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Your Top Marvel Heroes part 23

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, April 21 2010 and posted in Features
Again with the three characters in two slots. We still have 13 more ties after this one. Yikes, eh? {nomultithumb}

171. Komodo (14 points)

komodo.jpgMelati Kusuma is a former graduate student of Dr. Curt Connors. She stole Connors' regenerative lizard serum, modified it to her own DNA and administered it to herself. It repaired her legs (which had been amputated) and turned her into a super-strong, super-agile, lizard beast with excellent regeneration (even regrowing lost limbs). Connors later registered her for the Fifty State Initiative.

During the first day of training, Secretary Gyrich and Instructor Gauntlet forced Trauma to use his powers against his will. When he turned into another recruit (Armory)'s worst fear (a giant spider), Armory panicked and started firing her alien arm as a gun. Komodo lost an arm, but it regrew almost instantly due to her power. Fellow recruit MVP lost his life though. Armory was kicked out of the Initiative after having the arm removed.

War Machine was impressed with her abilities and skill, and, after being assured she was reliable by Doctor Connors, recruited her for a mission with the Scarlet Spiders to capture Spider-Man (for violation of the Superhuman Registration Act). Komodo attacked Spider-Man while he was fighting half of the Sinister Syndicate ( Hydro-Man, Shocker, and Boomerang). Spider-Man was enraged that they were spending more resources stopping him while he was doing heroics than catching villains. The Scarlet Spiders, however, tracked down and arrested the criminal trio. While Komodo and Spider-Man were fighting War Machine arrived with SPIN tech that depowered supers apparently permanently. He was trying to get a good shot at Spider-Man, and Komodo was to hold the webslinger down. Spider-Man told her that she was being used and the Initiative would eventually use her up and depower her. Komodo became unnerved, and Spider-Man used this chance to escape. When War Machine approached her, she was hysterically crying, begging that they let her keep her powers.

When the Initiative were sent to fight HYDRA agents attacking the president, Komodo went with them, and fought bravely and effectively. Later, while in a plane with fellow recruit Hardball, she fell asleep and reverted back to her human form. It then became visible that she had no legs. Komodo freaked out, but Hardball was the only one who saw her like that, and he didn't tell anyone.

During World War Hulk, the new recruits were running off to join the battle (against the field leader, recruit Triathalon's, orders). Komodo, probably remembering her encounter with Spider-Man, was the only one who obeyed Triathalon's orders and stayed behind. The rest of the recruits ran into the battle and were swiftly defeated and captured by Hulk and his forces. After their rescue, they were all punished, but Komodo wasn't.

When recruit Slapstick attacked instructor Gauntlet for making anti- New Warrior comments, the camp was put on lock-down. Komodo was the only one of four students not put on lock-down (along with Cloud 9, Hardball, and Triathalon). Dragon Man was captured by Initiative members, but while being sent to 42, a Negative Zone prison, he became attracted to Komodo and had a fit, destroying a lot of property (Dragon Man had very low intelligence).

As time went by, Komodo began to start a romantic relationship with Hardball. She confided in him she felt helpless and ashamed in her crippled, human form, but Hardball assured her it was ok.

After training at Camp Hammond, Komodo was assigned to the Desert Stars - the Initiative team for the state of Arizona. She continued dating Hardball, who was assigned to Nevada (only one state over). They fought together in the Secret Invasion, instrumental in taking out a rather powerful super- Skrull.

Her happiness would not last, however. Hardball defected to HYDRA, and Komodo was infuriated. She agreed to help give information on Hardball as long as she was in the Shadow Initiative when they went (illegally) into Madripoor to recapture him. However, after a battle with HYDRA agents including Bloodscream, Scorpion III, and Roughhouse, as well as Hardball, Komodo was captured. SPIN tech was put into her system, but it had since been discovered such weapons effects could be reversed. Hardball promised to release her after getting her DNA. Komodo informed him that HYDRA had not cured Hardball's brother as they had promised, and told him he made her sick. Hardball left the room, only to discover that the Shadow Initiative was attacking. Scorpion, with whom he had begun dating, confided in him that she was only in HYDRA for her own good, and that she liked him, and that he follow her lead. She then escaped, taking the SPIN tech with her. Ant-Man and a few H.A.M.M.E.R. agents then arrived, and turned the tide of battle to the fact that Hardball was surrounded. He ran back to where Komodo was, and SI member Constrictor followed. Outside her door (and out of her earshot) he told Constrictor he was surrendering, but he just wanted Komodo to be safe. Constrictor asked why he didn't admit he still had feelings for her. Hardball then revealed he knew Constrictor had a daughter to whom Constrictor's existence was a secret. Constrictor realized they both kept their loved ones from knowing about their super villain exploits to make things easier for the loved ones (Constrictor was a semi-reformed villain). Constrictor did not reveal anything about Hardball when the H.A.M.M.E.R. agents arrived and captured him. He was sent to 42, the Negative Zone prison. When Komodo arrived back in the US, she was repowered and learned Norman Osborn had taken Tony Stark's old job, and Taskmaster was head of the Initiative.

