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Your Top Marvel Heroes part 39

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, April 28 2010 and posted in Features
Back to only one tie this round. {nomultithumb}

134. Siryn/Photon (20 points)

siryn.jpg"Love her in X-Factor. I like her better than her father. A lot of potential here too. Her parents are both dead--mother died in a bombing and father died as a hero. Cousin is a villain and she worked with him and the Juggernaut when she was really young. She was in the Fallen Angels and X-Force. And I like the power set"

Since she has a very long past, I am going to start at the X-Factor Investigation. Coo? Cool. When she first joined, Siryn was obtaining information from a woman named Victoria. Victoria had fallen "in love" with Siryn, but this was just because of Siryn's new found power, using her vocal cords to persuade anyone (bar mutants) to fall in love with her and be suggestible to anything she says, which Siryn used on Victoria to get information on Mr. Manetta, a man who made mutants lives miserable. Siryn pulled the pages from the envelope, and the pages are blank. The bar their in is suddenly ricocheted with bullets, killing Victoria. Siryn screams as Victoria dies in her arms. Siryn runs outside to chase after the gun man, insulting Strong Guy who's on the sidewalk outside, and was supposed to be back up. Siryn screams at the car and knocks it over, throwing out the woman who shot at them in the bar. Siryn shouts (shouts, not screams) at the woman to shoot at her, but the woman commits suicide.

Back at base, Siryn is just staring at bottle of alcohol, as Layla Miller enters. Layla asks if she's going to drink it, but Siryn explains that she used to be an alcoholic and just intends on staring at it.

As Strong Guy and Siryn talk over Layla, Layla drops in quickly that the woman who shot Victoria was "an operative for a Detective Agency called "Singularity Investigations," a kind of a security outfit for the rich and famous" as Layla said. Siryn does intend on storming into Singularity, but Layla tells her that that isn't a good idea, and she should take the client who's about to enters case (we see that Singularity had been expecting Siryn, but because a new force of chaos had been introduced, her destiny had changed). Siryn takes the clients case, Gloria Santiago, who believes that her sister is being mind-controlled because she's been acting differently recently. Siryn goes to spy on Gloria's sister, and find out that it's not mind-control, but actually that she'd been sleeping with actress Jack Vaughn.

We see Siryn talking in her sleep about Ewan McGregor and lightsaber and about venturing down the toilet with him, and when she's woken up, she finds out that Gloria Santiago has been arrested for the murder of her sister.

Siryn flies Jamie over to the crime seen, and uses her persuasion power to get past a police officer. She is about to make Jack Vaughn confess to what really happened with this power too, but is stopped by Damian Tryp. The two then fly down to the police, to try and get the truth from Gloria, but she is in so much shock, she can't remember anything. Siryn then leaves when M arrives to read Gloria's mind to find out the truth, so Siryn flies back to Mutant Town to help out with the invading authority trying to stop the riots in Mutant Town. Strong Guy and Wolfsbane managed to hold them off, but Siryn delivered the final blow and sent the authorities with a scream.

Siryn offers Rictor to come and eat with her (after they get back to HQ), but he refuses. On the way to the cafe, Siryn is brutally attacked by Jr. (because X-Factor humiliated the firm), and left to die in an alley. She is then taken in by a crazy ex-mutant doctor, who treats her injuries. She was hit in the neck with a drug that rendered her unable to speak or scream (that's why she couldn't retaliate), so she couldn't escape from the doctor's bonds, who kept her gagged and bound. Luckily, Rictor re-accepted Siryn's offer of breakfast, and decided to follow her. He arrives at the theatre where she's being held captive, and just as the crazy ex-mutant is about to attack him, Siryn breaks free and takes a single shot, pushing the ex-mutant, given Rictor a chance to kill him. She is then carried back to HQ by Rictor.

