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Your Top Marvel Heroes part 41

Written by Chris Mitchell on Thursday, April 29 2010 and posted in Features
This grouping will make one poster finally shut up. Yeah, I am talking to you Zechs!! {nomultithumb}

129. Pete Wisdom/Firestar (21 points)

Pete Wisdom
petewisdom.jpgPeter Paul Winston Wisdom was born to Harold Wisdom and his wife in London, England. He has an older sister named Romany. His parents are divorced. His father is a retired detective sergeant and criminal profiler for New Scotland Yard. His mother was later killed by a random killer named Michael Ryan who shot Pete‘s mother while she waited for her son at the window.

Black Air sent Wisdom to investigate an uprising of free mutates in the island nation of Genosha as a representative of the British government along with the mutant team Excalibur. After the conflict, Wisdom returned to Muir Island after he was injured during the uprising by a newly developed type of ammunition. To investigate the source of this ammunition, Wisdom traveled back to London with Kitty Pryde to infiltrate a Black Air facility.

In the facility, Wisdom discovered that Black Air was collecting alien artifacts for use in combat and cross-genetic experiments on human subjects, which were performed in conjunction with the London branch of the Hellfire Club. During the investigation, Pryde and Wisdom encountered the alien race that referred to themselves as the Uncreated. After defeating the aliens and destroying the Black Air facility, Wisdom returned to Muir Island with Pryde, with whom a mutual attraction was beginning to develop.

After his London experience, Wisdom left the Black Air organization and was admitted as a member of Excalibur. Wisdom was also instrumental in bringing Black Air down when, in concert with the Hellfire Club, the corrupt organization captured the techno-organic entity known as Douglock and used him as a living conduit to a demon that resided under the streets of London.

Shortly before Excalibur disbanded, Wisdom ended his relationship with Shadowcat and left the team. Wisdom later resurfaced in Genosha where he was attempting to retrieve a CPU from a satellite that had crashed on the island. The CPU was, in fact, the disembodied brain of Archie Fogg, an old friend of Wisdom's, with the ability to remotely link to and control any sort of machinery. Aided by X-Force, Wisdom opposed Magneto and managed to download Archie into an android body.

Six months later, Wisdom reappeared again, this time as leader of X-Force. Wisdom utilized the team as a strike force against Black Ops organizations and establishments. He also helped members such as Jesse Bedlam, Boom Boom, and Warpath advance upon their powers and abilities.

Wisdom was shot and killed by Doctor Niles Roman during X-Forces attempt to stop Romans bio-slaves from destroying San Francisco.

Recently, Wisdom has joined some of the X-Men to form the newest incarnation of the British super-team Excalibur. Consisting of Juggernaut, Captain Britain, Dazzler, Nocturne, Sage, Pete Wisdom and for a while the Black Knight

After M-Day, Wisdom was forced into an arranged marriage with a fairy named Tink to prevent a fairy invasion of Earth. Tink was a part of the original line up of the government team lead by Wisdom to counteract supernatural, alien and other strange happenings that threatened Britain, known as MI: 13.

Pete Wisdom and his team defended Britain from threats such as inter-dimensional aliens, re-awoken giants and the Welsh Dragon before the beginning of the Skrull Invasion of Earth. Pete's MI: 13 team joined forces with Captain Britain and Spitfire to fight off the invading Skrulls. In the end, Pete was responsible for banishing the invading Skrulls from Britain and it's magical counterpart, Avalon but as a result he released all the Magical and supernatural evil that had been imprisoned in Avalon.

Now Pete is the director of MI: 13. Directly reporting to only the Prime Minister himself, Pete has the authority to request help from every super powered individual in the United Kingdom. At the moment, the core MI: 13 team is made up of Captain Britain, Spitfire, The Black Knight, Faiza Hussain, Blade and Wisdom himself. Pete Wisdom continues to lead MI: 13 against the magic evils that threaten Britain. Pete has lost many friends and allies, always making the difficult choices that others don't want to make. This has had a huge effect on his psyche and he feels responsible for the pain and suffering of all those he comes into contact with.

Still reeling from the betrayal of Captain Midlands Pete was attacked by the forces of Dracula and is now beginning the job of leading Britain and MI: 13 in a war against the deadly vampire commander.

firestar.jpg"I lover her visual. A hot red head with heat (microwave) powers...classic! So much potential here (I must admit I did not read Marvel Divas....) and very powerful. I don't understand why she isn't used more."

