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Your Top Marvel Heroes part 38

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, April 28 2010 and posted in Features
Two ties!!!!! {nomultithumb}

136. Talisman/NFL Super Pro (20 points)

talisman.jpgEvery 10,000 years the planets align in such a fashion that allows evil to gain the upper hand on Earth. Around 20 millennia ago, Llan the Sorcerer was evil's choice to run rampant on Earth.

He devised a plan to unleash the Twisted World's armies on Earth from another dimension by opening the Gateway of Night. Earth's gods chose the original Talisman to fight for them bestowing Talisman with the mystic Coronet of Enchantment. The first Talisman defeated Llan by cursing him when failed to adhere to the rules of engagement by having others worship him; 10,000 years later, her reincarnation, Nahita of the Elk Tribe joined the Tribe of the Moon as the new Talisman and she also came face to face with Llan. She bound him into an idol form via the curse until the next conjunction. Nahita was reincarnated recently as Elizabeth Twoyoungmen.

When her physician father Shaman could do nothing to save her mother from dying from cancer, Talisman disowned him. Years afterward, while in college studying archeology, she uncovered a human skull during a dig. Once she touched the skull she released an ancient spirit of the Great Beast Ranaq and had to search out her father for his help. She accompanied Shaman as he battled Ranaq and was struck by a mystic blast which she instinctively redirected back to the Beast. With her help, Shaman was able to defeat the Beast and began having suspicions that his daughter was the prophesied Talisman. When he introduced her to his Alpha Flight teammate Snowbird, his suspicions were proven correct by her bowing to Elizabeth. Shaman then had Elizabeth reach into his pouch and withdraw a magic circlet known as the Coronet of Enchantment, and, upon his instruction, put it on her bow. She was transformed into a person of immense mystic ability. Soon after, she joined her father in Alpha Flight, gradually forgiving him for his perceived past failings. Liz went on to assist the Alpha Flight in battling the Berserkers, Caliber and also venturing with them to the Realm of the Great Beasts to rescue the spirit of their beloved teammate Sasquatch. During a battle with Omega Flight, Shaman's pouch was turned inside out. Fearing what could happen he asked Liz to go inside and collapse its interior. He promised she would be safe but he was distracted and she ended up getting trapped inside. Luckily the Beyonder set her free but she once again lost her trust in her father and quit the team in disgust.

The Coronet amplified her anger and immaturity. When Shaman was trying to find a safe place for Snowbird to deliver her baby, Liz misdirected him to where F.R. Crozier's hate-filled spirit was located. She intended for his spirit to possess the newborn child. Once possessed the child became Pestilence and began defeating Alpha Flight. Liz wanted her father and the rest of Alpha Flight to fail so that she could swoop in and save the day where they could not. She figured she could control the spirit but since Crozier had never died he was beyond her control and in control of power comparable to demi-gods. Pestilence ripped the Coronet from Liz's head reducing her back to a mere mortal. Shaman took on the responsibility of Talisman so that his daughter could lead a normal life. This act finally proved to Liz how much her father actually loved her.

With things back to normal, Liz decided to resume her schooling and strive for her degree. The Dreamqueen had other plans for her though. The Dreamqueen tried forcing Liz to touch a dream totem which would allow her to tap into Liz's dormant powers giving her access to the waking world. This caused her powers to awaken once more which destroyed the totem and freed the Dreamqueen's pawns. Through a vision, Liz realized the Dreamqueen had also targeted Alpha Flight. She tried to reach her old teammates but arrived too late. With the Dreamqueen released into the real world, Liz knew she had to accept her destiny as Talisman. She went to her father and convinced him she was now mature enough and ready to take on the responsibilities of Talisman. Fresh with all her powers once more, Talisman led Alpha Flight against the Dreamqueen and they were able to banish her to another dimension.

NFL Super Pro
superpro.jpgNFL Football Star, more commonly known as NFL Supepro, is a Marvel superhero. He starred in an eponymous series that ran for 12 issues. It is considered the worst comic book in the history of creation.

