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Your Top Marvel Heroes part 32

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, April 26 2010 and posted in Features
We are almost over with the ties. I promise. {nomultithumb}

149. Deathlok/Jim Hammond (18 points)

deathlok.jpgSome people made it clear to me which Deathlok they were voting for (i.e. Collins or Manning) but others did not, so I am just going to do a brief rundown of them all. Cool? Cool.

The first published Deathlok - Luther Manning is from an alternate reality (Earth-7484). In this world, several corporations banded together to back Operation: Purge. The goal was to eliminate the Earth of all Super Heroes.

Manning was a high ranking officer in the world's US Army. When he was wounded in battle, he was transformed into the cyborg known as Deathlok. His creators had planned on controlling Deathlok for their own means.

Deathlok was able to break free of their control. In escaping their control, he was transported to Earth-616, the mainstream Marvel Universe. In this world, Operation: Purge hadn't been implemented.

Deathlok joined forces with Captain America to stop the Operation before it could have its drastic effects.

Recently, Deathlok had been under a coma, and was kept under S.H.I.E.L.D protection. Until the villain the Owl kidnapped him, and put him up for auction as a weapon. The criminal known as the Hood and his now organized group of villains bought him, and robbed a bank. Deathlok was trashed, and is currently under unknown conditions.

This version of Deathlok was also recruited by X-51 (Machine Man) of Earth-9997 into his group of Heralds, though I'm unsure of where this event falls in the timeline of events.

Back on Earth 616, Colonel Luther Manning had seen the battle in Vietnam, El Salvador, Iran and Persian Gulf.

Luther was asked to join the Cybertek program by Cybertek Systems Inc. but refused.

Luther eventually started having dreams of becoming Deathlok and was unaware that an alternate reality counterpart of him was walking around in this timeline.

He was eventually confronted by the being know as Timestream who infused him with temporal energy which he later triggered turning him into a replica of Earth-7484 Deathlok. As a cyborg Luther was incapable of resisting Timestream's order after he reprogrammed him using a CD of the original memory of his alternative reality counterpart. Timestream then used him to go to the past to kill Captain America but he was opposed by Godwulf (a resident of Earth-7484), the current Deathlok of Earth-616 Michael Collins and Siege. It was than revealed that Timestream was going to turn Earth-616 into a replica of his world but failed do to the interaction of these heroes.

However Luther was still under his control and Timestream's next plan was to use him to kill the current Deathlok, while both of them fought, Luther came out as the victor. Since Collins was a pacifist at heart and could not fight back Luther war ear skills. Just when Luther was about to kill him he used his link as both cyborg to enter Luther's mind and make him see that Timestream was using him. Luther now saw this horrible nightmare and blasted himself in the head killing himself.

Upon his death the energies that Timestream used to turn him into Deathlok vanished, reverting his body back to human. Justice Peace a member of the Time Variance Authority then showed up and claimed that he would get a proper burial for Luther's body in the present.

And another 616 Deathlok, Collins worked for Roxxon Oil, developing cyborg prosthetic limbs which he believed were being used to help those who had become crippled during recent wars.

However to his horror they were being used for the Deathlok Project.

Upon learning about this he complained to his boss, Harlan Ryker. Ryker who's intentions were to further increase his powers, turned on Collins and had his brain removed and placed in an upgraded Deathlok body.

Unable to control himself Deathlok Collins was sent to kill several soldiers.

Eventually Deathlok of Earth-7484 found Harlan Ryker, who in his timeline had become the mastermind Hellinger.

With this intervention Collins managed to learn how to control his cyborg body and came into a little piece of information, his body was still out there.

After the event of Beyond! We see him using his original human body which he can now switch to.

Jim Hammond
jimhammond.jpgThe original Human Torch was created in Brooklyn, New York. He was an android whom was invented by professor Phineas T. Horton. He would burst into flame whenever in contact with oxygen, and escaped before being destroyed. He wreaked havoc across Manhattan, burning everything he touched.