Angelica's happy and quiet life was interrupted by a mysterious telephone call. The voice on the other end threatened to reveal her true identity if she did not comply with their demands. Angered at the attempt to blackmail her, Angelica donned the Firestar outfit which Emma Frost had created for her and flew out to confront whoever it was who had threatened her. She discovered three young men waiting on the rooftop, but in her anger she didn't wait to hear what they had to say. Her attack was a warning blast, which burnt through a thick brick wall and impressed (and scared) both Nova and Marvel Boy. However, it was Night Thrasher who had made the telephone call and subsequently explained his drastic actions.

Thrash had wanted to assemble the four of them together to create a team of young heroes. Together they would battle all the villains that the larger groups didn't have time for; to fill the gaps left by the Avengers or Fantastic Four. However, at the same time a local construction site had dug up the remains of Terrax. As the former herald of Galactus began to attack, the young heroes dived into help. Firestar's microwave blasts managed to hurt Terrax long enough for the others to devise a plan to stop him. Combined with the strength and powers of Namorita and Speedball, the group of young heroes defeated Terrax. The new team was dubbed the New Warriors by the local press, and Angelica agreed to help them.

As Firestar, Angelica began to worry about her powers. Unlike the Human Torch, she was more than just a fire creator and manipulator; she absorbed and re-directed microwave emissions. She rarely let herself lose control, for fear that she would hurt someone or the environment around her. It seemed that the emotional manipulation during her years at the Massachusetts Academy still had an effect on her.

Angelica slowly began to make new friends with her fellow New Warriors, as it was a rare chance for her to meet, train and associate with other powered beings of the same age. She became attracted to Vance "Marvel Boy" Astrovik and soon the two began a young romance. However, their relationship was temporarily put on hold due to tragic events in Vance's home life. After years of violent abuse at the hands of his father, Vance lashed out telekinetically to protect himself. Unfortunately the telekinetic blast critically wounded his father, who soon died from his injuries. Vance handed himself in to the police, and was sentenced to prison. As the armored vehicle took Vance to The Vault, the other Warriors attacked and attempted to free him. Gradually the foray died down and Vance explained to the others that he wanted to do the right thing; the right thing by the law, by his conscious, for mutant rights, and for the memory of his father. The armed guards agreed to give Vance a few minutes alone with Angelica to say goodbye. During their brief time together Angelica offered her body to Vance and began to cry when he refused her. She had confessed her love for him and wanted to prove it. But, as he explained, he loved her so much that he wanted their first time to be something special. Instead of a stolen moment behind a few trees, he wanted her to enjoy their first sexual experience on their wedding night.

Angelica was miserable for the following months. All through her teens she had continued to lose those she'd loved, and the separation from Vance was taking it's toll. She was distraught when her father had been shot by Poison Memories thugs, and in her rage she used her powers in front of her school friends. She lashed out at warring factions in Trans-S abal, and began to use her powers to a greater degree. Adventures in space alongside the Inhumans and during the Infinity War allowed Firestar to push her powers even further than she had done before. Out in the vastness of space she was not confined by any worries of contaminating people or her surroundings, but back on Earth Angelica continued to hold her powers back; often until the very last minute when she felt she was left without a choice but to use them. Such instances were when the New Warriors and other Marvel heroes were up against Manuel Gallante and Carnage. When Manuel Gallante's connection with the Darkforce Dimension surfaced, he couldn't help but lash out at the civilization around him. Coating the local populace and emotionally tormented super heroes of New York in a layer of the Darkforce, Gallante forced them to fight each other and their friends. Firestar discovered that her light emanating blasts could stop the Darkforce, and even managed to strip it off of other heroes. However, she restrained herself to using her powers on a one-on-one basis only, scared that she would have permanent effects on the environment. It was only later when she discovered that everyone who was being controlled by the Darkforce was still conscious and unable to stop their actions that she felt that she had no other option. Soaring up into the New York skyline, Firestar's radiation weakened the Darkforce enough for Doctor Strange and the other assembled heroes to stop Gallante and show him the goodness of humanity. A similar clash happened during the events of Maximum Carnage, and once more it was thanks to Firestar's microwave emissions that the local populace could be saved.

Firestar continued to battle alongside the New Warriors for many years. Her adventures took her through time, into space, and back to Earth on various occasions. Ultimately when the team disbanded, Angelica and Vance stayed together as a couple. His ambition had always been to join the Avengers, and together they managed to make his dream come true. The rest of the Avengers had been defeated by Whirlwind, but Justice and Firestar had not been a part of the plan to take down the Avengers, and therefore they had the chance to defeat the villain, save the team and secure their positions.

