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Your Top Marvel Heroes part 24

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, April 21 2010 and posted in Features
Three characters, I kinda dig them all actually. {nomultithumb}

169. Ultimate Samuel Jackson (14 points)

ultimatefury.jpgNicholas Fury's was born in the early twentieth century and fought for the United States in World War Two. During the invasion of Sicily, he, along with Private Fisk and Canadian soldier James Howlett attempted to loot a house. American Military police arrived to arrest them, and all three were subdued. Fisk was grazed by a bullet, while Fury was imprisoned in an unknown location alongside several other black men and Howlett, who despite protests that he was Canadian, was also shipped to an unknown location. Fury was selected to be the next test subject for Project Rebirth, as his blood work most closely matched that of subject 22, the most successful of the previous test subjects. He was injected with a serum that gave him super-strength, which he used to free himself and the other prisoners, who then escaped. The scientists who were working on him let him escape, deciding that they had all the information that they needed for now.

After attending college in India, Fury enlisted in the military, where he was deployed into various conflicts such as the Kosovo Wars. He was later assigned to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Weapon X program in the original Gulf War. While transporting Wolverine, an Iraqi guerrilla ambush freed Wolverine from his cage, whereupon Wolverine slaughtered all the Iraqi fighters. Only one member of the US forces survived the ambush: Nick Fury. It was in this ambush that Fury lost an eye and from then on would wear an eye patch. Carrying Fury through the desert back to allied forces, Wolverine was thanked for his work by being repeatedly shot, caged once more, and returned to the battlefront. Still, a bond was forged between the two men.

The relationship between Fury and Wolverine proved beneficial to the X-Men years later when they were imprisoned by the Weapon X program. Wolverine, the only X-Man not captured, contacted Fury for help. The X-Men and the other mutants "employed" by Weapon X broke out and as the Weapon X project leader, Colonel Wraith was about to shoot Nightcrawler, Fury appeared with a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and shot the Colonel. Wraith had previously attempted to kill General Ross in an explosion for canceling government support of the Weapon X program. Later, Ross encountered the Fantastic Four with the explanation that he woke in the mortuary and told the person attending to him, "Hands off my precious bodily fluids, soldier."

After Ross' so-called demise, Fury took over as the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. His first plan was to resurrect the Super Soldier program, resulting in the formation of The Ultimates. Fury commanded the team - and even led them into action. Nick Fury additionally monitored the activities of Peter Parker and the X-Men. Fury's future plans for these young post-humans, in part, were for them to join the Ultimates. However, after the invasion of the Liberators the Ultimates left S.H.I.E.L.D. in order to prevent incidents such as the Liberators from happening, dashing Fury's plans.

168. Strong Guy (14 points)

strongguy.jpg"Guido is just pure fun, but with some very serious undertones."

Guido Carosella was a typical kid who was tormented and bullied by others. That all change the day his mutant power developed. Guido has the ability to absorb kinetic energy. While trying to get away from some bullies, Guido was struck by a bus and absorbed the energy.

His body became swelled and muscled disproportionately because he did not release the energy immediately. He was no longer bullied by his peers but was still perceived as being different and separated from them. His parents were in a freak accident, when a satellite fell on them. Guido was able to settle out of court and received a huge sum of money.

Unfortunately, he did not have good judgment when it came to spending his money. Soon his finances were just about depleted. He then became a bodyguard for the intergalactic mutant rock star, Lila Cheney. Guido later became a member of the government incarnation of X-Factor. It was at this time that he came up with the name Strong Guy.

Guido always put on a front due to his insecurities and became close to fellow member, Jamie Madrox, Multiple Man due to their crazy sense of humor. On a mission that involved aliens chasing Lila Cheney, Guido threw himself on a bomb to absorb the blast. He absorbed more energy than his body could handle and he suffered a heart attack. He spent several months recovering. By the time he was able to leave the hospital, X-Factor had disbanded.

Guido currently is a member of the most current incarnation of X-Factor, X-Factor Investigations, lead by his friend, Jamie Madrox. When the cryptic child, Layla Miller joined the team, Guido became quite protective of her (i.e. when Rictor blames Siryn getting attacked by Layla, he tells Rictor that he shouldn't insult Layla, and if he does he'll hurt him).

Guido went to see a hypnotist to see if it was possible for him to stop the constant pain that he feels because of his powers. But, Singularity Investigations intervened, and had the hypnotist make Guido a sleeper agent.

During his time as a sleeper agent, Layla Miller's precognitive abilities couldn't see anything that would happen to Guido.

Guido was hit by a missile (but was fine), while defending Henry Buchanun, a ex-worker of Singularity Investigations, who had come to X-Factor to help them take down Singularity.

