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Your Top Marvel Heroes part 27

Written by Chris Mitchell on Thursday, April 22 2010 and posted in Features
Once again, three characters and two slots. {nomultithumb}

161. Gravity/Stature (16 points)

gravity.jpgFrom an unknown accident, Greg can now manipulate gravity and decides that he will become a superhero. He enrolled in New York University and started his superhero career there. During his first day, he encountered a fight between Rage and Black Death, a homicidal anarchist made of black energy. Unfortunately, Greg thought that Rage is the villain and let Black Death get away. In his college, he meets his roommate, who has ADHD and a fanatic of superheroes, and Laura Singh, a fellow freshman herself.

On day, while defeating Rhino, he caught the attention of the Daily Bugle. Because of his icon in his costume, which is pattern like an X, people who are reading the newspaper think he is a mutant.

Becoming insecure of his career as a superhero, he meets up with another superhero, the Greenwich Guardian, the self-proclaimed protector of Greenwich Village, and they patrol the city. Disturbed by his new partner's violent nature, Gravity search for Black Death on his own. Because of his relationship with Laura has gotten deeper. Greg decides to quit the super-heroics.

But later, the Greenwich Guardian pressured Greg to help him to defeat Black Death. In doing so, he misses out his date with Laura. She doesn't want to forgive him, his college adviser tells him that his grades are slipping. Greg meets up again with the Greenwich Guardian to trap Black Death. But was trick by the Guardian and revealed himself to be Black Death. He planned on using Gravity's power to destroy the Greenwich Village and New York University, but Greg defeated him but escaped. After the fight, Spider-Man came to him and congratulate him for a job well done. Later, in a cafe, Greg meets up with Laura and said that to her that he's planning to drop out of college and return home. Laura was disappointed on Greg and gave him a pep talk. After that, he decide to stay for another semester and now more confident on his abilities goes off to stop another super villain, Brushfire. Meanwhile, Black Death is trying to find out the identity of Greg in the NYU website.

After fighting a Brushfire, he was suddenly teleported to another planet. There he was with Spider-Man, Venom, Hank Pym, Wasp, Medusa, Alyosha Kravinoff (Kraven the Hunter), Firebird and The Hood. They were sent there by the Beyonder to battle each other to see who would win. Hank seems to have killed all of them and demands his reward. It was revealed that the Beyonder is actually The Stranger. Little that The Stranger knew that Hank simply shrink the others and after getting them back to normal size, they all fought The Stranger. When Uatu the Watcher revealed himself, The Stranger got intimidated by his presence and left the planet. The planet soon began to crumble, as it was being held by The Stranger's powers. So, Gravity volunteered to be left behind to hold the planet long enough for the others to escape. The strain killed him, and back on earth, all of those he saved mourned for him, even Venom. It has been hinted that Gravity's destiny still awaits for him, as Uatu was there to witness his death, and when a Watcher appear on an event, it means that its a very important event.

Gravity was resurrected and made into the new Protector of the Universe by Epoch since Quasar was dead. Shortly after being reborn, Gravity battles a hungry Galactus, whom is trying to feed on Epoch. Gravity exhausts his cosmic awareness by feeding Galactus, and refuses to take the powers back. He then returns to Earth with the Fantastic Four, claiming that he still has his original gravity control powers, and sets off to reunite with his loved ones. When the Fantastic Four, Doctor Strange, and the Silver Surfer are trying to save the universe, Uatu made a deal with Gravity, that he will restore his secret identity if he could use his powers to cut away the bad parts of the universe.

Its been revealed that Gravity has joined the Initiative and was assigned to the Nevada team, The Heavy Hitters as it's leader. The other members of the team are Hardball, Non-Stop and Telemetry. During the Secret Invasion, the Heavy Hitters help the Skrull Kill Krew in defeating Skrulls posing as Equinox and Thor Girl. Later, Gravity and Komodo tried to get back Hardball away from Hydra, but Hardball chose to be with Hydra because of the betrayal of the two heroes against him. Hardball then became the supreme ruler of Hydra. When Norman Osborn gained control over the initiative, He put Prodigy as leader of the Heavy Hitters and reassigned Gravity to be the leader of the superhero team in Wisconsin, Great Lakes Initiative.

stature.jpgBorn with a congenital heart condition, Cassie's father became Ant-Man in order to save her. He at first stole the costume, but later was given permission to wear it. Her father would team-up with the Avengers and Iron Man on several occasions through the years. After Cassie's parents divorced, her mother and new stepfather felt that it was too dangerous for her to be around her father and got full custody of her. Visiting her father one weekend a month, she stole Pym Particles in hopes of becoming like him. Cassie even lived with the Fantastic Four for a brief period, while her father was working for them as Tech support during Reed Richards' absence. When her father was killed as an Avenger by a deranged Scarlet Witch, she withdrew from her mother and stepfather and planned on running away to California to join the Runaways until she saw the Young Avengers on TV. In her attempt to join them Cassie met Kate Bishop , who joined her in trying to locate them. Cassie's powers first manifested during a fight with Patriot when she tried to get her father's belongings from the Avengers Mansion. Her ability to change size seems to be linked to her emotional state, as anger has caused her to grow and guilt to shrink.

