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Your Top Marvel Heroes part 40

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, April 28 2010 and posted in Features
Three characters. And our first with two first place votes!! {nomultithumb}

132. Doop (20 points - 2 first place slots)

doop.jpgThat's right, Doop here is the first character to get multiple first place votes. Funny thing is, those were the only two votes he received. For two people, he is there Top Marvel Hero. I am not to familiar with Doop, but if he is anything like Slimey from the Real Ghost Busters cartoon then I am sure he is awesome.

Doop was an unknown being that first came into continuity as the X-Force's cameraman, but dropped that team to join the X-Statix after most of the X-Force died. It was later suggested by Captain America that Doop was a weapon made by the US during the Cold War that was essential in the defeat of Russia. In one of the X-Statix's missions, Doop's brain exploded. Many Marvel Universe heroes joined together in order to reassemble the parts of Doop's brain, and, for the most part, were successful. In the end of the hunt, Doop fought with Thor for the last part of his brain, since he was able to live and function on his second brain. Doop won the fight and successfully restored his brain. In that fight, he also demonstrated that he is considered worthy by Thor's mystic hammer Mjolnir enough to lift and wield Mjolnir. Although Doop allegedly died by gunfire along with the other X-Statix in their last mission, another creature that is possibly Doop due to the identical looks was found by Polaris and Havok in Costa Rica. Due to the uncanny resemblance, they named the being Daap.

Doop has many powers and many that are unrevealed. While he has demonstrated certain abilities, other powers are attributed to him by various sources which are not clearly backed up by canon evidence. The powers he has actually shown are:

The ability to extend a long, prehensile tongue.


Energy blasts from a fragment of his brain.

The power to inflate himself.

Enough strength to knock down Thor.

The power to protect himself and others from psychic or telepathic detection.

Immunity to time manipulation.

The power to safely have body parts removed and put back together.

Storing improbably large objects inside himself.

A small backup brain allows him to survive for a few days without his main brain.

Possibly the ability to duplicate objects, as when he produced a swarm of hammers to attack Thor. (Or he may have simply been storing hammers in himself for some reason.)

Doop's pimple also apparently contained a timeless pocket world in which living beings live out their nightmares.

Although he can only communicate in "Doopspeak", he somehow manages to get his point across to those who have known him for a while.

131. Warlock (21 points)

warlock.jpgWarlock is Technarchy from the planet Kvch. The Technarchy is itself a dictatorship, led by the Magus. Do to an unknown mutation, he developed "emotions", and feared his father, as it was the ritual in Kvch for the infant to fight his father to the death in order to show that he had the right to live. However, Warlock fled, with the Magus in pursuit. He traveled in hyperspace in order to reach Earth, but upon returning to singular space he crashed into Asteroid M, destroying it.

Warlock came to the Xavier Institute and he was mistaken for a threat. The New Mutants thought he was a demon or a monster, and attacked him at first. It wasn't until Mirage used her power on Warlock to pull out an image of his greatest fear (his father) that they realized that Warlock was merely a frightened alien. In order to communicate with Warlock, the New Mutants had to get their friend Cypher to talk to Warlock and convinced Xavier to keep him as a New Mutant. Warlock joined the New Mutants and made many friends, giving them weird tag names.

Warlock had a lot to learn about Earth, mainly through television. Warlock also shocked his teammates by showing how he "fed"- he would change an organic being into a techno-organic being and then absorb its life-force. After demonstrating this on a seagull, Warlock was scolded very harshly by Karma, and Warlock promised to never do that again without permission.

When the sorcerer Kulan Gath turned New York into a medieval city-state under his rule, Warlock was one of a few people who wasn't affected by his spell. Whilst Warlock was still a coward and fled before Kulan's greater power, he helped stop him by finding Ororo Munroe, aka Storm. After the two were found by Selene and Storm was seriously injured, Warlock came up with a solution to save her life and at the same time stop Selene: he would transform her into a techno-organic being, thus allowing her to defeat Selene since she would be immune to her powers. Even though there was no way for Storm to turn back into a human afterwards, she agreed. With Storm a techno-organic being, she was able to transform Selene into a techno-organic being and drain her energies. This reversed Kulan's spell, returning New York to normal. Even better, with Doctor Strange and Illyana Rasputin's help, Storm was able to turn human once more.

