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Your Top Marvel Heroes part 30

Written by Chris Mitchell on Friday, April 23 2010 and posted in Features
I love all these characters. All of them. {nomultithumb}

153, Mach IV/Cosmo (16 points)

Mach IV
machiv.jpgFucking rocks.

Abner Jenkins was a great mechanic at an aircraft parts factory. He became bored of his low paying job. So he decided to build a super suit. He used it for fame, wealth, and adventure. Jenkins lured the Human Torch and the Thing into battle, thinking if he beat half of the Fantastic Four he would become famous. The Human Torch and the Thing defeated him and the Beetle was sent to jail. After he had finished his prison term, he was given back his Beetle equipment since there is no law against a man owning an armored costume. He wanted to gain revenge on the Human Torch so he searched for him, he followed the Human Torch, studied him, and then knew what he must do. He attempted to kidnap The Human Torch's girlfriend Doris. When the Beetle arrived at Doris's house, he encountered Spider-Man. The two fought, but the Beetle was able to eventually make a getaway. When the Human Torch arrived, he saw webbing thought Spider-Man was responsible for the kidnapping of his girlfriend. He then chased Spider-Man, who led him to the Beetle. They eventually caught the Beetle and he was sent back to jail.

The Beetle's original battle suit was trashed after an encounter with Iron Man. Shortly afterward he designed a more sophisticated suit. He hired the Ringer so that he could analyze Spider-Man's fighting style and strategies and program them into his battle computer. Unfortunately for him, he put a vital system right on his helmet and Spider-Man snapped it off causing the suit to shut down.

Beetle would spend several years being beaten by Spider-Man, Iron Man and Daredevil. The Beetle's armor was upgraded by Justin Hammer (one of his regular employers) and thus brought him to the attention of Iron Man during his Armor Wars. None of his Mark II armors would last long after the original was negated.

Abner came to the attention of Baron Zemo who was organizing a new Masters of Evil. When the majority of the worlds heroes sacrificed themselves to stop Onslaught, the Masters of Evil came up with the idea to impersonate a new team of Heroes. They became the Thunderbolts. Abner took up the identity of Mach I. Their plan was to gain the trust of the people and gain access to sensitive equipment that would help them take over the world. During their time as Heroes many of the Masters of Evil started to like the admiration and respect they were earning in their new roles.

Abner also became interested in Melissa Gold, the villainess formerly known as Screaming Mimi, now going by Songbird. The two became a couple much to the displeasure of Baron Zemo. The Black Widow, suspecting who the Thunderbolts really were, cornered the duo when they were alone and related to them a story of redemption and how several of the Avengers themselves were once villains to saw the light. Before Songbird and Mach I could decide what to do the heroes returned from Counter-Earth and Zemo outed them to the world. The Thunderbolts initially went along with Zemo (as the heroes were after them) and when Zemo set his plan into motion most of the team turned on him. After stopping his plan the Thunderbolts went on the run and tried to prove that they had really turned over a new leaf and wanted to be the heroes they had tried to be before.

Hawkeye (I was gonna put Cockeye, but I figured people would be offended, though I think it would go well with the next word after the bracket) inserted himself into the group and seeing the potential in this team tried to broker a deal for to get them pardoned. Unfortunately the government didn't go for it but Hawkeye didn't tell them this. Part of the deal included Abner turning himself in for a murder he committed while he was the Beetle. Reluctantly, even after Songbird offered to flee with him, he agreed to turn himself in. Abner know doing so would be extremely risky as many of the inmates knew that he had turned against them and even put them in prison. Some despised him before that simply because they already didn't like him. Abner however managed to survive, even coming once again to the attention of former employer Justin Hammer.

Upon his "release" Abe's looks were changed by the Fixer to go with his new identity of Matthew Davis. Abe's new face at first caused some friction with his girlfriend Songbird (as Fixer had transformed him from a Caucasian to African-American) but she grew used to it. His features eventually returned to normal and he is still working with the Fixer. After the Thunderbolts stop Special Agent Gyrich from killing all metahumans with nanobots the Thunderbolts were all issued pardons in exchange for never donning their costumes again. They were unable to keep this promise as Graviton returned and killed all of the Redeemers, thus the V-Battalion issued the Thunderbolts new version of their uniforms and armors. Abe's Mach III armor was designed by the V-Battalion (as opposed to the two developed by himself and the Fixer). The battle with Graviton landed the Thunderbolts on Counter-Earth where they were heroes. Upon returning Abe decided (much to Melissa's chagrin) to return to prison to serve out the remainder of his prison sentence (despite already having a Presidential Pardon).

Upon his official release he re-created the Thunderbolts (which had temporarily disbanded) to help give other villains seeking redemption a chance (or in some cases a chance to be in the spotlight for the other side). He designed and once again renamed himself Mach IV

In the event of the Civil War, Abe has joined the Hero Hunters and is overseeing three college student using the previous Beetle armor (the first beetle theme design, the second streamlined update, and the third tank-like armor). Recently after Norman Osborn's rise to power Abe and Fixer were interrogated by H.A.M.M.E.R. agents who were looking for Songbird. Abe in a new Mach IV armor saved the injured Melissa.

cosmo.jpg"My favorite character from my second favorite Marvel comic, Guardians of the Galaxy!"

