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Your Top Marvel Heroes part 36

Written by Chris Mitchell on Tuesday, April 27 2010 and posted in Features
After this only a few more ties. {nomultithumb}

141. Namora/Ult. Captain America (19 points)

namora.jpg"I love Agents of Atlas, but I have to pick one it will be Namora. I like the exploration of "1950's Marvel" as well as the uniqueness of the characters. A very good mix. And I just really like Namora. Marvel needs more strong women who aren't de-powered, driven crazy by their powers, and can stand toe to toe with the men."

If none of you read the first mini, do it!!

A Golden Age hero beginning her career in the early 1940's. Aquaria Nautica Neptunia is the daughter of an Atlantean man and surface dweller woman. Similar to her cousin (by marriage) Namor, she is a hybrid; half human half Atlantean. As a result of it she has a mutant genetic make-up that grants abilities far greater then any one of pure genetic blood lines. She, like her cousin, is mutant with an X-Gene.

As a child, her father moved near to his brother who also had a child, a boy named Namor. Aquaria and Namor, cousins, became playmates and were nearly inseparable. So close were they that she was given the nickname "Namora." During adolescent years her mutation made itself known when her normally blue Atlantean skin faded to the color of an average Caucasian color. This was the first time it was revealed that she was half human as was her cousin, Namor. A year later an attack on the castle she and her family lived took place. The invaders were there trying to raid their home for treasures. They would leave when they got what they wanted but not before Namora's father was killed by them. Namor and Namora became enraged by the events and would go after them and get revenge. And they would. These events would change Aquaria. She would permanently change her name to "Namora" which means avenging daughter and take on a more aggressive personality.

With nowhere to go, Namora would accompany her cousin Namor in all of his coming adventures. They would tackle countless missions and numerous villains. This would come to a stop in 1955 but not before she meets a man named Jimmy Woo. He was on a mission of his own and ran into Namora. He offered her a spot on his team the "Agents of Atlas." She would decline, but it wouldn't be the last time she would ever see him.

Afterward it was then that Namora would meet, fall in love with and marry an Atlantean man named Talan. They would not have an easy married. It was very strained with many of their issues coming from Namora's hybrid nature. Although her Atlantean nature made her very fertile, her mixed DNA made it impossible to reproduce. Wanting to help their marriage they would make a decision that none could know of. They were going to use a genetic clone of Namora to help them have a baby. This was a very taboo topic to Atlantians and also very illegal. Not too long after, she gave birth to their daughter and named her Namorita.

They would have a brief happiness as Namor would end up missing shortly after and then her husband would be killed in an atomic bomb testing. With nothing left for her, Namora would leave with her daughter back to Lemuria to start over. Several years would pass and Namora had grown to find herself attracted to another man. He was the crowned prince of Lemuria, Merro. Another Atlantean female named Llyra would find this out and in a jealous rage she attacked Namora. She would capture her and poison her with a poison highly effective against Atlanteans. Namora would die, leaving her, still very young, daughter Namorita alone without either her parents.

Not all would believe the stories behind Namora's death. An aged Jimmy Woo, who had once met Namora many years back, was one of these individuals. If his thoughts were right, then Namora was never dead at all. He gathered the remaining members of his group, Agents of Atlas and went to look for her. They first went and located Namora's coffin. Upon investigation, they found that she wasn't actually inside the coffin, it was only a hologram image of her. Multiple events followed and they were informed that the real Namora was frozen and hidden in an ice cavern under the North Sea. Once found she would be thawed and healthy as could be. Namora had survived the poisoning because of her hybrid lineage. Had she been only Atlantean then she would have died. Either way she was awakened. Grateful for Woo saving her, she gladly accepted Jimmy Woo's offer to join his team. She would then leave with his team and uncover the secrets that he had been looking for. Namora would continue as part of his team for a while after.

The recent events of the leading to the Civil War would bring Namora to the surface looking for revenge. She found that her daughter Namorita was murdered in battle and this would be just the start. When Hulk began his attacks later known as "World War Hulk," Namora would join with Amadeus Cho and his team including Mastermind Excello, Angel and Hercules to aid Hulk in battle. This ragtag group would be known as the Renegades. During the battling, Namora even shares a passionate kiss with Hercules. The ramifications of this kiss have yet to be explored. Her actions after these events have yet to be seen.

Ultimate Captain Americaultimatecap.jpg
"Much better than the 616 version. Much more engaging of a character."

In the Ultimate universe, Captain America's origin was much the same-he became a hero due to the Super-Soldier serum and fought in World War II. His sidekick is Bucky, who photographs him and writes articles about him but isn't a costumed fighter. Eventually, a prototype hydrogen bomb that he was disarming explodes and throws him into the Atlantic Ocean, putting him in suspended animation. He is discovered fifty years later by Tony Stark, and becomes a hero. He is a little different-he is more conservative and a little more violent then the 616 version, using sidearms and explosives. He is still an amazing physical fighter and has a pure Adamantium shield. Cap is selected to join the Ultimates, the Ultimate version of the Avengers, and he becomes team leader. He dates Wasp. Later, it appears he has betrayed the team, so S.H.I.E.L.D. catches him and incarcerates him before learning Black Widow did it. She leads the Liberators to destroy America. Cap joins the resistance and kills the Liberator's leader.

Later Nick Fury would ask Cap to train the supposed Mutant the Black Panther, he dose so but later finds out that Fury lied to him and that Fury is not let the Panther go home, so with the help of Tony Stark, Steve makes himself a Black Panther and joins The Ultimates as the Panther and allows T'Challa to go home, but later in the Savage Lands while battle the Juggernaut the rest of the team finds out that the Black Panther they know had been Cap the whole time. When the ULTIMATUM Wave hits New York City Cap is saved by Iron Man but collapses and is taking to the Triskelion and put on life support, Cap later joins Thor in Valhalla helping him fight Hela the goddess of death for Valkyrie's soul. Captain America ultimately survives the events of Ultimatum.

Post-Ultimatum Captain America and Hawkeye are on a mission when cap runs into the Ultimate version of the Red Skull. They battle aboard a helicopter and cap is quickly and brutally beaten by his adversary. The Red Skull whispers something in to cap's ear. The Red Skull is actually cap's son and cap is currently a fugitive on the run from Nick Fury's (ultimate) Avengers.

140. Surge (19 points)
surge.jpg"Shut up and die."

Surge is a mutant who can absorb electricity from all sources (e.g. static in the air, outlets, etc.), and her powers are based in such a way that she absorbs electricity at all times. To control her ability, she must wear specially designed gauntlets to control her powers or else her constant absorption of electricity clouds her thinking, makes her speak very fast and in a jittery, electronic fashion, worsens her control over her discharges, and radically alters the electrical impulses in her nervous system. The latest version of her gauntlets was made by Forge and are lightweight and more efficient as they have a adjustable knob to change the level of intensity in her blasts, as well as allow her to control the input of electricity at a more stable rate. 
She can discharge the energy amassed by absorption through lightning blasts from her hands or other parts of her body. The upper limits of this power have yet to be determined, though these attacks remain considerably powerful when used effectively.

Surge can also channel her absorbed energy into bursts of super-speed. Her top speed has not been officially calculated, but she once ran from upper New York to the mountains of Colorado in one afternoon. Apparently, she can run at several hundred miler per hour, and retain that speed for several hours.

Surge has a natural aptitude for leadership, and has had some training Wolverine in hand-to-hand combat.



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