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Your Top Marvel Heroes part 28

Written by Chris Mitchell on Thursday, April 22 2010 and posted in Features
Three characters for ya. {nomultithumb}

159. Phyla (16 points)

phylavell.jpgPhyla-Vell was created when her brother Genis-Vell helped to destroy and then re-create the universe. The alternate universe that was created was one in which the genetic process that was used to create Genis was so successful that his mother chose to also create a daughter.

Phyla is the genetic (albeit cloned) offspring of Elysius of Titan and Captain Marvel of the Kree, just as her brother Genis-Vell was; as such, she is an Eternal/Kree hybrid. She was aged at an accelerated rate and trained by simulators on Titan in most things. She has been shown to have the tendency to come off as cocky and overconfident because of her extensive training.

She was first seen attempting to neutralize her brother when he had gone insane, in effect helping to partly restore his sanity. She then immediately attempted to lay claim to the mantle of Captain Marvel, to which her brother refused.

Also during this time she began a romantic relationship with Moondragon, who had recently been in a similar relationship with Marlo, Rick Jones' temporarily estranged wife. Moondragon was greatly hurt by the dissolution of the relationship, but Phyla piqued Moondragon's interest. It was implied that the two took a vacation together. Sometime later she was seen at the trial of Starfox.

Later still, she was seen during the Annihilation crisis. She sought out Drax The Destroyer when Thanos had abducted his daughter, Moondragon, who Phyla had been seeing romantically. She then sided with Nova's resistance movement and was instrumental in Annihilus' defeat when the Quantum Bands chose her over Annihilus during his conflict with Nova, turning the tide of the conflict.

With Annihilus defeated and Phyla wearing both a pair of Nega-Bands and the Quantum-Bands, she seems to be deciding to follow in the footsteps of her predecessors, her father, Captain Mar-Vell; the previous bearer of the Quantum-Bands, Quasar. Even going so far as to start calling herself the new ‘Quasar'.

Recently, Phyla and Moondragon were seen protecting a monastery to Pama on the edge of the Kree Empire. In the aftermath of the Annihilation War the denizens of the universe attempt to rebuild from the devastation, the war has left most without food or shelter and has made many desperate. Phyla is forced to defend the monastery from such people and have formed a gang of sorts, but she shows mercy in offering them shelter and food. She hears a voice from the Quantum-bands and it tells her to seek out the one who can save the Kree Empire which is now under assault by the Phalanx

Recently, as Phyla-Vell has adapted to the power of the Bands, with the help of a Cotati priest discovered that Annihilus had indeed corrupted the Quantum-bands when he wielded them. Phyla was drawn into the bands themselves and found an area of inky darkness within them. Shortly thereafter, she learned that with the Phalanx having cut off the Kree empire from the rest of the universe, also have cut off the Quantum Bands from the Quantum Zone, leaving only the energy that happened to be within the Bands for Phyla to complete her quest to find the savior of the Kree people. This savior turned out to be Adam Warlock, and the voice guided her to him was the last surviving sentience of the Supreme Intelligence. She raced against the Super-Adaptoid, who had been turned into a Phalanx Select, to reach Warlock and battle him over Warlock's hibernation cocoon. Even with her power dwindling, she defeated the android. But Annihilus' evil almost consumed her afterwards. It was only the intervention of Wendell Vaughn's spirit purging the darkness from the Quantum Bands that saved her.

Phyla's work was far from over, because her next task was to get Adam Warlock to cooperate. He emerged from his cocoon too early. He was amnesiac and unstable, not particularly wanting to listen to her about the Phalanx. Even when the Phalanx attacked, he was unconvinced, but he did at least escape with Phyla and Moondragon to a refuge he could remember. This refuge was a hidden facility belonging to the High Evolutionary. Having her doubts that Warlock was much of a savior, Phyla tried to explain the situation to the High Evolutionary instead and get his help. He could engineer an army of enhanced Kree warriors to combat the Phalanx. There wasn't time to make plans, though. The Phalanx teleported into the facility along with their leader, Ultron. She could only watch as Ultron killed Moondragon in the first seconds of his arrival. The High Evolutionary chose to explode the star his facility hid within to destroy the invaders, and Warlock saved him and Phyla from the blast, heading to Hala where there was another lab. Phyla remained devastated by Moondragon's loss.

The High Evolutionary betrayed her on Hala, siding with the Phalanx and giving them Warlock. There was nothing Phyla could do at this point. Her Quantum Bands had been completely drained of their energy stores. She could not stop Ultron transferring himself into Warlock's body and taking it over. Then as the battle waged on elsewhere, Phyla found a mysterious new charge in her Quantum Bands. She joined the battle and found where Warlock's empty husk of a body after Ultron had been purged from it. It turned out that the energy she wielded was Adam Warlock's soul, and she put it back into his body. She was then able to draw energy from all the souls the Phalanx had killed to power their Spire, reforge her sword and strike the killing blow upon Ultron.