Cosmo is the head of security of the space station Knowhere.

Cosmo has become the liaison to the new Guardians of the Galaxy and assists them in plotting their passport destination and travel to trouble spots in the universe via the Continuum Cortex. Cosmo's loyalty to the team was in doubt after a group of Skrulls infiltrated Knowhere and destroyed the Continuum Cortex. Cosmo was protecting a group of Skrulls and was accused as a traitor by Adam Warlock. Cosmo convinced Adam Warlock to see the truth as he did with Drax and Quasar.

Unfortunately things became complicated when Cynosure led the Luminals into Knowhere to kill the Skrulls, forcing Cosmo to protect the same group of Skrulls. Cosmo would have been killed by Cynosure's energy blast if it wasn't for a Skrull who threw himself to take the hit to save Cosmo. Cosmo was enraged and unleashed a telekinetic blast that stunned both the Luminals and Guardians of the Galaxy. Cosmo used this opportunity to explain and apologize for any confusion he had caused.

After some negotiating failures of the Guardians while trying to convince the Inhumans and the Imperial Guard to stop their War of Kings, Cosmo is one of the Guardians taken by Starhawk to the future. They learn that it is indeed Black Bolt that causes the Fault and the destruction of the universe.

With their time machine broken they formulate a plan to send a message back to the past to warn the other Guardians. Cosmo is able to telepathically communicate with one of the Celestials in the Celestial Engine (a device made by the Badoon to stop the spread of the Fault). The message is given and received by Adam Warlock in the past through Knowhere, which is able to communicate with other Celestials in any time period.

When the alignment of the Celestials in the engine breaks, the Fault consumes them. This should have been the death of Cosmo and the others, but it was not. They ended up being sent adrift in the time stream. As a side effect of this, Cosmo was made much younger into a puppy.

Only after traveling through several alternate futures are Cosmo and the other Guardians assisted by Kang the Conqueror, who restores them to their normal states. He informs them of Adam Warlock becoming the Magus and that all futures are becoming Magus futures. He gives Starlord a Cosmic Cube to stop this from happening and transports them to moments before the transformation.

Starlord is unable to stop Adam from becoming the Magus. When Cosmo and Mantis try to combine their telepathic abilities to assault the Magus, he returns with an attack of his own, killing them both. Starlord is able to stop the Magus, but not before Cosmo, Mantis, Major Victory, Phyla, Gamora and Adam have lost their lives.

152. Vindicator (17 points)

vindicator.jpgHeather was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She was originally a secretary at Amcam corporation, where she fell in love with James MacDonald Hudson. After he had stolen his power suit to prevent it from being used as a military weapon, Heather discovered his secret and decided to share it with him. Soon after they were married. Heather supported her husband in the forming of Department H and his becoming a superhero. She also assisted Wolverine in a time of trouble before his career with the X-Men, and was later reunited with him.

After Department H is dissolved, Heather brought the members of the disbanded Alpha Flight together to battle Tundra. With this initiative creating a spectacular success, the team decided to continue operating Alpha Flight as an independent group. Before Alpha Flight had been back together before long, Heather had witnessed the apparent death of James Hudson. She was then injured attempting to rescue a child from an alien Plodex.

Heather is asked by the members of Alpha Flight to take over leadership of the team when her husband James, the leader of Alpha Flight, is apparently killed. She accepts, though initially she leads purely as a non-combatant. She led Alpha Flight on a mission with the X-Men, and was temporarily transformed by the mystic Fire Mountain. She was briefly "reunited" with what she thought was James Hudson, but who really turned out to be an impostor - the robot Delphine Courtney. Her body was temporarily distorted by Scramble, and then she was captured by Deadly Ernest. Eventually, these dangerous encounters led to Heather adopting a copy of her husband's battle-suit. Through extensive training by Wolverine, Heather is able to hold her own in a battle. Heather teamed with Wolverine against Lady Deathstrike, and took the name Vindicator. She became stranded in the Savage Land, and formed the mutated natives into a team called Alpha Prime. Some time later, Heather was forced to defend Alpha Flight in a Parliamentary hearing. Eventually her husband returns and her suit is altered to manipulate geothermal forces and she takes the name Guardian. Soon after that, she battled the Fantastic Four. Heather and James have a baby (an as-yet-unnamed girl) and travel with their child and several other members of Alpha Flight to return a clutch of Plodex eggs to their homeworld. In addition, an accident brings temporal copies of most of the original Alpha Flight - from a time before her husband's "death" - to the present. This group includes a copy of Heather. While she is not a member, this "new" group is active as Alpha Flight.

Alpha Flight (the team consisting of Sasquatch, Guardian, Vindicator, Shaman, Major Mapleleaf II, and both Pucks) are brutally attacked by a new villain, " the Collective." Their bodies are left in the Yukon Territory as the Collective continues on to the United States. She was later confirmed dead by Sasquatch, who claimed to be the only surviving member of the team.

Fucking Bendis.


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