Kid.

Liebowitz changed his name to Hawk and opened a law office in Tombstone and adventured as Two-Gun whenever he could. Crooks, bandits and even aliens were beaten by his quick draw and even quicker wits. With his horse Boom Boom, he often teamed up with other western heroes like Rawhide Kid, Kid Colt and the Ghost Rider (who changed his name to Phantom Rider for legal reasons). He even met an archer by the name of Clint Barton who had come to town recently.

Then there came a day unlike any other. Two-Gun and his pals investigated some weird happenings which led them to a run in with a time tossed Avengers team who were looking for their pal Hawkeye. They all teamed up to battle Kang the Conqueror who had come there to wage war. The battle ended, Hawkeye and his friends were off to the future when Matt decided to tag along.

Now, almost 100 years into the future, Two-Gun had a lot of adjusting to do. TV's, mini skirts, airplanes – he was in awe, but not in a lot of hurry to figure it all out as he decided to shoot a ringing telephone rather than figure out what it was. After a time, he felt out of place and went home to the 19th Century.

Back home he began using his future knowledge in small ways but enough to get him in trouble with the Time Variance Authority. Back in the early 21st Century, She-Hulk was in a trial with the TVA and afterwards she was given the opportunity to pull someone from the limbo of time. She choose the Two-Gun Kid who was now firmly in the 21st Century without the possibility of going back (because he'd just muck things up again).

He soon became a bounty hunter and (this time) took to the modern age, even to the point of riding a sky-cycle instead of a horse.

He was last seen with the Arizona Avengers Initiative.

191. Franklin Richards (11 points)

Franklin Richards was born in New York City. Franklin was born a mutant but since his mom was imbued with cosmic energy he started to exhibit his powers while still in the womb. Franklin was exhibiting powers in-utero, giving the Invisible Woman premonitions and even moving objects telekinetically. During Sue's pregnancy with Franklin she began to weaken to the point where the remainder of the Fantastic Four, traveled to the Negative Zone in order to get Annihilus's Cosmic Control Rod, in order to save both mother and child. After a long struggle, Reed and the rest of the team managed to salvage some of the cosmic energy from the rod and went back to their own reality where Sue gave birth to a healthy baby boy. In remembrance of her father who had perished in an act of heroism where he saved the life of the team, she and Reed named the boy Franklin Benjamin Richards. It should be noted that Benjamin is the first name of Franklin's godfather, the Thing, who was also honored. Franklin Richards would be babysat by Agatha Harkness when his parents were away. They became very close. They stayed at Whisper Hill where Agatha lived. Until she moved to Salem California, after moving Franklin was sent back to the Fantastic Four's home.

In issue #245 Franklin was playing with a Rubik's Cube and found it too difficult so he extended his powers out to solve it just as the television said, "When are you going to grow up?" With his powers extended and completely open to suggestion he changed into an older, almost Christ-like, cloaked man. Being confused with no accumulated knowledge and a near memory-wipe, he assaulted Reed, Ben, and Johnny, wiping their minds in search of an "answer." Sue managed to escape and confront him in the street, recognized her son and his memory flooded back. Before he reverted to his younger self, he changed Ben Grimm back into the original "slate covered" Thing we know and love (Ben had changed into a smoother, clumpy rock thing when Reed's experiment to revert him to his human form failed and disfigured him). During his sudden and extreme release of power fixing Ben, Franklin set up some psychological "dampers" so he couldn't use his full powers until he was of an appropriate age to handle them.

Franklin tried to live out a normal life. With the help of Reed Richards. Reed placed inhibitors in Franklin's mind so he wont be able to use his powers. But still a little of his powers could be used. Such as once Franklin projected an image of himself to a long distance. During this time of normality he joined the Power Pack as Tattletale. He didn't tell his parents of joining this group cause the Power Pack's family didn't know of their powers.

While being in the Power Pack he gained enemies and allies. Franklin made real close friends with Kofi Whitemane. Franklin thought of the Power Pack and their families as a second family. Mostly because his parents where staying at the Avengers Mansion. Both Franklin's parents and the Power Pack's families grew very close. They still didn't know that the kids had powers except for Franklin. Franklin stayed with the Power family, his parents thought it was to dangerous to be at the FF Headquarters. He came back after the Power family left Earth for the Kymellian planet.

couple of years later, his time traveling paternal grandfather, Nathaniel Richards, kidnapped him and replaced him with Psi-Lord, a teenage version of Franklin taken to another reality where he was trained by his grandfather alongside his aunt, Huntara. When he returned to the present, however, everyone was weary about him and were too suspicious to believe his story of being a grown up Franklin. The person who believed him least, was his own mother, Susan. Psi-Lord created the Fantastic Force and eventually absorbed the essence of Malice, a manifestation of Susan Richards that occurred when her emotions were manipulated by the Psycho-Man, and later on subsided. Years later it once again resurfaced giving Sue a more aggressive personality. He did so in order to save his mother from the constant internal battles and to finally give her peace. However, the futuristic tyrant Hyperstorm then kidnapped Psi-Lord, and returned the child version. It was revealed that Hyperstorm was the son of Franklin Richards and his schoolmate, Rachel Summers ( Marvel Girl). Rachel is the daughter of Cyclops and Phoenix of the X-Men.

The villain Onslaught planned to enslave all life in the cosmos. He sought and proceeded to absorb the powers of the two most powerful mutants to ever live: X-Man and Franklin Richards. He needed Nate's energy stores and Franklin's reality warping abilities. In the end, Franklin was released and rose to his true potential. He created the Heroes Reborn universe, resurrected all the victims of Onslaught, and teleported them to this new pocket universe. At this point, his power rivals that of a Celestials.

Recently Franklin and his sister find themselves under attack by Norman Osborn, Venom and H.A.M.M.E.R. fighters. Franklin and Valeria are left to fight by themselves as their father is unreachable and the other members are stranded on different realities. Valeria separates Norman from the rest of his crew by using the Baxter building’s advanced technology. She then traps Norman in a room where Franklin is seen wearing a Spider-Man mask and calls him a villain. They are next seen being chased by Norman who is about to shoot them. The rest of the team return in time to rescue Franklin and Valeria. Mr. Fantastic tells Norman to leave the building and never come back. Norman tries to shoot Mister Fantastic but is shot by Franklin in the shoulder which shocks him and the F4 because the gun was just a toy. On his birthday Franklin's future self gave a waning to Valeria. During this time Older Franklin also sees his younger self and seemingly awakens or re-powers his own self as Franklin is later seen creating a universe under his covers smiling.


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