Phil Grayfield was a football player who was injured saving a small child from a terrible accident. This injury prevented him from ever playing football again, but he instead became a sports reporter. While interviewing an eccentric superfan, who happened to be a chemist, he was shown a priceless and custom football uniform, which was almost invulnerable to damage. Thieves arrive during the interview, steal some of the memorabilia, and ignite the house. An incapacitated Grayfield accidentally knocks over some chemicals, which, combined with the rare souvenirs' fumes, turn him into the nearly invulnerable Superpro. For some reason donning the uniform, Phil decides to fight evildoers with his powers and very corny dialog. He was assisted by four allies: Almighty Dollar, who could shoot pennies from his hands

Calculator, a Korean stereotype genius, Girth, a fat man with a super stomach, and Streak, a super-speedster. He fought football themed heroes such the time manipulator Instant Replay, players with roid rage, and a kicker/ninja.

NFL Superpro and the characters in his book were considered to be the most shameless marketing ploys in Marvel history. Terrible sales, predictable dialog, and endless football puns saw that this book was "kicked" from shelves in 12 issues. Oddly, writer Fabien Nicieza, who had previously written the acclaimed New Warriors, actually continued to have a career after this fiasco.

135. Constrictor/Eric O'Grady (20 points)

constrictor.jpgFrank Payne was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent whose assignment was to infiltrate the criminal organization known as the Corporation. While undercover, Frank had to kill several youths during a fight between a gang and the Corporation. The guilt that Frank felt caused him to have a nervous breakdown.

As an escape, Frank took to his role as a criminal. The Organization even gave him a battle suit and he took on the name Constrictor.

When the Organization disbanded, Constrictor became a freelance criminal. Constrictor teamed with the mutant Sabretooth on several jobs but prefers to work alone. The Serpent Society has tried several times to convince Constrictor to join but he has refused.

Some interesting Constrictor facts:

-was Deadpool's roommate for some time.

-has had several run-ins with the Hulk, Captain America, Spider-Man, and Power Man and Iron Fist.

-Nighthawk convinced him to turn to the side of good once again.

-is currently a member of the Shadow Initiative team along with Bengal, Mutant Zero, Taskmaster and Komodo.

Constrictors battle suit contains two Adamantium cables . They are cybernetic ally controlled and can release electrical charges. The cables can also be used as whips and crushing coils. Due to the loss of his hands during a fight with K.I.A., Frank now has these coils come from his finger tips.

Eric O'Grady
ericogrady.jpgEric O'Grady, an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., is the third man to use the superhero codename of Ant-Man. He wears a prototype Ant-Man power suit that Hank Pym was designing for SHIELD. The suit was originally worn by Chris McCarthy. McCarthy was killed when Hydra agents attacked SHIELD. Eric took the suit when the Heli-carrier crashed into Arkansas. After the crash Eric began to seduce Chris's girlfriend Veronica King. Meanwhile he was being tracked by Mitch Carson, the agent who was supposed to wear the suit first. He later attacked Eric with a prototype armor made by Hank Pym. Meanwhile Eric left Veronica after becoming bored with her due to them having a one-night-stand. However he was unaware she was pregnant with his child. Eric was again attacked by Mitch whose face was burned by Eric when he escaped.

Eric moved to New York and used his suit to stalk a woman named Beth and even Ms. Marvel. Eric also met the Black Fox and split the money from a jewel theft.

Eric then took a job with Damage Control's Search-And-Rescue branch and has started a relationship with Visioneer. He was even one of the heroes who battled the Hulk during the World War Hulk storyline.

Eric was eventually caught by Carson and arrested, but Eric was freed by the Black Fox who was arrested after freeing him. However Eric freed him later and broke up with Visioneer knowing he was a bad person and hoped to change. He also refuses to raise his child with Veronica for fear that his lack of morals is not good for a child. He has recently joined the Initiative and got into a fight with Stature for telling terrible lies about her father.

After the Secret Invasion Eric was ordered to join Norman Osborn's newest formation of the Thunderbolts. His first mission lead him to the cockpit of Air Force 1, which he entered hidden between Yelena Belova's (Black Widow II) breasts. He then made his way through the plane to climb on Dr. Samson's back to place a gamma emitter on him.

Since then he went up against terrorist/rebels, the Agents of Atlas, Deadpool, the Mighty Avengers, Asgardians and others. As a member of Steve Rogers new team of Secret Avengers Eric will sport Hank Pym's old costume.


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