42 was overrun by Blastaar's army of aliens, and Hardball was recruited. Komodo was one of the Shadow Initiative members to be sent in to retake the prison. She did it for revenge (though the SI was secretly being misled by Taskmaster and Hood who knew that many people would die and didn't want the loyal and powerful recruits to get hurt). Komodo's regeneration protected her from this, but the SI was being slaughtered. Komodo then came up with a plan where Butterball (who was completely invulnerable but very out of shape) would distract the alien's fire so the rest of the SI would attack from behind. The plan worked, but they were still outnumbered and were being defeated. Hardball secretly wanted the SI (and Komodo) to win, so he released Dragon Man. DM was obsessed with Komodo, so switched sides. Being extremely powerful, he turned the tide of battle. The aliens turned on Hardball, but he beheaded and smashed them to death until the rest of the Initiative arrived. Taskmaster was impressed and recruited him (the Initiative had lots of villains in it who were secretly thieves now that Norman and TM were in charge). Norman's PR people tricked the public into believing Hardball had been a double agent in HYDRA and the prison; working for the Initiative the entire time.

Komodo was furious at Hardball's release, and told Taskmaster she refused to work with him and that he had to be sent back to jail. Taskmaster told her if she didn't cooperate with his orders she would be depowered. Komodo started to argue, but only got as far as "I..." before being depowered (probably by SPIN tech) and kicked out. She was last seen leaving in a wheelchair, looking miserable, Spider-Man' prophecy having come true.

170. Ikaris/Vision 2.0 (14 points)

ikaris.jpgIkaris is a member of the Eternals, a near-immortal evolutionary offshoot of humanity created by the Celestials. He was born over twenty thousand years under another name which has not been revealed. When the cities of Atlantis and Lemuria were sunk in 18,500 B.C. by the Second Host of the Celestials in what is now known as the Great Cataclysm, Ikaris guided an ark of refuges to safety by flying high above them always watchful for ambushes, the humans aboard the ark mistook Ikaris for a bird, the tale eventually became part of human folklore. Around this time a Celestial committed some unknown crime while on Earth, and was punished by having its energies released from its armor, then forced into a deep slumber, buried by its fellow Celestials, where it became known as the "Dreaming Celestial". The weapon used to disperse the Celestial and its essence are entombed within the Pyramid of the Four Winds, an Arctic facility built by Virako, Ikaris' father. Ikaris is one of the few to know what the Pyramid contains.

Over the millennia, Ikaris became a constant opponent of the Deviants, a misshapen race who were also created by the Celestials, although most Eternals judged Ikaris as rather head-strong, his closest friends stood united at his side, among them: the speedster Makkari, the hedonistic Sersi, and Thena, daughter of their leader, Zuras. In ancient Greece, Ikaris (under another name) fell in love with a human woman, whose name has long been lost to history, but she bore him a son, whom she named Ikaris. The younger Ikaris not gaining the full power of an Eternal, wanted to fly with his father, so Makkari built the child a flight harness, which would enable the boy to fly on his own. The elder Ikaris was called away to battle the Deviants shortly thereafter, seeking to find his father and help him fight, the younger Ikaris flew to find him, but he soared to high and fainted from the lack of oxygen and lost control when the sun's rays burnt the harness' controls. Ikaris fell from the sky into the Ocean; Ikaris buried his son, and took the name Ikaris for his own to ensure that he would never forget. At some point in his lifetime, Ikaris became the sworn enemy of the long-lived mutant Apocalypse.

As the Eternals prepared for the coming of the Forth Host, Ikaris befriended Black Bolt, ruler of the Inhumans, another subspecies of humanity. During this time the Eternals assisted the Inhumans in moving their capital city of Attilan from the Atlantic Ocean to the Himalayan Mountains.

At the time of the Forth Host's arrival on Earth, Ikaris adopted the human guise of "Ike Harris"; posing as a guide through the Andes Mountains for archeologist Dr. Daniel Damian and his daughter Margo. Ikaris led the Damians to the city of the Space Gods where the Third Celestial Host had been based. Ikaris awakened Ajak who served as the Eternal's point man for the Celestial Host; he contacted the Host and they arrived in orbit of Earth. The Deviants attempted to interfere, but to no avail. Dr. Damian remained with Ajak; Ikaris introduced Margo to the world of the Eternals, and the two became lovers.

The Forth Celestial Host arrived soon after and the Eternal revealed their existence to humanity, but after judging in favor of life on Earth, the Celestials erased humanity's memories of the event.

Many Eternals during this time chose to leave Earth and explore space, causing their numbers to dwindle on Earth. Zuras' daughter became Prime Eternal in her father's place (Zuras had been killed by the Forth Host), and Ikaris clashed with her over matters of authority, and when Ikaris became aware of a Deviant plot to awaken the Dreaming Celestial he challenged her for the position of Prime Eternal, feeling that Thena's love of the Deviant Warlord Kro compromised her leadership. Ikaris won the title and aided by the Avengers was successful in defeating the Deviants, although Margo Damian was killed in the conflict. Ikaris buried her on an island where he had laid to rest dozens of other lovers over the centuries.