Peter Quill, the Star-Lord, put together a team of heroes in the aftermath of the Phalanx conquest, and Phyla was among those he recruited. What she did not realize was that he used Mantis to telepathically nudge her into joining. A bond formed between her and Adam Warlock from their shared experiences fighting the Phalanx, and she spent much time with him on Knowhere, the new base for the Guardians of the Galaxy. She also tried to bond with Drax the Destroyer, wanting a connection to Moondragon's father. 
When what Star-Lord had done to get them all to join was revealed, Phyla was deeply offended as most of the others were. She left with Adam but would later be seen traveling with Drax in his search for Cammi. This search took a detour when instead of Cammi they received information that could lead them to Moondragon, bringing them to Mentor whom promptly murdered them!

She found herself ion a borderland called Oblivion, where the Quantum bands fell of her wrists seeing as the bearer was now dead. Not long after she was faced by her own demons (Her father, brother, and Annihilus) but Drax soon send them packing. They however were joined by Maelstrom whom used Moondragon as bait to lure them for his master Oblivion with the intent of then using them to cross back over into reality. After his apparent defeat he agreed to lead them to her but he led them to the Dragon of the Moon where he said Moondragon was supposed to be within the dragon that was regaining its strength after Ultron dispatched it back to Oblivion. Maelstrom however regained the upper hand once the Quantum bands re-bonded with him and quickly encased Phyla and Drax with the intent of feeding them to the Dragon in exchange for the Dragon using its energy to release Maelstrom from Oblivion.

After Maelstrom dropped Phyla into the Dragon's mouth, who was rising. and after a short battle with the original Quasar, Phyla tore herself out of Dragon of the Moon, carrying Heather in her arm. With the Dragon dispatched and Maelstrom gone Quasar tried to return the bands to her but Phyla declined stating that she couldn't fill his shoes and that she had powers of her own.

Together with Heather and Drax she returned to Mentor's place where Heather demands to know what the price that Phyla paid for her was after Mentor startled observation of Phyla's change.

Back on Oblivion, Maelstrom reveals that their plan succeeded Death now has a new avatar Martyr.

158. Hellion (16 points) hellion.jpg

Hellion is a highly skilled telekinetic whose uses his abilities to fly at subsonic speeds, generate telekinetic force barriers, fire telekinetic force blasts, and lift things weighing multiple tons. He was able to simultaneously carry the Blackbird, while tunneling through over a mile and a half of tunnel. Julian has also shown that he has a huge amount of untapped potential. After the New X-Men fought Nimrod and X-23 needed medical care, Emma Frost unlocked some of this potential so Hellion could get her to the mansion in time. He was able to travel from Dallas, Texas to New York in mere seconds, plowing through a Sentinel upon arrival before stopping. That's around 1400 miles in just a few seconds. Since then, Hellion's powers have lowered some, but they are still much higher than before. As a result, he has very little fine control over his telekinesis. At one point, he tried to lift a paper clip and accidentally blew a hole through the floor of the Danger Room. When Hellion uses his powers, the telekinetic energy he creates often glows a visible green. He also seems to prefer having the telekinetic energy flow from his hands rather than directly from his mind.

X-23 once told him that he beat Kimura fairly easily by simply expanding a bubble inside of her, to the point where she exploded. Hellion however is reluctant to use his powers in such a manner. If he ever were to let go of his values and ethics however, Julian could possibly become much more combat proficient. Being a student at Xavier's, he has received some basic training in martial arts and certain forms of self defense.

157. Ultimate Hawkeye (16 points)

A former Olympic archer, Clint Barton became a U.S. intelligence agent over a decade ago. Active around the world, he was present for the liberations of Kosovo and Afghanistan, as well as the fall of the Berlin Wall. He became a close friend and frequent colleague of fellow agent Nick Fury, and the two operatives were key founders of the modern intelligence agency S.H.I.E.L.D. Both rose through the ranks until Fury became the agency's director and Barton (code-named Hawkeye) became an elite agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s black ops division, often partnered with ex-KGB espionage legend Natasha Romanov (code-named Black Widow). Despite his dangerous, globe-spanning profession, Barton managed to build a more stable family life than most of his peers, residing for years with his girlfriend Laura (who recently became his wife), with whom he had three children: Callum, Lewis and baby Nicole, named after her godfather, Nick Fury. Hawkeye habitually phoned his family before every mission to say good-bye, just in case he never returned. He always returned, even after a mission which pitted him, Black Widow, and their support team against two office buildings full of extraterrestrial Chitauri sleeper agents. Most of their team died, but Hawkeye, the Widow and a handful of others survived, wiping out the Chitauri sleepers in the process.

Shortly thereafter, Hawkeye and the Widow were promoted to membership in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s new celebrity superhero team, the Ultimates, complete with newly falsified backgrounds to make them more acceptable public figures. When the Ultimates thwarted a Chitauri plot to destroy Earth, thanks in part to unwitting assistance from the monstrous Hulk, it was a wounded Hawkeye who managed to bring down the rampaging Hulk once the aliens were defeated. Hawkeye participated in many more Ultimates operations before taking part in the team's most controversial mission to date, teaming with the European Super-Soldier Initiative to strip a "rogue" state of its nuclear weapons capability. In response, a traitor within the Ultimates led a black ops team in to Hawkeye's home, slaughtering the entire Barton family. Though apparently slain alongside his family, Hawkeye's body was missing from the crime scene when the authorities arrived.


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