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Your Top Marvel Heroes part 19

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, April 19 2010 and posted in Features
Three characters for ya: {nomultithumb}

180. X-Man/H.E.R.B.I.E. (12 points)

xman.jpgCreated in Earth-295, the alternate reality known as Age of Apocalypse, X-Man is one of only a handful to survive this reality's end. Mister Sinister genetically engineered X-Man, created to be the ultimate telepath and telekinetic, using DNA from his foster son Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Jean Grey, a captured X-Man. X-Man was named Nathan Grey, after his creator, Mister Sinister, and Jean Grey. Nate was grown in a test tube in Mister Sinister's lab, and was only let out every few years in order to test his growing progress. Even during these few times Nate was out of his test tube, Mister Sinister could see that he had enormous powers of telepathy and telekinesis that made him potentially the most powerful mutant on Earth. These incredibly high power levels convinced Mister Sinister that a "fail-safe" should be built into X-Man.

When Nate was in his teens, he managed to escape from his test tube, with some help from Scott Summers, and no memory of his origin. Nate was soon found by a group of mutant rebels, who were disguised as a theater troupe so that they could secretly help humans. The leader of this team was Forge, who Nate viewed as a father figure. Shortly after joining the rebel group, Nate grew disillusioned with life and his role in it. Nate wanted to know what his limits were, but was warned not to use his powers by Forge, who was worried that Apocalypse might take notice if he used his powers often. Nate was starting to rebel more and more, which resulted in two more members for the group of rebels: Teresa, a mutant with sonic powers, and the mysterious Essex, who claimed to have worked in Apocalypse's factories and now wanted to stop his former master.

Essex kept urging Nate to use his powers more and more, secretly fueling his rebellious feelings. As Forge had feared, Nate's power eventually attracted Apocalypse's pet telepath, the Shadow King. The Shadow King told Apocalypse of Nate, who then sent his personal assassins to either capture or kill Nate. Nate's group of friends managed to beat them after a few deaths on both sides. After the battle, Forge realized that Essex wasn't to be trusted, and confronted him. Essex killed Forge, then revealed that he was actually Mister Sinister in disguise, and told Nate of his origin. Sinister tried to convince Nate to go fight Apocalypse, but Nate attacked Mister Sinister and mortally wounded him.

Nate wanted to honor his foster father's final words, which were to find Magneto. Using his telepathic powers, Nate found Magneto- who was being tortured by Apocalypse. Nate then used his telekinetic powers to fly to Apocalypse's palace, just after saying goodbye to his lover, Teresa. Just as Nate arrived at Apocalypse's palace, he ran into Scott Summers and Jean Grey, his genetic parents, who were freeing prisoners. They both asked Nate to stay and help him, but Nate replied that he had to stop Apocalypse and would possibly catch up with them later. Before leaving them, Nate noticed that he and Jean both had a bond between them. Nate managed to free Magneto, but was soon attacked by Apocalypse's son, Holocaust. Whilst this fight was going on, the X-Men were attempting to use the M'Kraan Crystal to go to the regular reality (Earth-616). Apocalypse had also a shard of the crystal, and was planning to use it to travel to different realities so that he could team up with his counterparts. Nate quickly stole the shard, then drove a piece of the M'Kraan Crystal into Holocaust's chest. Unexpectedly it brought them to the mainstream reality.

herbie.jpgH.E.R.B.I.E. was created by Mister Fantastic in order to speed up some calculations he needed when he was away from his computers at the Baxter Building. H.E.R.B.I.E. was later compromised by the Living Brain known as Dr. Sun. H.E.R.B.I.E. secretly worked his own agenda. His treachery was finally discovered when he attacked Susan Storm. H.E.R.B.I.E. then went on attacking the rest of the Fantastic Four, using his access to their computers to take them down. In the end, H.E.R.B.I.E. ended up sacrificing himself to ensure that Dr. Sun could no longer be a threat to the Fantastic Four. It appears that a newer version has been created to, in part, act as Franklin Richards' nanny.

H.E.R.B.I.E was a member of the Fantastic Four and replaced the Human Torch on the roster. It was widely believed that this was because the network executives were afraid children might emulate the Torch by lighting themselves on fire. The truth is that Marvel had licensed many of their characters to Universal Studios, including the Human Torch. Universal would not make a deal with NBC to include the Torch in the show, so he was replaced with H.E.R.B.I.E.

179. Fandral (13 points)

fandral.jpgOne of my fav. Warriors Three moments is during Asgardian Wars when they first meet Sunspot. If anyone has read that story, you know what I am talking about. If you haven't, I encourage you to pick up that graphic novel. The New Mutants/X-Men story is awesome and beautifully drawn by Art Adams.

Fandral was a charter member of The Warriors Three, which also consisted of the Asgardians, Hogun and Volstagg. He fought alongside Thor, on numerous occasions for the safety and well being of Asgard. He was known for his superior swordsmanship, bravery, ego and extreme optimism. No matter the consequences he would always do the right thing, even if the result was death. His ego was more of a disadvantage than an asset. His good looks and suave charms made him the ladies man of The Warriors Three but his tendency to court more than one woman at a time got him into trouble.

Fandral was presumed dead following the events of the recent Ragnarok. In reality his soul, like all the others who perished in the Ragnarok, somehow got trapped inside a human being. When Thor returned from the dead and started to bring other Asgardians back. Fandral was among the first found and freed with his two friends Hogun and Volstagg. He now resides in new Asgard build by Thor near old Route 66 in Oklahoma


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