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Your Top Marvel Heroes part 20

Written by Chris Mitchell on Tuesday, April 20 2010 and posted in Features
Three more for you, are they two low? {nomultithumb}

178. Man-Thing/Frankie Raye (13 points)

manthing.jpgA brilliant biochemist named Ted Sallis was assigned to a secret government facility in the Florida Everglades. There he was working on a recreation of the super-soldier serum that made puny Steve Rogers into Captain America. In time, he was successful.

However, before he could safely announce it, the terrorist organization call A.I.M., who had been spying on him) came calling. Sallis was beset by goons as well as his supposed wife. Betrayed and alone, Sallis took what little notes he hadn't committed to memory and the only vial of the serum with him as he got in car to escape. Needing to safeguard the vial he injected it into himself. His car was run off the road and it plunged into the swamp. As the car sank, Sallis, free from the car, swam to the surface. As he struggled upward, the serum coursing through his veins mixed with the unique properties of the swamp and he began to alter. His body changed from flesh and blood into a heap of mud, moss and other swampy materials. His scientific mind fades as it dissolves into near nothingness.

When he emerges from the waters he is no longer a man. He is a Man-Thing. The creature immediately runs into the goons. His dimming memory tells him that these are the people who hurt him, so he attacks and kills them. His judas wife , the sole survivor lies before him. He barely recalls but he knows that she caused him his deepest wound. It reaches and touches her face and it begins to burn. For whatever knows fear - - burns at the Man-Thing's touch! He leaves her scarred and slowly walks off into the depths of the swamp.

The area that the Man-Thing will call home is twelve miles south of Citrusville along the Okealachobee River. Here he has occasional run-in with locals as more and more the Man-Thing became an empathic creature where strong emotions (especially fear) are like a flame for a moth.

It's not long before Man-Thing makes his way deeper into his swamp home as we find out that there within a square mile is a dimensional portal. This Nexus of All Realities is like a door to anywhere. The magical nature of this area contributed greatly to Ted Salli's transformation as the Nexus wanted a champion to protect it - Man-Thing is that champion.

Over the years the Nexus let all sorts in and out. Some travelers of note who have befriended the Man-Thing and/or were assisted by it are: Jennifer Kale, Dakimh the Enchanter, Howard the Duck, The Thing, Spider-Man, Wundarr and the Hulk (who calls him "Carrot Nose"). Bad guys have included: Jude the Entropic Man, D'Spayre, the Molecule Man and the Glob.

Man-Thing on a rare occasion makes his way out of the swamp and has even shambled up to New York and Massachusetts before.

Man-Thing's body was altered mystically to have a shamanistic white appearance for a while but has since gone back to swampy green & brown.

Frankie Raye
frankieray.jpgFrankie Raye was just a young woman walking through Greenwich Village when girl met boy. The boy, one Johnny Storm the Fantastic Four's Human Torch, and she hit if off and the two dated for a short while (despite Frankie's fear of fire).

The Torch's duties kept getting in the way and their brief romance was over. That is until years alter they ran into each other. The original spark was still there and they again dated. Through conversations, Frankie revealed she didn't have any memories from before she 14 years old.

One day she began seeing a costume that she was wearing that she really wasn't. It confused her and she went to Johnny for help. Together Frankie was able to break through a hypnotic barrier that her step-father had placed there. At this same time - she burst into flames! She immediately took to flight with Johnny guiding her. With her memories unlocked she explained that her step-father (who would later be identified as Professor Horton, the man who created the original Human Torch) was attempting to recreate his android when Frankie was splashed with the same chemicals that gave the Golden Age Torch his abilities. Not wanting this life for her, Horton hypnotized Frankie to forget the incident and instill a fear of fire.

After an exam by Reed Richards, Frankie began training with the Fantastic Four and assisted them on a few adventures.