Shortly after this, Magus returned, looking for Warlock. Rogue, Colossus and Nightcrawler managed to physically hurt him, which amused Magus. Magus gave the X-Men an ultimatum: Give up Warlock or he would destroy Earth. Warlock was too useful to the X-Men and New Mutants, often helping them defeat villains which he was immune to their powers. For example, when Amahl Farouk took over the mind of Karma and defeated the New Mutants, only Warlock was able to escape. Warlock found Storm, and together he, Storm, Danielle Moonstar and Magik (who also escaped) joined forces. During one of their trips to Limbo, Warlock found out about the dead X-Men from the future there. Believing that Illyana was a traitor to the X-Men, Warlock attacked her. He also broke his promise about not draining energy from anyone and used that on demons Illyana summoned. Realizing Warlock would do anything to stop her, Illyana surrendered, calming Warlock down. Warlock and Illyana then managed to save the rest of the New Mutants, driving Amahl Farouk to the astral plane.

After this lengthy adventure, Storm and the New Mutants had a well deserved break on the Greek Island Kirinos. Unknown to the mutants, the Enchantress had made a deal with Loki that made them want to destroy the X-Men. Unfortunately they mistook the New Mutants for the X-Men, and brought the New Mutants to Asgard. Illyana Rasputin's attempt to get the New Mutants home resulted in them being scattered throughout Asgard. Warlock was sent to Hel, where people who die a cowardly death go. Fleeing, Warlock found Karma and Cypher, and shifted himself into a battle-armor form around Cypher, allowing Doug to help. With this done, the New Mutants were able to stop Loki, and go home.

However, upon returning home, the New Mutants found out that Magneto had taken over leadership of the X-Men, whilst Xavier was gone. Not only that, but the immensely powerful Beyonder appeared, and he showed off his powers by killing all of the New Mutants then resurrecting them. All of the New Mutants except Warlock and Mirage were turned into zombie-like creatures. With no idea of what he should do, Magneto transferred his team to Emma Frost's Massachusetts Academy. Only Warlock remained behind, not trusting Emma. Magneto suddenly realized that he had transferred the team because Emma Frost and the Hellion known as Empath had subliminally made him do so. Magneto and Warlock then went to go get the team back. Unfortunately, they were opposed by the Avengers, and during the fight Warlock was badly hurt. To save him, Magneto surrendered. The New Mutants realized that Magneto was a good leader so joined him, and went back to Xavier's school.

By the time Warlock recovered, Mojo had kidnapped most of the New Mutants and gotten them to join his Brat Pack. He had also seduced Psylocke, and used her psychic powers to attack Warlock and Cypher, the only two New Mutants who had escaped. Since it looked like they had no chance of survival, Warlock suggested that he and Cypher merge, which would give Cypher enhanced senses. With this, his linguistic skills would be able to decode the "programming" that made the New Mutants and Psylocke so easy to control. Cypher accepted the risk of merging with Warlock. Unfortunately, the longer they stayed merge the more chance there was of Cypher getting the transmode virus. Luckily, when Cypher and Warlock finally defeated Mojo and Spiral and Warlock stopped the merge, Cypher was fine. Despite this, Mojo tried to defeat the X-Men again, but the New Mutants donned their graduation uniforms and beat Mojo in them

Shortly afterward, the Morlocks were attacked by the Marauders and nearly all of them were killed. During the chaos, Warlock was distant, with his sensors trying to find something. This proved fruitless, but nevertheless his father, Magus, found him once more. Knowing full well his father's powers, Warlock grabbed the rest of the New Mutants and attempted to flee. Magus managed to confront the New Mutants anyway, and so Magik teleported the New Mutants to Limbo. Even this was not enough to stop Magus, who easily crossed the dimensions after them. He easily bested Limbo's defenses, joined forces with S'ym (one of Magik's chief demons) and infected many residents of Limbo with the transmode virus. The New Mutants attempted to flee to the past, but even that was not enough to save them.

Overcoming his fears, Warlock went to Limbo to see if it was safe to teleport through. But during the teleport, something went wrong with Magik's spell and the team was scattered through time and space. Magik was with Professor X and the Starjammers, and with the Professor's help, managed to find and rescue her other teammates from the different realities they had gone to. When the Mutants were finally reunited and able to continue their battle against Magus, it seemed that Warlock's defeat was imminent. But Warlock managed to defeat Magus by combining his form with Cypher once more, and "re-code" Magus's DNA to reduce him to infancy. The threat of Magus was seemingly over at last.