Margo's death drove her father insane and he attempted to use Eternal technology to destroy both the Eternals and the Deviants. He was finally stopped and killed by his one-time friend Ajak. Later Ikaris was among the heroes who assisted Quasar in stopping the Starblasters in acquiring the Starbrand.

When Apocalypse further mutated the Deviants to make them run amok, Ikaris was forced to re-introduce the Eternals to humanity, although this time he called his people "the New Breed" and referred to himself as ‘Sovereign'.

Recently, seemingly suffering from partial memory loss, "Ike Harris" attempted to force "Mike Curry" that he was indeed Makkari. It was later revealed that Sprite (an eternally young Eternal) not only caused the memory loss, but caused the Dreaming Celestial to un-create the Eternals. Causing all Eternals to forget anything about themselves and lose all their abilities. Only Ikaris' position as Prime Eternal allowed him to recall anything.

Sprite was defeated by the reformed Eternals.

Ikaris possesses the conventional attributes of the Eternal race as well as certain special abilities developed through rigorous discipline. Like that of all Eternals, his life force is augmented by cosmic energy and he has total mental control over his physical form and bodily processes even when he is asleep or unconscious.

Vision 2.0
vision2.jpgI am shocked he is the first Young Avenger to appear.

Oh well.

A synthesis of two exceptional beings, the heroic young android Vision is evolving into a unique entity in his own right. His origins begin with the previous Vision, a sentient android and mainstay of the Avengers superhero team. The senior Vision eventually died in action, wrecked by his own insane ex-wife, the Scarlet Witch, and the Avengers placed his remains in storage in hopes of someday reactivating him. Meanwhile, a 16-year-old incarnation of 31st Century-born time traveler Kang the Conqueror from the alternate world Earth-6311 arrived in present-day mainstream reality, a fugitive from his own future self. Having met his time-traveling adult self and learned he was fated to become the monstrous villain Kang the Conqueror, young Nathaniel had fled into the past in the hopes that Kang's longtime enemies, the Avengers, could help him escape his evil destiny; however, he had arrived in the present day during a period when the Avengers were disbanded. Seeking information, young Nathaniel found the Vision's remains and downloaded the android's programming, operating system and data files into a suit of neuro-kinetic armor he had obtained from Kang. These files included the "Avengers Fail-safe Program," a plan secretly developed by the late Vision to identify a new generation of potential Avengers recruits in the event of the team's destruction. Using these files, young Nathaniel recruited several Avengers-connected super-youths with whom he formed a new team as the Young Avengers, including the armored Nathaniel as Iron Lad.

Nathaniel's adult counterpart Kang eventually caught up with him, clashing with the Young Avengers, detective Jessica Jones and Avengers veterans Iron Man and Captain America to determine young Nathaniel's fate, and Kang died in the battle. Ultimately realizing that he had to fulfill his destiny as Kang or risk doing catastrophic damage to all reality, young Nathaniel returned to his native time period; however, he left behind his neuro-kinetic armor, which retained replicated impressions of Nathaniel's brain patterns, emotions and memories. Developing a physical form and powers adapted from the late Vision's programming, the armor became an independent sentient being as the new Vision, first activated during the battle with Kang. The regrouped senior Avengers tested and analyzed this new Vision for some time, reluctant to place him on active duty too soon, and the restless android eventually decided to join the Young Avengers instead. He has served capably with the team since then, though a romantic affection for teammate Stature inherited from Iron Lad has led to an unrequited crush on the Vision's part. Vision has also discovered that twin teammates Speed and Wiccan may be the long-lost children of his elder counterpart, the previous Vision.

Vision sided with the Anti-Registration and fought with them against Iron Man and his Pro-Registration team in the Civil War that pitted heroes against each other. During the final battle between the two-sides he compromised Iron Man's armor allowing Captain America the upper hand in his second bout with Tony.

After the Civil War had finished Vision traveled around to figure things out, becoming many people to find that he was one particular individual. He goes to Camp Hammond and impersonating Stark he takes Cassie away from camp grounds with the intention to make clear to her that he, now called Jonas, wasn't a what but a who, a real person who has feelings for her and to find out if she had feelings for him. After they share a kiss she states that she needs time which Jonas is willing to give.

During the Skrull invasion of Manhattan, Vision tries a long with his fellow Young Avengers to keep the people save while staving of the invading force. They are soon joined by the Initiative. The Super-Skrulls however retain the upper-hand defeating both the Young Avengers and the Initiative. They blast Vision with multiple beams till one destroys his head. He survives the shot and he and the Young Avengers join Nick Fury against the Skrulls.

Jonas then joins the Mighty Avengers. Now being both a member of Young Avengers and Mighty Avengers


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