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Your Top Marvel Heroes part 25

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, April 21 2010 and posted in Features
A Canadian, a Duck, and a Gay Mutant. I smell buddy movie. {nomultithumb}

166. Sasquatch/Howard the Duck (14 points)

sasquach.jpgWalther Langkowski is from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Langkowski went to Pennsylvania State where he met Bruce Banner.

During an experiment with gamma radiation, Walter Langkowski believed that he had acquired powers similar to the Hulk, but that he could control his transformation simply by willing it (though transforming caused him a great deal of pain). In actuality, he shattered an inter-dimensional barrier. In the process he made contact with entities known as the Great Beasts. Langkowski's soul was linked with an evil Northern spirit called Sasquatch. Langkowski controlled this spirit for most of the time, but would eventually lose out to its savage nature.

Sasquatch was killed by team-mate Snowbird, as it was her mission to slay the Great Beasts. However, they didn't give up on Walter, and Alpha Flight went to rescue his soul. They accomplished their goal, but since Walter's body was destroyed, his soul was forced to inhabit Roger Bochs' Box armor, then Smart Alec, then a deceased Snowbird. This last form made Sasquatch turn white instead of orange, and when he transformed back into human form, he found he had a woman's body! He even changed his name to Wanda for a time until Snowbird's spirit mystically transformed him back into his old body.

At this point Alpha Flight disbanded and Walter left for Antarctica to continue his research on gamma radiation. Eventually, Walter rejoined a reassembled Alpha Flight, but the new team soon met with disaster at the hands of a mutant called The Collective, who absorbed the powers of 50 mutants after M Day.

In New Avengers #16, he seemed to be killed with the rest of Alpha Flight by The Collective. Somehow, he managed to survive and was recently seen assembling a new Canadian super team. This team will be seen in the pages of Omega Flight.

As Sasquatch, Langkowski possesses super human strength. Sasquatch's strength is considered very high, but just how high depends on the writer. On certain occasions, he has been shown feats of strength rivaling the Hulk (such as lifting a navy destroyer!) Therefore, Sasquatch could potentially be ranked among the strongest superheroes in the Marvel Universe.

In addition to strength, he has very high endurance, due to a healing factor. He has sharp claws. These claws are sharp enough to cut through materials such as stone, wood, flesh and even some types of metals. Sasquatch also has superhuman agility and stamina. His Sasquatch form is 10 feet tall and weighs 2000 lbs.

He is also a brilliant scientist to boot, specializing in radiation. Unlike the Hulk, he retains his intellect in his Sasquatch persona. He is very durable. If he gets damaged, he has an accelerated healing factor. This healing factor allows him to heal injuries that would prove fatal to a human. As Sasquatch, Langkowski has a thick coat of orange fur that prevents him from danger in the cold weathers of Canada.

Interesting Fact: Before becoming Sasquatch, Walter played for the Green Bay Packers and amassed quite a fortune...

Howard the Duck
howardtheduck.jpgThog the Overmaster sought to unite all realities into one reality which he would control. In this event Howard was taken from his world and placed in the Florida everglades, which is the site of Earth's nexus of all realities. The Man-Thing, the guardian of the Nexus of All Realities, recruited Howard and the others who were taken from their home realities to fight Thog, a battle which they ultimately won. On his way back to his own world he fell off of the Stepping Stones of Oblivion and fell to Cleveland, Ohio. Doctor Angst and the Band of Bland also attempted to unite all realities into one but the critic recruited Howard and the She-Hulk to stop them. Due to his experiences passing through the Nexus of All Realities, a piece of it became stuck within him. The Cult of Entropy wished to destroy the Nexus and so they sought to kill Howard.

He was rescued by the Man-Thing who poured himself down Howard's throat so he could merge with the Nexus fragment. He then reformed after being vomited out of Howard. Doctor Bong of the Band of Bland had Howard transformed into a humanoid rat and he disintegrated after smoking from the cigar of the Saint of Therapists. After speaking with God he was able to return to his duck body. Howard has been through many crazy adventures, ranging from being nominated for president to meeting the X-Men. During the Civil War story arc, Howard tries to register, but, according to the government, does not exist, therefore allowing him to bypass registration as well as taxes.

Howard does' not have any real powers other than the fact he is somewhat good with magic and is a master of the martial art "Quack-Fu".