Siryn spends the next issue in bed, resting an recovering from her injury. A proper doctor comes to check out her injuries, revealing that it was a planned attack and the attacker knew where to hit to hurt her without killing her

As Siryn recovers, she is visited by Cyclops, and receives the news that her father's dead. Siryn doesn't even re-act to this, and enters a state of denial, believing her father is just hiding to fool the enemies, and thinks he's still alive and says she isn't going to spend her time being upset only to have him waltz back into her life. Siryn watches the video her father left for her, explaining that she know owns Cassidy Keep. He also leaves her his special pipe, that he was given by his father.

Oh, and the baby arc. This arc begins with Siryn in a confessional booth, confessing about how been using the Lords name in vain, being jealous of M's iPhone and how she's been having impure thoughts about Jamie. She then revealed that she is also pregnant, and it's Jamie's baby (this confirms who's pregnant, because Nicole earlier in the series found a pregnancy test, and fans had been debating who was pregnant).

Note - We also find out in X-Factor #28 that because Siryn was so jealous of M's iPhone, M bought one for her and the other X-Factor women.

We then see Siryn and M talking about her pregnancy, and M suggests an abortion, but Siryn quickly dismisses the idea. M also says she's Siryn's best friend now since Wolfsbane's gone.

Next, Siryn tries to tell Jamie she's pregnant, but he jumps to the wrong conclusion and believes she's leaving. M says that Siryn would have realized this if she wasn't in love with him. She tries to tell him again but he's called away by Strong Guy. When M hears Rictor calling, Siryn flies after her with a Madrox dupe.

After M is taken down, Siryn arrives on the scene as Rictor manages to save himself from castration. Siryn then saves Rictor when he's nearly run over by Arcade's cars and manages to figure that the place where the robot was receiving its commands was close (well, M did the work before that, but...). Anyway, the team barge in to find the dying Purifier who recruited Rictor (during Messiah Complex), telling X-Factor that when he dies, so does Mutant Town.

The team then go and patrol the streets, saving innocents, Siryn saving a terrible comedian (an ex-mutant), who constantly tries to make Siryn laugh with terrible jokes. After the trouble ends, the group head back to base, where Guido, M and Siryn rest their feet as they listen to a Daniel Day song ("Bad Day"). Jamie brings in Val Cooper, who gives the team an option of being put into the witness protection program or working for the government. She gives them twenty-four hours to decide. The team go to see Jamie who went to the hospital to visit the man, Nathan, who he helped earlier. After finding out he died, Jamie asks Siryn can they name the baby Nathan after him, and as she goes to say it reminds her of someone (most probably Cable), she stops mid-sentence asking him how he knows (his conscious, as Layla, told him, telling him he had been noticing the signs), and then the whole team finds out. The team then walk home happily together, and leave a pre-recorded message for Val Cooper, and blew up the building. Five months later in Detroit, and a depowered mutant comes to the door looking for "XF Investigations", thinking she's going to be killed, and a heavily pregnant Siryn answers the door, telling Guido to ring Jamie.

When Siryn's water breaks she's involved in a siege of her home by government agents lead by Val Cooper who is shot during Rictor's attempt to save Siryn and the unborn baby under the impression the government have a vested interest in kidnapping the unborn baby.

Madrox and the rest of the team meet Siryn at the hospital and Jamie surprisingly doesn't miss the birth of his child, he even takes lengthy safety precautions to ensure his baby isn't abducted utilizing his team members and dupes to watch over the baby and Siryn. She decides that she wants to name the baby after her late father Sean and the baby is named accordingly but then, on holding baby Sean for the first time something unexpected happens.

Now mutant births are notoriously different and unpredictable but baby Sean starts to glow, then in Madrox's hands he is absorbed not dissimilar to one of his ordinary dupes. It is then apparent that on the night of conception it was in fact a dupe which knocked Siryn up and not Jamie.

Siryn attempts to claw baby Sean from within Jamie's chest but is unsuccessful, the episodes ends with Siryn breaking Jamie's finger and promising to break his neck.

Sometime later she sleeps with Deadpool

"I just loved her in the Avengers when she first appeared and went from being the trainee to the team's leader. I hate the she was sidelined for so long. One of the few women in the Marvel universe that had phenomenal power and was not driven insane by it."