With Magus gone, the team returned to Earth and attempted to continue life as the New Mutants once more. But soon after they returned, the Impossible Man came to Earth, seeking the X-Men. He had a score to settle with them, but instead found the New Mutants. When they refused to join him in his quest for fun, the Impossible Man accused them of being cowards. This triggered Warlock's sense of honor, who declared that anything the Impossible Man could do, he could do better. The two aliens chased each other all across Earth, matching their metamorphosing powers in all sorts of contests. Meanwhile, the New Mutants followed them all across Earth, trying to minimize the damage they caused. Eventually the New Mutants found a way to stop the contest: Warlock could change his color, unlike the Impossible Man. Warlock won the contest and the Impossible Man agreed never to such a thing again.

When Sunspot left the school over a misunderstanding, he ventured to New York. Warlock went after him, concerned for his friend, but Sunspot refused to return to the school. Warlock stayed with Sunspot, where the two got caught up with the thieves gang known as the Fallen Angels. During the adventures of the Fallen Angels, Warlock showed Sunspot the true meaning of friendship, and how to control his temper. Sunspot finally agreed to go back to the New Mutants, and Warlock went with him.

Returning to the school, the New Mutants were surprised to find no one there. Magneto told the two mutants to stay at the school, but Warlock and Sunspot left when they found a map leading to the island home of the New Mutants' latest ally, Bird Brain. By the time they reached there, the rest of the Mutants were facing a mad scientist called Anti-Mator, who was working for an anti-mutant group called the right. With Warlock and Sunspot arrived, the battle quickly turned in favor of the New Mutants. However, during the chaos, no one noticed that Cypher was shot by a bullet in the chest until it was too late. Warlock became confused, as on his world it is normal to consume the body of a dead teammate. Also, he didn't understand the concept of Heaven and watching shows with zombies only confused him more. When no one was around, Warlock broke into the funeral home Cypher's body was in and stole Cypher's body. When nothing happened, Warlock thought that Cypher needed to be reminded of what it was like to be alive. He used his shape-shifting powers to "animate" Cypher's body and took him to see Wolfsbane. Rahne was horrified at what he had done, but realized that it was Warlock's way of getting his friend back. Eventually she managed to convince Warlock to put Cypher's body in its rightful place.

During the Inferno story line, demons from Limbo began invading Earth. During the various battles in the streets of New York, the New Mutants found out that Magneto was in league with the Hellfire Club and that he made a deal with the chief demon responsible for Inferno, N'Astirh. After Inferno was over, the New Mutants confronted their headmaster and then ran away to X-Factor's sentient base, Ship.

After a second lengthy adventure in Asgard, Warlock and the New Mutants met their new leader, a mysterious man named Cable. They came to his aid whilst he was fighting Freedom Force, a government sponsored team. This made put the team in hot water with the US Government, so Cyclops suggested Cable and the New Mutants take up residence in the basement levels beneath the ruins of Xavier's mansion (which had been destroyed during Inferno). The team spent the next few weeks battling foes such as the Morlocks who had survived the Mutant Massacre, and the Mutant Liberation Front. Eventually the X-Men joined the New Mutants in Xavier's mansion, after using an abandoned ghost town in Australia as a base.

Soon afterward, the Genoshan government targeted the X-Men and New Mutants, since they had allied themselves with Cameron Hodge, an enemy of X-Factor. Since the attack was without warning, Warlock, Boom Boom, Wolfsbane, Rictor and Storm were all successfully captured. The prisoners were "digitally transferred" to Genosha, and the transfer severely weakened Warlock. Still, he valiantly attempted to save his fellow prisoners after he learned that the Genoshan council planned to turn them into mindless mutant slaves. He knew that his friends would have no chance if they brought him along in his weakened state, Warlock insisted that they left him were he was. They did as he wished, but Warlock was easily defeated and recaptured by the Genoshans once more. Warlock was killed by Cameron Hodge who was trying to steal Warlock's powers. When trying to do so, Warlock's body was reduced to ashes. The world thought that Warlock was a normal mutant from earth. His ashes were put on top of Doug Ramsey's grave.

Then some lame Douglock stuff happened.

130. Cloak (21 points)

cloak.jpgBefore there was Cloak and Dagger, there was just Tyrone.

Tyrone Johnson was a young African-American boy with a severe stuttering problem living in a rough neighborhood in South Boston. He was raised in a poor area and life was never easy for him; though with the support of his best friend Billy, he would handle life as it came to him. Ty's stuttering got in the way and he couldn't stop his friend from being shot by a policeman who mistook him for a thief.