Howard has used things to give him powers in the past though, Including a staff or pole that was given to him by Damion Hellstrom and also an Iron suit much like Iron Man's.

165. Rictor (15 points)

rictor.jpg90's Rictor, how he focuses his power by gritting his teeth. Grrrrr!!

When the Scarlet Witch depowered 90-98% of the mutant population during M-Day, Rictor was one of the thousands to lose their powers.

Deeply depressed over being powerless and losing his connection to the earth, Rictor contemplated committing suicide by jumping off a building. Wolfsbane yelled at him from below screaming for him to get off of the ledge. He was talked out of jumping by a Jamie Madrox clone, but the same dupe pushed him off the building (he was apparently Jamie's "X-Factor", and was unpredictable. "The fly in the ointment. The spanner in the works). He was caught by M, and was taken to his motorcycle, and he and M went back to headquarters. He was offered a position on the new X-Factor team but refused because they were all mutants and he wasn't. He jumped on his motorcycle, and after being given a coupon of gas by Layla Miller, and left.

In a gas station, a young couple left the building with the man shouting at the woman about how she shouldn't be thankful that they weren't mutants anymore. He goes to attack the woman, but Rictor sprays him with gas, and when he prepares to fire a gun at the two, he catches on fire, and Rictor rides off with the woman.

Rictor then joins the new X-Factor team. When Siryn is attacked and abducted, Rictor is the one who saves her from a crazy, depowered mutant named Dr. Leery.

Rictor also begins to hate newcomer Layla Miller, thinking that she's creepy and was responsible for not telling them about Siryn getting attacked. During this time, Rictor also starts off on the wrong foot with Monet, whom he walks in on naked trying to get her attention about an important mission.

When X-Factor invaded Singularity Investigations, he and Siryn impersonate members of a clean-up crew in hazmat suits, and Rictor sends Layla all the files from Singularity.

Rictor then begins to visit Quicksilver's clinic in a nearby location, and within a conversation with Madrox, hinted jokingly that he was bisexual and may have had a past romance with his X-Force teammate Shatterstar.

When X-Cell attacked, Rictor was taken to Quicksilver. Quicksilver made Rictor an offer, for him to siphon Quicksilver's powers so Quicksilver can repower all the X-Cell mutants and Rictor himself. He fell unconscious during the process, but when he woke up, Quicksilver was about to kill Layla Miller, but Rictor fought him and destroyed the Terrigen Mists that gave Quicksilver his abilities.

Rictor locked himself in his room. Rahne came to visit him with food, but he knocked it out of her hands. He begins to cry about how he doesn't have his powers, and as Rahne is about to leave, she turns around and the two sleep with each other. Later, when Rahne jumps on him and rips the back of his shirt, we can see some remains of the Terrigen Crystals protruding from his skin.

When the Isolationist is convincing the others with mind control about the million mutant march, Rictor is immune to his telepathy and isn't convinced. When the Isolationist then attacks, Rictor is immune to all of his powers. When the Isolationist leaves then, Rictor figures out how to use the Isolationist's teleporting device, and brings Rahne, Guido and Jamie back from an Artic prison the Isolationist had forced them into.

Recently Rictor and Strong Guy embarked on a road trip that lead to a reunion with Rictor's former X-Force teammate Shatterstar.

It was revealed that Shatterstar was in fact mind controlled by an entity called Cortex, which had been targeting depowered mutants for currently unspecified reasons. When the mental link Cortex had on Shatterstar abruptly wore off, Shatterstar was pleasantly surprised to see Rictor. As Rictor walked over to attend to his friend, Shatterstar grabbed him and the two shared a passionate kiss. Rictor and Guido later had a conversation about Ric's sexuality and his relationship with Rahne in which Rictor revealed that he and Shatterstar had been involved long before he and Rahne, confirming their relationship in their days together in X-Force. After Cortex was defeated, Madrox and Guido returned to New York and Rictor stayed in Detroit with the others. However, a month later Siryn would close the Detroit office and the others would all return to New York as well.

Rictor's current relationship has seemed to put a strain on his friendship with Guido, who felt betrayed that Rictor never told him he was bisexual and had started a relationship with Rahne. Shatterstar also seems to have picked up a healthy flirtatious habit which has annoyed Rictor to no end.


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