However, Angelica was faced with the terrible news that her own mutant powers were slowly destroying her own body. Unlike most other mutants, Angelica's X-Gene had not fully developed the ability to protect herself from her own powers. Therefore by using microwave radiation, her own body was slowly becoming infertile due to radiation exposure. When she confessed her problems to the rest of the team, it was the scientific genius of Dr Hank Pym who found a way for Firestar to use her powers to the best of her ability without destroying herself in the process. He created a new suit for her to wear, which would protect her, siphon off excessive radiation and even start to repair the damage that had already been done. Therefore Firestar could finally use her powers to their fullest without any fear of repercussions.

128. Age of Apocalypse Magneto (21 points - 1 first place slot)

magneto-aoa.jpg"With the time-line changed, Magneto adopts his late friend's dream of mutant co-existence with humans...and it utterly fails with Apocalypse rising and conquering most of the world. Not much is changed in Magneto save for the dream he walks. He's still the very same character as he was in 616 haunted by the past and trying to make sure this horror of genocide ends.

His ultimate defeat of Apocalypse and his final moments in AoA still rank high as some of my favorite Magneto moments of all time"

In a world where Charles Xavier died before ever forming the X-Men, it is up to Magneto to create and lead the team against the ruler of this desolate future, Apocalypse and his four Horsemen.

In the Age of Apocalypse Magneto finds this world's X-Men after the death of his friend Charles Xavier, at the hands of Xavier's own son David who traveled back in time to kill Magneto hoping to fulfill his "father's greatest wish".

Magneto and the X-Men fight against the forces of Apocalypse who, without the interference of Xavier was able to take over North America. Holocaust, Mr. Sinister, Mikhail Rasputin and Abyss are Apocalypse's horsemen, and while Magneto's team is composed not only of X-Men but also of standard "evil" mutants from traditional time-lines, including mutants such as Sabretooth, other individuals who are "heroes" in Earth 616 serve Apocalypse in this timeline.

In this time-line, Magneto is married to his former protégé Rogue, and being able to touch due to his magnetic mastery over his own bio-aura, are able to have a son together who they name Charles, in honor of Xavier. Magneto and Charles are later personally captured by Apocalypse himself, though they are rescued by Rogue and the other X-Men, including X-Man, who raid Apocalypse's citadel in a desperate final attempt to save all of reality from M'Kraan crystallization.

As the X-Men use the M'Kraan Crystal to send Bishop back in time to return the time-line to its proper course, Magneto and Nate Grey square off in one last fight against Apocalypse and Holocaust. Nate Grey jams the original fragment of the M'Kraan Crystal into Holocaust, crystallizing them both, while the battle between Magneto and Apocalypse ends with Magneto using his control of magnetism to rip the techno-organic Apocalypse in half. Following this, Manhattan Island and most of North America are enveloped in nuclear bombs. It is later revealed that the day was saved by Jean Grey, who manifested the Phoenix Force at the point of near-death.

However, nobody realizes this, and everyone assumes it is Magneto, who immediately becomes a reluctant hero to a grateful humanity. The X-Men then help rebuild America in record time, and Magneto is made Federal Director of Mutant Affairs of the government of the newly-restored United States of America, with the X-Men deputized as a mutant police force sanctioned to bring to justice the remaining survivors of Apocalypse's regime.

Just as the burden of maintaining the deception eventually begins to take its toll on an extremely-stressed Magneto, he is secretly visited by Mister Sinister who reveals to him just what really happened when the bombs fell. Sinister offers his silence in exchange for Magneto's promises not to go looking for him and to let him have the body of Jean Grey, who is actually still alive. Magneto is forced to accept for the sake of preserving the current fragile peace of global mutant-human relations, which had improved primarily due to the general public's mistaken assumption that he had personally saved the world by single-handedly stopping nuclear Armageddon. A subsequent scheme of revenge orchestrated by an embittered former x-man later forces Magneto to confess the truth to the rest of the shocked team of X-men. He is nearly killed by an enraged Weapon X, but is saved by the intervention of his wife. The X-men then proceed to stop Sinister from conquering the world using his own version of the Sinister Six in a violent confrontation filled with many deaths, including those of both Gambit and Quicksilver. Grief-stricken and guilt-ridden, Magneto then voluntarily goes into US government custody as penance for his deception. While in jail awaiting trial, Magneto appoints a restored Jean Grey as the new leader of the X-Men in his absence.


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