Having had enough of his life, Tyrone decided to run away from home. He made his way to New York City and then to Manhattan's Port Authority Bus Terminal. When Ty left he brought nothing; no money, no food, nothing at all. Due to this, he would consider robbing someone for some cash. While searching for the perfect person he found a girl by the name of Tandy Bowen. Incidentally she was a rich girl who had also run away from home. Tandy had been neglected by her rich mother and had decided to leave her home, never to return. As fate would have it, instead of Ty robbing the young girl, he witnessed someone else try to rob her. Not thinking, Ty chased and tackled Tandy's purse thief. Once he retrieved the purse he returned it immediately. From this chance encounter, both of these runaway teens became fast friends and began supporting one another.

Despite their different backgrounds, the two became close friends. Having no place to stay, the two were given a place by some men working for an evil chemist named Simon Marshall. Marshall worked for the Maggia, a local crime family. He was developing a new addictive drug and tested his work on captured teenage runaways. Tandy and Tyrone would be the most recent in a long line of unsuccessful experiments.

The drug had killed all of the other test subjects, but had a different effect on Tyrone and Tandy. The drug had activated both their latent mutant abilities. Defeating Marshall, the two became a crime-fighting duo determined to save kids and teenagers from the evils of the streets.

Cloak & Dagger started out as merciless vigilantes, killing Marshall despite the interference of Spider-Man, who saw the duo as misguided innocents and gradually became their friend. After ill-fated assassination attempts on the crimelords Silvermane and Kingpin, Dagger became less ruthless and tried to steer Cloak in a similar direction; however, since his power compelled him to consume living beings, Cloak found it more difficult to follow this gentler path, even though Dagger's light could satisfy his hunger temporarily.
Cloak & Dagger befriended the super-powered preteens Power Pack and twice aided the New Mutants, junior trainees of the X-Men. The duo eventually learned they were mutants themselves, and that Marshall's drug had awakened their latent powers. Though they tend to target ordinary street criminals, they have faced such diverse foes as Doctor Doom, the Beyonder, Vermin, the Zapper, the Disciplinarian, the Warlord of Kampuchea, Set, Mephisto, Thanos, the Assembly of Evil, Firebrand and Lightmaster.

Cloak & Dagger found sanctuary at the Holy Ghost Church with the sympathetic Father Francis Delgado; but over time, Delgado became romantically obsessed with Tandy. Regarding Cloak as a demonic influence, Delgado tried and failed to split up the duo, going mad in the process. After Delgado was institutionalized, Cloak & Dagger found a new mentor in Tandy's uncle, Father Michael Bowen. Tandy's father, meanwhile, had become a cult leader as the Lord of Light in India. A "light vampire" who fed on others' life force, he clashed with Cloak and Dagger until he realized what he had become and tried to atone by hurling himself into Cloak's ebony abyss.

Police detective Brigid O'Reilly regarded the duo as a menace until they helped her capture serial poisoner Duane Hellman and told her of their origins. Later, when O'Reilly was betrayed and left for dead by corrupt cops, Cloak & Dagger used their powers to save her life, but the experience mutated Brigid's body and warped her mind. She became the vicious superhuman vigilante Mayhem, often fighting crime alongside Cloak & Dagger. O'Reilly's former partner, police detective Rebecca "Rusty" Nales, would become an ally to Cloak & Dagger as well.

Cloak and Dagger, after another drug-elimination sortie, were approached by Norman Osborn, who offered them a deal to have their criminal record cleared if they would join his special mutant peacekeeping force.

The two accepted, and became part of Osborn's personal team of X-Men. The normally reclusive Cloak thus became part of a greater team assigned to keep the peace in San Francisco after a series of pro and anti-mutant riots. Donning a new costume, and now keeping his face unhooded, Cloak realized that he and Dagger could no longer hold themselves apart from the world at large. When Dagger expressed the idea of running again, Cloak stopped her, saying that if they ran away again, they would be on the run forever.

They kept true to their heroic ideals even when mixed with the more distasteful members of their team. Thus, when Emma and Namor betrayed Osborn as part of Scott Summers' ploy, both Cloak and Dagger were invited to join the true X-Men in their exodus from San Francisco.

Tandy and Ty accepted, and the two runaways became part of a different team, and among their own kind. After test were taken it was shown that neither Tandy nor Ty were mutants and the drug gave both superheroes their powers.


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