When Guido was taking Henry Buchanun to his locker, he received a phone call, and killed Henry. When he returns to HQ, Wolfsbane smells the blood that had been cleaned of his hands. Madrox orders M to take him, and while she's telepathically looking through his mind, she causes the sleeper agent personality to surface. They fight Guido for a while, but he was eventually stopped by Quicksilver.

The damage was undone, and when the group went to see Doc Samson, Guido and Samson talked about how a hypnotist can't create a personality, only cause it to surface, so the killer must have always been there. Guido also admitted that he makes joke to hide the constant pain he feels because of his powers.

Guido and Rahne went to see Alix Buchanun to tell them about Henry, and Guido blurts out that he killed Henry. After they explain everything to Alix, she forgives Guido, because he didn't do it willingly, and she doesn't believe that he's supposed to spend the rest of his years rotting in jail.

Guido is next seen eating ice cream at the HQ, and later fighting Abyss.

During this time, he is offered the position as the Sheriff of Mutant Town by Valerie Cooper.

When the Isolationist attacks, Guido is teleported away to an artic type place with Madrox and Rahne. While they were there, Guido told Madrox about the job offer, and told Madrox to see that as his two weeks notice. He is then teleported back with the others when Rictor figures out how to work the Isolationist's teleporting device/door.

Guido was seen fighting in the battle finale of Messiah CompleX on Muir Island.

Guido was next seen saving Rictor as he was being beaten up by a bunch of ex-mutants. Guido then talks to Madrox, and Madrox asked about the job offer. Guido tells him that he told Valerie Cooper to shove it, but Madrox is able to tell he's lying, apparently because he makes big hand gestures when he lies. He then stands outside of an abandoned building while Madrox goes in to beat up some Purifiers.

He then tears up the sidewalk outside the HQ, to reveal a trap door. He then punches through a wall with M, revealing themselves to be back outside the HQ. M, Siryn and a Madrox dupe fly off to find Rictor, he and Madrox stay outside HQ. The place suddenly turns into a jungle, and a boulder rolls towards the two. Guido tells Madrox not to move because all of it is a hologram, but he is hit and crushed into the boulder, stuck with it as it rolled.

167. Pepper Potts (14 points)

Ppepperpotts.jpgepper Potts got her start at Stark International (then Stark Industries) as a secretary. She became known by her affectionate nickname Pepper due to her freckled complexion. While doing her job she fixed an accounting mistake made by Anthony "Tony" Stark, CEO of Stark International. This came to his attention, and Stark promoted Pepper to executive assistant. She would soon prove herself an invaluable asset to him numerous times, and would display a business acumen and instincts to rival his own. Often, she would run the affairs of the business in Stark's absence.

Pepper was initially quite attracted to Tony, but not at all to his chauffeur and personal assistant, Happy Hogan. Happy was very much attracted to Pepper however, but she consistently rebuked his romantic advances. Given that Tony was also developing feelings for Pepper, a love triangle between the three began to develop. At this time, neither Pepper or Happy were aware that Tony Stark was secretly the avenger, Iron Man.

Over time, as Pepper came to know Happy better, the two would eventually fall in love. They would marry, and leave Stark International to pursue their own enterprise in the Rocky Mountains, and later in Cleveland where they adopted several children, unable to conceive by themselves.

Pepper was eventually kidnapped by Tony Stark's rival, Obadiah Stane, who attempted to manipulate Tony by hurting the people he loved. Afterwards, Pepper told Tony to stay out of her and Happy's lives as she felt he would only cause them more grief. Her relationship with Happy was not without its difficulties however, and the two would divorce and remarry. At one point, Tony and Pepper had a brief romantic interlude during trouble in Happy and Pepper's relationship. Pepper eventually did settle down with Happy, and the two attempted to supplement their family with more children. Pepper even managed to conceive but lost the baby at the hands of yet another Iron Man enemy.

Happy sustained critical injuries in a battle with Spymaster during the Civil War, and afterwards Pepper requested that Tony turn off Happy's life support. She felt it would dishonor his memory to see him live in a vegetative state. For her part, Pepper has recently joined The Initiative team known as The Order. She has taken on the role of Greek Goddess, Hera.

Recently, Pepper has returned to being Stark's assistant. Unfortunately during a dinner party a bomb was planted by Ezekiel Stane which blew off. Unable to escape Pepper was hit with shrapnel. Damaging almost all of her internal organs Tony Stark outfitted her with a strong magnet in her chest (similar to the one Tony Stark had in the movie Iron Man) to keep her alive to perform surgery. This makes Potts utterly dependent on the magnet. Although the surgery was successful it is unknown when or if She will ever be able to remove the magnet. Tony also gave her new cybernetics that fixed her mobility and hearing. When Pepper awoke she immediately thought that she was becoming a weapon and was losing her humanity. However, Stark later told her that the battery wasn't made by himself, rather it was made by Danny Rand's design for a new battery. This comforts her and she embraces her new cybernetic enhancements.


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