Eventually he managed to control his flame, and would battle small time criminals. His real battle was with Namor, the Sub-Mariner. He and Namor would have an on-and off again battles. One day he met Toro, a boy with powers similar (yet inferior) to his. 
Then came the war. He and Toro would join forces with the now ally Sub-Mariner (Namor), Captain America, and Bucky Barnes to form the Invaders to fight the Axis forces of World War 2. Towards the end of the war he met and killed Adolf Hitler.

After World War II, he helped form the All-Winners Squad.

Then later, he was placed in stasis in the Mojave desert until a nuclear bomb testing awoke him. After learning that Toro had been taken captive and brainwashed by the Soviets, he went to rescue him. After rescuing his friend he learned that the radiation from the bomb had vastly increased his powers and he once again had trouble controlling them and he feared that would cause damage to the people of Earth. He then went back to the desert and used up all of his energy reserves to effectively burn himself out with his powers. This act deactivated and destroyed himself.

He was later found and rebuilt by the Mad Thinker, who gave him a new memory so he would not be a hero anymore, and sent him to kill the Fantastic Four. After being defeated he returned to the Mad Thinker's lab refusing to be involved in murder. The Mad Thinker then disabled the Human Torch's ability to control his powers and he burned himself out. Immortus later created a duplicate of the Human Torch which was taken by Ultron. Using this body and the brain patterns of Wonder Man, Ultron created the Vision. The original Human Torch was resurrected by the Scarlet Witch and Toro's widow. He lost his powers and eventually became the leader of Heroes for Hire.

He later joined the New Invaders, and regained his powers. He sacrificed himself for the others.

The superhuman training camp used by the Initiative is named Camp Hammond after Jim Hammond.

148. Boom Boom (18 points)

boomboom.jpgAs a mutant, Boom Boom has the ability to psionically create plasmic energy with intense combustive power. These explosives were originally known as time-bombs. Over the years her powers have undergone various changes. Now she is able to wield the plasma as she wishes, but still uses the tiny spherical marbles out of habit.

Initially the time-bombs were spherical balls of plasma that varied in size and power according to what Boom-Boom desired. By concentrating, she would create the explosives, which would appear from the palms of her hands. Most of her time-bombs had the destructive power of a cherry bomb, and earned her the nickname Firecracker from friends like Rictor and Sunspot.

The size of the time-bombs often indicated their destructive force; ranging between tiny marbles and a giant beach ball. The larger the ball, the more explosive damage. When she tried to commit suicide after being separated from the Beyonder she created a time-bomb the size of a beach ball, that would be capable of blowing herself to pieces. Also, the larger time-bombs were more unstable. During the underwater fight after Inferno, she created larger time-bombs to fight the giant squid. She reminded the others to be careful when throwing them because they were more unstable and therefore liable to explode before the timer ran out.

On a few occasions, Tabitha purposefully made 'dud' bombs that would looked like a regular time-bomb, but simply dissipated without any form of explosion or noise. She did this either to play pranks on people, or during games of Volley Bomb with Iceman and the other X-Terminator kids.

Each time-bomb came with a pre-set time before it would explode; hence her original desire to be known as Time Bomb. The timer, like the size and strength of the bomb, was determined by Boom-Boom when she created it. The time-bombs would never detonate before the timer had run out, but she did warn others about larger unstable bombs. The majority of her time-bombs were marble-sized. Even though they were made out of highly dangerous explosive plasma, they could bounce against surfaces until the timer reached zero. It was possible for her to create a short fused timer to detonate almost immediately, or a longer timer of over 10 seconds.

Through personal preference the majority of Boom-Boom's time-bombs were set to explode approximately 3 seconds after creation. This gave her ample time to throw the bomb at her desired target, while ensuring her own personal safety. Although it was not necessary, she would often count down the seconds till detonation. This provided both a sense of dramatic suspense and warned friends & allies of the impending explosion.

After her transformation into Meltdown, she exerted one more new trick that surprised everyone. Instead of being vulnerable to a time-bomb in close proximity, she was suddenly capable of absorbing the energy of any unexploded plasma. She would simply take the plasma into her hand, and re-absorb it; the reverse of creating it. This meant that her bombs would no longer be a threat to her own physical safety, or that or team-mates and allies.


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