Monica Rambeau was a lieutenant in the New Orleans harbor patrol. Fate came upon her one day, when she gained super powers after being bombarded by extra-dimensional energy, produced by an energy disruptor weapon created by a criminal scientist.

She was originally given the name of Captain Marvel by the media. After her initial appearance, Rambeau began experimenting with her powers. Early in her career, she met Spider-Man, who was kind enough to introduce her to the Avengers for additional training. As Captain Marvel, she joined and served in the Avengers. Her membership was a lengthy stint, during which she eventually became the team's leader. Because of injuries, she was forced to leave the active roster. Being off the active roster, she became one of the team's more reliable reservists. Subsequently, she found herself assuming leadership, on two occasions.

Monica was known as Captain Marvel for most of her Avengers career; however, she agreed to change her alias to Photon, conceding the Captain Marvel title to Genis-Vell, the son of the original Captain Marvel, out of respect for her predecessor.

In the Black Panther series by Reginald Hudlin, Monica Rambeau is recruited by the Black Panther to fend off a vampire outbreak in post-Katrina New Orleans, as part of an all-black super hero team comprising Luke Cage, Blade, Black Panther and Brother Voodoo.

Recently, in New Thunderbolts, Monica was angered upon learning that Genis-Vell has changed his name to Photon upon acquiring new powers. After a talk with him, she contemplated using the new alias of Pulsar, and her most recent entry in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe listed her under this name. It is unclear if she ever used the code-name in the field - she now currently operates under her real name. In the comic book series created by Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen, called Nextwave, the Highest Anti-Terrorism Effort, or H.A.T.E. (a subsidiary of the Beyond Corporation©) forms a team to fight the Unusual Weapons of Mass Destruction. Members include Rambeau, a man known only as The Captain, Boom Boom, Machine Man, and Elsa Bloodstone. Monica annoys all of her teammates by constantly bringing up her past experience leading the Avengers, and she has developed a penchant for shouting the names of her energy attacks.

Monica played a role in the Civil War crossover, as she was a member of Captain America's Secret Avengers. Monica and other Nextwave members also appear on the solicited cover to Avengers: The Initiative.

Monica along with Black Cat and Firestar would travel to Hell to save Hellcat from Hellstorm. We find out that Monica and Brother Voodoo who is now Sorcerer Supreme, have an on-again-off-again relationship

133. Namorita (20 points)

namorita.jpgNamorita is a clone of Namora, another hybrid human/Atlantean, much like her cousin Namor, the Sub-Mariner. She was implanted into the sterile Namora in order for her to be able to have a child. After Namorita was born, her "father" was killed, and Namora raised the girl alone until her own death. Namor brought his young cousin to Betty Prentiss to rise.

Many years later, on a field trip for her college, Namorita joined a battle with 5 other super humans against Terrax, former herald of Galactus. After defeating him, the 6 decided to stay together as the New Warriors. Namorita remained a member, even leading eventually, until she began to change colors and develop a hostile attitude. Atlantean scientists discovered she was a clone, and explained that the changes were a result of over-saturation of oxygen.

Namorita changed her name to Kymaera to match her new look and rejoined the Warriors. During the entire tenure of the team, Nova and Namorita had pursued a relationship. During her time as Kymaera, that ended due to the changes Namorita went through, and for a while, she dated Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, quite publicly.

Recently, during filming of the New Warriors' reality show, Namorita was in pitched battle mocking Nitro, who exploded and killed more than 600 people in Stamford, Connecticut, causing the American government to institute a Superhuman Registration Act. Namorita herself was killed in the explosion, along with most of the New Warriors.

During her time with the New-Warriors, Nita was captured by a group called the Undertow, and mind controlled to do what ever they said. She was code-named Hard, and stayed under their control for about a year until she was rescued by Night Thrasher, and Rage.

Namorita (in human color) was plucked from time by Sphinx along with Moonstone, Bloodstone, Black Bolt, Mr. Fantastic and others. Together they helped Nova to defeat him which resulted in returning to their respective times. As Namorita was about to go back to her time, Nova, refusing to let her go again, grabbed her and everything went black. Nova Corp then rescued Nova and Namorita.


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