During the Civil War, she teamed up with the Runaways to free their friends and shut down an evil S.H.I.E.L.D. base. Halfway through the war, she switched sides and helped Iron Man win the war, registering under the SHRA and joining the Initiative recruits at Camp Hammond. Recently, she was kidnapped by the Puppet Master along with Arana, Dusk, and Silverclaw, but was freed from his control by Ms. Marvel and returned back to the United States. Since then, Cassie has been staying at the Initiative Training Center at Camp Hammond, working alongside the other recruits there, even aiding them against the assault of the insane clone KIA. As during this period, she came into contact with Eric O'Grady, the current Ant-Man, facing off against the "hero" in a giant-sized duel when he insulted her father. Stature was one of the over sixty superhumans at Camp Hammond to confront the insane clone KIA during his rampage throughout the base with the Tactigon, and like the others, was swiftly defeated by the alien super weapon.

Cassie survived, however, and shortly thereafter was met by the current Vision, who had just completed a worldwide sojourn to discover his true identity. Meeting him in a restaurant outside of Camp Hammond, Stature lambasted the synthetic for assuming that the Initiative forces (herself included) were either dupes for the government or villains hoping to crush America's civil liberties, defending her decision to side with Iron Man as one of responsibility and honesty, going so far to suggest that the anti-Registration forces were rebelling just for the sake of rebellion or out of some romantic revolutionary ideal rather than out of an educated decision. The pair were ambushed by AIM terrorists shortly thereafter, and upon defeating them, Cassie was stunned when the Vision declared his love for her. Although intrigued by the gesture, she decided to take some time to sort out her feelings for him instead of accepting him outright. Cassie was then faced with an almost tragedy. During a fight with the Growing Man her stepfather Blake was seriously injured. The guilt caused Cassie to shrink to almost nothingness. But with help from her friends Wiccan, Hawkeye and Patriot she was able to snap out of it before she shrank to nothingness. She later saw Blake in hospital and he forgave her.

During the Secret Invasion Cassie first fought the Skrulls during their invasion of New York. She was quickly defeated but survived the conflict. She later took part in final battle and she was able to grow larger then the Skrull Yellowjacket and take him out with a single punch.

Vision and Stature are on the ruins of the Avengers statue memory lane. There a new statue appeared showing the death of Wasp. Surprisingly they see statues of the Young Avengers there too they notice that they have been cover in some kind of goo making super heroes into statues. They flee from this and see the unexpected, the woman who the original Vision loved and who killed Cassie Lang's father, the Scarlet Witch, but before any of the three can say anything Wanda teleports them out of trouble. Stature later helps the rest of the future Mighty Avengers in saving the world from Chthon's chaos.

Later by the words AVENGERS ASSEMBLE spoken by Hank Pym, now Wasp, and the help of the Scarlet Witch's powers the new Mighty Avengers are summoned: The Wasp, Jocasta, Vision, Stature, Amadeus Cho, Hercules, Jarvis, and U.S. Agent. .

It has been revealed that Cassie is still doubting her place in the Mighty Avengers. She feels strong ties and obligations to the Young Avengers, and she continually expresses a desire to return to them, at the very least so she can inform them of what she and Jonas had been doing. She also shows a strong desire to maintain her father's legacy and good name, complimenting Cho on using the old Ant-Man helmet (since he's someone she actually likes), and being reluctant to lay siege to the Baxter Building since her father was once a member of the Fantastic Four.

Cassie brings the Young Avengers to the Mighty headquarters to confront the Scarlet Witch, but to their surprise they find out that Scarlet is Loki in disguise.

160. American Eagle (16 points)

americaneagle.jpgJason Strongbow was a man who tried to prevent developers from exploiting the environment that was sacred to his tribe. The developers were working in league with Klaw. When Jason and his brother Ward confronted Klaw in the mines, the combination of radioactive rock and Klaw's sonics mutated Jason's genetic structure making both of them more than just a man.

After this event, Jason took up the mantle of American Eagle, Champion of the Navajo people, and he and his brother followed Klaw to the Savage Land, where Klaw was trying to use its source of vibranium to augment his already formidable sonic based powers. Here they met up with Ka-zar, Protector of the Savage Land, as well as the Thing from the Fantastic Four. Despite defeating the Klaw and his minions, Jason's brother Ward was shot and killed. This did not stop American Eagle from remaining a champion of his people, and he was often involved in events with other heroes such as the Contest of Champions and was part of the defeat of the threat of the Dire Wraiths.

In recent times he was shown as being opposed to Tony Stark and the Registration Act with every intention of taking a pro-active stance against it. He also attempted to talk to Ollie Osnick, aka the Steel Spider, about his overly aggressive vigilantism to prevent him from getting into a conflict with angry members from his Navajo tribe. This then leads him into conflict with newly sanctioned government task-force the Thunderbolts in which he shoots team leader Moonstone with a crossbow. She then orders Bullseye to cripple him as he crippled hero Jack Flag previously. However, during their battle Bullseye gets soundly beaten and ironically is paralyzed by American Eagle, allowing him to make his escape.

Jason returned to the Navajo Reservation, where he was free from prosecution as an unregistered superhuman and unlicensed superhero. The Desert Stars, Arizona's Initiative team, later found him still active as American Eagle on the reservation when they arrived to apprehend the fugitive Cottonmouth. He made it clear to them that they had no jurisdiction there and he didn't want their help. He then tracked down Cottonmouth on his own, beating the criminal into submission. Rather than send Cottonmouth off to jail, Jason forced him to work manual labor on the reservation, starting by burying the dogs he had killed.


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