And the Galactus came calling back to Earth. Once again Earth's heroes stopped him but only the cost of one of them becoming his herald. Frankie jumped at the chance, and even though Reed and Johnny protested, Galactus took her of her own free will. He augmented her with the power cosmic and together they left Earth behind.

Frankie, now calling herself Nova, was a loyal herald to Galactus, often finding him uninhabited worlds to eat and well as populated ones. She led him to feed on the Skrull home world. Which had wide spread ramification throughout the galaxy. Frankie would have many adventures in space as well as romances. She had affairs with both the Silver Surfer and Firelord.

Frankie was killed by another herald of Galactus called Morg.

177. Pixie (13 points)

pixie.jpgMegan Gwynn is a Welsh teenager who attends the Xavier Institute for mutants. Her mutant powers activated after an accident with her bicycle in the road nearly hitting car. She got a scholarship to attend the Xavier Institute of Higher Learning. After enrolling at the Institute, Gwynn was assigned to the Paragons training squad under the tutelage of former New Mutant, Rahne Sinclair, and Wolfsbane. When it was revealed that Sinclair had been in a romantic relationship with a student, Josh Foley, she left the school, and was replaced by her former teammate, Magma.

Gwynn has proven herself to be an amiable and cheerful student, and she fit in well with her squad. Following the events of House of M, almost all of the Institute's students were de-powered, leading to the dissolution of the school's training squads. Gwynn is one of only 27 students, along with her fellow former Paragons, Trance, Wolf Cub, and Match, to have retained her mutant abilities.

In the ' Quest for Magik story arc, she was one of the young mutants taken into Limbo by Belasco. She and several other students were rescued by Illyana Rasputin. Illyana selected Pixie as an innocent soul from which to create a new Soulsword. The process was interrupted by Anole, and the end result was Megan holding a small Souldagger, since only a small portion of her soul was transferred and replaced with black magic. Rockslide, newly reformed, then forced Darkchilde to tell them how to get their friends, and she tells him she has to teach Pixie a teleportation spell ( Sihal Novarum Chinoth), which she does and they manage to teleport to Belasco's castle. She would then use the Souldagger to incapacitate and seriously weaken Belasco, allowing Illyana to finish him off.

She later mentions that Doctor Strange was willing to teach her more spells once she turned 18, but only if she took a vow of silence (perhaps an indirect way of stating that she talked too much). An examination by Amanda Sefton and Doctor Strange indicated that despite the loss of a fifth of her soul, she had "plenty of soul to spare." After talking to Dust, Beast and Gentle, Pixie talks to Surge, telling her how she thinks Surge and David make a cute couple. They are stopped by Cyclops and Wolverine, Cyclops wanting to talk to Surge, and Pixie wanting to talk to Cyclops, but instead of that she gets to go and train with Wolverine. She then flies through the kitchen behind Loa and Wolf Cub, with Wolverine in chase, cursing about the unicorns he's seeing as a result of her "pixie dust".

Pixie possesses insect-like wings that allow her to fly with great maneuverability. In addition, she produces a so called 'pixie dust' that causes hallucinations. At present, it has been hinted in a conversation between her and Blindfold that she cannot control the hallucinations caused by her power, though is usually causes visions of things such as unicorns, bubbles, and giant teddy bears. She has pink hair and pitch-black eyes.

After the Quest for Magik story arc, her hair color has changed to black, with pink streaks, and she can summon a Souldagger (a smaller version of Illyana Rasputin's Soulsword made from a fifth of her soul) which allows her to disrupt magic and harm magic creatures. Pixie also knows a teleportation spell, taught to her by Illyana Rasputin.

She has great magical potential, but has yet to receive significant training. Dr. Strange has agreed to tutor her when she turns eighteen. The only Magical training she has received as yet is training from Magik on how to teleport by using the spell "Sihal Novarum Chinoth". This spell can be used for cross-dimensional teleportation. Escaping from Limbo as well as teleportation within the same dimension.

She has not got expert control of this and whilst under pressure she has been shown to teleport people to places they were not intending to go.


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